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This article defines many terms in astronomy and it also links to a MASSIVE WEBSITE of definitions in astronomy near the bottom of this article (actually this article links to other dictionaries of astronomy which are far better than mine).
Article: Dictionary Of Astronomy And Cosmology

In three places in the Book of Matthew in the Bible the Savior references the term "outer darkness." This article is about what the Savior might have been thinking.
Article: The Savior's Reference To Outer Darkness

This article is about the Kingdoms after Judgment Day:
Article: The Kingdoms After The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ

This article is about life on other planets:
Article: Is There Life On Other Planets?

This article is about Hot Jupiters (places you would not want to live!!!):
Article: Is It Hot In Some Types Of Hell??



Pretty much everyone agrees that the Big Bang was a real event. The discovery of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation proved that the Big Bang really happened. So the Big Bang itself is not really open for debate.

When someone claims that the Big Bang never happened it usually means they haven't heard about the discovery of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, which yielded two Nobel Prizes.

The question is this: did God orchestrate the Big Bang or did accidents create the Big Bang??

There are two issues:
1) What was the object that exploded and
2) How did this unelievably dense object explode??

I suspect that the object that exploded may have been the size of a basketball!!! So how could accidents have compacted all of the atoms in the Universe into something the size of a basketball?? Then there is the question of where did the incredible energy needed to blow this incredibly dense object up come from??

God existed long before the Big Bang!! God (or someone He delegated) caused the Big Bang which in turn created the Universe. Just how big is the Universe? Well, watch this VERY AMAZING AND VERY INCREDIBLE seven minute YouTube video and you will understand just how amazing God is!!!! This 7 minute YouTube video will blow your mind (watch it to the very end)!!!:
Amazing YouTube Video: Star Size Comparison 2

Of course the Hubble Space Telescope has greatly expanded our understanding of the Universe. For example, see this webpage and click the links at the bottom of the page (if you click an image you will get a bigger picture):
Hubblesite Website

I semi-quote from another website regarding a dark spot found by the Hubble telescope (a "dark spot" means they did not see any galaxies in this section of the Universe):

"The Hubble telescope focused on that tiny, dark spot in space. The film was exposed for many hours over ten days but astronomers did not expect to find anything. Instead, when the film developed they were amazed to find over 1,500 galaxies and each galaxy contained about two hundred billion stars."
Webpage: The Importance Of Space Exploration

The results are called the Hubble Deep Field!!!

Just wait until the James Webb Space Telescope is up and operational!!!! This telescope will be 100 times more powerful than the Hubble space telescope!!!

Both the Hubble space telescope and the James Webb space telescope were named after well-known astronomers.

There are more than a hundred space telescopes, not all of which are American projects. But I think that America is way ahead in terms of power.

I guarantee you that everyone agrees that when the James Webb telescope goes up they will not see a dark spot where the Hubble saw a dark spot, but there will be dark spots even for the James Webb telescope. But if they focus that telescope on that dark spot they will see exactly what the Hubble saw - more galaxies!!!!

If a human being were sitting in a chair in the middle of space and if he could see an infinite distance in all directions, he would not see any dark spots in space!!!

See this YouTube video:
YouTube: Our Universe Has Trillions of Galaxies, Hubble Study | Video

Dictionary Of Astronomy And Cosmology

This article focuses on terminology used by astronomers. However, this article links to an AMAZNG website of astronomy terminology:
Article: Dictionary Of Astronomy And Cosmology

The Prophets

The prophets would not be surprised by anything that is discovered in space. Read this article and study the words of the hymn that starts "If you could hie to Kolob": Article: Where Did God And The Universe Come From? [Mormon Church Sources]

It is an eternal truth for the people on this planet: the bigger and better the telescopes in space will become, the more galaxies we will see in the Universe!!!! This truth will never end!!!

The "Multiverse" concept was originally created by an atheist who claimed there have been an infinite number of Big Bangs but that our Univere just happened to be the only one which could survive and support life (because of the incredibly precise combinations of physical constants which were needed to create a viable Universe with life). The gravitational constant is an example.

I suspect there really are countless Universes (i.e. the Multiverse), but I also suspect that every one of them has the correct physical constants and life on them.

This is an amazing zoom into space. As you zoom in you don't see less galaxies, you see more galaxies!!:
YouTube: Hubble: Zoom Into Galaxy Cluster MACS 1206 [1080p]

Did you notice the phrase "cosmological horizon."

