The Truth About Alzheimers

Just like cancer, everything you know about Alzheimer's is total nonsense. To claim that orthodox medicine is diligently looking for cures for Alzheimer's is absurd!!! They wouldn't know how to cure Alzheimer's any more than they can high jump over the moon!!!

My article on Alzheimer's is on a different website that I will link to below. That article includes a link to an AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING YouTube Video About Alzheimer's that Everyone Must Watch by the genius Dr. Daniel Amen!!!

Even if you don't have Alzheimer's and you don't know anyone with the disease, watch that YouTube video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People who say that Alzheimer's can be cured (or that orthodox medicine is actually looking for a cure) don't have a clue what they are talking about!!! At best it can be stopped (Protandim would definitely be part of that effort). Also use Google to search for: Rick Simpson Oil.

Most, if not all, Alzheimer's cases are caused by eating meat that was contaminated with the Alzheimer's bacteria or virus and the meat was not cooked well enough to kill all of the bacteria or virus!!! The bacteria or virus EATS OR KILLS BRAIN CELLS SO THERE IS NO CURE FOR ALZHEIMERS AND THERE NEVER WILL BE BECAUSE THE BRAIN IS PARTLY GONE (as the YouTube video shows)!!!!

In countries where meat is not eaten (due to religious beliefs) Alzheimer's is unheard of!!!

It is impossible to determine where a person got the Alzheimer's bacteria or virus because it can take years for the bacteria or virus to kill or eat enough brain cells for Alzheimer's symptoms to begin to occur!!!

I had a sister who died of Alzheimer's. It was not fun to visit her in the rest home. Most of the time she had no idea who I was. Sometimes she would recognize her son (we frequently went together) and sometimes she would not. Fortunately for her she has passed away and I am sure she is very happy in the spirit world as her husband was already in the spirit world before she died (he died of cancer but he had only 2 weeks to live at the time of diagnosis, no one can cure cancer in that short of a time).

When you get to the page I will link to in the next paragraph, click on the blue link that says this:
"The Most Important Lesson From 83,000 Brain Scans / Daniel Amen / TEDxOrangeCoast:

Here is the article about Alzheimer's which is on another website with the amazing, MUST, MUST, MUST, MUST WATCH YouTube video: (if it asks for a usename and password, they are respectively: no and password):
Introduction To The Treatment For Alzheimer's Disease

I also have an article on Natural Medicine which also talks about Alzheimers (and other health conditions such as E.D.):
Introduction To Natural Medicine

Here is a very, very important article about Alzheimer's and MSM (also knowns as "Organic Sulphur")
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The Truth About Alzheimers

You can buy MSM at any health food store and I assume on Amazon (it may be called organic sulphur or methyl sulphonal methane!!!

Also Google: natural treatment for alzheimer's
and: natural treatments for alzheimer's

Here is a credible website about Alzheimer's but remember that Alzheimer's is caused by dead brain cells and nothing will replace dead brain cells so treatments are mainly for patient comfort or killing microbes!!! Here is a link to the website:
Article: Alzheimer's Treatments for Alzheimer's Disease

Also Google this phrase (use the quotes):
"rick simpson oil" Alzheimer's

Actually, some of the individual natural treatments for cancer are designed to kill the bacteria inside of the cancer cells and thus revert the cancer cells into healthy cells!!!

For cancer, an example would be honey mixed with Cayenne Pepper (the honey is because bacteria love sweets so they gobble up the honey and more importantly they gobble up the bacteria-killing herb (e.g. Cayenne Pepper) that is mixed with the honey. The honey is acting as a Trojan Horse to get the bacteria-killing herb/spice inside the cancer cells to kill the bacteria inside the cancer cells and thus revert cancer cells into normal cells!!!

Don't forget that a natural cancer treatment will likely have 15 or so individual treatments.

For Alzheimer's, honey mixed with Cayenne Pepper may help kill whatever is eating/killing brain cells. Any natural cancer treatment that can get to the brain may be able to help an Alzheimer's patient not get any worse!!! The brain cells which have already been killed cannot be restored.

There could also be multiple different treatments which are designed to kill the bacteria that causes Alzheimer's. Any natural cancer treatment designed to kill the bacteria inside of cancer cells may also kill the bacteria (if a bacteria is causing the Alzheimer's) in the patient's brain.

The patient will never improve (dead brain cells cannot be restored) but perhaps the progression of the disease can stop!!!

So the objective of the treatment is to kill the bacteria that are eating the brain cells. In some cases, it may be a virus that is eating the brain cells.

But always remember that Alzheimer's is caused by dead brain cells so there will never be an improvement!!!


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