Burning In Hell

The Savior may have been referring to cold places when the Savior talked about Outer Darkness; but some people think that hell is hot, not cold.

For those who believe that hell is hot, there are plenty of things in this Universe that are very, very, very hot!!!!

That is what this article is about - where might God put someone who is to burn in hell???

There are places in our solar system and there are places in other solar systems where things can get quite hot.

In our solar system the planet Venus is clearly the hottest of the planets, including Mercury which is actually closer to the Sun that Venus.

How is that possible??? It is possible because Venus has a great deal of thick "clouds" of gas which trap the heat from the Sun!!! Venus is by far the hottest planet in our solar system because mercury does not have those kind of clouds.

But now let's talk about other solar systems.

While the planet Jupiter is very cold in our solar system, similar planets in other solar systems are unbelievably hot!!!

An "exoplanet" is a planet that is orbiting another star. There are many exoplanets in space.

A planet called a "Hot Juipiter" is a gas giant (like Jupiter) but it is very, very close to the exoplanet that it orbits and the surface of these planets get really, really hot because in some cases the side of the planet that faces the sun never changes!!! This is called being "tidal locked."

Obviously any person (spirit or otherwise) would not be in "outer darkness" on the front side of this Hot Jupiter but on the back side of the planet it might be dark.

I quote another website:

  • "Hot Jupiters are gas giant planets with orbital period less than 10 days. The short period means that hot Jupiters are very close to their host stars, usually less than 0.1 AU, one tenth of the distance between the Earth and the Sun. Hot Jupiters dominated planet discoveries for at least one decade because they are the easiest to find with the radial velocity (Doppler) technique and the transit method. However, the occurrence rate of hot Jupiters differs by a factor of 2-3 between Doppler planet surveys and transit planet surveys.

    In addition to the discrepancy of occurrence rate, there are other puzzling questions with regard to Hot Jupiters. Hot Jupiters are too massive to form in situ because a lack of building materials close to a star. One possible solution is that hot Jupiters form further out, where building materials are sufficient, then migrate to their current positions. Migration of hot Jupiters can be caused by different mechanisms. Some think that the imbalance toque in a protoplanetary disk is the cause. Some think that the orbits of Hot Jupiter are excited to a very high eccentricity. The high eccentricity causes hot Jupiters to approach the central stars, so close that the orbital energy of hot Jupiters is tidally dissipated. The tidal energy dissipation shrinks and circularizes the orbits of hot Jupiters. What excites the high eccentricity is another issue under debate. Some think that planet-planet scattering is the cause. some think that the perturbation of a companion star is the cause."
    Hot Jupiters and Stellar Multiplicity

I should note that "Hot Jupiters" are normally, or perhaps always, much closer to their sun that Mercury is to our Sun. That would generate a massive amount of heat for anyone on one of these "Hot Jupiters," when combined with the clouds which surround a "Hot Jupiter."

Note that all of these explanations ignore God, who could move these planets by Himself!!! Astronomers never think about God even though there are now estimated to be one trillion galaxies!!!!

I do not know how dark being on the back side of one of these Hot Juipiters would be, but it would probably be very cold if the planet was tidally locked.

This article is about Hot Jupiters (places you would not want to live!!!):
Article: Is It Hot In Some Types Of Hell?? (on this website)

Note that Mercury didn't even make the list, but Venus did make the list!!!

In addition, some stars are giant X-Ray machines and you would not want to get anywhere near one of these stars!!! One these stars would get you fried in an instant!!! These are called pulsar stars.

The Spitzer Space Telescope is an infrared telescope in space that specializes in looking at exoplanets. It pretty much specializes in finding places that would make anything in our solar system seem cold.

Definitely tudy this article on this website:
Article: Dictionary Of Astronomy And Cosmology

By the way, you have no idea how many people are in the field of astronomy. I put this into Google: "PhD in Astronomy"
and I got 132,000 hits!!! That doesn't mean there are that many PhDs in Astronomy, but it does indicate that there are a lot of them!!!

Here are two other examples of a really hot place!!!

Quasars are the deadliest objects in the Universe!!! They can destroy the innermost part of a galaxy!!! "A quasar is an extremely luminous active galactic nucleus, in which a supermassive black hole with mass ranging from millions to billions of times the mass of the Sun is surrounded by a gaseous accretion disk."

A Pulsar is also deadly but it does not cover as much area. In fact it only covers a small area but wow is it hot!!!


Judgment Day: The Resurrection Of The Wicked

"Judgment Day" is also called "The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ." On this day those who qualify for the Celestial Kingdom and the Terrestrial Kingdom are resurrected!!! But not the telestial kingdom people!!!

The resurrection of the wicked (Telestial Kingdom) happens 1,000 years after the Second Coming of Christ. This 1,000 year period is known as the Millennium. Only the righteous and honorable people are allowed on this planet Earth after the Second Coming so those burning in hell for 1,000 years (i.e. the Millennium) suffer on another planet (perhaps Venus or Mercury, but we don't know).

At the end of Millennium the wicked are brought back to this planet to be resurrected (their physical body stayed in the grave on this planet until the end of the Millennium) and then they resurrected and are immediately taken to a "Telestial" planet assumedly forever. After the Millennium the telestial people are forbidden to be on this planet except for perhaps an hour to get resurrected after the Millennium.

I should note that the people who burn in hell for 1,000 years are precisely the same people who will end up on the Telestial planet after the Millennium. During the thousand years they could be on Venus or Mercury or an exoplanet in another solar system.

After the Millennium these Telestial Kingdom people would be on yet another planet but one that is not like "burning in hell." It would be a more comfortable exoplanet.

So let us ask the question: what might the Savior have been talking about when talking about those going to the Telestial Kingdom (i.e. "outer darkness"), perhaps during the Millennium, based on what astronomers know today???

Let me clarify, we do not know if those wicked people, during the Millennium, will burn in hell for 1,000 years or will be in outer darkness during the Millennium.

They may be on some other planet perhaps with a solar system during the Millennium and perhaps yet a different planet after the Millennium where it is not so hot.