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How Scientific Discoveries Since 1953 Have Affected The Theory of Evolution Debate

When Darwin wrote both of his evolution books, in 1859 and 1871, no one had a clue was a cell was, much less that DNA existed inside of almost all cells. Thus, the evidence for the theory of evolution in Darwin's day was very credible!! It was credible until 1953.

With the discovery of DNA in 1953, and research since then, scientists now know that DNA is so sophisticated that it is far beyond human comprehension. Even today, scientists still only understand about 3% of human DNA. In addition, the cells that the DNA resides in are so sophisticated that every year many scientists get PhDs in Cell Biology.

Human DNA is so sophisticated that a single cell, with a single DNA strand inside the cell, namely the fertilized egg inside of a mother-to-be, has computer algorithms on the DNA which can create an entire baby (via 30 billion cell divisions) who is born with 30 billion cells and 60,000 miles of blood vessels, etc.

The blood vessels of this tiny human baby would wrap around the earth, at the equator, twice, with 10,000 miles of blood vessels left over!!

When the baby is born he or she will have a pumping heart, the 60,000 miles of blood vessels, an incredible brain which is attached to an incredible nervous system, two unbelievably sophisticated eyes that can see in 3-dimensions, a liver, a pancreas, over 200 bones, including the spine (which protects the spinal cord), etc. etc. etc.!!

And all of this was created by the computer algorithms on a single DNA strand inside the fertilized egg of the new mother!!

No human being can even begin to comprehend the sophistication of the human DNA in the fertilized egg!!! To claim that a human could understand the algorithms on human DNA would be like claiming a cockroach could understand the DNA of a cockroach!!

Human DNA, for a male and female, are literally the two most sophisticated computer programs on this planet by a very wide margin!!!

So why do any textbooks or any schools teach the theory of evolution? The reason is that the key issue in the evolution debate has nothing to do with science. The evolution debate is about God. Many atheists don't want people to believe in God. So they have designed many clever and deceptive deceptions to pretend there is "evidence" for the theory of evolution.

Let us talk about another scientific issue. Scientists have never proven that DNA can be created from scratch by a series of accidents. Most of the types of molecules that exist in DNA and cells cannot be found in a prebiotic pond ("prebiotic" means "before life"). So how could DNA, inside of a cell, have been formed by accident in a prebiotic pond?

Furthermore, it has never been shown that life can be created from non-life!!

To better understand these concepts, ask this question: "could an explosion in a forest create a brand new Buick automobile?" The answer is 'no' because the raw materials in a forest are dirt, trees, insects, water, etc. But a Buick is made of steel, paint, glass, rubber, plastic, etc.

You could not DESIGN AND MAKE a Buick from scratch in a forest, must less create one by an explosion in a forest!! The raw materials to make a Buick simply do not exist in a forest.

Likewise, you could not go to a sterile pond and DESIGN AND MAKE a cell, with DNA inside, from the raw materials in a sterile pond. So how could a series of accidents have created a cell with DNA (or RNA) in a sterile pond?

Now let us consider the DNA of the parents of a human baby. The father's DNA and mother's DNA must align with each other in such a way that the DNA of the child has features of both the father and mother!!

How could the DNA of the mother and father have aligned if their DNA had been created by accident, independently of each other?!! Plus the first father and first mother had to live within 50 years of each other and had to live in the same general location on this planet so they could mate!!

And who was the father and mother of the first human father and human mother? Evolution says they were apes. The Bible says that God created Adam and Eve. Which makes more common sense after the discovery of DNA?

No human can even remotely comprehend the algorithms that combine the DNA of the father and mother in such a way that their baby has features of both parents and then the baby's new DNA can create his or her entire body from the computer algorithms on their DNA which is inside the fertilized egg!!

And these same issues exist for hundreds of species which have both a male and female!!

How about "natural selection?" Isn't natural selection a proof of evolution?

Natural selection does not create anything, it can only eliminate animals AFTER they are already created. Natural selection is an elimination process, not a creation process. There is an article on this linked to below.

In summary, here are just a few reasons evolution (i.e. accidents) could never have created human beings:
1) Creating DNA from scratch (e.g. for the "first living cell") is impossible for many reasons,
2) Creating a cell from scratch, by accident, is impossible for many reasons (the inside of a cell is like a small city),
3) Creating life from non-life is impossible and has never been done (though it has been attempted),
4) Creating the mechanisms in the cell, which use the DNA as patterns to create proteins, is impossible to happen by accident. For example, how does this mechanism know WHERE on the DNA a specific protein code is located? Only 3% of DNA is coded for proteins,
5) Obtaining a viable permutation of nucleotides on DNA, that could create a human baby, is statistically impossible. It would be far more likely to pick a single atom which is hidden among many, many quadrillions of Universes. This is NOT an exaggeration!!

Speaking of our Universe, the atheists are DRIVEN to lie and deceive in order to get converts to atheism. So how do they explain how our Universe came to exist? They claim that a single point in space "exploded" and created our Universe which has billions of galaxies which are arranged in clusters and superclusters of galaxies. This is the "Big Bang" singularity nonsense.

