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The Truth About Cancer - Cancer Is NOT Caused By DNA Damage!!!

by R. Webster Kehr, Retired Cancer Researcher (Founder of:

Before talking about treating cancer it is REQUIRED that you know a little about the history of cancer treatments.

Here are the facts about cancer: cancer was being cured by herbalists (in America) and homeopaths (in Europe) for more than 100 years before the discovery of DNA in 1953!!!

When the Mormon pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley, in 1847, they had a health manual with them that listed Cayenne Pepper as the treatment for cancer!! That is a pretty good cancer treatment but today we know a lot more about cancer and today we would mix the Cayenne Pepper with honey (so more of the Cayenne Pepper will target cancer cells because cancer cells love honey) plus we would add an additional 15 or 20 other natural cancer treatments!!!

But here is my point: if DNA damage caused cancer, how could cancer be cured no later than 1847 when cancer practitioners knew nothing about DNA (DNA was not discovered until 1953)??? Homeopaths across the pond were also curing cancer back then using their homeopathic mixtures.

Why are the "cancer researchers" (e.g. American Cancer Society), as they call themselves, looking at DNA damage as the cause of cancer!!! Why aren't they talking to herbalists or even better yet - why aren't they talking to natural medicine cancer researchers who know how to cure cancer!!!

In fact, later in this article I will tell them how to find exactly where on the DNA the damage is located (if DNA damage did cause cancer, which it doesn't)!! But they will never do my experiment because they would learn that DNA damage is not what is causing cancer!!!

To further explain, DNA resides inside of cells. There is nothing inside of any cell that can damage the DNA or change the sequence of nucleotides on a DNA strand. But more importantly, if a DNA strand was broken (which would be required for DNA damage to cause cancer) there is nothing, absolutely nothing, inside the cell which can put the DNA strand back together!!!

But also note that DNA IS GIGANTIC!!! A human DNA strand has 3.2 billion nucleotides!!! Only an incredibly small percent of this DNA has anything to do with creating ATP energy in cells. The very definition of a cancer cell is a cell with low levels of ATP molecules!!! The claim that DNA damage causes cancer is just plain stupid!!!

Think of DNA as a very long steel chain. Suppose you were out in the wilderness and you wanted to change the order of links in a chain. To do this you would have to break the chain in three places just to move a segment of the chain to another location on the chain:
1) two places to create a small chain segment of the chain to move to a different location,
2) one place for the newly created segment to be inserted

Then the chain would have to be put back together (i.e. reattached) in THREE PLACES:
1) once where the segment was broken,
2) twice to connect the segment to be inserted into the place where the chain was broken (both endpoints of the segment need to be connected to the chain).

But there is nothing inside of a cell that can re-attach a break in a DNA strand (whether the break is accidental or intentional). I have an entire article on this subject among my anti-evolution articles:
Article: Changing The Length Of A DNA Strand By Evolution/Accidents Is Impossible

What is wrong with these "cancer researchers", are they really that stupid?? Well, no - they just want to keep their jobs because most "cancer research" foundations are controlled by Big Pharma (i.e. the Rockefellers). Big Pharma NEVER wants to cure cancer!!! Their "researchers" are paid to NOT find cures for cancer!!!

These organizations will not research natural cancer treatments for two reasons:
1) Natural cancer treatments cannot be patented so they cannot yield massive profits!!!
2) Natural cancer treatments can cure cancer (if you work with an expert at the website) and when a cancer patient is cured they would not need any more cancer treatments (so the money dries up for that patient)!!!

Let me say this another way. Orthodox medicine has no interest in their cancer patients, they are only interested in the health insurance money of their patients!!! By the way, health insurance policies (which are approved at the state level) do not cover natural treatments for anything!!! Is there anyone on this planet who has not sold their souls into eternal damnation to share in the Rockefeller's bottomless pit of money??? Well, yes there are!!!

Big Media and Big Pharma are both owned by the super rich, who work with each other to make more money - it is a quid pro quo relationship (i.e. you scratch my back and I will scratch your back). Because of Big Media you probably think that orthodox cancer treatments (i.e. the treatments of Big Pharma) are far, far better than natural cancer treatments. Actually, Big Media will never mention that natural cancer treatments even exist!!! There is a technical term for this: blacklisting!!!

