God Has Put Many Cures For Cancer In Mother Nature!!!

What I am about to tell you could save your life or the life of a friend or relative because almost no one knows the truth about cancer because everything they know about cancer is a lie that they heard in Big Media!!!

Let me repeat that:

What I am about to tell you could save your life or the life of a friend or relative because almost no one knows the truth about cancer because everything they know about cancer is a lie that they heard in Big Media!!!

I am a very well-known and respected retired cancer researcher who worked with about 13,000 cancer patients before I retired. This may be the only time in your life that you will be able to read about cancer from a well-respected cancer researcher who does not work for Big Pharma (i.e. the Rockefeller family)!!!

For example, CANCER IS NOT, I REPEAT NOT caused by DNA damage!!! Cancer was being cured with natural cancer treatments for more than 100 years before DNA was discovered in 1953!!! For example, in 1847 the Mormon pioneers used cayenne pepper to cure cancer. It is now known that cayenne pepper kills cancer cells. Many herbs and spices kill cancer cells. More about this in the articles I will link to below.

If cancer was caused by DNA damage, no one would have been able to cure cancer before 1953, the year that DNA was discovered!!! So much for the totally absurd "theory" that DNA damage causes cancer!!! I will tell you another secret: NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN CURED OF CANCER, OR EVER WILL BE CURED OF CANCER, BY FIXING THE DNA INSIDE THEIR CANCER CELLS, BECAUSE DNA DAMAGE IS NOT WHAT CAUSES CANCER!!! It has been known since 1890 that cancer is caused by a bacteria. If you kill the bacteria inside of a cancer cells the cancer cells will revert into a normal, healthy cell!!!

I can guarantee you that the Mormon pioneers did not fix any DNA damage, they used an herb called Cayenne Pepper. By the way, DNA was discovered in 1953, more than 100 years after the Mormon's, and many others, were already curing cancer with herbs and spices!! I will link to a natural medicine reference manual in a moment that lists many herbs and spices which are used in natural medicine.

But the fact is that the claim that DNA damage causes cancer comes from Big Pharma whose major owners (the Rockefeller family) have zero interest in curing cancer!!! All Big Pharma cares about is selling worthless patented drugs to cancer patients using the patient's health insurance money!!!

The corruption in Big Pharma is so deadly to humanity that it was predicted in the Old Testament of the Bible!!! Well, it was also predicted in the Book of Mormon which I also talk about in the one of the articles about cancer that I will link to in a moment.

Cancer, which is actually caused by a bacteria (bacteria were found inside of cancer cells in 1890), has been cured for many years by using 15 or so natural items such as herbs and spices (some of which kill cancer cells), plus other things in Mother Nature!!! However, there are safety rules which is why you need to work with an expert and there are plenty of experts.

By the way, if you kill all of the bacteria inside the cancer cells (which is easy to do because bacteria are pretty stupid), the cancer cells will revert into healthy cells!!! How do you kill bacteria inside of cancer cells?? Well, there are several ways, one of which is use very, very gentle electromedicine equipment (gentle unless you happen to be a bacteria) which generate key frequencies plus a carrier wave and the bacteria vibrate and burst apart and the "cancer cells" then revert into healthy cells!!! But there are other ways to kill these bacteria.

The absolute corruption in "modern medicine" today is so incredibly bad, that it was predicted in the Book of Daniel in the Bible, which was written 600 years before the birth of Christ!!! Of course, this is discussed in the articles that I link to below.

My first article about cancer is about the truth about cancer (that you will never ever hear in the media) (remember, this is a blue link to another article that will open in a new window):
The Truth About Cancer - Cancer Is NOT Caused By DNA Damage!!!

My second article about cancer is a prophesy in the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament, 600 years before the birth of Christ about the corruption in modern medicine which suppresses cures for cancer in favor of making massive profits!!!
Old Testament: Daniel 7 - Cancer And The Fourth Beast And Ten Horns!!!

I also have an article about cancer for Latter-Day Saints which of course anyone is welcome to read!!!
Cancer, Secret Abominations And The Latter-Day Saint Church (i.e. The Mormon Church)

The average person doesn't know THE TRUTH about cancer any more than they know how to build a rocket ship to the moon. This article discusses the suppression of truth about cancer:
The Suppression Of Truth About Cancer!!!

Hold on to your seatbelt!!! Did you know that Daniel chapter 7 is also a prophesy that there will never again be a mass murderer on this planet!!! There will never be another Hitler, Stalin or Mao Zedong or another Rockefeller family (after those in Big Pharma die off or are shut down) which supresses cures for cancer - EVER!!!! This article will blow your mind!!!
Going Beyond The Daniel Prophesy In The Old Testament!!!



A natural cancer treatment will be useless unless you know what you are doing!!! To that end, there are incredible experts in Utah who work with cancer patients all over the world!!! I know they know what they are doing because I used to be one of them before I retired!!!

If you don't think they know what they are doing, see this article:
Independent Cancer Research Foundation Reference Manual

To work with these experts, or just to talk to them, see this article:
Article: Work With The Experts In Utah!!!!


You Can Start Your Cancer Treatment TODAY!!!!!

Since it will take some time to start working with the experts and obtaining the items in their protocol, this article is about something to can do to treat cancer TODAY because you can obtain this product at any grocery store!!!!
While Waiting For Cancer Treatment Items To Arrive


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