A World-Famous, Retired Cancer Researcher Talks About The Two Categories of Cancer Treatments

There are two kinds of cancer researchers:

1) Orthodox Medicine cancer researchers, who effectively work for the pharmaceutical industry (i.e. Big Pharma). These people are looking for where the DNA damage on cancer cells is located.

2) Natural Medicine cancer researchers are looking for natural ways to kill cancer cells, slow down the spreading of the cancer, revert cancer cells into normal cells and build the immune system.

Everything you know about cancer has come from Big Pharma via Big Media. You probably think that DNA damage causes cancer and that cancer researchers are diligently looking for where the DNA damage on cancer cells is located!!!

First of all, if there was DNA damage in a cancer cell it would be incredibly easy to find!!! For example, take a cancer patient and study the sequence of nucleotides on the DNA strand on one of his known cancer cells and then compare the sequence of nucleotides on the DNA strand on one of his known healthy cells!!! Duh!!! You have found where the DNA damage is located and you will win a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine!!!

However, if orthodox cancer "researchers" did that (which they will never do) they would find that THERE IS NO DNA DAMAGE ON CANCER CELLS!!! They would be out of a job pretending that DNA damage causes cancer!!!

So why is it absurd to claim that cancer cells have a different sequence of nucleotides on cancer cells than normal cells??? While the article I will link to was written for the theory of evolution discussions, it explains the answer to this question (remember that this is a blue link to another article which will open in a new window):
Article: Changing The Length Of A DNA Strand By Evolution/Accidents Is Impossible

So what would they find that is different between cancer cells and healthy cells??? I will talk about that in the next section.

As another example, if cancer was caused by a break in a DNA strand, it would be really easy for a high school basketball team to find where the break was!!! Just cut open the cell and look!!

However, a break in the DNA strand in a cell can occur anywhere on the gigantic 3,200,000,000 nucleotides on a human DNA strand!!! Do the math: a DNA strand could be broken in 3,199,999,999 different places!!! So not only is it absurd to claim that a DNA strand can be broken, it is even more absurd to claim it could be broken in the same location for 300,000 cancer patients, just in America, at any given time!!!

In other words, if a DNA strand was broken, it would not be broken in exactly the same place for any two of the 300,000 cancer patients in America!!!!

So how could hundreds of thousands of cancer patients, just in America (at any given time), all have breaks in the same location on their DNA strands!!! They can't!!!

Well, here is the truth: there is no DNA damage in cancer cells!!!! The DNA damage nonsense is just an excuse of orthodox medicine for not being wlling to cure cancer because curing cancer with natural products (which cannot be patented) would cut into their profits!!!

How much money would an oncologist make if he or she told their patients that they can cure their cancer by going to a health food store and buy several specific herbs or spices that kill cancer cells!!! Why worry about DNA damage (even if there was DNA damage) if you can kill the cancer cells with herbs and spices???

A natural cancer treatment will have 15 or so treatments, some of which kill cancer cells, some of which revert cancer cells into normal cells (I will talk about them below), only one of them will be highly alkaline (to slow down the spreading of the cancer) and others build the immune system.

So What Really Causes Cancer???

By now you have probably figured out that I am a retired cancer researcher in natural medicine!!! I worked with about 13,000 cancer patients before I retired.

It has been known since 1890, long before the discovery of DNA in 1953, that cancer is caused by a bacteria!!!! If you kill the bacteria inside of cancer cells, which is easy to do, the cancer cells will revert into normal cells!!!

The bacteria is called Helicobacter Pylori. How does a bacteria cause cancer??? In a cell with bacteria, the bacteria will eat glucose. That is the favorite food of bacteria!!!

Because the bacteria eat glucose, the cell will have less pyruvate (I am skipping some steps to keep this simple) and with less pyruvate the cell will have low levels of ATP molecules!!!

Low levels of ATP molecules is the very definition of a "cancer cell"!!! The two most well-deserved Nobel Prizes in history were given for that discovery!!! THEY DESERVED IT!!!

Every time a "cancer researcher" at the American Cancer Society cuts open a cancer cell they see bacteria and every time they cut open a healthy cell there is no bacteria. Are these clowns really so stupid they can't figure out that bacteria cause cancer!!!

Here is the key point: if you kill the bacteria inside of a cancer cell the cancer cell WILL REVERT INTO A NORMAL CELL (hold your breath) BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING LEFT IN THE CELL TO BLOCK THE PRODUCTION OF ATP MOLECULES!!!

So do natural medicine people know how to kill these bacteria??? I thought you would never ask. There are many ways to kill these bacteria even though they are inside the cancer cells!!!

For example, in the 1930s a microbiologist, Dr. Royal Rife, had a 100% cure rate with his frequency generating machines which did nothing but kill the bacteria inside of cancer cells by using a specific frequency combined with a carrier wave!!! He has passed away of course, but today his inventions have been replicated with high tech, programmable electronics (i.e. the GB4000 devices or GB-4000 devices)!!!

Another way to kill these bacteria, as one example, is to mix honey with turmeric. Cancer cells love honey so they gobble up the honey. But in doing this the honey is acting as a Trojan Horse to get the turmeric inside of the cancer cells to kill the bacteria inside the cancer cells!!!

There are many ways to kill these bacteria. All you have to be is smarter than a bacteria. Well, the turmeric may kill the cancer cell even without the honey. But adding honey lets turmeric target the cancer cells to deal with the cancer in two different ways.

So killing cancer cells with herbs (and there are many such herbs and spices) and killing the bacteria inside the cancer cells are just two approaches to curing cancer. There are ways to build the immune system, but this is such a slow process it is not the highest item on the priority list.

If you think God is too stupid to cure cancer or that He has not put many natural treatments for cancer in Mother Nature, spend a couple of hours studying the ICRF Reference Manual of the experts in natural cancer treatments in Utah:
Article: Independent Cancer Research Foundation Reference Manual.
(www.CancerTutor.com website)

Do not use the ICRF Reference Manual to treat cancer because there are safety rules (e.g. too much alkalinity is dangerous). Work with the experts in Utah that I mention in my articles about cancer. And let them know if you want to add anything to their protocol!!!

But here is the most important thing I will say about cancer: what Big Media doesn't tell you about Big Pharma is that Big Pharma's published 5-year cure rate for cancer is a pathetic 2.1%!!! I will talk about that in a moment.

But that is not all. Most people don't even know that natural cancer treatments even exist!! That is because Big Media contols everything the average person knows about cancer!!!

Today, if you work with the experts in natural cancer treatments (who live in Utah), they will likely recommend a patient take 15 or so natural items every day. These items are synergistic with each other. But remember there are safety rules, which is another reason you need to work with an expert!!!

Here is an introductory article about cancer which explains why DNA damage does not cause cancer!!!!!:
Cancer Is Caused By A Bacteria - NOT By DNA Damage!!!

This article documents the pathetic 5-year cure rate of orthoox medicine of 2.1%:
The Truth About Cancer - Cancer Is NOT Caused By DNA Damage!!!

This is a link to the main article on cancer which links to all of the other articleles about cancer on this website. But far more importantly some of these articles tell you about the experts in Utah who work with cancer patients all over the world using natural cancer treatments!!!
The Truth About Cancer That You Will Never Hear In The Media!!!

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