If there was a "Big Bang" is was designed and exploded by God.

So the atheists naturally ask: "Where Did God Come From?" There is actually an article on this subject mentioned much later on this home page.

Scientists have not proven a single piece of evolution yet they claim they have "proven" evolution is true. What nonsense.

Let's talk more about the sophistication of DNA.

The "Morphing of the Embryo" Algorithms

I call the computer algorithms on the DNA in the fertilized egg, which controls the morphing of a single cell into a crying baby, the "morphing of the embryo" algorithms. These computer algorithms on the DNA of the fertilized egg "morph" the baby, via tens of billions of cell divisions, from a single fertilized egg into a crying baby.

In other words, the genes and morphing algorithms on the father's DNA and the genes and morphing algorithms on the mother's DNA mix together to create the genes and morphing algorithms on their baby's DNA.

The algorithms on the baby's DNA also need to make sure that the 60,000 miles of blood vessels are fully enclosed before blood starts to circulate or else the baby would bleed to death before it was born!!

Thus, the algorithms on the DNA in the fertilized egg must make sure the cells in the new baby are the correct types of cells (and there are 200 different types of cells), and each type of cell must be in the correct locations as the fetus morphs, and the cells must be created in the correct order. And this is just the "tip of the iceberg" of what DNA needs to do!!

You might wonder where the blood for the baby comes from. It comes from the blood of the mother. Your homework assignment tonight is to figure out how the blood gets from the mother to the baby as the 60 thousand miles of blood vessels are being formed.

The complex process by which blood gets from the mother to the baby could not have "evolved" because it had to work perfectly before the first baby was born on this planet or else no human baby would ever have been born alive on this planet.

If the theory of evolution could create thousands of different kinds of DNA by random series of accidents, then computer programmers would not be needed. Computer programs could be written exclusively by random number generators (to simulate the accidents of evolution).

But the reality is that if random number generators "wrote" computer programs, for every success (and there would never be a success) there would be many trillions of worthless computer programs because randomness never creates intelligence!!

But human DNA, for a male and female, are the most sophisticated computer programs on earth. So where are the quadrillions of quadrillions of failures in nature as nature attempted to create human DNA and the DNA for thousands of other species via evolution (i.e. pure accidents)?

If evolution were true, the entire Universe would be full of dead, mutated animals in the attempt to create human DNA from lower species and in the attempt to create the DNA for many other species. But there no failures to be found because God designed and created the DNA for all species!!

In fact, there is zero scientific evidence that these failures have ever existed!!

These are just a few of the many reasons why hundreds of scientists consider the theory of evolution to be complete nonsense!!

To get converts to atheism, the atheists have no choice except to use massive deceptions in order to deceive people into believing the theory of evolution!! The discovery of the sophistication of DNA and the complexity of cells has destroyed the theory of evolution!! But the atheists refuse to admit they are wrong.

The atheists know they have zero evidence for the theory of evolution, so what they have done is develop a set of very clever and deceptive definitions, and other deceptive tactics, in order to generate completely imaginary "evidence" for the theory of evolution. There is an article on the subject of deceptive definitions linked to below.

The theory of evolution may be a great recruiting tool for atheists, but from a scientific perspective it is nothing but a modern version of mythology.

Now let's look at the individual articles and YouTube videos relevant to this discussion.

Article: When There are Sixteen Cells (Amazing Article)

It is not just the computer programs on the DNA that control the "morphing of the embryo" that are incomprehensible, it is the way that the morphing algorithms work!! There is no computer program on this planet that could be designed to work the way the "morphing of the embryo" algorithms work.

This article traces the "morphing of the embryo" until there are 16 cells in the fetus. In this article you will learn why no team of computer programmers on earth could even begin to replicate the way that DNA works!!!
Article: When There Are 16 Cells During the Morphing of the Embryo!!

With these things in mind, let us look at a YouTube video of the morphing of the embryo!!!

YouTube Video: "From Conception To Birth"

This incredible 9 1/2 minute video graphically shows the "morphing of the embryo" of a human baby, which is controlled by DNA:
YouTube Video: "From Conception to Birth" (i.e. the "Morphing of the Embryo")

The video mentions that at 4 weeks, 1 million cells a second are being made and at birth a newborn baby has 60,000 miles of blood vessels. This process must be incomprehensible in complexity because if these blood vessels were not fully enclosed, as already mentioned, before blood started to circulate in the fetus, the fetus would bleed to death!!

How could evolution have ever accidentally created that level of sophistication?? If a new species was not able to enclose the blood vessels before the blood started to circulate, every baby of that species would die and the species would immediately die off.

Creating a new species is not a "trial and error" process.

Can Evolution Create A New Species From An Old Species??

Atheists and evolutionists claim that the DNA of one species, which has both a male and female (e.g. a bonobo), were randomly mutated (male and female) to create DNA for a human male and a human female. Such a claim is absurd in the extreme!! Yet it is at the core of the theory of evolution after the discovery of DNA!!

