Books Against the Theory of Evolution


There are literally HUNDREDS of anti-evolution books. There are also many DVDs and YouTube debates. These is just a sample.

The Cell's Design

Fazale Rana

The thing I like about this book is that it was written for the average person!!! In other words, he wasn't trying to impress anyone with his book, he was trying to write a book for beginners in cell biology!!!

As it says on the back cover: "Fazale Rana makes a positive case for life's supernatural origin by highlighting the many biochemical features that reflect the Creator's signature."

Genetic Entropy & The Mystery of the Genome (2005)

J. C. Sanford, PhD

Genetic entropy is one of the key arguments against evolution. In fact, genetic entropy places the first humans on this earth only a few thousand years ago because of the rate at which DNA deteriorates (which is called "genetic entropy").

Written by a world-famous plant geneticist, whose respect in his field is unimpeachable, his analysis of the theory of evolution at the level of DNA stands alone in its brilliance!!

An absolutely must-read book for those who want to look at DNA as part of the evolution battle. His many clever analogies will blow you away.

For example, he points out that every DNA mutation which has led to an increase in survability was actually caused by a "loss" of genetic information and a merely coincidental benefit.

This book is in a league of its own.

The Edge of Evolution - The Search For the Limits of Darwinism (2007)

Michael J. Behe, PhD

This book proves, beyond any doubt, that the theory of evolution is scientific nonsense. For example, he proves that the protein binding sites issue is a proof that the theory of evolution cannot mathematically be true.

He also deals with the issues of genetic defects and why they are a proof of creation science.

This is truly one of the great anti-evolution books.

Darwin's Black Box (1996)

Michael J. Behe, PhD

Covering everything from the biochemical aspects of evolution to the politics of evolution, this is one of the classic anti-evolution books.

Dr. Behe is perhaps the most respected scientist who is anti-evolution. Perhaps the most compelling aspect of this book is his brilliant discussion of the many roles that different proteins play in the mechanism of the bacterial flagellum. A must-read book which is frequently quoted by others.

Stealing From God

Frank Turek

Excellent book with very good logic, discussions of causality, cells, etc. etc.

Icons of Evolution - Science or Myth? (2000)

Jonathan Wells

This book discusses ten of the most touted evidences for the theory of evolution and carefully crushes each of these "icons" which are claimed to be proofs of evolution. This is a frequently quoted book which covers a lot of territory.

Evolution - A Theory in Crisis (1986)

Michael Denton

Like Icons of Evolution, this book mostly attacks the claims of the theory of evolution. He talks a lot about fossils.

Of Pandas and People - The Central Question of Biological Origins

Percival Davis
Dean H. Kenyon

Dr. Kenyon was the co-author of Biochemical Predestination (by Dean H. Kenyon and Gary Steinman). Biological Predestination was the classic pro-evolution college textbook on chemical evolution (i.e. the formation of the "first living cell") for about twenty years. The problem was that about five years after co-authoring the biochemical book Dr. Kenyon switched from being an evolutionist to a creationist.

Of Pandas and People is an excellent summary of why creation science is superior to evolution. However, there is one very disappointing aspect of this book: he does not vigorously pursue the issue of amino acid bindings, which is the primary reason he switched to creation science in the first place.

This book has been the center of controversy because it was originally written talking about "creation science", but references to this term were changed to being references of "intelligent design" after the Supreme Court made the term "creation science" illegal to use in schools. This terminology conversion was insignificant from a technical viewpoint, but it gave the evolution establishment a way to divert people's attention away from the excellent content of the book.

Intelligent Design Uncensored (2010)

William A. Dembski
Jonathan Witt

This book covers the evidence for "design," the politics of the evolution debate, the poison of materialism and scientific evidence which challenges the theory of evolution.

Intelligent Design - The Bridge Between Science and Theology (1999)

William A. Dembski

This book discusses a lot of theology issues as well as scientific issues. He claims that "intelligent design" provides the link between science and theology.

Darwin on Trial (1991)

Phillip E. Johnson

One of the classic anti-evolution books. Mr. Johson is a law-professor and his keen wit and logic show through in this book. This is one of the best-selling anti-evolution books ever written.

Reason in the Balance (1995)

Phillip E. Johnson

A book by attorney Phillip Johnson which looks at the philosophical, moral and educational consequences of the theory of evolution.

Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds (1997)

Phillip E. Johnson

This book was designed for late teens, such as in high school.

Exposing Darwinism's Weakest Link (2008)

Kenneth Poppe

"With a special knack for helpful analogies, good examples, and clear explanations, Dr. Kenneth Poppe helps you see the full picture of human origins. He analyzes some of the latest discoveries from science and blows the lid off Darwinism myths ..." (taken from the back cover of the book)

The Collapse of Evolution (1983)

Scott M. Huse

Drawing from many scientific disciplines, the author challenges the claims of the theory of evolution. He also looks at Biblical passages.

