Digging Deeper Into Orthodox Medicine

by R. Webster Kehr, Retired Cancer Researcher!!

Getting back to orthodox cancer "research," anyone who understands the corruption in "modern medicine" would understand why the "cancer researchers" at the American Cancer Society and Susan G. Komen Foundation, etc. continue to say that cancer is caused by DNA damage!!! What is wrong with these people?? Are they really that stupid?? I honestly don't know if they are that stupid or not, but I do know that they would get fired on the spot if they told the truth publicly that cancer was caused by a bacteria!!!

But even if someone told the truth, from one of these organization, the media (which is owned by the Super Rich) would never broadcast this confession!!!!

The major media today, including Fox News, do not exist to inform, the media exists to control and manipulate!!! Fox News, for example, specializes in deceiving the conservatives. I am old enough to remember when Fox News was started (this was back in the days of broadcast television). The three major television networks back then (ABC, NBC, CBS) were so liberal that people started to figure out there was something fishy about the media.

Fox News was started, not to inform the conservatives, but precisely to deceive and control the conservatives!!!! However, in some cases Fox News does represent true conservatives, so I give them credit for that!!!

But with regards to cancer, if the general public knew the truth, that cancer was caused by a bacteria, the general public would demand that cures for cancer would be found!!!

But the general public will never know the truth!!! The super-rich major owners of Big Pharma (mostly the Rockefellers) and the super-rich major owners of Big Media have a quid pro quo relationship. Big Pharma advertises in Big Media and Big Media sends patients to Big Pharma by glorifying orthodox medicine on television and by totally suppressing the fact that there are cures for cancer in natural medicine.

A Simple Experiment To Determine If DNA Damage Causes The Vast, Vast, Vast, Vast Majority of Cancer Cases

IMPORTANT NOTE: This experiment should ONLY BE DONE on cancer cells which do not have any bacteria in them!!! However, this creates a paradox because it is almost impossible for DNA damage to cause cancer so no such cancer cells exist!!! That is my point!!! In any case, let us procede and pretend that some cancer cells do not have bacteria in them!!!

Let me explain why I claim these "cancer researchers" are so unbelievably stupid!!! Here is a very simple experiment they can easily do to see if DNA damage causes cancer!! Plus, if DNA damage did cause cancer, this experiment will show cancer researchers exactly where the DNA damage is located!!!

Suppose they started with a cancer patient whose cancer was known to be confined to one area. For example, we will pick a liver cancer patient whose cancer has clearly not spread beyond the liver.

Step 1: the cancer researchers should cut open twenty known cancer cells from the liver of this patient.

Step 2: the cancer researchers should cut open twenty known healthy cells from the patient's arm (we obviously know these are healthy cells because the cancer is contained inside the liver by of the design of the experiment).

The researchers should compare the DNA in all 40 of these cells.

The "researchers" would find out that THE DNA IN ALL 40 CELLS WAS IDENTICAL!!!!!

If the DNA strands between the two groups were not identical the researchers would win a Nobel Prize for finding out where on DNA the damage was located. But that is not going to happen because DNA damage is not what causes cancer!!!

There are so many reasons this is such a stupid theory I don't know where to begin. For example, DNA is HUGE (3.2 billion nucleotides). The DNA damage would have to be in an incredibly small section such that the DNA damage would damage the enzymes needed in the conversion of glucose into ATP energy. This is an incredibly small section of DNA!!!

And just as importantly, every place where there was DNA damage would be in a totally random location!!! In other words, the DNA damage could occur anywhere on the DNA strand!!!

What this means is that the DNA damage, for 100,000 cancer patients, would not be in the same location twice!!!

It gets worse: DNA cannot be changed and still be functional (DNA can only be destroyed while it is inside of a cell because there is nothing inside of a cell that can put broken DNA back together)!!

So what would be different inside of these 40 cancer cells???

The cancer researchers would see many bacteria inside of every one of the cancer cells and they would see zero bacteria inside every one of the healthy cells!!!

Anyone with an I.Q. higher than a cockroach would conclude that cancer was caused by a bacteria!!!!!!!!! They may not know how the bacteria causes low ATP energy, but they would know that bacteria were causing the low ATP energy.