Among computer programmers the "source code" is the computer program written in a language the computer programmer understands (e.g. COBOL or Basic). A special computer program (called a "compiler") then converts the "source code" into something the computer can understand, which is called "object code." The "object code" is in base 2, meaning it consists of nothing but '0's and '1's.

DNA is the object code in base 4 (A, C, G, T) of a computer program, even for a bonobo. So how could the DNA (i.e. object code in base 4 of a computer program) for a male bonobo and the DNA for a female bonobo be randomly mutated into far more sophisticated computer programs for a human male DNA and female DNA??

And how could this happen in the same location on earth and in the same timeframe so the new male and female humans could mate?

To understand what I am talking about, suppose you wrote a complex computer program that had many sophisticated features and a powerful menu system. Now suppose your boss asked you to add 10 new features to the program, complete with an updated menu system so users could access the new features.

Would you use a random number generator to try and change the old binary code into the new binary code?? Of course not!! Yet that is exactly the way that evolution is claimed to work except that the DNA code that creates animals from a single, fertilized egg, is in base 4 and is incomprehensible in complexity. Plus there is no "source code" for DNA.

Yet evolutionists claim that you can take an incomprehensible computer program, in base 4 object code (e.g. bonobo DNA), and randomly mutate it using the random accidents of evolution, and come up with a new and improved species the first time and every time!!

Article: Can "Natural Selection" Save The Theory of Evolution?

Evolutionists claim that "natural selection" will save the theory of evolution!! Natural selection is considered the "engine that drives evolution." It is the hero of Darwinism.

However, natural selection has nothing to do with creating anything. No new species of plant or animal was ever CREATED by natural selection!!

In fact the term "select" means to kill, not create!! Natural selection can only DESTROY animals after they have already been created.

This article will go into great detail about why "natural selection" has absolutely nothing to do with evolution:
Article: Can "Natural Selection" Save The Theory of Evolution?

Article: The Complexity of Cells

There is human DNA inside of every cell (except some red blood cells), but human DNA is not the only highly sophisticated object inside the cells. There are many other complex objects, some of which were created by the genes on the DNA. Cells are unbelievably complex!!

I own a book on Cell Biology called Essential Cell Biology, Third Edition, by Alberts, Bray, Hopkin, Johnson, Lewis, Raff, Roberts and Walter. It is a large book with 731 pages!! A section header on page 410 reads: Transmitter-gated Channels in Target Cells Convert Chemical Signals Into Electrical Signals." This is not something you read in the comic section of the newspaper.

Cells could not have been created by a series of accidents!!

For more information about the complexity of cells, see this article:
Article: The Complexity of Cells

Article: Could a Simple Cell Exist?

Evolutionists understand the problems with creating a human cell from scratch, so they claim that the "first living cell" was a simple cell and that numerous increasingly complex types of cells "evolved" between the "first living cell" and human cells.

First of all, there are no "simple cells." Even the simplest cell on this earth has DNA (except for some red blood cells, however, there is no way these red blood cells can divide!!) and inside each cell is also an incredible, miniature factory.

For more information about whether a simple cell could exist, see this article:
Article: Could A Simple Cell Exist?

Article: Why the Confusion About Evolution? (i.e. Deceptive Definitions)

In order to get converts to atheism, and because the atheists and evolutionists have zero evidence for true evolution, they have come up with some clever tactics which depend on deceptive definitions. In fact, the MAIN EVIDENCE for the theory of evolution is obtained by using deceptive definitions. This is necessary because there is no scientific evidence for evolution in nature!!

By using clever and deceptive definitions they can pretend to have "evidence" for evolution. It takes a complete article to unravel these clever and highly deceptive definitions:
Article: Why The Confusion About Evolution?

The "Hidden Agenda" of Evolutionists

So why do evolutionists, even after the discovery of DNA, claim that a series of accidents (i.e. evolution) created the DNA of the father and mother??

The reason is that many of the leading evolutionists have a hidden agenda.

Author and attorney Phillip E. Johnson explains the hidden agenda of the evolutionists:

  • "Science [i.e. the scientific establishment] is committed to philosophical naturalism [i.e. atheism] and therefore science must assume that no Creator, and no purposeful intelligence, is behind our existence ... All that science can address is the question of: 'granted that we are here as a result of purposeless material mechanisms, what's the most plausible purposeless material mechanism that we can imagine?'"
    Phillip E. Johnson, professor, author, attorney; quoted on UCTV

Read that quote two or three times, it is an amazing statement.

In other words, many in the scientific establishment are atheists, thus they do not believe that God exists, so they set as their goal to get converts to atheism. To do this they find: the "most plausible" scientific theory they can invent to get converts to atheism!"

Of course, the "most plausible" scientific theory they can invent is the "theory of evolution."

With the goal in mind to get converts to atheism, the leading atheists use their talents of "spin" and deception to try to get converts to atheism.

