A Special Note To Latter-Day Saints About Cancer

by R. Webster Kehr

I am a retired cancer researcher who worked with about 13,000 cancer patients before I retired and turned my www.CancerTutor.com website over to two of my best cancer researcher friends. We, and many others, know how to cure cancer!!!!

If I, and many others, know how to cure cancer, and we do, then obviously Heavenly Father knows how to cure cancer!!! AND HE DOES!!! And the Savior knows how to cure cancer and the Holy Ghost knows how to cure cancer!! YES THEY DO!!!

Yes, all three of these Gods know how to cure cancer in far more ways than the best of the natural medicine cancer researchers today - and we know a lot of ways to cure cancer!!! I will link to a reference manual later in this article which can give you an idea of the many ways we know how to deal with cancer.

In fact, Heavenly Father was certainly the God who designed the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria which causes cancer!!!! (Note: the claim that DNA damage causes cancer is total nonsense as I talk about in other articles about cancer on this website).

Why would Heavenly Father intentionally design a very unique bacteria to cause cancer??? Why does Heavenly Father do anything??? We are here to be tested and many people will be tested because of this bacteria. Many people get to choose between massive profits or helping cancer patients cure their cancer!!!

Well, if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is led by a living prophet (AND IT IS), President Russell M. Nelson (who is a medical doctor), then why doesn't the Savior tell President Nelson how to cure cancer (or I could tell President Nelson how to cure cancer or Gary Teal could tell President Nelson how to cure cancer) and then President Nelson could tell all of the members of the church how to cure cancer AND CANCER WOULD DISAPPEAR FROM THE LDS CHURCH!!!!

Have you ever asked yourself that question?? The reason is that the secret abominations would go balistic if the church cut into their profits and they would use their massive power in the media to crucify the church!!

Let us continue.

In fact, Heavenly Father designed the bacteria, Helicobacter Pylori, which causes cancer!!! So obviously Heavenly Father knows how to cure cancer as do the other members of the Godhead and many human beings also know how to cure cancer!!!

So why would Heavenly Father design this bacteria precisely to cause cancer?? Well, what is the purpose of this planet?? The purpose of this planet is to give people a choice between good and evil. And for well over a century Helicobacter Pylori has given many, many people an opportunity to choose between "right" [use the most effective cancer treatments] versus "wrong" [choose the most profitable cancer treatments]!!!

But far more importantly, if the prophet told the members of the church how to cure cancer, the "Secret Abominations" (e.g. Bilderbergers), who control much of the mass media, would go balistic in finding every possible opportunity they could find to criticize the church. This would severely damage missionary work!!!

So the Lord's decision is to choose between curing cancer or continuing to do missionary work. Missionary work will always win that battle!!

By the way, in Daniel, chapter 7, in the Old Testament, Daniel predicted all of this would happen!!!!

In Daniel 7 the "eagle's wings" were Adolf Hitler. For some reason, about 600 before the birth of Christ, the Hebrew language did not have a word for: airplane or bomber or incendary bombs, etc. So Daniel thought about a bomber that he probably saw in a vision and called the bomber "eagle's wings."

In Daniel 7 the "bear" was obviously Joseph Stalin. Russia has been known as the "bear" for centuries!!!

The leopard was obviously Mao Zedong. leopards have yellow fur and the Chinese have yellow skin. To prove this the "four wings of a fowl" referred to the "Gang Of Four." Mao Zedong's wife was a member of the "Gang of Four."

Daniel described, 600 years before the birth of Christ, the three greatest mass murdered in the history of this planet!!! Every historian on this planet would agree with Daniel!!!!

But Daniel was just getting warmed up!!!!


The Fourth Beast And Ten Horns

Note that in verse 7, after describing Hitler, Stalin and Mao Zeong and his wife, Daniel says this in verse 7: "After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns."

WHAT!!!!! There was a fourth beast and ten of his descendants (i.e. "horns") who would kill more people than Hitler, Stalin or Mao Zedong and perhaps more than all three of them combined!!!!

The fourth beast was "diverse" from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns." What this means is that the fourth beast was not a political figure who ruled over a country!!!

Who was the fourth beast and ten horns (i.e. descendants)??? I know who they are, but that is where I have to stop.

The Book of Mormon also predicted the same corruption that Daniel did, but the Savior was not referring to Hitler, Stalin and Mao Zeong!!! He was only referring to the fourth beast and ten horns and others in the "Secret Combinations" (i.e. Secret Abominations)!!!

See 3 Nephi 16:10 which were among the very first words spoken by the Savior when He came to America after His resurrection:
Book of Mormon - 3 Nephi 16:10

The prophet Moroni, also in the Book of Mormon, mentioned the "secret abominations" in the last days.

But I cannot tell you who the fourth beast and ten horns are or who the Secret Abominations are because their murders are still being committed, meaning they are still going on!!! But their murders rarely involve guns, their murders are committed because of greed which leads to false information!!! "False information" is a major murder weapon in the "last days".

Telling a blind man, who is getting ready to cross the street, that there is no bus coming, is no different than pushing him in front of the bus!!! The first is murder by using false information (or murder by withholding information if you say nothing to warn him) and the second is murder by a physical act!!! Both are murder!!!

I have actually written several articles on this subject but they are not public, they are being reserved in case the totally corrupt Food and Drug Administration starts attacking natural medicine practitioners and vendors. My articles go much, much deeper than what I have just said and I mention names!!!


How To Cure Cancer - Step 1

This website has several articles on the truth about cancer and how to cure cancer. And these articles tell you how to prevent ever getting cancer!!! This is the beginning article and this article links to all of the other articles on cancer on this website (there is even information about natural treatments for E.D.):
The Truth About Cancer That You Will Never Hear In The Media!!!


How To Cure Cancer - Step 2

It is critical that you work with experts in natural cancer treatments!!! Fortunately, there is an organization of experts in natural cancer treatments in Utah!!!

God has put many cures for cancer on this planet!!! If you don't believe me see the Reference Manual which is on the www.CancerTutor.com website:
ICRF Reference Manual

By the way, do not use this Reference Manual to design a cancer treatment, work with the experts at the Independent Cancer Researcher Foundation at the www.CancerTutor.com website:
ICRF - Contact Us

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