But orthodox cancer treatments (i.e. chemotherapy and radiation) do not target cancer cells so the have to be used in very, very low doses!!! Here is the key: EVEN IN LOW, LOW DOSES ORTHODOX CANCER TREATMENTS STILL DO NOT TARGET CANCER CELLS!!! That is why their 5-year "cure rate" is a pathetic 2.1%!!!

To see the article in an oncology journal where the 2.1% cure rate came from click the blue link (the article will open in a new window so you won't lose your place) and then follow the instructions below:
Article: The Contribution of Cytotoxic Chemotherapy to 5-year Survival in Adult Malignancies
1) then see the second chart,
2) then see the far right column,
3) then see the bottom number in this column of 2.1%.

You may think that a 2.1% cure rate is good. No it isn't - it is a horrible cure rate!!!

Big Pharma has horrible cure rates but boy are they rich!!!

But there is something that the major owners of Big Pharma haven't thought about - Judgment Day!!! They must think that God is stupid!!!

Is God so stupid that He doesn't know all of this is happening?? Well, actually I will show you that God predicted all of this would happen even before Christ was born (i.e. in the Old Testament)!!! I think you will be impressed with God's predictions. God is really, really smart!!! This corruption was also predicted in the Book of Mormon but from a different perspective!!

Who Are The People Who Can Cure Cancer Today??

While cancer was being cured more than 100 years ago with natural medicine, the natural medicine cancer researchers today have access to many, many more natural cancer treatments than the pioneers had access to!!!

Plus, the natural cancer treatment researchers today know a heck of a lot more about cancer than their predecessors knew about cancer!!!

But the key is that natural cancer treatments can be used in very high doses, plus more than a dozen natural cancer treatments can be used every day (with some exceptions which is why you need to work with an expert at the website).

So who are the people today who can cure cancer (if the patient has at least 2 months to live before the treatment begins)?? They are natural medicine cancer researchers!!!

I am a retired, world famous cancer researcher of natural medicine who worked with more than 13,000 cancer patients before I retired at the end of 2015 and turned my website over to two of my very, very good friends and fellow cancer researchers. These people have done a fantastic job since I retired!!!! If I had known how good they would be I would have retired sooner!!

If you have cancer, or if you know someone with cancer, work with the people at the website!!!!! But add between 2 and 10 Protandim pills a day to whatever they tell you to take. They are not allowed to mention Protandim on their website.

For normal cancer patients, add two Protandim daily (made by LifeVantage and possibly available on Amazon) to whatever the people at the website tell you to take. If you have advanced cancer, take from 4 to 10 Protandim a day. But take them 2 at a time with at least two hours inbetween each pair of Protandim!!!!

The people at are not allowed, by the vendor, to mention Protandim because the vendor is afraid of the FDA. The vendor, LifeVantage, apparently doesn't know that they have two U.S. Senators and a U.S. Congressman to protect them from government corruption. Well, if they sue me for mentioning Protandim they can have my car and my priceless bookshelf (which are about the only things I own).

But more importantly the major owners of LifeVantage will burn in hell for suppressing cures for cancer!!! Satan works both sides of the street!!

By the way, if you want to prevent ever getting cancer, take 2 Protandim pills a day!! Unless you already have cancer, but don't know it, you will never get cancer if you take two Protandim a day. Also drink at least 12 ounces of purple grape juice 3 or 4 times a week. I don't sell anything so don't ask.

The Key Questions For Orthodox Medicine (Pay Attention)!!!!!!!!

So if natural medicine people know how to cure cancer, why don't oncologists use natural cancer treatments??? Some have switched over, but most have not. You will have to ask them why they use cancer treatments with a 2.1% cure rate instead of a cure rate of about 95%!!

Orthodox medicine will say: "natural cancer treatments are unproven". Let me translate that into English instead of gibberish: "natural cancer treatments are not profitable enough because natural products cannot be patented"!!!

Here is the bottom line: who do you trust your life with: God (who created Mother Nature) or the Rockefellers (who founded Big Pharma)??? Copy and paste this into Google (all of the "hits" you will get are only on the website): Rockefeller

Or you could put this into Google: Rockefeller

Before going on I need to talk about something the Savior said. What He said described the concept that I call: "murder by not living the Golden Rule." See this article for more information about this concept and search for the phrase "murder by not living the Golden Rule" and study this section!!!!:
Article: Where Did God Come From?

