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About The Author Of The "Prophets Or Evolution" Website

My name is R. Webster Kehr. I am an ex-Marine, Viet Nam veteran who was seriously wounded in action (yes, I have a purple heart and a lot of scars). I live in Missouri, near Kansas City. By profession I am a retired world famous cancer researcher of natural medicine who worked with well over 10,000 cancer patients before I retired at the end of 2015 and turned my website over to two of my long-time cancer research friends who, along with their staff, are doing an amazing job helping cancer patients!!!

Here are a few facts about cancer: herbalists in America and homeopaths in Europe were CURING CANCER for more than 100 years before DNA was discovered in 1953!!! Cancer is not caused by DNA damage, rather it is caused by bacteria. Bacteria were first found inside of cancer cells in 1890!!! Natural medicine cancer treatments which kill these bacteria allow the cancer cells to revert into healthy cells!!! DNA damage does NOT cause cancer and DNA damage has never caused cancer!!!

Natural cancer treatments today revert cancer cells into healthy cells, gently kill cancer cells and others build the immune system so the immune system can help deal with the cancer. A typical natural cancer treatment today will have between 15 and 20 safe and gentle natural treatments.

But there are safety rules when using natural cancer treatments which is one reason you need to work with an expert. If you want to learn more about natural cancer treatments (and how to contact the experts), click on this blue link:
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Welcome To The Website

The "theory of evolution" debate is about one question: "Is there a God??"

"Creation scientists" are those who claim that scientific evidence supports a belief in God. The prophets and the "creation scientists" say there is a God and that our human pedigree chart goes back to Adam and Eve, who were created by God.

On the other hand, the atheists and evolutionists say there is no God and that our pedigree chart goes back to bonobos or chimpanzees or gorillas and ultimately back to the "first living cell."

The "theory of evolution" is nothing but a claim that there is no God. This means that evolution has no brains and is not even as smart as a cat or a snail or for that matter an amoeba!! Not only does "evolution" not have any brains, evolution is not a force in nature, such as rain or wind!!! Atheism and evolution are nothing more than a belief that there is no God!!!

So as we look at the sophistication of DNA, cells, animals, plants and all the way up to the Universe itself, we must ask ourselves: "could these things have come to exist without God!!!

Let us start by talking about cells. Could cells have been created without God (i.e. by evolution)???

Suppose you and a friend were on a hike deep in the forest. You were proud to have traveled so far away from civilization!! Suddenly, as you came over a hill you saw, what looked like to you, a brand new Buick automobile with its engine running!!

Would you think that this Buick was created by an accidental explosion in the forest?? Of course not!! Would you think that a team of monkeys in the forest had created this Buick?? Of course not!! Would you think that this Buick was created by a team of fifth grade children in your local grade school who had snuck out of class one day?? Of course not!!

You would think that this Buick was created in a giant manufacturing plant, possibly in Detroit, but perhaps somewhere else. Was the giant plant where this Buick was created, created by a gigantic explosion?? Of course not!!

Guess what. Every cell in your body is far, far, far more sophisticated than any automobile ever made by human beings!!! Here is a quote from a book called "Evolution: A Theory In Crisis" by Michael Denton:

  • "Darwin's Theory of Evolution is a theory in crisis in light of the tremendous advances we've made in molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics over the past fifty years. We now know that there are in fact tens of thousands of irreducibly complex systems on the cellular level. Specified complexity pervades the microscopic biological world. Although the tiniest bacterial cells are incredibly small, weighing less than 10-12 grams, each is in effect a veritable micro-miniaturized factory containing thousands of exquisitely designed pieces of intricate molecular machinery, made up altogether of one hundred thousand million atoms, far more complicated than any machinery built by man and absolutely without parallel in the non-living world."
    Michael Denton, "Evolution: A Theory in Crisis," 1986, p. 250.

An "irreducibly complex system" is, by definition, a sequence of complex chemical reactions, such that if any one of the chemical reactions was not there, or failed, the end result of the chemical reaction will fail and the entire cell may be at risk!!!

And he was talking about a single cell in your body!!! Guess what, almost every cell in your body was designed to divide into two cells, each with the above sophistication!!! Try dividing a new automobile into two new automobiles!!! (Note: not all cells divide. For example, some brain cells divide and others do not.)

A new human baby starts out as a single fertilized egg and ends up, via cell divisions, with 37.2 trillion cells!!! This new baby has roughly 200 different kinds of cells some of which are transparent (or the baby could not see)!!!

Thousands of very smart scientists have a PhD degree in either Cell Biology or Microbiology. Every cell in your body is vastly more sophisticated than any authomobile or airplane ever made!!! PhDs in Cell Biology and Microbiology are still being given out to each new generation of scientists as more and more is learned about cells.

These scientists could write a website scores of times longer than all of the articles, and all four of the eBooks, on this website containing thousands of reasons that Cell Biology and Microbiology, by themselves, are a massive, massive proof that God is alive and well and WOW is God smart!!! This will become more and more obvious the more you study this website.

Let me give you another example. Sometimes you see drawings or pictures which seem to show an "evolution" of species from one species to another. But if you look at the DNA of these animals (which to some degree controls what each animal will look like), the theory of evolution falls apart because it is obvious that the DNA of one species could not have "evolved" into new and improved DNA for a new and improved species of animal!!! I talk much about this subject on this website.

It is not drawings that control what an animal looks like, as will be seen below, it is the spirit of the animal ("life" requires a spirit), tweeked by the DNA of that animal, that controls what the animal will look like!!! More on this later.

Digging Deeper Into the Word "Evolution"

There is a major problem with the theory of evolution. "Evolution" is not a tangible object or a physical process that can create things!! Evolution is only a claim or belief that there is no God.