Humans see stars when they look into the sky. Space telescopes see galaxies and clusters of galaxies and superclusters of galaxies!!!

Of course you could spend weeks looking at YouTube videos of outer space. God is amazing.

Three Absolutely Forbidden Words In "Science": God, Tesla and Aether

When you hear scientists talk about the Universe, the Big Bang, Einstein, the asteroid belt, other planets, etc. there is something you need to know.

What you need to know is that there are certain words which are forbidden to be used in science!!!! Three of these words are God and Tesla, meaning Nikola Tesla, and aether!!!

Even Google mocks the existence of aether!!! I quote from Google under the word aether: According to ancient and medieval science, aether, also spelled æther or ether and also called quintessence, is the material that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere. Wikipedia

I recently watched a one hour television show about space, and especially the asteroid belt. While several very smart scientists were interviewed throughout the program, not once was the word "God" or "Tesla" mentioned!!! No surprise there!!!

One reason you never hear the word "Tesla" is that "Tesla" could create free energy, I assume by pulling energy from the aether.

There are multiple reasons that you will never hear these terms used in science class. One reason is to deify Einstein!!!! Tesla was much smarter than Einstein (by a wide margin), but "science" wants to deify Einstein and to do that they must blacklist Tesla!!!!

But there is a second person who is forbidden to be discussed in "science" classes: God!!!

Many scientists (but certainly not all scientists) are too proud to admit that a God could exist. A God would be smarter than they are. So they have to explain everything without mentioning God. Whether you are talking about the DNA of millions of species or the Big Bang or the asteroid belt, the word "God" is forbidden.

So they must use terms like "accidents" or "unexplained" or "billions of years," or more likely they just ignore where things came from!!!

There are multiple reasons the word "Tesla" is never used. One reason is that Tesla was a heck of a lot smarter than Einstein. In fact, any honest person would admit that Tesla is the "father" of our modern day technology. Alternating current, which your computer is using to power itself right now, was an invention of Tesla.

But Tesla also claimed that "ether" or "aether" existed. Aether is a substance that fills the Universe. Light travels across the Universe via aether waves. But because the word "Tesla" is forbidden, scientists have to come up with some other theory about light.

The theory is photons, which are considered to be "particles of light." This was the favorite of Einstein.

  • In March 1905 , Einstein created the quantum theory of light, the idea that light exists as tiny packets, or particles, which he called photons. Alongside Max Planck's work on quanta of heat Einstein proposed one of the most shocking ideas in twentieth century physics: we live in a quantum universe, one built out of tiny, discrete chunks of energy and matter.

But that is wrong!!! Many types of energy and light are a wave through the aether that Tesla believed in. Einstein's Special Theory of Evolution is true because of the aether!!! The reason the faster-moving object will encounter more resistance, is because of the aether!!!! Without a causal agent, aether, Einstein's Special Theory of Evolution would be nonsense!!!

Einstein's "theories" do not cause cause the Special Theory of Relativty but Tesla's aether does!!!

Scientists will do anything to avoid mentioning the words "Tesla" or "aether". In my website on Tesla physics I talk about an experiment that I did at Sprint Corporation, more than 50 years ago, which detected the aether. Five physics journals told me not to even submit my paper on this experiement because they were not going to look at it, much less publish it!!! Before I sent them anything, I used two absolutely forbidden words: Tesla and Aether.

Tesla is totally blacklisted in "modern" science. I have another website, with a free eBook, about Tesla:
The Website

Another reason, and perhaps the #1 reason Tesla is blacklisted, is that Tesla could create free energy!!! Copy and paste this into a search engine:
tesla "free energy"

Higgs Boson, the God Particle, won a Nobel Prize in physics for Peter Higgs. "Higgs Boson" is considered by many scientists to be just another name for Tesla's aether!!! He won a Nobel Prize for doing something that I did more than 50 years ago, but he did not use the forbidden words: Tesla and aether!!! He named the aether after himself!!

Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity is COMPLETE NONSENSE without the aether!!! If one object is moving faster than another object as it is traveling through the aether, it will encounter more resistance from the aether and "time" will slow down!!!


Hell In Our Own Solar System!!!

If you want to know what hell might be like, just study what is really going on on the planet Venus:
Article: How Venus Turned Into Hell, and How the Earth Is Next


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