Darwin's Enigma - Fossils and Other Problems (1988)

Luther D. Sunderland

This author provides some historical background of the political aspects of the evolution debate. It is primarily a book about fossils and other flaws in the theory of evolution.

This is one of the rare books which looks in deatil at the early evolution debates. He claims that evolution was all but dead from a scientific standpoint in the 1960s. No doubt the vast amount of money which supported the theory of evolution saved it from a complete demise.

Refuting Evolution (1999)

Jonathan Sarfati, PhD

This book is an attack on the claims of the pro-evolution National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in their book: Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science.

Darwin's Leap of Faith - Exposing the False Religion of Evolution (1998)

John Ankerberg
John Weldon

Issues such as how Darwin's theory of evolution became a "fact," why evolution is more of a religion than a scientific theory, etc.

Darwin's Demise (2002)

Dr. Joe White
Dr. Nicholas Comninellis

Doing DNA analysis, and many other things, this book attacks evolution from a scientific perspective. It includes a long list of highly respected scientists who believe in a designed creation (pages 128-129).

The Darwin Myth - The Life and Times of Charles Darwin (2009)

Benjamin Wiker, PhD

This is a historical biography of Charles Darwin. It provides his background and his thoughts regarding the theory of evolution. It talks about his family and friends. It talks about his journeys.

But above all it points out his fanatical motivation that drove him to write The Origin of Species. It points out, for example, that The Origin of Species did not include human evolution because Darwin was concerned that people would reject his Origins book if he talked about human evolution.

Darwin's success with the Origin's book was so stupendous that he eventually wrote another book on evolution which included human evolution.

This book also talks at length about the enemies of Darwin.

This is a must-have book for those serious about the evolution debate!!!

The Politically Incorrect Guilde to Darwinism and Intelligent Design (2006)

Jonathan Wells, PhD

The author of this book is very well known in anti-evolution circles. This book goes into the science behind intelligent design, the battles in the public schools, the false science in Darwinism, the politics involved in the evolution debate and many other topics.

Author Ann Coulter says of this book: "Annoy a godless liberal: buy this book!"

Darwinian Fairytales - Selfish Genes, Errors of Heredity, and Other Fables of Evolution (1995)

David Stove (died 1994)

This is not a book for the general public. It is an intellectual attack on evolutionists, particularly Charles Darwin and Richard Dawkins (who is the hero of many evolutionists) and his "Selfish Gene" theory.

This is also a book which supports the works of Paley (e.g. Evidences of Christianity written in 1794), who Darwin was required to study. Paley also wrote Natural Theology.

Have your dictionary handy if you are going to read this book, but don't look for the same kinds of logic as in other creation science books.

The Young Earth (2002)

John D. Morris

Many of the scientists who oppose the theory of evolution belong to religions which teach a literal interpretation of the scriptures. While the LDS church claims the earth was created in seven "periods" (see the book of Abraham) many of the anti-evolution scientists believe the earth was created in seven days (literally) or seven thousand years (literally). These are called "Young Earth" creationists.

They are a critical part of the team of scientists who challenge the theory of evolution. They clearly have some very interesting data!! While God certainly has the ability to create an earth in seven physical days, the LDS church does not literally interpret the scriptures in that way; but on the other hand the LDS church does not refute the power of God.

One key issue is how long did it take God to create the Universe? Some of the Young Earth Creationists claim the entire Universe was created in seven physical days. The LDS church definitely does not teach this!! The LDS church teaches very clearly that this earth was not the first planet created by God.

While these scientists are frequently ridiculed, even by other creationists, it should be remembered that the power of God cannot be comprehended by mortals!!

This is one of the many books written by Young Earth Creationists which claim it took God a very short period of time to create this earth. It has some very interesting data in it.

Evolution Exposed (2006)

Roger Patterson

This author analyzed many biology textbooks used in high schools. The list of blatant errors he points out in these textbooks, particularly with regards to evolution, will simply astonish you. You will wonder if there is anything in these textbooks which is true. Certainly nothing with respect to evolution.

The Mystery of Life's Origin - Reassessing Current Theories (1984)

Charles B. Thaxton
Walter L. Bradley
Roger L. Olsen

This book is largely a challenge of the theory of the first living cell. The book is technical from a chemical viewpoint.

Godless - The Church of Liberalism (2006)

Ann Couler

Ann Couler, the author of several political books, is a very well known "conservative" in political circles. The scientific aspects of this book were probably not written by her, but she provides the "public name" to get the book into wide circulation.