Perhaps these "cancer researchers," as they call themselves, do not know that bacteria eat glucose!!

This is how glucose creates ATP energy in a healthy cell (of course this is very simplified):

1) Every cell needs glucose, so glucose enters into a cell from the foods a person eats,
2) Through a chemical chain reaction, the glucose is converted into pyruvate (I am skipping some steps),
3) The pyruvate enters into the mitochondria and the Citric Acid Cycle, followed by the Electron Transport Chain, create the ATP energy/molecules for the cell!!!

There is essentially a direct, proportional relationship between the amount of glucose that enters into the cell and the amount of ATP energy that is created by the cell!!!

I need to repeat that paragraph one hundred times:

There is essentially a direct, proportional relationship between the amount of glucose that enters into the cell and the amount of ATP energy that is created by the cell!!!

So how do bacteria cause low ATP energy (i.e. cancer)?? Well, what do bacteria eat??? They eat glucose!!

1) If the cell has bacteria in it, the bacteria will eat some of the glucose and the cell will have less glucose and thus the cell will have less pyruvate than a normal cell,
2) If the cell has less pyruvate, the Citric Acid Cycle and Electron Transport Chain will create less ATP energy!!!!
3) The cell will be cancerous because the definition of a cancer cell is a cell with low ATP energy!!!!

As I just said: there is a direct, proportional relationship between how much glucose is inside of a cell (any cell) and how much ATP energy is made inside the cell!!!!

Every cell in your body needs glucose to create ATP energy. The glucose comes from the foods you eat. I should note however, that pure sugar is not good for cancer patients as it "feeds" the bacteria and the bacteria may consume less glucose from foods.

A cell with bacteria in it will have less glucose because the bacteria will eat glucose. With less glucose, a cell with bacteria in it will have less pyruvate and less ATP energy!!! The cell, BY DEFINITION, will be cancerous!!!!

While I skipped a few steps above, any cell biologist could fill in the gaps. Quite frankly a ten year old child could understand all of this in about twenty minutes. This is not rocket science.

Here is the key: WHEN A CANCER CELL DIVIDES THERE WILL BE BACTERIA INSIDE OF BOTH CELLS!!!!!! This is how cancer spreads!!!

Are the cancer "researchers" (as they call themselves) at the American Cancer Society and the Susan G. Komen foundation really that stupid?? I doubt it. I think that they are well aware that they would be fired on the spot if they mentioned to their supervisors that cancer was caused by a bacteria.

BACTERIA WERE FOUND INSIDE OF CANCER CELLS IN 1890 (AS I MENTIONED) BY THE PATHOLOGIST WILLIAM RUSSELL (1852-1940)!!! He also knew that these bacteria were pleomorphic (i.e. they change size and shape depending on the pH inside the cancer cells).

Gaston Naessens, some years later, was the first to identify there were 16 phases (i.e. 16 different sizes and shapes) of the cancer microbe depending on the pH inside the cancer cells. He was persecuted by the Canadian government!!! He did not win a Nobel Prize because the Nobel Prize in medicine is controlled by the pharmaceutical industry.

Dr. Virginia Livingston's team (including the Dillers) also knew about these microbes and how they could get inside the nucleus of the cell. They did not win a Nobel Prize because the Nobel Prize in medicine is controlled by the pharmaceutical industry.

The Nobel Prize in medicine is controlled by the pharmaceutical industry!!!

Yet none of the cancer "researchers" at the major cancer research organizations, such as the Susan G. Komen Foundation, the American Cancer Society, etc., with their electron microscopes, have ever noticed these bacteria?? Do they not know that bacteria eat glucose?? Do they now know that glucose is the "food" which is used by the cell to create ATP molecules???

As Frank Zappa is quoted as saying: "there is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe." He is right!!!!

But it is not stupidity, it is greed on the part of the major owners of the pharmaceutical industry. When John D. Rockefeller, Sr. founded the pharmaceutical industry cancer was NOT a dread disease!!! Homeopaths were curing cancer in England. Herbalists were curing cancer in America.

If you have some time, copy and paste this into a search engine:
site:www.whale.to Rockefeller

I don't think the person who owns that website likes the Rockefellers!!!

