The Truth About Cancer - Cancer Is NOT Caused By DNA Damage!!!

by R. Webster Kehr, Retired Cancer Researcher

Part 2 of 4

More About Natural Cancer Treatments

It has been known since 1890 (not a typo) that cancer is caused by a bacteria called: Helicobacter Pylori!! It was discovered in the early 1900s that this bacteria was highly pleomorphic (i.e. it changes shapes and sizes based on the pH in the cell - 16 different shapes and sizes have been discovered).

There are four things I want to emphasize about natural cancer treatments:

1) Here is a key to treating cancer naturally - if you kill all of the bacteria inside of a cancer cell (which is fairly easy to do) the cancer cell will REVERT into a healthy cell!! Many of our cancer treatments were designed to do just that!!!

2) Some natural cancer treatments were designed to target and kill cancer cells (e.g. unsweetened purple grape juice),

3) Some natural treatments were designed to build the immune system. Transfer Point and the Bob Beck Protocol fit into this category.

4) Alkalinity (such as cesium chloride or baking soda) can slow down the reproduction rates of the cancer bacteria. If the activity of the bacteria inside the cancer cells slow down, the cell divisions (i.e. the spreading of the cancer) will also slow down. In addition, some of the highly alkaline treatments actually do kill cancer cells (but having a highly alkaline item in a natural cancer treatment requires working with an expert!!).

However, if the activity of the bacteria slows down too much (due to alkalinity) the microbes can actually go into hibernation and the cell will not have the characteristics of a cancer cell and the patient may think their cancer has been cured. But when the cell comes out of hibernation the cancer may return.

The "Helicobacter Pylori" Bacteria

When a cancer cell divides, there will be bacteria inside of both cells so you now have two cancer cells instead of one cancer cell!!! This is precisely how cancer spreads!!!

As already mentioned, Helicobacter Pylori causes cancer. Bacteria eat glucose. So when there are a growing number of bacteria inside of a cell they eat a growing amount of glucose. As more and more bacteria are inside the cancer cell, they eat more and more glucose!! As more and more glucose is consumed there is less and less pyruvate made inside of the cell. As less pyruvate is made inside of a cell, less ATP molecules (i.e. ATP energy) are made by the cell!!

THE VERY DEFINITION OF A "CANCER CELL" IS A CELL WITH LOW ATP MOLECULES/LOW ATP ENERGY Several Nobel Prizes (headed by Watson and Crick) were handed out for this discovery!!!

It is ABSOULTELY STUNNING that "cancer researchers" (as they call themselves) never talk about the bacteria that is inside of virtually all cancer cells!!!
1) Bacteria eat glucose,
2) Will less glucose the cell will not be able to produce enough pyruvate (I am skipping some steps),
3) Will less pyruvate there are fewer ATP molecules made in the cell,
4) Low levels of ATP energy is the definition of a cancer cell!!!)

The bacteria that causes cancer is Helicobacter Pylori or H. Pylori. As H. Pylori grows in number they eat more and more glucose. As they eat more and more glucose the cell is able to create less and less ATP molecules (i.e. ATP energy). The definition of a cancer cell is a cell with low ATP energy!!!

The H. Pylori bacteria is "pleomorphic," meaning it has multiple shapes and sizes. H. Pylori has 16 different shapes and sizes. This was discovered by Gaston Naessens. Here is an article on these sizes:
Introduction To Advanced Cancer Theory

You don't want too much alkalkinty or the cancer bacteria may go into hibernation (the Somatid state - #1). This may give the appearance that the cell is no longer cancerous, but when the alkalinity in the cell goes down, the bacteria in hibernation can come out of hibernation and the cell will again be cancerous. This is one of the reasons you need to work with an expert.

In addition, when a cancer cell divides both cells will have these bacteria!! That is the main way that cancer spreads (i.e. the number of cancer cells increases).

While there are many, many ways to treat cancer with natural medicine, a typical natural medicine cancer treatment will only have between 15 and 20 different natural products in it, which might include gentle electromedine (which is designed to kill bacteria, not cells)!!!

However, there are rules when using natural cancer treatments (e.g. do not take too many alkaline items - usually only one highly alkaline item a day is allowed)!!!

God is not the problem, greedy businessmen are one of the problems. Greedy oncologists are the other half of the problem.

Given the pathetic 5-year cure rate of orthodox medicine of 2.1%, you might wonder why oncologists don't use natural medicine?? The money that oncologists make comes largely from chemotherapy patents and patents on other types of drugs. Patents create monopolies and monopolies create massive amounts of profits!!! Big medicine was founded by the Rockefeller family, the most evil family in history. More on them below.

