What It Took For God To Create Adam And Eve (The First Humans)

Creating a human race is not as simple as it sounds.

The first thing that had to happen to create Adam and Eve (the first humans) would be for Adam and Eve to live on a planet so they could have air to breathe.

But even before they were created on this planet, there must have been a "Sun" (i.e. star) to provide heat for the planet. So we can conclude that before Adam and Eve could exist there needed to be a sun and a solar system (i.e. one or more planets orbiting a Sun). Ths Sun would be needed to provide heat and light for Adam and Eve on one of the planets.

Next, our planet had to be the right distance from the Sun. Too close and we (Adam and Eve and their descendants) would die from the heat and too far away and we would freeze to death.

Our planet would need the right kind of atmosphere (e.g. the correct percent of oxygen) and be a certain distance from the sun. For example, the planet Venus could not support Adam and Eve because Venus is way, way too hot because it is covered in a gas cloud which traps heat from the Sun causing incredibly high temperatures on its surface.

Adam and Eve had to be created as teenagers so they could take care of themselves (e.g. to gather food to eat) and eventually have offspring so the human race could begin to grow in size. So their cells (including DNA) and liquids (e.g. blood, etc.) had to be created.

I should note that humans have 326 different kinds of cells and that would have applied to Adam and Eve. All of the scientists on this planet combined could not create from scratch a single one of the 326 kinds of human cells.

Any plants or other animals species (such as rabbits) would also have needed cells and systems to deal with blood and other liquids.

There had to be plants for Adam and Eve to eat. Plants not only provide some oxygen but also food. They could also have eaten small animals if they were created at least as teenagers, so small animals would help in feeding Adam and Eve. My point is that God did not pick a barren planet to put Adam and Eve on. There had to be plants (e.g. also for oxygen) long before Adam and Eve could have been "born"!!!

Normally a human baby starts out as a single fertilized ovum, but as I implied this could not be the case for Adam and Eve because every human baby requires parents and especially a mother to provide milk. That is why they had to be born at least as teenagers.

But there are some animals that should not be on their planet at the same time as Adam and Eve. For example, many, many pre-historic animals, such as Tyrannosaurus Rex would consider Adam and Eve to be lunch!!

Since Adam and Eve would have been created about 4,000 A.D. the dinosaurs, etc. would already have been extinct.



Adam and Eve would not need to have any other planets in this solar system, but the planets that do exist do not bother us and would not have bothered them. The planet that Adam and Eve were created on not only needed a Sun to provide heat but our planet would need to have a consistant orbit around the Sun and a consistant atmosphere with the right mixture of gasses. For example, if there were too high of a percent of oxygen, the first lightning strike would blow up the planet.

Our planet Earth could not just wander around in the galaxy. If it did, our planet would be called a rogue planet. Humans could not survive on a rogue planet because most of the time the temperature would be far, far too cold for humans to survive.

Here is what Microsoft Bing says about rogue planets:

  • A rogue planet (also termed an interstellar, nomad, free-floating, unbound, orphan, wandering, starless, or sunless planet) is a planetary-mass object that does not orbit a star directly. Such objects have been ejected from the planetary system in which they formed or have never been gravitationally bound to any star or brown dwarf. The Milky Way alone may have billions to trillions of rogue planets, a range which the upcoming Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope will likely be able to narrow down.

That telescope will be a "Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST). Infrared means it is looking for differences in heat. See this website:
NASA: Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope

We humans would not last very long on a rogue planet because it would be far, far too cold.

So let us assume that we lived on a planet that was part of a solar system. Solar systems can only exist in a galaxy where there are many stars (i.e. Suns).

Let me say one thing about galaxies. All galaxies have a black hole at their center. Without a black hole the galaxy would simply fly apart and solar systems could not exist. The black hole is pulling planets towards it, but the centrifical force of our planet keeps our planet from flying into the black hole.

The black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy (which we live in) is called Sagittarius A* (pronounced “Sagittarius A-star”). It is rated as a supermassive black holes and and you want to say away from black holes. Fortunately it is a long ways away because it is at the center of our galaxy!!!

You also want to stay away from Quasars and Pulsars and a lot of other weird things in outer space. Here is my article which is a small dictionary of astronomy:
Article: Dictionary Of Astronomy And Cosmology (I Have Links To Two Other Astronomy Dictionaries At The Bottom Of This Article)


Let's Look At A Longer List Of Things That Would Be Required For Adam And Eve To Exist

It would be nice that if the planet were to have gigantic animas, such as Tyrannosaurus Rex, that these animals would be extinct before Adam and Eve were put on this planet.

1) If our planet was not orbiting around a Sun our planet would be categorized as a "rogue planet" and our planet would be far, far too cold for humans to survive because we would not have a consistant source of heat at the right temperature.

2) In this solar system an earth must exist the right distance from our Sun so that humans would have a stable temperature that we could live in.

3) The earth must rotate at the right speed or the part of earth facing the sun would get too hot and/or the other part of the earth would get too cold.

4) The earth must have an atmosphere with a viable mixture of oxygen and other gases (that Adam and Eve could breathe but wouldn't blow up with a lightning strike).