We don't like him either. Well, he is long dead, but his family has continued his mass murder by supressing cures for cancer.

Nor would any family like him if they had a family member die of cancer because of him and his descendants and his followers!!!

But there is good news. There is plenty of expert support for anyone who is dealing with cancer and is using natural cancer treatments.

A Litte More About The FDA

The corruption in the FDA is really a symptom of the corruption in Congress.

The super rich are very good at getting taxpayers to fund organizations which are designed to enhance their profits!!! Congress is more of a whore house than a group of people looking out for the American people, though I am sure there are some honest people in Congress. When two people are running for Congress, and they each throw mud at each other, both of them are probably right!!!! That is precisely why the Food and Drug Administration (i.e. FDA) exists as the taxpayer-funded, private police force of Big Pharma!!!

The FDA has a very important role in the deaths of so many Americans (well, in this case Americans are tortured to death by worthless drugs). Their job is to make it financially impossible (except for companies owned by the super-rich, such as those who own the pharmaceutial companies) to get "FDA approval" to use their products in the treatments of cancer. The FDA is part of the scam that makes sure the general public doesn't know that there are many cures for cancer in natural medicine.

Natural medicine cancer reseachers will never be able to afford to get FDA approval for their highly effective natural cancer treatments because the FDA does not approve natural products!! Plus natural medicine practitioners could never have enough money to do an FDA study because natural products cannot be patented and thus they cannot generate the vast amount of money needed to get FDA approval!!

How much money do I make if I write an article on the Internet which tells you to go to a health food store and buy the things I list in order to cure cancer?? Well, some items cannot be purchased at a health food store.


Now I am not against patent laws, but I am against using patent laws which were written to lead to the torturous deaths of about 1,000,000 Americans every year!!

And patent laws allow Big Pharma countless amounts of money to advertise their worthless products (in different ways) without a dime going to people who really want cancer patients to survive their cancer (i.e. natural medicine cancer researchers)!! In other words, patent laws provide zero money to natural medicine cancer researchers, whose treatments have massively higher cure rates than orthodox medicine!!!

You cannot believe how many people will burn in hell because God put one little bacteria on this planet: H. Pylori!!!! Yes, God knows what is going on.

I should mention that state governments are not much better than federal governments. State governments approve health insurance policies. I doubt there is a single health insurance policy in America that forces the health insurance company to pay for natural cancer treatments and the consultants of natural cancer treatments.

You cannot believe how many people will burn in hell because of H. Pylori!!! God intentionally designed H. Pylori specifically because this life is a test and H. Pylori gives many people a chance to choose between good and evil!!!

Don't Mess With God!!!

The Rockefellers control the American people like puppets, but they have not thought of everything!!! They have forgotten about God. They must think that God gets His information for Judgment Day the way most Americans get their information - by watching television!!! Ooops!!!

While Big Pharma controls the minds of almost all Americans, they cannot control the mind of God who is the very person who will determine were everyone will spend eternity!!!!! Remember, God designed the DNA for the plants used to cure cancer well over 100 years ago!! Why did God design DNA for plants and herbs which can cure cancer?? Because God loves his children!!

On Judgment Day many, many people (including some members of Congress) will find out the hard way that God is not stupid!!! It is amazing how many people think that God is stupid. God predicted all of this would happen BEFORE THE BIRTH OF CHRIST in the Old Testament!! In Daniel chapter 7 the "fourth beast and ten horns" are John D. Rockefeller, Sr. and ten of his descendants starting with John D. Rockefeller, Jr.!!! So much for the "I Hope God Is Stupid" theory. Daniel was written before the birth of Christ!!!!!

Now let me say something. Some of his descendants in Big Pharma may not have the "Rockefeller" name. For example, if a female descendant of his is married (and has a different name) and runs his chemotherapy factory the "Rockefeller" name disappears, but his descendants continue on killing people!!!

The three beasts, for your information, were Hitler ("eagle wings" because Daniel did not have a word in the Hebrew language, before the birth of Christ, for "bomber"), Stalin (or course the bear) and Mao Zedong (the leopard, meaning yellow skin).

