Treating AIDS

Some years ago two medical doctor researchers, Kaali and Lyman, developed a cure for AIDS!!! They got their article published in a medical journal, but when someone in orthodox medicine realized that the medical journal article had a cure for AIDS in it - orthodox medicine went balistic!!! Orthodox medicine doesn't want to cure any highly profitable disease!!!!! Orthodox medicine literally had every copy of that journal destroyed!!!

However, sometime after that these two researchers did publish their article in a lesser known journal.

Three natural medicine researchers (myself included) knew that a treatment for AIDS was developed by Bob Beck using the information from the Kaali/Lyman article!!! So we knew that Kaali and Lyman had gotten their article published, but in a different journal!!!

All of us independently found the article!!!

Here is a copy of the Kaali/Lyman article on this website (in the bottom right corner of this page click the + button several times to zoom in on the page):
Biocompatible Electric Current Attenuates HIV Infectivity

Here is the website of Sota Instruments - They Make The Sota/Bob Beck Equipment:
Sota Instruments

Also see this article on its own website!!!
Bob Beck Protocol Website


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