So why are these evolutionists so bent on defending a scientifically absurd theory?? Because they are far too proud to admit that a God could exist who is smarter than they are. The modern theory of evolution exists because of pride, not science. The atheists want people to worship them, not God.

But the theory of evolution is simply not scientifically viable.

Article: What Did Darwin Know?

Charles Darwin knew nothing about cells and he knew nothing about the DNA inside of those cells. In fact, based on what scientists knew in Darwin's day, the data that Darwin had access to fully supported his theory of evolution!! It was not until 1953, with the discovery of DNA, that Darwin's theories could be disproven!!

This article is actually in defense of Darwin based on what scientists knew in his day!!
Article: What Did Darwin Know?

Article: From the "First Child" to Superclusters

Let us ask a simple question: who was the mother of the first child born on this planet? For the sake of argument, let us call her Susan. Who was the mother of Susan?

In other words, if Susan was the mother of the first child born on this planet then Susan could not have been born on this planet.

The article deals with this paradox and several other issues:
Article: From the First Child To Superclusters

What is Life?

Let us look at the issue: "what is life?" For example, if you took a fish and left it out of the water until it died, and then put it back into the water, why doesn't it come back to life? All of the raw elements for life are still in the fish, so why doesn't it come back to life? There is something more to "life" than just cells and oxygen and water.

Furthermore, have the evolutionists and atheists ever proven that life can be created from non-life (i.e. inorganic materials)?? Never, never, never - yet they continue to preach atheism.

While several attempts have been made to create life from non-life (e.g. Miller-Uray, Wong and Hartgerink), the scientists have not only failed to create life, they have also failed to prove it can be done. They cannot create a DNA strand from inorganic material, much less a DNA strand with a viable permutation of nucleotides for life which is inside of a cell!!

For example, have scientists put a large shell over a pond, which had no life, meaning there was no DNA and no cells (this simulates "prebiotic," meaning "existing before life"), and observed "life" form by a series of accidents, including RNA or DNA inside of a "first living cell" (in that pond), that was alive and had the ability to divide itself into two cells (which would be required for life to continue)?


Then what is their evidence for evolution? Their only evidence is that many scientists do not believe in God and thus they have no choice except to use their God-given brains to deceive people into believing that everything in the Universe, including human DNA, occurred by chance.

But the theory of evolution should have been thrown in the trash can when DNA was discovered and when the complexity of cells was also discovered. Yet, as scientists learn more and more about DNA and cells, the atheists continue to cling to the theory of evolution as if it were still 1859, when Darwin's first book was published.

The only thing that is "evolving" on this planet is the theory of evolution as evolutionists/atheists constantly need to develop new spin to account for the new discoveries about the sophistication of cells, the morphing of the embryo algorithms on DNA, etc.

Article: Comparing DNA to Computer Programs

Ponder this carefully: every one of the millions of complex, or even moderately complex, computer programs on this planet were written by human beings. NONE OF THEM were written by random number generators to simulate the way that evolution must work!!! Every computer program has been written by intelligent human beings who studied computer languages and programming!!

This article logically looks at why DNA could not have come to exist by chance:
Article: Comparing DNA to Computer Programs

Article: If Evolution Was True Why Do We Need Computer Programmers??

The DNA for many thousands of different species are vastly superior to any computer program written by any team of computer programmers!!

So if randomness (i.e. evolution) created all of the most sophisticated computer programs on earth (i.e. DNA) then randomness should also be able to design the far, far less sophisticated computer programs used by businesses, the military, individuals, etc.

This article provides another viewpoint to the evolution debate:
Article: Why Do We Need Computer Programmers?

Can Accidents Or Simplicity Create Complexity?

As one example of complexity, the human eyes are unbelievable in complexity. Yet the sections on human DNA which create the human eyes must be far more complex than the eyes themselves!! And the intelligence who designed the DNA (God) must be far more complex than the DNA itself!!

In other words, simplicity never creates complexity. To understand these concepts, consider these items:

First, consider that a human-designed computer program exists because of the human intelligence to write the computer program, the human intelligence to write the computer language, the human intelligence to write the computer language compiler, the human intelligence to design and build the microprocessor, including designing and building the memory chips, etc.

Second, consider the output of the computer program which is printed on a piece of paper.

How can the printout on the piece of paper be more sophisticated than the human intelligence needed to write the computer program, to write the computer language, etc.?? It can't!!

Let's think about the memory chips. I have a son who works for a company that makes memory chips. At times he is sitting in a very large room by himself, with several billion dollars worth of equipment needed to make memory chips!!

The memory chips cannot be more complex than the machines that made them, and the machines that made them cannot be more complex than the humans who designed them!!

Simplicity cannot create complexity!!

Consider the sophistication of DNA such that it creates a person's brain. Let us think about a pianist.

A pianist must be able to convert thousands on dots on a sheet of music into the movements of their fingers!! To do this the DNA must create the nerves between their eyes and their brain, have the brain process these dots and then the brain controls their fingers. And the DNA must create the muscles on their fingers, etc.

If all of this is in place, and with thousands of hours of practice, a pianist can play the Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto #3!!