The History Of Natural Cancer Treatments

Cancer was being cured no later than the early 1900s in England by homeopaths!! Homeopathic medicine was first developed in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann. I don't know when the homeopaths started treating cancer, but it was no later than 1900.

When the Mormon pioneers came across the plains, in 1846-1847, they had a health manual with them that listed Cayenne Pepper as the treatment for cancer. Well, today we would mix Cayenne Pepper powder with honey so that a higher percentage of the Cayenne Pepper would target the cancer cells. Plus we would add a couple of dozen other natural cancer treatments (e.g. pure, unsweetened purple grape juice).

So why do "cancer researchers" today say that DNA damage causes cancer when cancer was being cured no later than 1847, WHICH WAS MORE THAN 100 YEARS BEFORE THE DISCOVERY OF DNA IN 1953??

The Mormon pioneers certainly didn't know how to "fix" damaged DNA!! In fact, they had no clue what DNA was!!!

If fact, if scientists cut open cancer cells today, and compared the DNA in the cancer cells to the DNA in healthy cells, from the same patient, all of the cells would have exactly the same DNA!!!! The article I linked to above about changing the length of a DNA strand is proof of this.

What really causes cancer is a bacteria called Helicobacter Pylori or just H. Pylori!! Bacteria were first found inside of cancer cells in 1890 (not a typo) by pathologist William Russell (1852-1940). He found the bacteria both inside and outside of cancer cells.

Setting aside all of this theory, the important point is that if you kill all of the bacteria inside of a cancer cell, the cancer cell will literally revert into a normal cell!!!

To prevent cancer just take 10 or 12 ounces of unsweetened purple grape juice every day. Another option to prevent cancer is called Protandim, which I will talk about next.


Protandim is a supplement made by LifeVantage in Utah. It is sold as an "anti-oxidant." The claim is that all 5 elements of Protandim get inside of cells and act as an anti-oxidant of cells.

However, by pure luck all five elements of Protandim kill the bacteria that causes cancer!!! So Protandim is an amazing cancer treatment!!!

However, the people at LifeVantage are afraid of the FDA and they refuse to admit that their product will revert cancer cells into normal cells.

In fact, it is an amazing cancer treatment. So this is how to use Protandim:
1) If you want to PREVENT cancer, take two Protandim a day (at the same time) and/or 12 ounces of unsweetened purple grape juice every day,
2) If you HAVE cancer take 2 Protandim every two hours until you have taken 10 Protandim a day. This is in addition to other natural treatments such as Cayenne Pepper (which kills cancer cells. But work with an expert.

Also, do not take Protandim pills at the same time of any other herbs as it might throw off the formula.

The Secret Combinations Of Greedy Businessmen

So why would anyone claim that DNA damage causes all cases of cancer when DNA was discovered long, long after cancer was being cured by herbalists, naturopaths and homeopaths??? And why is the pharmaceutical industry "trying" to find a cure for cancer by fixing DNA damage??? Are they just plain stupid??

No, they are not stupid, they are just plain greedy!!! When the oil baron Rockefeller family learned that they could use their oil to make drugs to treat cancer, and that these drugs could be patented to yield massive, massive profits; the super rich who owned Big Pharma and Big Media suddenly claimed that cancer was incurable and that they, the super-rich, were going to figure out how to cure cancer!!!

And later on, when DNA was discovered, they started to pretend that DNA damage caused cancer to provide further excuses as to why they could not cure cancer!!

It is all about controlling the media. The media will always be owned by the super-rich and the American people use the media as their major source of information about cancer!!

Did the laws of physics change when the Rockefellers starting selling worthless drugs?? No, what has changed is that super rich people now own both the pharmaceutical industry, the media and Congress (sorry, but most Congressmen and Congresswomen are nothing but whores who sell their key votes to the highest bidder).

The super rich have no interest in curing cancer for the "little people" so they claim that cancer is caused by DNA damage to guarantee that their profits are not hampered by people being cured of cancer!!!

They control orthodox medicine cancer "research." Their "cancer researchers" are diligently looking for where on DNA the damage exists. There is a 100% probability that Big Pharma and their puppets in the AMA and FDA and Congress will never find a cure for cancer because DNA damage is not what causes cancer!! Well, maybe one American a year gets cancer caused by DNA damage!!!

So why don't oncologists use natural cancer treatments. Well, some do, but most don't. The reason most of them do not use natural treatments for their cancer patients is that natural substances cannot be patented!!! Only the useless man-made molecules of the pharmaceutical industry (which the human body doesn't know what to do with) can be patented and these worthless drugs lead to massive, massive, massive profits!!