Theories and beliefs only exist inside of people's brains, they cannot create physical things!!! Only tangible things can create other tangible things!!!

Let me repeat that: Only tangible things can create other tangible things!!! Get that through our head: Only tangible things can create other tangible things!!!

But "evolution" and imaginary processes are not tangible and they are not a force in nature such as gravity or wind or sunlight!!

In short, "evolution" is nothing more than a claim or belief that there is no God!! That's it!!! Evolution is not a physical object or a force that can do things, must less do things intelligently!!

Evolution has no eyes or arms to create cells or DNA, it has no legs to travel, and above all evolution has no brain to design and intelligently sequence the nucleotides on any DNA strand and evolution cannot create the many different types of cells which are needed for the one million species of animals currently on this planet, all of which have both males and females whose DNA must align in an incredibly precise way!!! As I said above, humans alone have about 200 different types of cells!! And there have been ten million species which have existed on this planet (nine million of which are extinct).

How can I make this any more clear!!!!!! Superman, the tooth fairy, the flying spaghetti monster, the theory of evolution , Mickey Mouse, etc. are all exactly the same thing - a make-believe fantasy!!!

None of these fantasies can pick up a deck of cards, cook a dinner or design, create and sequence a single DNA strand!!!

So if there is no God, as claimed by the atheists/evolutionists, and if "evolution" has the same imaginary physical features as Superman, Batman and Robin, then what would be the force in nature that created human DNA and the DNA for all other species???

The atheists and evolutionists have no choice except to claim that the Universe, cells, DNA, etc. were all created by UNINTENTIONAL, DIRECTIONLESS, PURPOSELESS, MINDLESS ACCIDENTS!!!

However, the atheists and evolutionists will never use the term "accidents" (except in the case of the Big Bang) because they know that no one would believe them if they used the word "accidents" instead of the imaginary word "evolution"!!! The atheists/evolutionists will always pretend that the imaginary and invisible evolution is massively more intelligent than human beings - and human beings do not understand all of the DNA for any living thing!!!

By the way, here is the reason that God had to create the Big Bang: accidents could not have crammed all of the atoms in this Universe into one small object (perhaps the size of a beach ball but many billions of times denser than a rock) and then exploded this unbelievably dense object!!!

As another example, human beings do not know how to sequence the nucleotides on the DNA strand for an ant (without cheating), much less how to sequence the nucleotides on the DNA for an extinct animal species for which scientists currently have little or no DNA!!! So how did "accidents" create and sequence the nucleotides for all of these living things???

Scientists can create a DNA strand, and that is amazing - bravo!!! It is the sequencing of the nucleotides on the DNA that they will never will be able to do!! They will know why they will never be able to sequence all of a DNA strand for any dead or living thing when they understand the Sixteen Cells Paradox article which I will talk about below.

As that article will explain, DNA is not used in the way that scientists think it is used!! DNA is not a computer program (e.g. to control cell divisions), much of DNA is a database which is why male and female DNA can align. It is much easier to align two databases (i.e. male DNA and female DNA) than to align two computer programs. But God can do either of these things.

In summary, just like the fact that the imaginary "evolution" cannot create a cell or a DNA strand, mindless accidents also cannot create a cell or a DNA strand!!!

Neither humans, nor Superman, nor Batman, nor evolution, nor accidents can sequence the nucleotides on a DNA strand so that this DNA strand can create (via millions or billions or trillions of cell divisions) a new species or bring back to life an extinct species (e.g. a Woolly Mammoth)!!!

But even if they could sequence the DNA for an extinct animal species, they could never bring that species back to life without God providing a spirit for that animal!!! The Sixteen Cells Paradox article, that I will link to below, proves that!!!

Only God can create a spirit!!!

What Does God Think About The Theory Of Evolution And The Leaders Of This Movement (e.g. Richard Dawkins)??

The typical young person today goes to church on the weekends and is told there is a God, but during the week in school they may be taught that the theory of evolution is true and there is no God.

Because of the teaching of the theory of evolution (i.e. the religion of atheism) in schools, many, many young people of all religions have lost their faith in God and have quit going to church, or if they are taken to church by their parents, they will go to church but they will not believe anything they hear!!! Studies on this issue indicate that the loss of faith in God, caused by the teaching of the theory of evolution in schools, can start as early as middle-school!!!

But that is the very goal and purpose of the proponents of the theory of evolution - to convince people that there is no God!!!

But as this website demonstrates, in hundreds of different ways, the three members of the Godhead are very much alive and well (Hint: They are Gods)!!! This will become obvious in a moment when I start talking about the "permutations of nucleotides on DNA" issues. Without an incredibly intelligent God, we would literally not be here!!!

  • (Note: this website has many articles and four free eBooks. Links from one article to another or one chapter to another are in blue and when you "click" the blue link the article or chapter will generally open in a new window).

Even during the life of Christ, God was well aware that there would be false doctrines about the existence of God and the divinity of Christ (i.e. claiming there is no God is the very definition of the theory of evolution) which would eventually span the world. This is what Christ said in the book of Matthew in the Bible (Matthew 18:6-10) about those who decieve others about the divinity of Christ (click this blue link: the key versus are highlighted):
Bible - Matthew 18:6-10

Did you notice the phrase in verse 7: "woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!"

The Savior was speaking symbolically when He was talking about the guilty parties deforming themselves. He was using this example to strongly emphasize the potential eternal ramifications of those who try to convince others that Christ was not who He and His prophets have always said He was!!! And Christ has more than a billion followers today!!!