The corruption was also predicted in the Book of Mormon, which was written anciently but was translated and published in New York state in 1830!!! The Book of Mormon used the phrase "Secret Abominations" in multiple places which referenced the last days (i.e. our day), such as 3 Nephi 16:10. The Secret Abominations include some of the Rockefellers and others. Here is a link to this chapter and verse (this is Christ speaking just after His resurrrection, to His followers in America and Christ is quoting Heavenly Father):
Book of Mormon: 3 Nephi 16:10

The Book of Mormon was published in 1830!!! John D. Rockefeller, Sr was born on July 8, 1839, which was nine years after the Book of Mormon was published!!!

By now, I hope the reader realizes that the super rich owners of the media and the super rich owners of Big Pharma (all of whom are part of the "Secret Abominations" described in the Book of Mormon in 3 Nephi 16:10) were very, very well-known to God before, or shortly after, the birth of Christ (I am talking about the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament and the Book of Mormon quote was originally made in 34 A.D.)!!

Yes, don't mess with God!!!! I have written many articles on these topics which are not online!! This article is the very, very, very diplomatic version of my writings about the Rockefellers!!! Your eyes would pop-out if you read some of the other things I have said about the Rockefellers.

More About Natural Cancer Treatments

Many natural cancer treatments are designed to gently kill the cancer cells or gently kill the bacteria inside the cancer cells!! I just mentioned using honey mixed with cayenne pepper. Cancer cells love honey and they gobble it up so it becomes a Trojan Horse!! But natural cancer treatments also are designed to build the immune system. Try to build the immune system with chemotherapy and radiation!!!

Natural cancer treatments can be used in very high doses and well over a dozen natural cancer treatments can be used every day (but only one highly alkaline item can be used every day to avoid alkalosis). Try to use more than a dozen kinds of chemotherapy every day!! It would kill the patient.

While chemotherapy does kill cancer cells, chemotherapy does not target cancer cells!!! That is why it has to be used in very, very low doses. but even in low doses chemotherapy still does not target cancer cells!!!!

Some old types of chemotherapy would bind to DMSO, which would allow the chemotherapy to target cancer cells!!! But orthodox medicine had no interest in using DMSO because it is natural, even though DMSO would actually have allowed chemotherapy to cure cancer!!! Somehow the word "scum" seems inadequate to describe those in Big Pharma and the FDA and some in Congress.

Remember, when all of the bacteria inside a cancer cell are dead, the cancer cell will revert into a normal cell because there is nothing left inside the cell to block ATP energy production!!!

I should also mention that the average person has two pounds of microbes in their bloodstream!! This is not good for the immune system, it is not good for the heart and it definitely is not good for men who have erectile dysfunction (E.D.) which is caused by poor blood flow. E.D. is caused by microbes in the bloodstream not by a lack of prescription drugs.

This article is in four parts, here are the other three parts:
Article: Part 1: Introduction
Article: Part 2: More About Natural Cancer Treatments
Article: Part 4: Erectile Dysfunction - Two Major Methods


An Excellent Natural Cancer Treatment - With Expert Support

Every cancer patient needs to work with experts!!!

God (who designed everything in Mother Nature) is a heck of a lot smarter than anyone in orthodox medicine and God has infinitely more integrity than the Rockefeller clan. Natural cancer treatments frequently have 90% and above survival rates (i.e. "cure rates"). Orthodox cancer treatments (e.g. chemotherapy, radiation and surgery) have a very, very, very pathetic survival rate of 2.1% (that is according to their statistics).

So why would anyone use a cancer treatment which essentially tortures you to death and has only a 2.1% 5-year survival rate??? Because they don't know any better because everything they know about cancer has come from the super-rich owners of Big Pharma and Big Media!!!

Here is a website with an excellent natural cancer treatment with expert support!!!
Dirt Cheap Protocol

This website also has a massive "Reference Manual" of information about natural cancer treatments:
Independent Cancer Research Foundation Reference Manual


You Can Start Your Cancer Treatment TODAY!!!!!

Since it will take some time to start working with the experts and obtaining the items in their protocol, this article is about something to can do to treat cancer TODAY because you can obtain this product at any grocery store!!!!
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