Here is the key to remember:

If DNA damage causes cancer, how was cancer being cured well over a hundred years ago by people who didn't even know what a DNA strand was???!!! DNA was not discovered until 1953 by Watson and Crick, literally more than 100 years after the Mormon pioneers, and I am sure many others, were curing cancer with herbs or homeopathic formulas!!!

Before 1953, no one knew what DNA was, much less how to fix DNA damage!!! Nor did they care because natural treatments were curing cancer.

As another proof that DNA damage does not cause cancer, there is a very, very simple experiment that I will describe in the next article which would PROVE that cancer is not caused by DNA damage!!! But no one in orthodox medicine will ever do this experiment because they don't want to know the truth about what causes cancer!!!

Let me say something else. Every time these "cancer researchers" cut open a cancer cell they will see bacteria inside the cancer cell. Yet they never think about how bacteria might be able to cause low ATP enery!!

What about politicians? It is the politicians who created and continue to fund the Food and Drug Administration (the FDA). The purpose of the FDA is to give credibility to Big Pharma for everything they do. But another purpose of the FDA is to make it financially impossible for anyone in natural medicine to get a natural cancer treatment approved by the FDA because natural cancer treatments cannot be patented and thus they cannot yield the massive profits needed to get FDA approval!!!

These people must think that God is really, really stupid!! Well, God predicted the Rockefeller family in the Old Testament of the Bible!!! They are also predicted, but in a broader way, three times in the Book of Mormon which was first published in 1830!!! Here is 3 Nephi 16:10
Book of Mormon: 3 Nephi 16:10 (Christ is speaking)

More About What Really Causes Cancer

As I mentioned above, the very definition of a cancer cell is a cell with low ATP energy (i.e. low levels of adenosine triphosphate)!!! Millions of ATP molecules are made inside of every healthy cell (well almost every healthy cell, there are exceptions such as red blood cells) every second via a sequence of chemical reactions.

A Nobel Prize was given in 1931 to Otto Warburg for discovering that low levels of ATP energy (i.e. low numbers of ATP molecules) are the very definition of a cancer cell!!! He deserved the Nobel Prize!!! This is about the only thing that both orthodox medicine cancer researchers and natural medicine cancer researchers agree on!!

The big question is this: what causes this low ATP energy?? Orthodox medicine (i.e. those who endorse and use chemotherapy, radiation and surgery) claims that DNA damage causes the low ATP energy. Natural medicine researchers say that a bacteria causes the low ATP energy!!!

Acutally, this fact has led to many cures for cancer in natural medicine. Perhaps the best know of these cures was made by an electromedicine guru.

A microbiologist and electromedicine guru, in the 1930s, Royal Rife, developed a machine that did nothing but kill the cancer bacteria via frequency harmonics!! His machines had a 100% cure rate for cancer by doing nothing but killing the bacteria inside of cancer cells!!!

The American Medical Association tried to buy him out (so they could destroy his equipment), but he refused to sell-out because he knew they would destroy his lab and his equipment. So the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) used force to destroy his lab and his equipment!!!

How do we know his claims were true?? Because Rife had already sold several of his devices and one of his devices was found. With this old Rife machine, combined with newer electronics technology, the GB-4000 SR-4 and GB-4000 M.O.P.A. devices were created and they can be purchased today!!

There are detailed instructions on how to use these devices for a wide array of microbial diseases (obviously including cancer), just work with the vendor to get the manuals and learn how to use them.

Here is my point: these two devices are among the many techniques and products which are used to target and kill the bacteria inside the cancer cells. When these bacteria are killed, the cancer cells REVERT into normal cells because there is nothing left to block the production of ATP energy!!

The success of Royal Rife, who was a microbiologist, whose devices were ONLY designed to kill bacteria is yet another proof that DNA damage does not cause cancer!!

Natural medicine cancer researchers treat cancer by designing a protocol which usually does all of these things using a variety of products:
1) Safely and gently target and kill cancer cells (e.g. unsweetened purple grape juice) - this kills cancer cells using natural molecules,
2) Safely and gently target and kill the bacteria inside of cancer cells (e.g. a combination of honey and turmeric or a "Rife Machine"),
3) Safely use exactly one highly alkaline item to slow down the activity of the bacteria (e.g. cesium chloride or baking soda)
4) Supercharge the immune system (e.g. the Transfer Point supplement and/or the Bob Beck Protocol).

Only one highly alkaline item is used every day in a natural cancer treatment to avoid alkalosis. And the highly alkaline item may also kill some bacteria if it is used in a certain way.

A typical natural cancer treatment will have 15 or 20 items which fit into one of the 4 categories just mentioned, but remember that ONLY ONE of the natural treatments in a protocol (e.g. cesium chloride, baking soda, coral calcium, etc.) should be used every day. This is to avoid alkalosis, which is when a person's bloodstream is too alkaline.