While some people may say that Christ was not the Son of God, no one can claim that Christ did not exist as he is a well-proven historical figure using documents written shortly after His life (other than the Bible). The atheists and evolutionists can only claim that Christ was not the Savior of the world.

Being "cast into everlasting fire" for "offend(ing) one of these little ones which believe in me [i.e. Christ]" does not sound like something a person should set as a goal!!! Don't mess with anyone in the Godhead, they can be your best friend or your worst nightmare!!!

Like the Bible, the Book of Mormon was also written by ancient prophets, but the Book of Mormon was mostly written by prophets who lived in the Americas. The last Book of Mormon prophet completed the book in 421 A.D., but the Book of Mormon was not translated and published until 1830.

You should note that the Book of Mormon was published 29 years before Darwin's first book on evolution was published in 1859, and the Book of Mormon made reference to the theory of evolution, but the Book of Mormon could not use the word "evolution" because this word did not exist in Book of Mormon times or even when the Book of Mormon was first published in 1830 - remember that Darwin's first book came out in 1859.

The Book of Mormon was not a reaction to the theory of evolution - it was predicting it!!! But I want to focus on part of the Book of Mormon's prediction of the eventual coming forth of the theory of evolution.

The big difference between the Bible and the Book of Mormon is that the Book of Mormon is nowhere near as diplomatic as the Bible with regards to some of those who push evolution and atheism for profit!!! These versus are part of a prophesy about some of the atheists and evolutionists in our day.
Book of Mormon - 3 Nephi 29:5-7

The punishment of becoming "like unto the son of perdition" is a MASSIVELY STRONG PUNISHMENT though we have no details about it as this is the only place in the Book of Mormon where it is mentioned!!! I personally doubt that more than a few hundred people (who are alive today) would fit into this category.

These would most likely be the professional and very proactive atheists and evolutionists, not students or even teachers. But this is such a horrific punishment that only God can make the final decision on a case-by-case basis.

Whether this is an eternal punishment or not I do not know (Note: I ask this question because the punishment of a "Son of Perdition" is an eternal "fire and brimstone" punishment so I assume the punishment of "like unto the son of perdition" may also be a very uncomfortable eternal punishment)!!!

In short, the requirement is that these people promote atheism and/or the theory of evolution for profit and in the process they deny that Christ was the Savior and they mock the claims of the miracles of Christ!!! That is not a good idea if you want to have a good day on Judgment Day!!!

By the way, even though the Book of Mormon was published about 29 years before Darwin's first book and more than 110 years before Richard Dawkins was born, the Book of Mormon predicted the coming forth of the theory of evolution in three different places:
Article: The First Book To Describe the Theory of Evolution Was NOT Written By Charles Darwin!!!

Who Qualifies For Becoming "Like Unto The Son Of Perdition"??

We have a very, very good idea of some of those who qualify for this horrific punishment!!! Later on this home page I will link to a web page that has an amazing speech given by an apostle of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (i.e. Mormon), Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, which mentions four of those who easily qualify for this punishment on paper (i.e. Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, and the late Christopher Hitchens).

But I suspect that hundreds of other proactive atheists/evolutionists are also at very, very high risk for obtaining this punishment. But only God can make the final judgment!!! All we can do is warn these people and we can warn those who follow them.

The above versus make it very clear that God has a serious attitude towards some people, such as Richard Dawkins, who is the role model for how to become "like unto the son of perdition"!!!

God didn't like the theory of evolution long before Richard Dawkins, the late Christopher Hitchens and many other professional atheists/evolutionists came along who mock or have mocked the miracles of Christ!!!

As far as school teachers are concerned, I personally worry more about the eternal welfare of judges and school officials who force teachers to teach the religion of atheism than the teachers themselves. However, some teachers are very pro-evolution about evolution and they let their class members know it!!!

But never forget: God is the sole and final judge so anyone else's opinion (unless they are church authorities who are authorized to speak for God) is only speculation. The entire purpose of the atonement of Christ was so that people could repent and be forgiven by God.

America was created to be a land of freedom of religion. I guess some judges haven't read the Constitution lately. These judges should be more worried about God than the Constitution!!! I agree that no specific religion should be taught in school (unless a specific religion owns the school and those who send their children to these schools know what is being taught), but for anyone to claim that God does not exist needs to take some more mathematics courses and then study this website. I haven't started talking about the mathematics of evolution yet (e.g. permutations of nucleotides).

Those who argue that the theory of evolution should be taught in schools may claim that all scientists are evolutionists. However, the theory of evolution is NOT universally accepted by all scientists!! While there are hundreds of books which have been written to push the theory of evolution; there are also hundreds of books which have been written against the theory of evolution!! Four of these books are free and are on this website.

Plus, in the scientific community, among those who have not written books, there are many scientists who are very much against the theory of evolution!!!

I suspect that it would be OK to let teachers talk about the "evolution" debate as long as both sides (God versus evolution) of the debate were represented and not just evolution. However, if God is not allowed to be mentioned in school then evolution should not be allowed to be mentioned in school because evolution is a religion!! Quite frankly there are some judges who are going to have a bad day on Judgment day.

Those who believe that the scientific evidence strongly supports a belief in God are called "creation scientists." The term "intelligent design" is also used to describe "creation science."

The well-known and respected creation scientist Kent Hovind describes the atheists this way: "The atheists can't find God for the same reason a thief can't find a policeman."

That quote hits the nail on the head!!! The atheists/evolutionists don't want to find God because of pride!!! Pride is the underlying, undergirding, driving force of the theory of evolution, it is certainly not science particularly after the discovery of DNA in 1953!!!!

So let us begin the scientific issues related to the theory of evolution debate.

Can One Species "Evolve" Into A New And Improved Species??

