The Truth About Cancer - Cancer Is NOT Caused By DNA Damage!!!

by R. Webster Kehr, Retired Cancer Researcher (Founder of:

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The Bob Beck Protocol on the website was originally designed as a cure for AIDS/HIV (which it is) but cancer researchers also use it as an immune builder. Here is the article on the Bob Beck Protocol to cure AIDS/HIV:
Cancer Tutor: Bob Beck Protocol

When Kaali and Lyman first published this article in a medical journal, the article was published, but before the journals were physically sent out someone noticed that there was a cure for AIDS in the journal!!! Every one of the journals was destroyed to suppress the cure for AIDS!!!

However, Kaali had a good relationship with a different journal and he asked them to publish it (without telling them that the article described a cure for AIDS) and the other journal published the article!!!

One of the cancer researchers at the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc., and one other person who was a vendor, figured that because Bob Beck had a copy of the article, that Kaali had probably gotten it published in a different journal. These researchers were able to track down the other journal article!! It is now published on a password-protected web page as I will now explain.

If you want to see the original Kaali/Lyman article on AIDS/HIV (which was suppressed precisely because it led to cures for AIDS/HIV [their article was used by Bob Beck to design his protocol for AIDS - which can be found on the Cancer Tutor website]), follow these instructions:
1) Copy and paste this into a new browser window:
3) The Case Sensitive Username = no
4) The Case Sensitive Password = link
5) There is a link to the Original 1991 Kaali and Lyman article on this page.

The best source of equipment for the Bob Beck Protocol are made by Sota Instruments at The also mentions this excellent vendor.

Back To Cancer

Getting back to treating cancer, in a typical natural medicine cancer treatment there may be more than a dozen and a half simple treatments like honey and turmeric. And because these treatments are healthy for you, high doses of these treatments can be used. The main exception is highly alkaline items which are strictly limited in doses!!!! In fact, a typical natural cancer treatment will only have one highly alkaline item (e.g. cesium chloride or calcium carbonate or baking soda, etc.). And the doses of this one highly alkaline item will be strictly limited to avoid getting alkalosis.


Natural cancer treatments are far superior to orthodox cancer treatments because orthodox cancer treatments are very, very toxic and do not target cancer cells, thus orthodox cancer treatments must be used in very, very low doses!!! But even in very, very low doses orthodox cancer treatments still do not target cancer cells!!

I am going to repeat that last sentence because it is soooo critical: But even in very, very low doses orthodox cancer treatments still do not target cancer cells!!

But natural cancer treatments can generally be used in very high doses because they are natural and many of them do target cancer cells. And natural cancer treatments can be combined together. Even twenty or twenty-five natural cancer treatments can be used on the same day; day after day!!

The exception to using high doses in natural medicine, as I mentioned above, is highly alkaline items, such as cesium chloride, coral calcium, baking soda mixed with maple syrup, etc. These are limited in doses to avoid alkalosis.

But the key to surviving cancer with natural medicine is to work with an expert who knows what works and what doesn't work and they know the rules (such as the rules about using highly alkaline items).

If you have cancer, or if someone you know has cancer, work with the experts at the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. which owns and operates the Cancer Tutor website (their website also links to cancer clinics which use natural medicine, some of which are run by Medical Doctors who switched sides).

The organization that owns this website has experts who can help you can design a natural cancer treatment, answer questions about the natural cancer treatments and work with the patient in other ways!!!
Cancer Tutor: Home Page

How To Prevent Cancer

When my brother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer he was dead within two weeks!!!! He had advanced lung cancer in both lungs before he was diagnosed!! Neither his oncologist nor I even bothered to try to save his life because we knew it was a hopeless case!!! One of my daughters and I were in his hospital room when the people from hospice picked him up from the hospital.

The solution is to prevent cancer, that way it cannot sneak up on you!!!

To prevent cancer do the following every day:
1) Take 2 Protandim pills a day (take the two pills at the same time - find a local distributor or use Amazon)
2) Take at least 12 ounces of pure purple grape juice (no sugar added) [or 12 ounces of carrot juice - your choice]
3) Look at the Dirt Cheap Protocol on the website and pick two or more other items
Cancer Tutor: Dirt Cheap Protocol

If you think you are at high risk for cancer, for a month or two take 10 Protandim pills a day (instead of 2 a day), plus the other items. But take the Protandim in a special way: take 2 Protandim pills at least two hours apart until you take the 10 per day. How many weeks you do this is up to you. Then drop down to 2 Protandim a day for prevention.

If you want to know some of the awesome power of natural cancer treatments, sit in a comfortable chair and study the ICRF Reference Manual, which I mentioned above, for a couple of hours!!