She equates "liberalism" with "evolution" in that both are godless (note the title of her book) and both reject people of faith. But in doing this she claims that evolution is bogus science.

She states on page 199: "We woudn't still be talking about [evolution] but for the fact that liberals think evolution disproves God."

Mostly a polical book which trumpets the differences between "conservatives" and "liberals" the book at least reaches an audience that normal anti-evolution books do not reach.

But it also talks about organizations which are behind the political power of the theory of evolution. That is one reason this book is worth reading.

(DVD) Unlocking the Mystery of Life

Illustra Media (

This movie recounts a seminar involving several of the premier creation scientists (e.g. Denton, Behe, Johnson, etc.). While it was not written to be technically convincing, it is an excellent broad overview of the power of the arguments of creation science and has some excellent graphics on protein synthesis.

(DVD) The Privileged Planet

Illustra Media (

This excellent movie is about the vast number of conditions which must all simultaneously occur in order for a planet to support complex life. It is kind of like "intelligent design," but instead of being at the level of animals, it is at the level of the solar system, and the galaxy.

This is a highly recommended movie for those interested in why life exists at all on this planet. We are part of a very, very rare set of conditions, which could only have been very carefully designed by a Creator. One of the co-authors lost his job at a university because of his involvement in the book on which this DVD was based.

A person could deduce from this DVD that the laws of physics had to be designed and put in place before our Universe could be created!! For example, if Planck's constant was slighly above or below 6.626..., our Universe could not exist. It is a mind-boggling video because it deals with the design of the laws of physics!! Now are you beginning to understand the "First Cause" quote of Brigham Young in the Patterns of Intelligence book!!

(DVD) Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution I

Exploration Films (
with Dr. Jobe Martin

This DVD might be termed "super intelligent design." This excellent movie details the complexity of many different species which are so unique they could not have developed these characteristics piecemeal by random mutations. In other words, these animals are so unique there is no evidence they have any ancestors.

(Pro Evolution) Monkey Girl - Evolution, Education, Religion, and the Battle for America's Soul (2007)

Edward Humes

I heard the author of this book give a lecture at the University of Kansas about the events behind his book. The events behind his book were a federal lawsuit in Pennsylvania regarding the use of the term "Intelligent Design" in public schools. The term "intelligent design" was being used in a high school and a federal lawsuit successfully stopped this exercise of free speech.

At the time of his speech, I knew absolutely nothing about this federal case. In his lecture he talked about the attorneys and research done by both sides of the debate.

What struck me more than anything, during his lecture, was the obvious vast amounts of money the proponents of evolution had at their disposal before and during the trial!! Time after time I was totally amazed at how much money was spent by the pro-evolutionist team.

I kept waiting for the author to say who funded the evolutionists but he never said. The next day I looked up on the Internet who funded the evolution side of the debate. The answer turned out to be primarily the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The ACLU has a nice sounding name, but in fact it is always fighting on the side of atheism.

While this is a pro-evolution book it provides a good example of how much money is spent by people behind the scenes to force the theory of evolution down the throats of our children.

The theory of evolution is indeed a political issue far more than it is a science issue. Universities will not endorse creation science (and may fire any of their professors who publicly support creation science) because they know that they could lose millions of dollars in research money if they did.

Do not underestimate the power of those whose money is funding the theory of evolution. When I say that the theory of evolution is scientific nonsense, the reader should understand the vast amount of money which is supporting and maintaining the very bad science and many lies which support the theory of evolution.

The theory of evolution is not science, it is corrupt politics at its worst.

(LDS) Of Heaven and Earth - Reconciling Scientific Thought with LDS Theology (1998)

Edited by David L. Clark

This book contains 11 chapters about LDS scientists and how they would deal with LDS theology and science.

My favorite chapter is about Henry Eyring, the father of President Eyring (of the First Presidency) and clearly one of the world's most respected chemists in his lifetime.

In this chapter it discusses Dr. Eyring's calculation of how long the Big Bang would have taken to create a Universe. The number is far beyond astronomical!!

Dr. Eyring's field was chemical reactions. This is what he said about the Big Bang:

"... using the straightforward theory of chemical reactions [which was his field], we find that a length of time in years equal to at least one with a hundred thousand billion, billion, billion, billion, billion zeros must elapse before a hot sun has a 50 percent probability of occurring again by chance." (page 60)

(LDS) Reflections of a Scientist (1983)

Henry Eyring, PhD

This is the same scientist mentioned in the prior book, but he wrote this book. It also has some interesting facts which come from the chemistry of chemical reactions.

This book also talks about the science of evolution, but also goes into church doctrine, church leaders (and he knew a lot of them) and other issues.

The book talks about the scriptures, gospel topics and other issues.