Note: I write articles and books so this home page is not hundreds of pages long.

We exist because God created Adam and Eve or we exist because of evolution. In other words, we descended from Adam and Eve or we descended from some other primate, such as bonobos or apes or chimpanzees.

The entire foundation of the theory of evolution is that one species can "evolve" into a new and improved species. The example that I frequently use is the claim of the atheists/evolutionists that humans "evolved" from bonobos or some other primate. While that claim may have been credible before the discovery of DNA, it certainly isn't credible after the discovery of DNA in 1953!!!

To claim that humans "evolved" from bonobo is to say that the DNA of a bonobo (actually a new species needs four new types of DNA strands, two of which can be idential - more on this later) can randomly mutate into four vastly improved DNA strands for the human species!!!

There are both massive physical reasons and there are massive mathematical reasons that the DNA of a new species cannot be created by modifying the DNA of an old species by the mindless accidents of evolution.

Here is an article on the physical reasons that evolution cannot be true:
Article: Changing The Length Of A DNA Strand By Evolution/Accidents Is Impossible

Here is an article on the mathematical reasons that evolution cannot be true:
Article: Permutations - The Ultimate Death Of The Theory Of Evolution

I will mention both of these articles from time to time because they are foundational to the evolution debate!!! The permutation issues will also lead to the concept of the question: "where are the failures of evolution?" This turns out to be a major evidence that the theory of evolution is false.

Today, the theory of evolution debate is not about visualizations, it is about where new DNA comes from!! Drawings about the steps of how humans "evolved" from some other primate, as "evidence" for evolution, are beyond ludicrous!!!

First, some basic biology. Let's look at the sperm cells and ovums of humans and all other animal species. Every DNA strand contains a unique sequence of nucleotides (i.e. every DNA strand inside of every sperm cell and every DNA strand in every ovum has a unique sequence of nucleotides):
1) The males of the human species have the sperm cells. There are two different kinds of sperm cells because it is the sperm cell that gets to the ovum first that will determine the "sex" of the baby (i.e. male or female). Here are the two kinds of sperm cells in every male animal:
a) male sperm cells which will create a male baby, and
b) female sperm cells which will create a female baby.

The female has one or more ovums (i.e. eggs) which are gender neutral. It is the sperm cell (male sperm cell or female sperm cell) from the male, which gets to the ovum first, that will determine the sex of the baby!!

So an existing species has three different kinds of DNA strands

"Evolution" would require that the DNA of one species be "accidentally" modified into the DNA of a new and improved species!!! This would typically require many millions of changes to the DNA of the original species in order to create a new and improved species from an existing species (e.g. the modification of bonobo DNA into human DNA)!!! The human brain alone would require millions of changes to bonobo DNA!!!

Putting the pieces together, in order for humans to have "evolved" from bonobo (or pick any primate you want to pick), MILLIONS of random, mindless changes would have been needed to convert EACH OF FOUR DNA STRANDS OF THE BONOBO into FOUR VASTLY SUPERIOR DNA STRANDS FOR HUMANS and all of this must happen in the same latitude, longitude and timeframe or else the new male and female humans (who have the new human DNA) would not be able to mate in order to have two human children to start the human race!!!

And when done, these four new and improved DNA strands must align with each other at the function level!!!

Note: This can get confusing: it takes four new DNA strands to create a new species from an existing species (if evolution were true). But once this species is up and running it only takes three types of DNA to perpetuate the species (this is always true)!! It only takes three types of DNA to perpetuate an existing species because a female ovum can work with either a male sperm cell (of the male) or a female sperm cell (of the male).

After conception, there is literally a swimming race of sperm cells to get to the ovum first!!! I link to a cute YouTube video below which actually shows a video of this race of sperm cells.

The DNA sequence in every male sperm cell and the DNA sequence in every female ovum is unique as I already mentioned!!! Identical twins are not made by the same sequence of nucleotides on a male sperm cell and a female ovum, what happens is that after the egg is fertilized, the fertilized egg divides in a certain way.

All of these facts apply to every animal species.

So the key question is this: how could a bonobo mother have two human children who in turn can have human children of their own!!!

As mentioned above, to create a new species from an old species (humans from bonobo as an example), requires four bonobo DNA strands to "evolve" into four new and improved human DNA strands!!! So let's talk about this now.

The Four New DNA Strands Which Are Needed To Create A New Species

Here are the four bonobo DNA strands I am talking about which must evolve into four human DNA strands so that the human race can begin (the minimum two new human male sperm cells and the minimum two new human female ovums must be in the same generation so the bonobo mother can give birth to two human children who can grow up and have their own human children)!!!

1) Millions of mindless changes to a DNA strand in at least one bonobo male sperm cell in a male bonobo to create a human male sperm cell,

2) Millions of mindless changes to a DNA strand in at least one bonobo female sperm cell in a male bonobo to create a human female sperm cell,

3) Millions of mindless changes to a DNA strand in a gender-neutral ovum in a female bonobo (for the first male sperm cell [to create a male human] to fertilize),

4) Millions of mindless changes to a DNA strand in a second gender-neutral ovum in a female bonobo (for the second type of male sperm cell [to create a female human] to fertilize).

And these four new human DNA strands, two to create a new male human and two to create a new female human, when completed, must align with each other at the function level (e.g. the sections of DNA involved with creating the liver must align with each other)!!!

Here is a major mathematical issue: note that bonobos, like humans, would have many sperms cells involved in this swimming race to the ovum, most of which are bonobo sperm cells which have not been modified by evolution so the two new human sperm cells must win the swimming race!!!