Let me say one more thing for now: not a single cancer patients who has ever lived on this planet, or currently lives on this planet, has been cured of cancer by fixing their DNA!!!! The 2.1% cure rate or orthodox medicine is actually deceptive. Those who survived did not survive because of chemotherapy or radiation!!! If surgery can cut out all of the cancer cells that will cure cancer, but it is very, very, very rare that surgery can cut out all of the cancer cells!!!

Details About How Bacteria Cause Cancer

It was known in 1890 (not a typo), and has been rediscovered many times since then, that the defining characteristic of cancer cells is that they have many bacteria inside of them. This bacteria is called: Helicobacter pylori (i.e. H. pylori)

If you gently kill all of the bacteria inside the cancer cells the cancer cells will revert into normal, healthy cells!!! Yes!!! How many times you have heard on television that cancer cells can be REVERTED into normal cells!!! Zero!!!

What do bacteria eat?? They love glucose!! So if bacteria eat glucose in a cell, the cell will have less glucose!!!! Because the cell has less glucose (because the bacteria has eaten much of it) the cell will have less pyruvate (I am skipping some intermediate steps and focusing on the key steps). Because the cell has less pyruvate it will not be able to create a normal amount of ATP energy. Low ATP energy (i.e. molecules) is the very definition of a cancer cell!!!!!

There is a 100% correlation between the amount of glucose in a cell and the amount of ATP energy in a cell!!!

So if bacteria eat glucose there will be less ATP energy!!! The cell, by defintion, will be cancerous!!!

Dr. Royal Rife, a microbiologist, had a 100% cure rate for cancer doing nothing but killing the bacteria inside of cancer cells!!! And this was in the 1930s, before DNA was discovered in 1953!!! He was shut down by the FDA because he was curing cancer!! Many people in natural medicine were curing cancer long before DNA was discovered!!!

A cancer cell will revert into a normal cell when all of the bacteria inside of the cancer cell are killed!!! If DNA damage caused cancer the cancer cell could NEVER revert into a normal cell. Yet that is exactly what Royal Rife did - revert cancer cells into normal cells by killing the bacteria.

When the bacteria are dead the ATP energy can be restored because there is nothing left to block the production of ATP energy!! My point is that cancer cells can become healthy cells!!!!!!! Why kill a sick cell??? Why not make it healthy???

So cancer can be cured by a combination of:
1) multiple treatments that kill the cancer cells naturally or
2) multiple treatments that kill the bacteria inside the cancer cells (which reverts cancer cells into normal cells) and/or
3) by supercharging the immune system (using a special product such as Transfer Point) and letting the immune system be part of the treatment!!

To some degree alkalinity can also contribute to a cancer treatment by slowing down the spread of the cancer. Alkalinity can kill cancer cells but doing this is not recommended unless the person is working with an expert in alkalinty. Be familiar with the term and symptoms of "alkalosis."

Higher than normal levels of alkalinity are frequently used in natural cancer treatments to slow down the spread of the cancer.

Remember that a natural medicine treatment (of which the GB-4000 frequency device would be just one treatment) typically contains 15 to 25 or more natural cancer treatments, most of which are very inexpensive!! But either GB-4000 device is going to cost over $2,000 but it is an optional treatment for those who can afford it. Many of the individual treatments in a natural medicine cancer treatment are very inexpensive and can be purchased at a health food store!!

So a natural cancer treatment approaches the cancer from several different directions, which is why expert support is highly recommended.

This article is in four parts, here are the other three parts:
Article: Part 1: Introduction
Article: Part 3: Other Comments About Orthodox Medicine
Article: Part 4: Erectile Dysfunction - Two Major Methods


An Excellent Natural Cancer Treatment - With Expert Support

God (who designed everything in Mother Nature) is a heck of a lot smarter than anyone in orthodox medicine and God has infinitely more integrity than the Rockefeller clan. Natural cancer treatments frequently have 90% and above survival rates (i.e. "cure rates"). Orthodox cancer treatments (e.g. chemotherapy, radiation and surgery) have a very, very, very pathetic survival rate of 2.1% (that is according to their statistics).

So why would anyone use a cancer treatment which essentially tortures you to death and has only a 2.1% 5-year survival rate??? Because they don't know any better because everything they know about cancer has come from the super-rich owners of Big Pharma and Big Media!!!

Here is a website with an excellent natural cancer treatment with expert support!!!
Dirt Cheap Protocol

This website also has a massive "Reference Manual" of information about natural cancer treatments:
Independent Cancer Research Foundation Reference Manual


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