What created our DNA, which in turn created our brain, had to be far, far smarter than our DNA and our brain!!!

That would be God.

Accidents (i.e. evolution) have zero intelligence so how could it create something with intelligence? It can't!! Intelligence is a top-down process and someone a lot smarter than humans had to design the DNA of every one of the thousand-plus species on this planet.


What is the difference between "creating" a brand new Buick versus "destroying" a brand new Buick by driving it over a cliff??

The difference is that the new Buick being driven off the cliff must have been created before it was driven over a cliff.

How does driving a Buick over a cliff help explain how the Buick got created in the first place?? It doesn't.

So how does finding the remains of an extinct animal (i.e. its fossil) tell us how it was created?? It doesn't. All it tells us is that this animal used to be alive, but now it is dead.

An animal must be alive before it is dead. A fossil does not tell us how an animal was created, it only tells us that the animal is dead.

But even extinct animals had to have DNA and their DNA had to create them either from an egg (e.g. a chicken egg) or a fertilized egg (e.g. humans or monkeys).

Every animal on this planet, including humans, came from a single DNA strand which was inside of an egg. Whether they came from an egg (i.e. a chicken egg) or a single fertilized egg in a mother, the animal (including humans) came from a single object and then morphed over time into what it was when it was born.

So the evolution debate is not about where bones came from, it is about where DNA came from. How did so many thousands of "morphing of the embryo" algorithms come to exist for thousands of complex species?

The evolution debate is therefore about statistics. There are so many past and present highly sophisticated DNA strands for both extinct and living animals that the theory of evolution has become ludicrous.

But it is not just about the creation of DNA, it is also about viable permutations of nucleotides on DNA.

It is far beyond the scope of this home page to talk about many subjects. But trust me: the probability of a viable permutation of nucleotides, to create both a male and female for a single advanced species (the permutation of nucleotides on the DNA would have to be almost perfect in order to perform the morphing of the embryo for both a male and female offspring), etc. is so ludicrous it could not happen a single time in the estimated age of this Universe or a billion consecutive Universes.

In summary, with:
1) The discovery of DNA in 1953,
2) The ongoing discoveries about the sophistication of DNA,
3) The incomprehensible sophistication of the morphing of the embryo algorithms on DNA,
4) The sophistication of the human body (which is made by using the DNA algorithms),
5) The sophistication of what is going on inside of cells (there is DNA inside of almost all cells, but cells have much more than just DNA inside of them),
6) The rarity of viable permutations of nucleotides (advanced topic),
7) etc.
the theory of evolution has been totally obliterated.

But of course the atheists, like Richard Dawkins, do everything in their power to keep the theory of evolution alive.

By the way, several world-famous atheists/evolutionists have converted over to creation science, meaning they now believe in a God who created all things. More about them in a moment.

The Evolution Debate

While there are more than 250 books which are favorable to the theory of evolution there are also more than 250 books which are strongly critical of the theory of evolution!!

Those who are critical of the theory of evolution are called "creation scientists" or "creationists" because they believe the scientific data favors a "Creator" of the Universe.

For example, where did the massive amount of energy needed for the Big Bang come from, assuming it ever happened? And why was this energy clustered in one location? And what was it that "exploded" and where did that object come from? The accidental "Big Bang" theory is nonsense and is in total violation of the First Law of Thermodynamics which states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

Only in the fantasyland of the theory of evolution could a single object (or no object at all) accidentally explode to create millions and millions of galaxies and then billions of years later accidentally create the earth and human DNA, the most sophisticated object on earth.

But God does not need to use deceptions and lies to get followers. Just look at the night sky!! The stars and galaxies and galaxy clusters and superclusters were not created by accident (i.e. the Big Bang), as atheists want you to believe, they were created by God.

Yet every time there is a new discovery about the sophistication of DNA, human cells, anatomy, astronomy, etc. the evolutionists, most of whom are atheists, come up with some new spin so they can claim that what was discovered came to exist by accident so they can assign the discovery to the theory of evolution!!

In fact, it doesn't matter how absurd the theory of evolution is because the theory of evolution is such a good recruiting tool for atheism. Because arrogant atheists dominate the scientific establishment, the theory of evolution is not going away any time soon!!

In fact, if you want to get published in a leading biology journal you better be an atheist and your article better support the theory of evolution. If it does not praise evolution your article will end up in the trash can, not in a "science" journal.

Genes and Evolution

Here is another problem evolutionists have in defending the theory of evolution. There are about 20,000 genes on human DNA. Each must be "expressed" (i.e. turned on) or "not expressed" (i.e. turned off). The information to turn a gene on or off, for each cell, must come from within that cell.

But every cell has the same DNA!! So why do different cells have different combinations of genes turned on or off??

Multiply 20,000 genes (which are expressed differently in different types of cells), by 30 billion cells in a newborn baby and the resulting number is far larger than the 3.2 billion nucleotides on DNA. The number is 600 trillion genes!!