John D. Rockefeller, Sr., who founded Big Pharma, makes Mao Zedong look like a Boy Scout!! John D. Rockefeller, Sr. was the only person to ever live on this planet who was more sadistic than Mao Zedong!!!

Both of these people were mentioned in the Bible, in the Old Testament no less (in Daniel 7: "eagle's wings" refer to Hitler's air force, the bear is obviously Stalin and the leopard (yellow fur) is Mao Zedong (yellow skin). The "fourth beast" is John D. Rockefeller, Sr. and the "ten horns" are ten of his descendants, who continue the destruction that he started.
Old Testament: Daniel 7:7-28

What Daniel was prophesying is that the Rockefeller clan, generation after generation, would murder far, far, far more people that Hitler, Stalin and Mao Zedong combined - by a wide margin!!! And the murder weapon was suppressing cures for cancer in favor of highly profitable, totally worthless, cancer treatments!!!

So why would God put this deadly bacteria on this earth (well, the bacteria itself is harmless, all it does it eat glucose in the cell, which in turn makes the cell cancerous)??? Why are we here on earth??? We are here to be tested. That is the politically correct way to say it.

Now you know a little about why God put the Helicobactor Pylori bacteria on this planet - to prove people whether they will live the Golden Rule or burn in hell???

This planet is not a playground, it is a testing ground.

The Book of Mormon also talks about this same corruption in two places, but the Book of Mormon provides a bigger picture than the Bible as the Book of Mormon uses the phrase "Secret Abominations" which include the major owners of Big Pharma as well as other super-rich people who work together to make more money, such as the major owners of the major television networks. In these versus the Savior has just arrived in America and the Savior is quoting Heavenly Father!!!
Book of Mormon: 3 Nephi 16:10

Note that some of the first words out of the Savior's mouth, after His resurrection and visit to America, were to talk about the hypocrisy, murders, secret abominations, etc. in the last days!!! And this was in 34 A.D.!!!

This event took place in 34 A.D., but it was first published in our modern days in the Book of Mormon in 1830. The Book of Mormon was published before John D. Rockefeller, Sr. was even born and before Darwin's first book came out!!!

In other words, God predicted the corruption in "medicine" about 2,000 years ago, in both the Old Testament and the Book of Mormon!!! He also predicted the coming forth of the theory of evolution before either of Darwin's books were written or published.

The deadliest murder weapon on this planet, in history, will not be a gun or a tank or an atomic bomb, it will be the control of information coupled with a violation of the Golden Rule by very wealthy businessmen!!!!

OK, enough about politics for now, let's talk more about cancer:

Technical Details About What Causes Cancer At The Cellular Level

OK, let us first define the difference between a normal cell and a cancer cell. The definition of a cancer cell is a cell with low levels of ATP energy. ATP are molecules in every cell which provide the energy for the cell. If the cell has lower than normal counts of ATP molecules the cell is DEFINED to be cancerous."

Yes, the very definition of a cancer cell is a cell with low ATP energy (i.e. low levles of ATP molecules).

Here is an article (which I originally wrote) which talks what is going on inside of cancer cells (the article is on the famous website) - click on the blue link to see the article:
Article: What Causes Cancer?

Note that there is a direct, proportional relationship between glucose in foods (but not pure sugar, which feeds the bacteria so it is bad for cancer patients) and ATP molecules (i.e. ATP energy)!!!

Here is a summary of how bacteria, inside of cells, cause cancer (i.e. low ATP molecules/energy in a cell):

1) In a normal cell glucose is converted into pyruvate (via a sequence of chemical chain reactions) and the pyruvate is then converted into ATP energy (via a second set of chemical chain reactions). By the way, cells are incredibly complex. There are hundreds of scientists who have PhD degrees in cell biology!!!

2) However, when there are bacteria inside of cells, the bacteria eat glucose!!!

3) Therefore the cell has less glucose and with less glucose there is less pyruvate.

4) With less pyruvate there there are less ATP molecules, meaning low ATP energy.

