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Let's start with a very short (less than 3 minutes) YouTube video where I talk about the sequence of miracles it took for me to get into cancer research:
YouTube: Cancer Tutor Original | Webster Kehr | The Inspiration Behind CancerTutor.com

Now I am a world-famous, retired, cancer researcher of natural medicine, but I am retired!!! Everything you know about cancer has come from Big Pharma via Big Media!!! What you hear in Big Media is that cancer is caused by DNA damage and that Big Pharma is diligently looking for where this DNA damage is located!!!

There are many problems with the "theory" that DNA damage causes cancer. Consider this: cancer was being CURED by herbalists and homeopaths for more than 100 years before DNA was discovered in 1953!!!! So much for the totally absurd "theory" that DNA damage causes cancer.

In a moment I will link to an article called: "The Truth About Cancer - Cancer Is NOT Caused By DNA Damage!!!" which dives into this very topic.

It has been known since 1890 that cancer is caused by a bacteria!!! If you kill these bacteria, which is easy to do, the cancer cells will revert into normal cells!!!

But long before natural medicine cancer researchers knew about the bacteria that causes cancer they were curing cancer with herbs that killed cancer cells!!! If you can kill cancer cells you have no need to know why cancer cells are cancerous!!!

Now natural cancer researchers know many ways to both kill cancer cells and revert cancer cells into normal cells. They also know how to build the immune system so the immune system can help deal with the cancer (this is a slow process so there is no hurry to start this part of the protocol).

The 5-year cure rate of natural cancer treatments, if you work with the experts, is easily in the 90% and above range!!!

A typical natural medicine cancer treatment today will have around 15 or so individual natural cancer treatments. Some are designed to kill cancer cells, others are designed to revert cancer cells into normal cells, etc. Cancer is easy to cure with natural medicine if you work with an expert and if the treatment is started early enough!!!

By contrast, you might wonder what the 5-year "cure rate" of orthodox medicine is??? These are the people who are trying to find where the DNA damage in cancer cells is located!!!

The 5-year cure rate of Big Pharma and orthodox medicine, according to their statistics, is a pathetic 2.1%, meaning 97.9% of their patients are dead in less than 5 years!!!

There are many reasons why DNA damage cannot cause cancer. I have two articles about cancer which are linked to on the home page. Trust me, these two articles are only the tip of the iceberg about the corruption in Big Pharma. Our really strong articles about this corruption are not online.


How I Got Into Evolution Research

My religious background is that I am a "Mormon" (i.e. a Latter-Day Saint or LDS). A "Bishop" presides over a "ward," which contains a few hundred members of the LDS church. A group of several "wards" is called a "stake" which is presided over by a "Stake President."

In about 2003 my late wife and I, and our seven children, were living in Overland Park, Kansas. We were getting ready to move to Oskaloosa, Kansas, which was in a different stake, and I noticed that my temple recommend was about to expire (this is what is used to get inside of a Mormon temple). Even though there was no temple in Kansas City at the time, I wanted to get my temple recommend renewed before we moved because the Bishop of our ward (Bishop Ferreter) and I were very good friends. Both of us are ex-Marines.

When the temple recommend formal interview was over we just sat around talking. During that conversation I said to him: "Bishop, I have been thinking about writing a book for the youth of the church which totally destroys the theory of evolution." The Bishop literally threw his arms high in the air and said: "WRITE IT!!!" So I did. I wanted the book to be free, so I built the Prophets Or Evolution website!!!

This anti-evolution website (i.e. "creation science" website) now has FOUR free eBooks and many free articles, one of which has more than 400 reasons the theory of evolution cannot be true. Here is an article which links to these four free eBooks and the big article:
Quick Links (links to books and a major article)

This website is important for all young people, and even some adults, who belong to any church!!! MANY young people in the Mormon church (i.e. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints), and all other churches have been taught the theory of evolution in public schools, STARTING IN MIDDLE SCHOOL IN MANY CASES!!! And many young people in every religion have lost their testimonies in God or they have had their testimonies severely damaged because of the theory of evolution!!!

Both President Nelson and Elder Holland (e.g. these are two of the top five leaders in the Mormon church) have been openly critical of the theory of evolution. In his speech at BYU, Elder Holland mentioned four of the best known atheists/evolutionists: Richard Dawkins (by far the best known), Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett and the late Christopher Hitchens (who I might add had a very obnoxious personality). The speech was mainly about the contribution of religion to the world throughout history, but he talks a little about the four men I just mentioned.

His speech is for college age and above.

He talks a lot about secularism. Here is a definition of secularism:
The indifference to, or rejection or exclusion of, religion and religious considerations. As a philosophy, secularism seeks to interpret life on principles taken solely from the material world, without recourse to religion."
Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Here is a quote from this speech and a link to the speech. (Note: if you click on the blue link below the quote, and if you then click the triangle/arrow link on that page (on the BYU website) - you can both watch and read his amazing speech at the same time. I should mention there are some graphic statues in this video which might be too intense for high school students - his talk was given at BYU. Here is the quote:

  • "But of course, not everyone agrees that religion does or should play such an essential role in civilized society. Recently the gloves have come off in the intellectual street fighting being waged under the banner of the “New Atheists.” Figures like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, and the late Christopher Hitchens are some of the stars in what is, for me, a dim firmament. These men are as free to express their beliefs—or, in their case, ­disbeliefs—as any other, but we feel about them what one Oxford don said about a colleague: “On the surface, he’s profound, but deep down, he’s [pretty] superficial.”
    Speech: Bound By Loving Ties

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