This means that for each nucleotide on the DNA strand (and every cell has the same DNA strand), there are 187,500 genes (600 trillion genes divided by 3.2 billion nucleotides) which need to be expressed or not expressed!!

In other words, 600 trillion genes, in the cells of the newborn baby, need to know whether to be activated/expressed or not. But there are only 3.2 billion nucleotides on the DNA in each cell to tell them whether to be expressed or not expressed and each cell has exactly the same DNA!!

How does the DNA in each cell know which genes to activate for that cell as the baby is growing and the cells are dividing??

Remember, a human being starts out as one cell (the fertilized egg) which has a single DNA strand with 3.2 billion nucleotides on it and then this cell starts dividing. Every cell in a human being has exactly the same DNA.

No new information can be added during the morphing of the embryo process because nothing from outside the new baby is integrated into the baby other than milk and food.

So how can each nucleotide on DNA, which has one of four states (A, C, G or T) control the expression of 187,500 genes?? It can't!! And remember, the DNA also needs the information to control the morphing of the embryo!!

There is simply not enough information on DNA to control all of the activities that are going on as the baby is being created!!

And even if there was enough information via compression algorithms, the algorithms on DNA would have to be so sophisticated and incomprehensible that they could not have come to exist by a series of accidents!!

Why don't most biology textbooks talk about these and many other problems with the theory of evolution? Because they want to pretend the theory of evolution is true!!

Evolution After The "First Living Cell"

Evolutionists claim that the DNA of the first human male and the DNA of the first human female "evolved" independently over millions of years, from the same "first living cell," by a series of accidents called "evolution"!!!

How did the DNA of the first human father and the DNA of the first human mother "evolve" together from the "first living cell?" How was their DNA synchronized, species after slightly improved species, as the DNA of the males and females evolved independently for millions of years?? We just looked at only one example above.

As another example, suppose the male DNA evolved slightly faster than the female DNA evolved. Within thousands of years their DNA would not align and they would not have been able to have any children that survived because their DNA was not compatible!!

Male DNA and female DNA had to be designed by the same person at the same time - God. Evolution could never have designed two massively sophisticated computer programs (DNA) that could be integrated together to create a third computer program (a baby).

Yet the atheists claim that evolution created male and female DNA for many species that have both a male and female. They must claim the male and female DNA "evolved" over the same time period (so they could mate as they slowly evolved over many generations) and they had to live in the same geographical area (also required so they could mate).

But the truth is that it does not matter what is discovered in cell biology, DNA analysis, etc. because no matter what is discovered, the theory of evolution will be given credit for it by the atheists!!

The evolution debate is not about science, it is about God. If you assume God does not exist, or if you believe God does not exist, you will likely believe in the theory of evolution no matter how absurd it is.

The theory of evolution is the story-telling of the atheists to get converts and stroke their pride.

Many people who believe in God have been tricked into believing in evolution. In fact, that is the precise purpose of the theory of evolution and why it is taught in most schools, but not all schools. In some schools, "creation science" or "intelligent design" is taught and in other schools there are disclaimers about evolution.

Biology is no longer about science, it is about creative thinking as to how every discovery can be attributed to the theory of evolution in order to get more converts to atheism.

But as the two free eBooks and articles on this website demonstrate, the theory of evolution is nothing but the clever deceptions of the atheists.

Article: The War In Heaven Comes to Earth

Before Adam and Eve were put on this earth there was a war in heaven between the forces of Christ and the forces of Lucifer, who would later become "the devil."

This article goes into detail about the war in heaven that determined who would be born on this planet and who would not!!
Article: The War In Heaven

Article: Where Did God Come From?

So if many Christian churches, including the Mormon/LDS church, claim that God created all species, it is perfectly fair to ask: Where did God come from?

While no one knows the full answer to this question, this article will dig into the subject based on what we have been told by the prophets, both ancient and modern.
Article: Where Did God Come From?

Article: The First Book To Describe the Theory of Evolution Was NOT Written By Darwin

What was the first book on the planet earth to describe the theory of evolution, including the doctrine of natural selection, the claim that Adam and Eve never existed, the claim there is no God and no Christ, etc.

If you said the first book to describe evolution was Darwin's Origin of Species, published in 1859, you would be wrong.

This short article will explain in detail that The Book of Mormon, which was published in 1830 (29 years before Darwin's first book), explained the theory of evolution in detail:
Article: The First Book To Describe Evolution

Article: Prophetic Book of Mormon Warnings

This short article goes into more detail about prophets and evolution than what I just mentioned. However, if you plan on reading the Patterns of Intelligence book mentioned below, which is over 260 pages long, it is not necessary to read this article.
Article: Prophetic Book of Mormon Warnings (pdf file)

Spreadsheet: Alma 30: Doctrines of Korihor and Evolution

As a support to the above article, this spreadsheet shows the vast differences between what Korihor taught (i.e. what evolution teaches) and LDS doctrine. This spreadsheet goes verse by verse in Alma chapter 30 and explains the similarities between the teachings of Korihor and the doctrines of the theory of evolution. It also shows how each is the opposite of LDS doctrine:
Spreadsheet: Doctrines of Korihor and Evolution (Excel 2003 file)