There are also latitude, longitude and timeframe issues as I already mentioned. For example, if the first male human DNA was created by evolution one-thousand years before the first female human DNA was created by evolution, and/or the two bonobo mothers were 5,000 miles apart, you would not be reading this sentence if evolution were true!!!

Plus, the bonobo parents (of the first human male and female babies) must not kill or abandon their human babies because human babies are really funny-looking to bonobos and human babies are really bad at climbing trees!!! It takes a lot of patience to raise human children (ask my wife, we had seven children).

The probability that millions of mindless, random, accidental changes to each of four bonobo DNA strands could create four human DNA strands for the human race is both physically and statistically and common sense absurd!!!

To make things worse, human couples must eventually start having more than two human children so that the human race can begin to grow in numbers!!!

Yet, the "evolution" of bonobo sperm cells and ovums into human sperm cells and ovums is precisely the foundation of the theory of evolution after the discovery of DNA in 1953!!!

And there have been ten million animal species which have lived on this planet, all of which would have had to go through the same process that bonobos and humans would have to go through if evolution were true!!! That is forty-million highly sophisticated DNA strands created by the mindless accidents of evolution!!!

By the way, only one million of these ten million species still exist.

If evolution were true, the Cambrian Explosion cannot be explained because evolution cannot create a new species with four new DNA strands which must align with each other, much less create many new species in a short amount of time (which is the characteristic feature of the Cambrian Explosion)!!!

And if the theory of evolution were true, a really good genealogist could trace our ancestry (species to species) back to the "first living cell". Well, they are probably busy enough that they don't need that assignment. In addition, monkey's don't keep very good genealogy records.

The Two-Male DNA Alignment Issue - This Section Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind!!!!

Let us look at the two types of male DNA strands in the sperm cells for any animal species. One creates a male baby and one creates a female baby. Both of them must align with the female DNA strand in her ovum. But if each of them aligns with the female DNA strand in the ovum (at the function level of course), this implies that the two types of male DNA must align with each other (at the function level, not the nucleotide level), yet one will lead to a male baby and one will lead to a female baby!!!!

There is no specific reason that the two male DNA strands need to align with each other at the function level except for the fact that BOTH OF THEM must align with a female DNA strand at the function level!!

Here is the amazing thing: two male DNA strands must align with each other (at the function level but not at the nucleotide level), yet one of them will create a male baby and one of them will create a female baby!!! This is incomprehensible!!! Yet this fact applies to roughly 1,000,000 animal species which are currently on this planet and 9,000,000 extinct species of animals!!!

I want to show this somewhat graphically to emphasize my point. There are three kinds of DNA strands, for every existing species, which must align with each other:
1) In the male, male DNA in the male sperm cells to create a male baby,
2) In the male, female DNA in the female sperm cells to create a female baby,
3) In the female, gender neutral DNA in the female ovum.

All three of these kinds of DNA are very, very different yet they must align with each other at the function level!!

Now let us ignore the third item in the above list and show the list again:
1) In the male, male DNA in the male sperm cells to create a male baby,
2) In the male, female DNA in the female sperm cells to create a female baby.

What this means is that the two types of DNA in the male, one of which creates a male baby and one of which creates a female baby, must align with each other at the function level because both of them must align with the gender neutral DNA in the female ovum at the function level!!!!

Yet one of these DNA strands will lead to a male baby and the other DNA strand will lead to a female baby!!! Plus they must align with each other at the function level!!!!!!!!!!

This is absolutely unbelievable!!! Yet this concept applies to one million living animal species and nine million extinct animal species!!!! Two male DNA strands must align with each other at the function level, yet one will create a male baby and the other will create a female baby!!! NO WAY!!!!! But God has done this for ten million animal species, one million of which are alive today!!!

And don't forget that every DNA strand on this planet (at least for animals) has a unique sequence of nucleotides!!!

OK, well no one believes that this is important (even though my first college degree was in mathematics), so here is a homework assignment tonight for human scientists. For some extinct species for which they only have (or a living species if the sequence of nucleotides in the male sperm cells, to create a female baby, is withheld from the scientists):
1) In the male, male DNA in the male sperm cells,
3) In the female, gender neutral DNA in the female ovum.

The task of scientists (or accidents if you prefer) is to create, without cheating:
2) In the male, create female DNA for the female sperm cells which must align with the male DNA for the male sperm cells at the function level, and it must align with the DNA in the ovum of the female at the function level!!!

Good luck!!! I was born in 1946 so I am not going to live long enough for that to happen!!! Nor will my great-grandchildren live long enough (I don't have any yet, but I will soon)!!!

In fact, scientists are NOT EVEN CLOSE to decoding the entire DNA strand of any species of plants, animals or insects!!! Now I will tell you why they will never be able to do this!!

The article linked to in the next section will blow your mind because DNA is not what is controlling cell divisions from a fertilized egg into a crying baby!!!

And to some degree the next section will tell you the truth about what DNA is really used for, so it potentially solves some of the alignment issues we have already talked about.

The Sixteen Cells Paradox

A human being starts out as a single fertilized egg. Via many trillions of cell divisions, a human baby is born nine-months later!!!

I suspect that scientists assume that the DNA of the new baby is what is controlling call divisions. NOT A CHANCE!!! How can something that is 3.2 billion nucleoties long control the cell divisions to create a human being who has about 37.2 trillion cells when born??

But that is just one of the reasons DNA cannot control cell divisions. There is an even bigger reason in the Sixteen Cells Paradox article. This article PROVES THAT DNA CANNOT BE CONTROLLING THESE CELL DIVISIONS!!!! And this article explains WHAT IS CONTROLLING THESE CELL DIVISIONS!!!!
Article: The Sixteen Cells Paradox!! [Read the entire article before going on!!!]

