Work With The Experts In Utah!!!!

The key to surviving cancer is to work one-on-one with the experts in Utah!!!

If you don't believe that they know what they are doing and that God loves His children and that God has put many effective treatments for cancer in Mother Nature, study this article for a couple of hours slowly paging down to the bottom - remember this is a link to another article (actually on the website) so click this blue link and the article will open in a new window so you won't lose your place:
Article: Independent Cancer Research Foundation Reference Manual.
( website)

Do not use that reference manual to design a cancer treatment because there are safety rules. A typical natural cancer treatment today will include about 15 natural items (one of these items could be a gentle electromedicine device to kill the bacteria inside the cancer cells). But work with the experts in Utah because there are safety rules!!! I am retired.

Here is another article on that website which lists many other natural (i.e. designed by God) cancer treatments:
Article: Alternative cancer treatments plus other info.
( website)

Here is how to contact the experts in natural cancer treatments in Utah:
Article: Contact Us.
( website)

Remember, work with the experts in Utah because they know what works and they understand the safety rules!!!


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