Chapter Summary Medium-size eBook (37 pages, pdf file): Patterns of Intelligence - Chapter Summary

If you want a quick, high level overview of the Patterns of Intelligence book, this article has a short summary of each chapter in the 266 page medium-size this book:
Summary: Patterns of Intelligence - Chapter Summary Only

Technical Medium-size eBook (266 pages, pdf file): Patterns of Intelligence

While the large book on this website is the "B-2 Bomber" of anti-evolution books, this book is the "F-22 Raptor" of anti-evolution books. This free book is actually much more current on the issues of the great scientific deceptions which are going on and the mathematical reasons evolution cannot be true. However, it does not go into the depth of the long book on the mathematical reasons evolution cannot be true.

Did you know that if you listed all major LDS doctrines and then took the opposite of each of these doctrines you would end up with the theory of evolution doctrines!! This book will produce such a detailed list in Chapter 2.

In this book you will see one of the main arguments of the large book, called "Patterns of Intelligence." This eBook has some really cool graphs.

But there are many things in the medium size book which are not in the large book. For example, chapters 22 and 23 of this book contain an amazing discussion which demonstrates that there is no where near enough information on DNA to control the "morphing of the embryo" algorithms!! Either God Himself designed DNA (and we cannot even remotely understand it) or the morphing of the embryo has help from the other side of the veil. There is no other option!!

Here is a link to the medium-sized book in one file. As always, you are welcome to read it online, download it, or print it out:
Free eBook: Patterns of Intelligence (pdf file)

Here is a link to the individual chapters in the medium-sized book. Each chapter is a file so it is easy to focus on one chapter at a time:
Free eBook: Patterns of Intelligence (pdf file for each chapter)

Technical Long eBook (407 pages, pdf file): Prophets or Evolution - An LDS Perspective

This book is the "B-2 Bomber" of anti-evolution books. It demolishes the theory of evolution time after time and takes no enemies. The discovery of DNA has created an avalanche of ways to prove the theory of evolution is scientific nonsense.

This free eBook is available in both HTML and PDF formats and both versions can be looked at online or can be downloaded. For example, you can download the PDF version and print it out so you can mark it up. As always, you don't even need to tell me you downloaded it!!

The long eBook is called "Prophets or Evolution - An LDS Perspective," which:
1) Compares the doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (i.e. LDS church) to the theory of evolution (chapters 1-12),
2) Details many of the massive scientific problems with the theory of evolution (chapters 13-36).

The book in HTML format (by chapter):
Free eBook: Prophets or Evolution - An LDS Perspective (html version)

A printable version of the entire book (407 pages) is available in pdf format and can be read or downloaded from this link. It can also be printed out:
Free eBook: Prophets Or Evolution - An LDS Perspective (pdf file)

A Chapter of the Long Book: "Seven Scientific Reasons ... Evolution Cannot be True"

The complete "Prophets or Evolution" book is over 400 pages. This is a link to one of the key chapters in the main eBook. This chapter is a high level overview of seven of the main scientific reasons the theory of evolution cannot be true. It also mentions seven other reasons evolution cannot be true. Here is a link to this chapter:
Chapter: Seven Scientific Reasons the Theory of Evolution Cannot be True

Statement And Article: The 1909 Official Statement of the First Presidency of the LDS Church

The 1909 statement of the First Presidency on the theory of evolution remains the official document of the church on the theory of evolution. This statement in 1909 was reprinted in the 2002 Ensign. It remains not only the official doctrine of the church, but the best description of the origin of man outside of the scriptures!! It is highly, highly recommended to the reader to study this document very carefully!!! It is unlike anything else you can read on the subject of evolution!!

Here is a link to this magnificent article:
Statement: "The Origin of Man" (Official 1909 First Presidency Statement)

Here is a 14 page article with my comments about the 1909 and 1910 statements of the First Presidency. My comments focus of the relationship between the statements of the First Presidency and what scientists knew between 1909 and 1953:
Article: Understanding the Context of the 1909 and 1910 Statements of the First Presidency

Talk: The Nature of God!! (Talk by Elder Jeffrey L. Holland)

What kind of being is God?? To those who fear they may have sinned beyond the range of the atonement, there is a magnificent message in this general conference talk about the true nature of God!!
Talk: He Hath Filled the Hungry with Good Things

Booklet: True To the Faith (First Presidency)

In addition to the 1909 article, an official booklet issued by the First Presidency in 2004: True to the Faith - A Gospel Reference, while not specifically about evolution, describes church doctrines which are the very antithesis of the doctrines of the theory of evolution (e.g. See topics: Atonement of Jesus Christ; Creation; Fall; God the Father; etc.). This booklet is available on www.lds.org:
Booklet: True to the Faith (Official 2004 First Presidency Booklet)

Talk: The Prophetic Future of the LDS Church (Talk by President Spencer W. Kimball)