The "Sixteen Cells Paradox" applies to all animals (male and female), not just humans. So all animals have a spirit!! This should not surprise anyone because all living things require a spirit!!! So it is efficient for Heavenly Father to create the spirit so that the spirit can both create life and control the cell divisions. And spirits come from God!!!

And the above article can explain why the DNA of male sperm cells and female sperm cells can align with each other - because DNA is a database of information, not a computer program to control cell divisions!!!! Well, it is more complicated than that.

So the length of the DNA strand is largely, if not entirely, dependant on the size of the database on the DNA!! This is why the above DNA strands can align with each other, because the database "fields" can align.

And this also destroys the theory of evolution because each species will have its own unique spirit and thus its own unique database. So if two animal species have the same size DNA, it has little or nothing to do with the complexity and sophistication of the species.

To dig deeper, the spirit controls the cell divisions and the size of the DNA will be largely (if not entirely) dependent on the size of the database, meaning the size of the individual database elements (e.g. "fields") on the DNA strand!!

The largest DNA strand on this planet, by a huge margin compared to human DNA, is for a fish, protopterus aethiopicus, which has 133 billion nucleotides on its DNA!!! Why a fish has such a gigantic database I do not know. Maybe God was bored one day because designing DNA was so easy for Him. Or maybe God wanted to impress His children. I hope God has a sense of humor.

Let me briefly talk about "life." Scientists have tried to create life from non-life. They will NEVER be successful unless God cooperates and provides a spirit. I do not know if each bacteria has its own spirit or whether there is some general spirit for single-celled living things.

Humans, and all other species, exist because of God!!! Yes, science has confirmed that the Biblical account of Adam and Eve IS TRUE!!! Your geneology chart has Noah and his wife (some Bible scholars think her name was Naamah) on it and Adam and his wife Eve on it!!!

In other words, Adam and Eve are on mine and your pedigree chart, not some bonobo couple!!!

Try saying that in some college biology class!!! I would do it, but then I am an ex-Marine and Viet Nam veteran so no one would dare disagree with me.

But there is a significant reason why the theory of evolution tries to do away with a belief in Adam and Eve which I discuss in my Grand Council article which I link to later.

Permutations Of Nucleotides On DNA And Related Issues

Hopefully you have already read the aritlce on permutations. This section will take that article a step further.

As a baseline there are about 4500 atoms in this Universe!!! That is a very big number. However, the number of possible permutations of a human DNA strand (a human DNA strand has 3,200,000,000 nucleotides - meaning A, C, G, T), both male and female (male DNA in male sperm cells of the male and female DNA in female sperm cells of the male and the two gender-neutral DNA in the ovum of the female which must align with both of the male DNA strands at the function level), is 43,200,000,000!! This number dwarfs the number of atoms in a billion, billion, billion Universes!!!

Remember, it takes four human DNA strands to create the new human species. And each of the four DNA strands needs very specialized DNA from among 43,200,000,000 permutations of nucleotides!!

Here is the key point: the vast, vast, vast, (literally insert the word "vast" one trillion more times) percent of these permutations would NOT create a viable human being or any other animal species. Yet four DNA strands (each with the same length) are needed to create every new animal species on this planet!!!

But the key is that evolution is totally stupid and does everything randomly (well, actually evolution doesn't exist so I am using the term "evolution" instead of "accidents" to keep things simple). If you put together a totally random sequence of nucleotides, to simulate evolution, the probability that it would be good enough to create a human baby is far, far, far less that the probability of randomly picking a single correct atom from among a billion billion billion Universes the size of our Universe!!!!!!!!!

If evolution were true, and the DNA for all species (not just humans) had been sequenced by accidents, there would literally be more worthless DNA strands (which did not have a viable permutation of nucleotides) laying on the ground on this planet, than there are atoms in a trillion, trillion, trillion, ... Universes!!

Well, we can look at this another way. If evolution were true, there would not be enough atoms in a trillion, trillion, trillion, ..., Universes to create four viable DNA strands which would be needed to create all of the species on this planet via nothing but accidents (because there would be so many failures in the attempt to do this you would run out of atoms (in these many Universes) before all of the species (on this planet) were created)!!!

So where are the countless failures of unusable DNA strands created by nothing but invalid permutations?? There are none!!! Yes, occasionally there is a mutation to a DNA strand, but these are very rare compared to the massive, massive number of worthless DNA strands that evolution would create!!! And in science in general, accidents never make something more sophisticated!!!

But also remember that four DNA strands, which must align with each other at the function level, are needed to create EACH OF THE 10 million animal species which have lived on this planet or currently live on this planet!!!

That is 40,000,000 million DNA strands (needed to create 10,000,000 new animal species) that scientists do not understand just for animals!!! If the average animal DNA strand was 200,000,000 nucleotides long, that is 8,000,000,000,000,000 nucleotides!!!

As always, it gets worse for evolution. This much DNA would have 48,000,000,000,000,000 unique permutations!!! That is 48 quadrillion unique permutations!!!

This of course assumes that there are no spirits to direct the morphing of the embryo and that a DNA sequence solely controls this morphing.

Which is bigger, the 4500 atoms in this Universe or the 48,000,000,000,000,000 permutations of nucleotides for all animal species which have or do exist on this planet!!!

Permuations of nucleotides on DNA account for many of the massive, massive reasons the theory of evolution cannot be true!!!

Here again is my article on "Permutations" if you didn't read it the first time:
Article: Permutations - The Ultimate Death Of The Theory Of Evolution

Use your mental calculator and do the math:
ZERO species have been created by superman, batman or the equally imaginary: evolution
ZERO species have been created by blind, deaf and dumb accidents
ZERO PLUS ZERO EQUALS ZERO (i.e. there should be zero life on this planet!!!)