Murder By Not Living The Golden Rule

You might wonder why some of the members of the Rockefeller family will burn in hell because of their suppression of cures for cancer.

In the Bible is the story of the Rich Man and the beggar Lazarus. You may remember it. The begger sat at the gates of the rich man's house begging for food. The rich man never gave the begger anything, not even the crumbs which fell from his table!!! Both of them died and the rich man went to hell and the begger went to heaven!!!

Why did the rich man go to hell - he never touched the beggar???

I call the sin of the rich man: "Murder By Not Living The Golden Rule." He went to hell for not living the golden rule with repect to one beggar!!!

The Rockefellers and many others suppress cures for cancer in their lust for money!! Will they not also go to hell for not living the Golden Rule with respect to their patients. God will decide.

Medical doctors have a responsibility to their patients to give them the best advice they can give them, regardless of profits. In fact, oncologists have a responsibility to learn about the vast superior natural cancer treatments.

Erectile Dysfuntion

Erectile dysfunction has nothing to do with cancer, but since I am an expert, what the heck, I will mention it. You should get a bonus for reading this far.

The cause of E.D. is poor blood flow. This poor blood flow is not caused by a lack of prescription drugs, it is caused by two pounds of microbes in the bloodstream!!! The TWO POUNDS of microbes puts pressure on their heart and also hampers blood flow.

The solution is the Bob Beck Protocol. The entire purpose of this protocol is to clean the bloodstream of microbes!! This protocol is considered to be an immune building protocol for cancer, but it has the dual purpose for men of solving E.D.

Here is a link on the website for this protocol:
Cancer Tutor: Bob Beck Protocol

Also look at this article for more ideas:
Cancer Tutor: How to kill microbes in the bloodstream and body (immune builder)

Natural Treatments For Preventing Dementia and Treating Alzheimers

Before talking about the treatment for Alzheimer's, watch this AMAZING YouTube video a couple of times and pause the video when the video is looking at the brain of an Alzheimer's patient:
YouTube Video: The Most Important Lesson From 83,000 Brain Scans - Daniel Amen

In this video he mentions that the bacteria that causes Alzheimers are in the body for DECADES before there are any symptoms. This makes it impossible to isolate exactly where the bacteria comes from, other than it comes from meat.

If you or someone you know has dementia or Alzheimer's this is the article you need to read (this is on a different website):
What Really Causes Alzheimer's?

The website may have people who can work with you on Alzheimers (make sure they have seen the video I just linked to). Their article on Alzheimer's is in four parts:
Cancer Tutor: Alzheimer's and Dementia / What causes Alzheimer's?

This is what I take every day to keep my mind sharp relative to dementia (I am 71 years old as I write this):
1) I drink unsweetened apple juice (to provide natural sugars to the brain),
2) I drink unsweetened purple grape juice (ditto),
3) I drink Perrier water or some other quality mineral water (the brain needs these kinds of minerals),
4) A very good product (in pill form) for memory is called: Ginkgold (most health food stores carry this product - do not use the "GinkGold For Eyes", just use the plain GinkGold),
5) At a very different time of the day (other than using Ginkgold) take PrevagenD,
6) I drink MSM water (methyl sulphonyl methane which is 100% natural). MSM is also called "organic sulphur." MSM is mixed with water and the water is consumed. You can usually get MSM or "Organic Sulphur" on Amazon. Put several tablespoons of the crystal in a gallon of water and make sure it has dissolved before using and shake it just before using every time you use it. Then drink 10 or so ounces every day from the gallon jug or take it several times a day.

Personally, I never eat beef unless I know that it has been properly cooked to kill ALL BACTERIA!!! I do eat fish and chicken. But if I got the Alzheimer's bacteria at my age (71) I would not live long enough to have any symptoms of Alzheimer's. I guess I have lucked out over my lifetime because I have eaten a lot of beef.

My sister was not so lucky. As I write this she has very advanced Alzheimer's!! She can recognize her son, but she cannot recognize me.

And quite frankly, it is a matter of luck or providence who gets Alzheimer's.

Contact the ICRF, at the website, if you have more questions about cancer or dementia.

Email of Webster Kehr

I no longer work with cancer patients but if you want to contact me to help point you in the right direction, here is my email address (My email address is camouflaged to avoid web crawlers). I only check my emails about once a week so have patience.

I have written four articles on the politics of cancer which are not online at the current time!!! These exist in case the feds come after any natural cancer treatment people. Trust me, we will win the case because of these articles. These articles go much, much, much deeper into the Rockefellers than this website and the website go!!! I mean waaaaay deeper!!!

If you feel you need to see them, send me an email and explain why you think you need them.

Or anyone can send me an email for any reason:

This article is in four parts, here are the other three parts:
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