Do you want to know the future of the LDS church? A general conference talk by President Spencer W. Kimball provides a clear vision of what the future of the LDS church will be.
Talk: The Prophetic Future of the LDS Church

Talk: The False Gods We Worship (Talk by President Spencer W. Kimball)

This classic article by President Spencer W. Kimball explains about the false gods some members of the church (and to some degree all of us) worship. Its lesson applies directly to the youth of the church!!
Talk: The False Gods We Worship

Talk: Beware of the Evil Behind the Smiling Eyes (Talk by Elder Neil L. Anderson)

Many attempts to lead the youth of the church astray are made by those who appear to be harmless or even friendly. This talk by Elder Neil L. Anderson, of the Quorum of the Twelve, is a warning to the youth of the church about those with "smiling eyes" who are not who they claim to be.
Talk: Beware of the Evil Behind the Smiling Eyes

Quotes: The Power of God and the Future of the Church

These two articles contains quotes from the scriptures and from the living prophets and apostles about the power of God, the future of the LDS church and the final triumph of good over evil.
Quotes: The Power of God and the Future of the Church - Scriptures
Quotes: The Power of God and the Future of the Church - Prophets

Quotes: The Role and Importance of the LDS Church President

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is led by a "living prophet." This article is designed to clarify the role and importance of the President of the LDS church. It is mostly quotes of several prominent church leaders about the role and importance of the LDS church President.
Quotes: The Role and Importance of the LDS Church President

Quotes About Church Membership

These are quotes about membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The quotes come from the prophets and apostles.
Quotes About Church Membership

Website: Quotes of LDS Prophets and Apostles

This website has quotes from all of the Presidents of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and many of the Apostles of the church. There are many very powerful quotes on this website.
Website: Quotes of LDS Prophets and Apostles

Video: Creation and Evolution - A Witness of Prophets

This is an outstanding video dealing with the theory of evolution, and especially the quotes of living prophets regarding the theory of evolution.

The official position of the LDS church on the theory of evolution is made very clear in this video!! Many quotes of presidents of the church and modern apostles are presented.

This video is highly recommended for anyone who wonders how the church leaders feel about Darwin and his theory of evolution.

To Obtain a Copy, Visit:
Video: Creation and Evolution

Other Anti-Evolution Books

If you listen to the propaganda of the pro-evolution monopoly you might think that anyone who believes in creation science is a dolt. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are many "creation scientists" (i.e. those who believe God created this Universe) who are brilliant and have no problems seeing through the false science generated by the scientific establishment.

In fact, many anti-evolution books have been written by brilliant scientists. This listing of anti-evolution books and DVDs contains only a small sampling of the anti-evolution books which exist in print. In fact, there are more than 200 anti-evolution books.

Many of the books were written by PhDs in the sciences. The arguments in these books totally shred the theory of evolution from a scientific standpoint.

Some of these books may be out of print and you may have to use a book finder, such as Alibris, to find them.

Here is a link to this appendix:
Appendix: Books and Movies Against the Theory of Evolution

Other LDS Websites on Evolution

This is a web page that links to other websites which discuss LDS doctrine versus the theory of evolution:
Links to Other Websites

Here is an old version of the "Patterns of Intelligence" book:
Patterns of Intelligence (Old HTML Version)

To Learn More About the LDS Church

To learn more about the LDS church, here is their official website to introduce people to the LDS church:
To Learn About the LDS Church
The Official Church Website

Here is a website that has many quotes by many of the apostles and prophets of the LDS church, on a variety of topics:
Living Prophet Website

Church Policy

Even though the LDS Church officially rejects the theory of evolution (see the 1909 Statement, linked to above, and the Book of Mormon, Alma chapter 30, among many other documents), no book or article which is involved in scientific debates or which discusses the scientific issues of the theory of evolution, even if it strongly supports official church doctrine, is endorsed by the LDS church unless it is part of an official church publication.

The gospel deals with eternal and unchanging truths but all of the fields of science constantly change as new discoveries are made. Thus, the church does not establish any scientific claim as being absolute.

As a result, the books and articles written by R. Webster Kehr represent the opinions of the author and are too scientific to be published or endorsed by the LDS church.

About The Author, R. Webster Kehr

I am an LDS "creation scientist" (i.e. anti-evolutionist) with a B.S. in mathematics (1972) and accounting (1974) from BYU.

I make my living as a cancer researcher (of natural medicine) and work with thousands of cancer patients every year. I wrote over 300 articles about cancer on the http://www.cancertutor.com website. It turns out that natural cancer treatments are far, far more effective than orthodox cancer treatments. The www.cancertutor.com website is a great resource for all cancer patients.

My wife Marit is from Norway. We met in Provo, Utah a month before I left on my mission to California. She is a genealogist and we have seven children and 19 grandchildren - scattered from Idaho to Georgia.

We live in the Topeka, Kansas Stake and I work one evening a week in the Kansas City Temple of the LDS church.

Whether you have a question or a comment, please feel free to email me. I love to communicate with students about the theory of evolution.

(My email address is camouflaged to avoid web crawlers)


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