The "bottom line" is that imaginary evolution plus mindless accidents collectively have an I.Q. of ZERO!! Humans should not exist!!!

Now let's talk about some serious science that will blow your mind!!! This is definitely something that Superman did not do!!!! I am sure that the people at M.I.T., and other schools, would agree.

The Physical Constants

This section will talk about the physical constants in our Universe, such as the gravitational constant. The probabilities that the pure accidents of the theory of evolution could have created the physical constants in our Universe, are so bad that sometimes the atheists and evolutionists claim there have been an infinite number of Universes and our Universe just happened to have the right set of physical constants in physics!!

There probably are an infinite number of Universes, but rest assured that if there are, every one of them was created by God (or by someone He delegated the authority and power) and every one of them has the correct set of physical constants and every Universe has life on many of its planets!!!

Without physical constants (well, without the force that creates the physical constants, which is almost certainly Tesla's aether), there would not be a Universe for us to live on!!!

Slowly page all the way down to the very bottom of the article:
M.I.T. Website: Fundamental Physical Constants

Here is an amazing, amazing, amazing YouTube video which does not mention anywhere near as many items as the M.I.T. document, but it is REQUIRED WATCHING because it demonstrates, in six minutes, the amazing accuracy REQUIRED for some of the physical constants:
Thus Fundamental Constants And Quantaties Of The Universe Have Been Carefully Dialed

I don't think that Superman and the "flying spaghetti monster" flew around the Universe and created the physical constants in physics!!! I think that God is a lot smarter and powerful that we think He is!!!

Yes, God is alive and well and the Biblical account of Adam and Eve is true!!!

While "evolution" may be a great recruiting tool for the atheists/evolutionists, the zero I.Q. of the purely imaginary theory of evolution plus the zero I.Q. of accidents have never created a single cell or a single DNA strand (0 + 0 = 0) or a single physical constant!! The theory of evolution is a pure fantasy!!

Cell Biology And Microbiology

We have alrady talked about cell biology and microbiology, but this section (and an article) will look at this issue from a different perspective.

In Darwin's day it was possible to believe in the theory of evolution because scientists in his day knew nothing about DNA (DNA was discovered in 1953) and they knew nothing about the physical constants and they knew almost nothing about cells. But today, with what is known about DNA, the physical constants and cells, the theory of evolution is complete and absolute nonsense!!

I am sure that a team of cell biologists could create a website scores of times larger than this website just talking about why cell biology and microbiology are absolute proofs that the theory of evolution cannot be true!!! Remember, people get PhD degrees in Cell Biology!!!

Remember the quote I mentioned about about the complexity of cells.

Michael Denton did not say there was one such sequence of chemical chain reactions in cells, but "tens of thousands" of such systems!!! You should see the size of my cell biology books!!! One of my cell biology books has a glossary with more than 900 definitions!!

Here is an entire article on Cell Biology (you could call it an introduction to an introduction [60 more times] to Cell Biology and Microbiology):
Article: Cell Biology And Microbiology

Some day I hope to find a Cell Biologist or Microbiologist who will write a few articles on why cell biology (or even microbiology) is a proof that the theory of evolution is false. These people are smart. You would know that if you ever tried to read a graduate school textbook in cell biology or microbiology!!!!

Any cell biologist or microbiologist could come up with thousands of reasons the theory of evolution cannot be true!!!

Religion And Evolution

Let's talk about one of the many, many good guys and girls who are part of the evolution debate, from among all religions, who promote a belief in God!!!

One of the greatest talks ever given on this planet, on any subject, was a talk given by an apostle of the Mormon church (Elder Jeffrey R. Holland) at BYU in which he mentioned Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett and the late Christopher Hitchens (the most obnoxious of the four)!!! He did not say anything good about these people!!!

But first I need to explain something or you won't have a clue what he is talking about.

In this talk, Elder Holland talks about the massive benefits that religion has provided the world over the centuries. But he also talks about secularism. "Secularism" is essentially the antithesis of religion. His talk is against pure secularism!!! Elder Holland wants governments to be more and more connected to religion. Not any specific religion (that would be unconstitutional), but religion in general!!!

He mentions many great people over the centuries who have, in some cases, given their lives to spead a belief in God (and in a belief in freedom of religion). In his speech he talks a lot about many great people!!!

It will be well worth your time to listen to his talk to see the Big Picture of the battles between those who believe in God (or in some cases a specific religion) verses those who do not believe in God (or force a single religion on others).

(Click the triangle arrow icon [under his name] so you can watch and listen to it at the same time.)
Speech At BYU: Religion: Bound By Loving Ties

If I had to summarize his main point in one sentence, this is what I would say: "the proper role of government is to preserve and protect freedom of religion for all religions"!!! In some instances, a religion needs to be protected from another religion!!! Governments should not take sides in such a dispute but make sure that neither religion is physically damaged as an organization.

The very foundation of religion is to promote a belief in God. On the other hand, the theory of evolution is designed to try and obliterate all religions!! President Nelson (the president of the Mormon church) and Elder Holland (one of the apostles in the Mormon church) have both been openly critical of the theory of evolution.

All of this may help explain the absolute severity of the punishment: "like unto the son of perdition" because the theory of evolution is not a backhanded attack on religion, in many severe cases it is a frontal attack on religion and an attack on the most sacred piece of Christian religions: the mission and atonement of Jesus Christ!!!

By the way, there is a spectacular set of short non-denominational YouTube videos on the life of Christ, made by the LDS church (i.e. the "Mormon" church or officially "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints"), which are free and online!!! Anyone of any Christian religion will love them as they are strictly from the Bible):
Short Videos On The Life Of Christ - VERY SPECTACULAR FOR ANY CHRISTIAN!!!!!