5) The cell is weak (it has low ATP energy) and by definition, the cell is "cancerous"!!!

6) When the cancer cell divides there will be bacteria in both cells so both cells will be cancerous!!!

7) And that is what causes a cell to be cancerous and how cancer spreads!!!!

You might want to read that section again because it is very important.


There is a direct, proportional relationship between how much glucose is in a cell and how much ATP energy is created!! Which less glucose (because the bacteria love glucose) the cell is DEFINED to be cancerous because it creates less ATP molecules.

Note that nowhere in that list is DNA mentioned!!!! Claiming that DNA damage causes cancer is a stupid theory that I will talk about as we go along.

You now know more about cancer than most oncologists, who essenially work for Big Pharma!!!

You now know more about cancer than anyone at the FDA (who are only interested in helping Big Pharma)!!!

And you know more about cancer than almost anyone in Congress. I won't tell you what I think about the "people" in Congress. And I won't tell you what God thinks about them.

An Easy Experiment To Find Out Who Is Telling The Truth About Cancer (Listen Up American Cancer Society)

Remember that orthodox medicine claims that it is DNA damage that causes cancer. Natural medicine people say that cancer is caused by bacteria.

By the way, before going on let me say: in theory DNA damage can cause cancer!!! That is true. But out of the 1,000,000 cancer patients in America at any given time, I doubt that 10,000 of them (if that many) have cancer caused by DNA damage!!! If DNA damage was the only cause of cancer, neither you nor I would have ever heard the word "cancer"!!

The reason I say this is that DNA is huge (3,200,000,000 nucleotides) and every cell takes very, very good care of its DNA!!! But in addition, any DNA damage (to cause cancer) would have to happen in an incredibly small and very precise section of this DNA!!!! Technically, the DNA damage would have to damage the construction of the enzymes needed to create ATP energy.

The claim that this could happen to 1,000,000 Americans, at any given time, is totally absurd!!! I cannot comprehend how any cell biologist could believe that one million Americans have cancer caused by DNA damage!!! They need to take more math courses.

In any case, there is a very simple experiment to determine where the DNA damage is located if DNA damage is what causes cancer!!! Any cancer research organization, such as the American Cancer Society, could do this experiment very easily.

Here is the experiment:

Suppose we pick a cancer patient who has cancer which is known to be confined in one area. We will pick a liver cancer patient whose cancer is known to be contained in the liver!!!

Suppose cancer researchers take this cancer patient and cut open 25 known cancer cells taken from his liver (remember, by the design of the experiment we know his cancer is confined to the liver). Then suppose we take 25 known healthy cells from his arm (which we know are NOT cancerous by the design of the choice of cancer patients).

So we now have 25 known cancer cells and 25 known healthy cells!!!!!!!!!!!

So if the DNA theory is correct, the DNA in the two groups of 25 cells will be different and the people at the American Cancer Society will win a Nobel Prize in medicine for finding where the DNA damage on cancer cells is located!!!

But guess what: every one of these 50 cells will have exactly the same DNA sequences!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what will will be different about the two groups of cells?? In every single case they will find bacteria inside the cancer cells and only in the cancer cells!!!!

Can DNA damage cause cancer?? Yes it can, that is not the issue, the issue is IN WHAT PERCENT OF CANCER CASES WILL THEY FIND DNA DAMAGE AND IN WHAT PERCENT OF CANCER CASES WILL THEY FIND BACTERIA!!!!!!!!!!!

They will never find any DNA damage in a cancer cell doing the experiment I just described!!! They would have to do this experiment hundreds of thousands of times to even have a remote chance of finding a single case of cancer caused by DNA damage.

But even if the DNA in a cell has DNA damage there is not a snowballs chance in hell this DNA damage would cause low levels of ATP energy!!! The vast, vast, vast, vast, vast percent of any DNA damage would have nothing to do with creating the enzymes necessary for the cell to create ATP molecules!!!

But more importantly, the self-annointed "cancer researchers" will never in a million years make public what they find!!! They probably see this bacteria every day if they are looking at DNA!!! Are these people really that stupid?? I don't know, but I do know they would get fired on the spot if they even suggested that the bacteria that they see every day was causing cancer!!!

Cancer is all about money!!!!!

