Pretty much everyone agrees that the Big Bang was a real event. The discovery of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation proved that the Big Bang really happened. So the Big Bang itself is not really open for debate. The question is this: did God orchestrate the Big Bang or did accidents create the Big Bang.

There are two issues:
1) What was the object that exploded and
2) How did this object explode??

I suspect that the object that exploded may have been the size of a basketball!!! So how could accidents have compacted all of the atoms in the Universe into something the size of a basketball?? Then there is the question of where did the incredible energy needed to blow this incredibly dense object up come from??

God existed long before the Big Bang!! God (or someone He delegated) caused the Big Bang which in turn created the Universe. Just how big is the Universe? Well, watch this VERY AMAZING AND VERY INCREDIBLE seven minute YouTube video and you will understand just how amazing God is:
Amazing YouTube Video: Star Size Comparison 2

Of course the Hubble Space Telescope has greatly expanded our understanding of the Universe. For example, see this webpage and click the links at the bottom of the page:
Hubblesite Website

The bigger and better the telescopes in space have become, the more galaxies we will see in the Universe!!!!

See also:
YouTube: The Big Bang theory. Dark Matter and the Expanding Universe. Origin of the universe.

At the end of that video they ask if anyone can figure out the paradoxes of the Universe. I can. The answer is God. But that is not an acceptable answer to them, they only want answers that exclude God.

Of course the Hubble Space Telescope has greatly expanded our understanding of the Universe. For example, see this webpage and click the links at the bottom:
Hubblesite Website

The "Multiverse" concept was originally created by an atheist who claimed there have been an infinite number of Big Bangs but that our Univere just happened to be the only one which could survive and support life (because of the incredibly rare combination of physical constants needed to create a viable Universe with life).

I suspect there really are countless Universes (i.e. the Multiverse), but I also suspect that every one of them has the correct physical constants and life on them. Look at this article and search for phrase "If you could hie to Kolob" and read the amazing poem which is in the Mormon hymnbook!!
Article: Where Did God And The Universe Come From? [Mormon Church Sources]

This is an amazing zoom into space. As you zoom in you don't see less galaxies, you see more galaxies!!:
YouTube: Hubble: Zoom Into Galaxy Cluster MACS 1206 [1080p]

Of course you could spend weeks looking at YouTube videos of outer space. God is amazing.

My Comments

When you hear scientists talk about the Universe, the Big Bang, Einstein, etc. there is something you need to know.

What you need to know is that there are certain words which are forbidden to be used in science!!!! Two of these words are God and Tesla, meaning Nikola Tesla!!!

There is a reason you will never hear these terms used in science class. The reason is "pride."

Many scientists (but certainly not all scientists) are too proud to admit that a God could exist. A God would be smarter than they are. So they have to explain everything without mentioning God. Whether you are talking about the DNA of millions of species or the Big Bang, the word "God" is forbidden. So they must use terms like "accidents" or "unexplained" or "billions of years," etc.

There are multiple reasons the word Tesla is never used. One reason is that Tesla was a heck of a lot smarter than Einstein. In fact, any honest person would admit that Tesla is the "father" of our modern day technology. Alternating current, which your computer is using to power itself right now, was an invention of Tesla.

But Tesla also claimed that "ether" or "aether" existed. Aether is a substance that fills the Universe. Light travels across the Universe via aether waves. But because the word "Tesla" is forbidden, scientists have to come up with some other theory about light.

The theory is photons, which are considered to be "particles of light." This was the favority of Einstein.

I am not going to go into more detail here, but I will simply say that God is the reason for the Universe, not some purely accidental explosion.

Don't get me wrong. There was a Big Bang, that is not the issue, the issue is WHY was there a Big Bang?? The answer is God. God created the object that exploded and He (or someone He delegated) "pulled the trigger" on the Big Bang!!!

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