R. Webster Kehr - How I Got Into Creation Science Research

I am a Mormon (i.e. a Latter-Day Saint or LDS). A "Bishop" presides over a "ward," which contains a few hundred members of the LDS church. A group of several "wards" is called a "stake" which is presided over by a "Stake President."

In about 2003 my wife and I, and our seven children, were living in Overland Park, Kansas. We were getting ready to move to Oskaloosa, Kansas and I noticed that my temple recommend was about to expire (this is what is used to get inside of a Mormon temple). Even though there was no temple in Kansas City at the time, I wanted to get my temple recommend renewed before we moved because the Bishop of our ward and I were very good friends. Both of us are ex-Marines.

When the temple recommend interview was over we just sat around talking. During that conversation I said to him: "Bishop, I have been thinking about writing a book for the youth of the church which totally destroys the theory of evolution." The Bishop literally threw his arms high in the air and said: "WRITE IT!!!" So I did. I needed a website to put the book on, so I started this Prophets Or Evolution website!!!

This anti-evolution website (i.e. "creation science" website) now has FOUR free eBooks and many free articles, one of which has more than 400 reasons the theory of evolution cannot be true. Here is an article which links to these four free eBooks and the big article:
Quick Links (links to books and a major article)

I am probably the only person in my family who has the slightest clue how important this website (i.e. an "anti-evolution" website) is for the youth of any church. MANY young people in the Mormon church (i.e. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints), and all other churches have been taught the theory of evolution in public schools, STARTING IN MIDDLE SCHOOL IN MANY CASES!!! And many young people in the church have lost their testimonies or they had their testimonies severely damaged because of the theory of evolution!!!

Both President Nelson and Elder Holland (e.g. they are two of the top five leaders in the Mormon church) have been openly critical of the theory of evolution. In his speech at BYU, Elder Holland mentioned four of the best known atheists/evolutionists: Richard Dawkins (by far the best known), Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett and the late Christopher Hitchens (who I might add had a very obnoxious personality). The speech was mainly about the contribution of religion throughout history, but he talks a little about the four men I just mentioned:
Click on the round triangle icon and you can both listen to the speech and read it at the same time.
BYU Speech: Bound By Loving Ties

This is a YouTube video that has many statements made by apostles/prophets of the church put together by Vincent Newmeyer (this is important to watch!!!):
YouTube: Evolution and Creation - LDS Prophets and Apostles Doctrinal Proclamations and Statements

The evangelicals have done an amazing amount of research on the damage the theory of evolution has done to their youth and they have learned that the theory of evolution starts affecting their youth STARTING IN MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!

Please watch these two 20 minute videos before going on:
Already Gone - Part 1
YouTube: Already Gone - Part 1 (It may go to Part 2 automatically):

If it doesn't go to Part 2, here is that URL:
YouTube: Already Gone - Part 2

By the way the Big Bang really happened but I talk about that in other articles. God did it, of course. One of the apostles in our church said that Jesus Christ was the actual person to figuratively "light the fuse" for the Big Bang. I don't know of anyone else who has said that in the church.

I am the ONLY person in the LDS church, that I know of, who is even close to being the "Ken Ham" of the LDS church.

If you read the home page you know that I am a retired, world-famous cancer researcher. This is a must-read article:
Article: The Truth About Cancer That You Will Never Hear In The Media!!!

Now let me get to the key issue.

G.o,o.g.l.e is a piece of garbage so my website for the youth of the church only gets only about 30 hits a day, and I suspect some of these are search engine hits, but I don't know.


So the question is: how can I get the youth of the church (particularly in Utah) to know that my website exists!!! Heavenly Father has made it very, very clear to me that the answer is "billboards"!!! So I have started to research where billboards should go. I recently agreed with a billboard company (in mid-October, 2018) and they will put them up.

My point is that THIS IS A MUST SEE WEBSITE FOR LATTER-DAY SAINT YOUTH. The church itself cannot get very deep into the scientific reasons the theory of evolution cannot be true. There are some AMAZING articles on this website that youth, and even their parents, should study!!!

Here is an article which further explains the importance of this issue:
ArticleThe First Book To Describe the Theory of Evolution Was Not Written By Charles Darwin

In other words, GOD knew the theory of evolution was coming (and He warned those who push it) when Christ was alive!!!

So that is where I am at this moment. A Bishop told me to do it, and I have done it, but my website is totally useless (and has been useless for more than 15 years) because I haven't had the money to put the billboards up. But I will hopefully have billboards on I-15 before Christmas of 2018.

So everything I need to help the youth of the church in Provo, Utah, especially BYU students, of all ages, is ready to go. But the button has not been pushed so that many people will know that this website exists!!!

Webster Kehr

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