Can the DNA in the bacteria cause DNA damage in cells?? No, the DNA in the bacteria stays inside the bacteria!!!

The problem is that in 99.999% of the known cancer cells (this is my rough estimate) they won't find ANY DNA damage in ANY cancer cell!!!! But even if they did find DNA damage, the probability that this DNA damage is what caused the cancer is almost nil.

By the way, the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine is totally controlled by Big Pharma so don't expect anyone in natural medicine to win a Nobel Prize in medicine.

A man who was fully qualified to nominate someone for a Nobel Prize offered to nominate me [back when I was active in cancer research] for a Nobel Prize in medicine. But it didn't take him long to figure out about the absolute corruption in the Nobel Prize process (it is totally controlled by Big Pharma) so he apologized that he was going to have to withdraw his offer because he knew it would be a waste of his time and money to nominate me.

Big Pharma's money controls everything!!!! EXCEPT GOD (OOPS)!!! God predicted all of this would happen in the Old Testament and the Book of Mormon (twice)!! And it is God who will determine where everyone will spend eternity!!!

One more very important thing: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER tell an oncologist you are using natural cancer treatments!!!!!! Nothing good can happen if you do that, and very, very bad things can happen if you do it!!!

Let me repeat that: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER tell an oncologist you are using natural cancer treatments!!!!!! Nothing good can happen if you do that, and very, very bad things can happen if you do it!!!

Who Are The Experts In Natural Medicine??

If you have any interest in knowing who the people are who know how to cure cancer (whether you have cancer or not) here is one of many articles about cancer that you need to read (remember, blue usually means a link to another article, in this case an article on the website):
Article: Why Everything You Know About Cancer Is Wrong
( website)

If you really want to know about natural cancer treatments spend a few hours studying their massive ICRF Reference Manual (this article will knock your eyes out!!!):
Article: Independent Cancer Research Foundation Reference Manual.
( website)

A typical natural medicine cancer treatment will have from 15 to 20 natural products. Here is an example of such a treatment, the Dirt Cheap Protocol:
Article: Dirt Cheap Protocol
( website)

But work with the experts at the website!!!! And don't add anything to their protocol without letting them know (there are some safety rules).

AIDS, Erectile Dysfuntion, Etc.

Erectile Dysfunction is caused by about two pounds of bacteria and other microbes in the bloodstream!!! The microbes cause poor blood flow, some heart attacks, etc. etc.

For AIDS/HIV and any other health condition caused by bacteria and viruses in the bloodstream (e.g. erectile dysfunction), use the Bob Beck Protocol. The Bob Beck Protocol is actually the best protocol to get rid of microbes in the bloodstream because that is what it was designed to do (well, it was actually designed to cure AIDS/HIV):
Article: The Bob Beck Protocol

But also add some things from this article:
Article: How To Kill Microbes In The Bloodstream and Body

The Bob Beck includes colloidal silver, but add several other things from the "How To Kill Microbes" article.

The wife should also go on the same protocol as her husband because if he has two pounds of microbes in his bloodstream, so will the wife!!! This is not good for her heart!!!

Final Comments

To actually work with one of the experts at the Cancer Tutor website, remember, for legal reasons and because of absolute corruption in Congress and the FDA, they cannot make medical claims even though their treatments are 50 times more effective at treating cancer than any oncologist!!! See this page:
Article: Contact The CancerTutor People
Contact Us

I should note that some oncologists have switched over to using natural cancer treatments. Some of these have left the United States to get out of the reach of the totally corrupt AMA and FDA.

The key to surviving cancer is to work with the experts at the website. God has put many things on this planet for His children which can help cure cancer!!!

Email of Webster Kehr

I no longer work with cancer patients but if you want to contact me to help point you in the right direction, here is my email address (My email address is camouflaged to avoid web crawlers). I only check my emails about once a week so have patience.

I have written four articles on the politics of cancer which are not online at the current time!!! These exist in case the feds come after any natural cancer treatment people. Trust me, we will win the case because of these articles. These articles go much, much, much deeper into the Rockefellers than this website and the website go!!! I mean waaaaay deeper!!!

If you feel you need to see them, send me an email and explain why you think you need to see them.

Or anyone can send me an email for any reason:

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