The Truth About Cancer That You Will Never Hear In The Media!!!

by R. Webster Kehr, Retired Cancer Researcher (Founder of:

Before beginning you might be interested in a very short YouTube video about how I got into natural cancer treatments. I explain in 2 1/2 minutes the amazing story of how I got into researching natural cancer treatments:
YouTube: Cancer Tutor Original | Webster Kehr | The Inspiration Behind

This website has seven major articles about cancer and this article links to all of the other six articles!!! Plus it links to major articles on the famous website!!!

Everything you know about cancer comes from the gigantically rich owners of "Big Pharma" and "Big Media" who consider the "little people" (and that includes you and your family) as nothing more than a profit center!!! They couldn't care less whether you live or die, all they want is your health insurance money!!

Actually, that would be the Rockefeller family who are literally the scum of the Universe, beginning with John D. Rockefeller, Sr. Copy and paste this into Google: Rockefeller

And copy and paste this into Google (this is a cancer site so the references are more related to cancer): Rockefeller

The only desire of Big Pharma is to make as much money off of you as they can, from your health insurance policies, before you die!!! The five-year survival rate of cancer patients who use orthodox cancer treatments, according to their own statistics, is a pathetic 2.1%!!! That means 97.9% of their patients are dead in less than 5 years!!!

By the way, most health insurance policies only cover costs from Big Pharma and do not cover natural cancer treatments!!! That is how deep the corruption and stupidity are in America!!! Health insurance companies and politicians are either totally corrupt (i.e. Congress) or they don't have the slighest clue what is going on (at the state level)!!! Health insurance policies are approved at the state level by people who don't know any more about cancer treatments than a ten year old child knows!!!

If you actually have cancer, you need to be working with the superstars of natural medicine who work with cancer patients all over the world. They work for the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. which uses this website:
Welcome to Cancer Tutor

A typical natural cancer treatment will include 15 or so items, most of which are very inexpensive and some of which can be purchased at a health food store and in some cases a grocery store!!!

If you question the power of natural cancer treatments, or what the people at the Independent Cancer Research Foundation know about cancer, spend a couple of hours studying this article:
The Cancer Tutor "ICRF Reference Manual"

Do not use the ICRF Reference Manual to treat cancer because there are safety rules that the experts can tell you about. I mention it only to show you that natural cancer treatments can be made as strong as they need to be made!!! If you want to add something to what the experts tell you, ask them if it is OK because they know the SAFETY RULES!!!

One cancer treatment that the ICRF (i.e. people cannot talk about is Protandim, which is made by LifeVantage. The people at LifeVantage are dealthy afraid of the absolutely corrupt FDA (Food and Drug Administration) so they will not let anyone make any medicine claims about Protandim and cancer.

But Protandim was designed to get inside of cells and all 5 elements in Protandim kill bacteria so quite by accident Protandim is an excellent cancer treatment!!!

For normal cancer patients add 2 Protandim pills a day to what the people at the ICRF tell you. For advanced cancer patients add 12 Protandim pills a day to the protocol. But take them 2 at a time, every two hours. It is sold via multi-level marketing but you might be able to buy it on Amazon.

A typical natural cancer treatment will have between 15 and 20 individual cancer treatments (but only one of them can be highly alkaline to prevent alkalosis).

Here is an excellent article on what really causes cancer (hint: it is NOT DNA damage):
Article: What Causes Cancer?

It has been known since 1890 that cancer is caused by a bacteria (cancer is NOT caused by DNA damage - that is a stupid theory)!!! Royal Rife had a 100% cure rate and the only thing his equipment was designed to do was kill the bacteria inside the cancer cells!!!

Here is how to contact the people at
Contact Us

This is important!!! Once you have seen the protocol of those at the website; if their protocol does not include these two products - make sure both of these items are included in their protocol by adding them to what they mention:
1) Welch's Purple Grape Juice (buy at any grocery store) - drink a complete bottle every two or three days,
2) Protandim (between 2 and 12 pills in proportion to how advanced the patient is).

The people at are not allowed (by the Protandim vendor) to mention Protandim because the vendor, LifeVantage, is deathly afraid of the FDA.

The Basics Of Treating Cancer

Two Nobel Prizes were given for the discovery that cancer cells have less ATP energy/ATP molecules than healthy cells. ATP molecules are the powerhouse of a cell so a cell with low levels of ATP energy is a weak cell and is DEFINED to be cancerous!!!

The discovery that cancer cells are cells which are weak (i.e. they have low levels of ATP molecules) was by far the most well-deserved Nobel Prizes in history (to Watson and Crick in 1962)!!!

So why do cancer cells have low levels of ATP energy (i.e. low levels of ATP molecules)???

ATP energy is created by the conversion of glucose into pyruvate and from pyruvate into ATP molecules (I am skipping a bunch of steps to keep this simple).

This chemical reaction starts with glucose and in the middle there is pyruvate and in the end are ATP molecules/ATP energy.

Cancer is caused by a bacteria. This has been known since 1890 (not a typo), long before the discovery of DNA!!! So how does a bacteria cause cancer?? What do bacteria eat??? They eat GLUCOSE!!!

A cell with bacteria inside of it will have less glucose (because the bacteria have eaten some of the glucose) and thus it will have less pyruvate and thus it will have less ATP molecules and by definition the cell will be cancerous!!!!

Let me repeat that:

A cell with bacteria inside of it will have less glucose (but do not use pure sugar, the glucose must come from foods) and thus it will have less pyruvate and thus it will have less ATP molecules and by definition the cell will be cancerous!!!!