Measuring The Damage Of The Theory of Evolution

While the theory of evolution versus creation science debate is heated, the debate is far more than academic because many students are victims of this battle!! As a result of the teaching of evolution in many schools, countless middle school, high school and college students have lost their belief in God or they may question their belief in God.

Fortunately, the damage done by evolution can be measured. Studies funded by the very well known evangelical creationist Ken Ham organization have shown that most of the loss of testimony of God occurs in middle school and high school, not in college!! Ken Ham's conclusion, based on statistics, is that students are already gone by the time they get to college!! Remember those two words for a minute.

But of course, those who still have a testimony of God when they enter college will have that testimony challenged in college depending on what courses they take and what school they attend.

I should also note that the evangelicals do not have the Pearl of Great Price scriptures of the Mormon church. Many things in the early chapters of Genesis were damaged (i.e. poor translations, lost documents, injected bias, etc.) over the many centuries between when it was originally written and today. The Pearl of Great Price exists largely to "fix" the damage done to the early chapters of Genesis. So I do not fault the evangelicals for some of their statements, they are good people.

Here is a link to the Ken Ham video: "Already Gone - Part 1" (22 minutes):
YouTube Video: Already Gone - Part 1

If you were not automatically taken to Part 2 - here is "Already Gone - Part 2" (20 minutes):
YouTube Video: Already Gone - Part 2

In these two videos he has some brilliant comments about Noah's Ark!!! He makes it clear that Noah's Ark was plenty big enough to save every species that God wanted to save (and even too big). I sometimes wonder whether the flood was designed to kill-off some of the 9 million now-extinct species along with many very wicked humans.

More Strong Warnings To Those Who Are Responsible For The Teaching Of The Theory of Evolution In Schools

As this website mentions many times, the theory of evolution is very, very, very bad science!!! So why would very, very, very bad science be taught in schools and why would the teaching of very, very, very bad science be mandated to be taught in some schools???

It is unfortunate that in many school districts in the United States, and outside of the United States, the theory of evolution is taught (e.g. in biology classes) as if it were a proven scientific fact. Not only is the theory of evolution not proven, the theory of evolution is scientific nonsense as this website demonstrates over and over again!! Yet many teachers endorse the claims of the theory of evolution in their classes!!

Because of the teaching of the doctrines of evolution in the classrooms countless youth, starting in middle school and continuing in high school and college, no longer believe in God and may no longer go to church (mentally and/or physically)!! The evolution debate is not an academic exercise to entertain people, it is a debate for the souls of men and women, boys and girls!!!!

I have already talked about the "like unto the Son of Perdition" punishment. My point here is that teachers should stay as far away as possible from supporting evolution!!! AS A MINIMUM A TEACHER SHOULD MAKE IT VERY, VERY, VERY CLEAR TO THEIR CLASS THAT NOT ALL SCIENTISTS AGREE WITH THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION!!!!!! I link to an article on this topic later.

When a person requires another person (I am even including Supreme Court judges) to teach the theory of evolution, they are putting themselves in harms way on Judgment Day!!!! Comparing God to the Supreme Court would be like comparing a mountain range to a bicycle. I know who will win in the long run, and it is not the California Democrats or the Supreme Court.

Yet judges sometimes think they are above God. Nope!!! Every human being on his planet, whether a President or a Judge or a car mechanic will reap what they have sown!! Their "reward" will happen at the Second Comimg of Christ. At that time they will very, very, very, very quickly realize that there is a God and that God is far, far, far beyond human comprehension.

Here is what happens at the Second Coming of Christ (i.e. I suppose this could be called "Judgment Day"):
Article: The Kingdoms After Death

Here is more about the Millennium on the BYU website:
Article: Millennium (BYU Website)

Natural Selection

"Natural selection" is the claim that the stronger species survive. Yes, I agree!!! But "natural selection," has never created a new species!!! And natural selection never makes a species stronger!!

Natural selection can only eliminate weak species WHICH ALREADY EXIST which are killed via environment (e.g. starvation) or they are killed by other species.

Natural selection is only effective when two or more species already exist!!! In other words, natural selection is purely an elimination process that eliminates weak species!! Natural selection is not a creation process!!! In other words, natural selection reduces the number of species on a planet, it never increases the number of species on a planet!!!

Let me say that last part again: natural selection reduces the number of species on a planet!!!

Remember, there are nine million extinct species which have lived on this planet. Some may have gone extinct because of weather changes, others may have gone extinct because some other species killed them off or because their food supply was cut-off or because of Noah's flood.

My point is that the only thing that natural selection does is eliminate weak species!!!

NATURAL SELECTION WORKS AGAINST EVOLUTION. Evolution is "trying" to create new and improved species (which it has never done) and natural selection is trying to eliminate existing species (which it does all the time)!!!

Natural selction will easily win that battle because natural selection does not have to deal with the statistics of creating new DNA.

A problem with natural selection is that because DNA cannot be created and sequenced by evolution, natural selection should have nothing to do because there should not be any species to "select" from!! But given that God has created millions of species of animals, natural selection is a perfectly valid scientific concept!!!

While natural selection is a valid concept, IT IS ONLY AN ELIMINATION PROCESS.

Some people might claim that natural selection increases the overall quality of species on this planet by eliminating the weak species. That is true, but do not infer from this that natural selection can create a single new species!!!

This article will go into great detail about why Natural Selection has absolutely nothing to do with evolution:
Article: Does "Natural Selection" Have Anything To Do With The Theory of Evolution?

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