The Theory Of Evolution Battle In The Schools

Someone should take a survey of students in any school district in any state and ask two simple questions:
1) How many times have you heard the word "Adam" being favorably used in your science/biology classes??? and
2) How many times have you heard the word "Darwin" being favorably used in your science/biology classes???

I would love to see the results!!! Remember, it was probably Adam (back then named "Michael") who cast Lucifer (now "satan") out of the Grand Council!!! So they knew each other very well!!! Lucifer's favorite "theory" is the theory of evolution, which is designed to eliminate a belief in the three members of the Godhead PLUS ELIMINATE A BELIEF IN Adam and Eve!!!

Unfortunately, the imaginary, atheistic "theory of evolution" is taught in many schools, from middle school to college. I guess that no one in these schools has heard about the discovery of DNA yet!!! Yes, schools are teaching religion (meaning the religion of atheism/evolution). Well, at least the biology textbooks that they use typically support the theory of evolution.

Let me make a comment for teachers: teaching that God exists (i.e. that the theory of evolution is false) is NOT, I repeat NOT teaching religion!!! A person who is teaching "religion" is favoring a specific religious denomination!!! But teaching that God lives applies to all religions so it is not favoring a specific religion!!!!!

Regarding the preaching of the theory of evolution, as the Book of Mormon says: they are "puffed up because of their learning, and their wisdom, and their riches." Here is the reference (the Book of Mormon prophet Jacob is speaking):
2 Nephi 2:41-43

The main exceptions of teaching atheism/evolution in schools, of course, are schools funded and operated by religious groups which typically do not teach the theory of evolution.

In fact, many, many young people today go to church on the weekends and they are told there is a God, but during the week in public schools they may be taught that the theory of evolution is true and there is no God. Darwin is worshipped in many schools.

Because of the teaching of the theory of evolution (i.e. the religion of atheism) in schools, many, many young people of all religions (starting in middle school in many cases) have lost their faith in God and have quit going to church, or if they are taken to church by their parents, they will go to church but they will not believe anything they hear!!!

That is the very goal and purpose of the theory of evolution - to convince people that there is no God.

"Creation science" or "creationism" or "intelligent design" are scientific claims that God lives. Teaching "creation science" is not the same thing as endorsing a specific religion. "Creation science" is purely scientific and generic (i.e. it does not favor any religion) in proving that there is a God without endorsing any specific religious denomination. There are good people in all religions who teach and/or endorse creation science!!!

This is a "creation science" website except that I do have some comments and optional articles for Latter-Day Saints (Mormons).

Getting back to public schools, because creation science does not endorse any specific religion there should be nothing wrong with teaching intelligent design in schools because it is rock solid science and it does not endorse any specific religious denomination!!!

Those who argue that the theory of evolution should be taught in schools may claim that all scientists are evolutionists. However, the theory of evolution is NOT universally accepted by all scientists!! Such a claim is absurd!!!

While there are hundreds of books which have been written to push the theory of evolution; there are almost certainly hundreds of books which have been written against the theory of evolution!! Four of these books are free and are on this website.

Plus, in the scientific community, among those who have not written books, there are many scientists who are very much against the theory of evolution!!!

Those who believe that the scientific evidence strongly supports a belief in God are called "creation scientists" or "intelligent design" supporters. The well-known and respected creation scientist Kent Hovind describes the atheists this way: "The atheists can't find God for the same reason a thief can't find a policeman."

That quote hits the nail on the head!!! Pride is the underlying, undergirding, driving force of the theory of evolution, it is certainly not science!!!! Many people want to be considered to be the smartest being in the Universe. They want to be considered sophisticated!!! And more importantly they want to be popular!!!

The atheists/evolutionists don't want to find God because of pride!!! If there was only one reason the super-atheists exist, it is pride!!!

Pride is a massive, massive problem in some colleges!!! Many college students and professionals have massive, massive, massive problems with pride which is precisely why they do not believe in God!!! It is not "cool" to believe in God in many schools because a God would be smarter than they are!!!

California, Oregon and Washington are probably the worst states for mocking anyone who claims there is a God!!! I think they have been smoking too much pot!!!

But wherever they live, atheists/evolutionists are "puffed up" (i.e. super arrogant)!!!

To make things worse, the students in many schools who believe in God may be mocked as being "unsophisticated."

It is pride which drives people like Richard Dawkins into rejecting the Godhead. Such people cannot accept that some ancient carpenter (i.e. Christ) could be better than they are!!! They forget that He was the first person to be resurrected on this planet!! After the resurrection of Christ, many ancient people were resurrected!!! Could they have resurrect themselves after their dead body had laid in the tomb for up to 3,900 years???

There is certainly no "spirit world" or "resurrection" in the theory of evolution!!!

The very fuel that drives the theory of evolution and atheism is pride!!!!

But the key point is that the theory of evolution is nothing but atheism in disguise. So any school which teaches evolution is teaching the religion of atheism in their school!!! Not only that, they are teaching REALLY, REALLY, REALLY BAD SCIENCE!!!


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