But remember, the reason the cell has less ATP energy is not because of our diet, it is because of bacteria (H. Pylori) that intercepts and eats glucose inside the cell.

Note that there is no DNA damage inside of cancer cells and there never has been!!! Cancer is caused by a bacteria!!! It is very hard for me to imagine a cell biologist who is so stupid that they think that DNA damage causes cancer!!!! There are MANY REASONS that DNA damage cannot cause cancer.

When a cancer cell divides both cells will have bacteria inside of them and both cells will be cancer cells!!! That is precisely how cancer spreads!!

If you kill all of the bacteria inside of a cancer cell (which is very easy to do and many natural cancer treatments do that), the cancer cell will revert into a normal cell!!!

Here is the important part - what is in the 15 or so items in a natural cancer treatment.

A typical natural cancer treatment will have 15 or so items that are designed to:
1) Multiple items will safely kill cancer cells (e.g. herbs and spices and purple grape juice),
2) Multiple items will safely kill the bacteria inside of cancer cells and revert the cancer cells into normal cells (which is easy to do),
3) One and only item will be highly alkaline to slow down the spreading of the cancer (e.g. cesium chloride or baking soda or calcium).
4) One or two items will build the immune system (this is a slower process so it is not as high a priority at first).

The reason only one highly alkaline item is allowed is to avoid alkalosis.

If you don't have cancer, why am I telling you this??? I want to tell you how to prevent cancer (unless you already have cancer and don't know it yet).

I will give you two options. One option you can purchase at a grocery store and the other has to be purchased from someone who sells it (multi-level marketing):

To Prevent Cancer: Item #1 of 2: Unsweetened Purple Grape Juice

Unless you already have advanced cancer but don't know it yet it is easy to prevent ever getting cancer.

The first option is unsweetened purple grape juice, which can be purchased at any grocery store. I use Welch's Concord Grape Juice. Assuming you do not already have cancer, and don't know it, if you drink several ounces of this product 3 or 4 times a week, you will never get cancer!!!

Purple grape juice has several natural chemicals in it that kill cancer cells!!!

In fact, there is an excellent natural medicine cancer treatment called the Brandt Grape Cure:
Article: Johanna Brandt Grape Cure for cancer - a "Stage V" treatment for cancer

To Prevent Cancer: Item #2 of 2: Protandim

The other product is sold multi-level marketing but it may be available on Amazon. It is called: Protandim.

Protandim is a product which was designed to be an anti-oxident. To do this it was designed to get inside of cells. Cancer cells would be included.

However, quite by accident all 5 elements in Protandim kill the cancer bacteria!!!! Anywhere from 2 to 12 Protandim (taken 2 at a time) can be used. The twelve would be for advanced cancer patients.

Protandim is one of the natural cancer treatments that can revert cancer cells into normal cells!!!

I mention Protandim here for two reasons.

Taking two Protandim pills a day is the perfect way to prevent ever getting cancer!!! As cancer cells form (in every person's body) the Protadim will keep the cancer cells under control!!! Taking two Protandim pills a day will prevent cancer (unless you already have advanced cancer and do not know it yet).

But Protandim can also be used as part of a cancer treatment for someone who already has cancer!!!

However, the people at the Intependent Cancer Research Foundation (i.e. the website) are not allowed to mention Protandim because the people at LifeVantage (who make Protandim) are dealthy afraid of the totally corrupt FDA!!!

The FDA is nothing more nor less than the private police force of Big Pharma thanks to unlimited corruption in Congress. Big Pharma doesn't want anyone to cure cancer so the FDA was largely created to suppress cures for cancer!!! Most of the members in Congress are whores - they will take bribes (of course the bribes are called "contributions") in any way they are offered!!!

So if you already have cancer work with the people at the website. Do not tell them you are using Protandim!!

For Advanced Cancer Patients (Add These Things If They Are Not In The ICRF Protocol)

First of all, you must work with the people in Utah!!!

But in addition to what they tell you:

First, ADD FROM TWO TO TWELVE PROTANDIM PILLS A DAY depending on how advanced you are. If you take more than two Protandim a day, take them two at a time every two hours!!!

A really advanced cancer patient may take twelve Protandim pills a day, but take only two per hour!!! But a really advanced cancer patients may be too far gone for natural cancer treatments to help them.

Find a Protandim vendor but do not tell them that you are using Protandim to prevent cancer or to treat cancer!!! Let them do all of the talking.

You might be able to buy Protandim on Amazon so you don't have to talk to anyone (I do not sell anything).

Second, if their protocol does not include purple grape juice, then add one-half or one-third bottle of Welch's Purple Grape Juice every couple of days!!!

It is a food and a cancer treatment, so it will not interfere with any cancer treatment!!!

Other Cancer Articles On This Website

There are eight articles about cancer on this website - including this article. One of them is for Latter-Day Saints and of course anyone can read this article.

If you think I have an "attitude problem" let me let you in on a little secret. These eight articles (including this article) are rated as "diplomatic articles" and only represent the tip of the iceberg of this subject!! Our "undiplomatic articles" are not online and are reserved for use in federal court cases where natural medicine experts are being persecuted because they know how to cure cancer!!! You simply cannot believe the corruption in the Congress of the United States!!!

If you are a really good looking woman in her early twenties just contact the pharmaceutical industry and they will find "clients" in Congress for you!!! Well, it is not quite that simple.

OK, here are links to the seven other articles on cancer on this website:

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