5) The earth must have massive amounts of water.

6) The earth must develop sand (it cannot be made of rocks and water).

7) There must be “food” and water for all living things to eat. There are a whole different set of problems for this “food” to form prior to Adam and Eve (e.g. the DNA of things that are eaten as food).

8) The nucleotides on the DNA or RNA of Adam and Eve (and their food) must be in an intelligent order (i.e. a viable permutation) so that the DNA can be used to create enzymes, etc.
Article: Permutations Of Nucleotides On DNA - The Ultimate Death Of The Theory Of Evolution

9) Like today's humans, Adam and Eve would have had to have been created with many types of cells. How were these cell types created and organized?

10) The mechanisms in all cells must include the ability to “find” the correct genes on the DNA.

11) The mechanisms in all cells must include the ability to “convert” the correct genes into usable enzymes, etc. etc.

12) This means that every time a gene must be found, the exact location of this gene can be determined.

13) The DNA for “Adam” must include the creation of something like sperm cells.

14) The DNA for “Eve” must include eggs (ovum) which can divide after fertilization.

15) The DNA for “Adam” and the DNA for “Eve” must align in such a way that they can have one or more male children and one or more female children.

16) The “fertilized egg,” when fertilized, must be able to morph into a new baby who has 30 billion cells, 60,000 miles of blood vessels, 300 bones which will merge into 206 bones, etc. etc. Remember, the atheists and evolutionists do not believe in spirits which significantly, but not totally, control cell divisions (e.g. they do not believe in life after death). See this article:
Article: The Sixteen Cells Paradox - Absolute Proof That Humans Have A Spirit!!!

17) I call the algorithms on the DNA of the fertilized egg, which creates the new baby via billions of cell divisions, the “morphing of the embryo” algorithms". These algorithms on DNA must control the "morphing" of the embryo from a single fertilized egg into a crying baby. These algorithms (which primarily give the baby features of the parents) plus the spirit of the baby must work together!!!

18) The DNA of the male and the DNA of the female must align so that the child will have features of both parents.

19) This alignment must apply to all species which have a male and female.

20) To replicate humans, the blood vessels of a new human baby must be long enough to wrap around the earth, at the equator, twice, with 10,000 miles of blood vessels left over!!

21) In addition, when a baby is born he or she must have an incredible brain which is connected to the nervous system, a skull to protect the brain, a spinal cord (the spinal cord is a cylindrical bundle of nerve fibers) to protect the spine, two eyes which are connected to the nervous system, a liver, a pancreas, etc. etc.!! And all of this must come from the instructions on a single cell - the fertilized egg because the atheists and evolutionists do not believe in spirits, much less spirits that help control cell divisions!! Of course spirits must exist or we would not exist (the atheists and evolutionists also cannot figure out what "life" is).

22) These algorithms on the DNA of the fertilized egg also need to make sure that the 60,000 miles of blood vessels are fully enclosed before blood starts to circulate or else the baby would bleed to death before it was born!!

23a) Thus, the DNA in the fertilized egg must make sure the cells in the new baby are the:

23b) Correct types of cells in the right place (humans have 326 different types of cells), and

23c) The cells must be put in the correct locations in the correct sequence!!! As an example, you don't want a million fingernail cells being put in the brain of the developing fetus six weeks after conception or at any other time. The right kinds of cells must be in the right locations at all times.

24) Cells are not simple. See this YouTube video for a very basic eight minute explanation of what goes on inside of almost every cell in your body:
YouTube Video: Inner Life Of A Cell

25) Cells are so complex that hundreds of scientists have PhD degrees in cell biology!!

26) The blood for the baby must come from the mother because it is a liquid, not a cell. The complex process by which blood gets from the mother to the baby could not have "evolved" because it had to work perfectly before the first human babies were born on this planet or else no human baby would ever have been born alive on this planet.

27) While the baby is morphing in the womb, something must be keeping track and controlling the sequence (i.e. timing) of the billions of cell divisions as the process of cell divisions are happening!! For example, you don't want the brain to grow faster than the skull is growing.

28) What controls and keeps track of the morphing of the embryo of a new baby as the morphing is going on? No one has a clue because every cell in the baby has exactly the same DNA.

29) Note that the instructions on DNA do not work like a computer program; they use a type of logic which is beyond human comprehension to replicate (see the “When There are 16 Cells” article). And thousands of other species also use these types of algorithms.


Final Comments

The problem is not just creating Adam and Eve, they had to have at least two children (they probably had many children). They had to feed and raise these children.

The first human male and first human female on this planet could not have come to exist by a series of mindless accidents (i.e. evolution)!!! There are massively too many incredibly sophisticated things that had to exist before Adam and Eve could exist!!! DNA, cells which can divide into two cells, controlling the cell divisions from the fertilized egg, meaning the correct type of cell must be in the correct location as the baby is morphing, the Earth's atmosphere, our Solar System, where the Earth is located relative to our Sun, etc. etc.

God must not only exist, but He must be intelligent far, far, far beyond human comprehension!!!