The Sophistication Of Cell Divisions

You are going to have to think very hard about this section, it deals with a very sophisticated issue and there is no simple way to explain this (you may have to read this section 2 or 3 times very slowly):

Humans start out as a single type of cell (the fertilized egg), but when the baby is born (after many, many cell divisions) there are 326 different kinds of cells in the baby. Thus, whether evolution is true or not, in many, many cases, during cell divisions, a single type of cell, when it divides, will end up as two different kinds of cells - one of which could be similar to the previously existing type of cell and the other one is a new type of cell or both cells could be new types of cells!!!

If this were not true humans would only consist of one type of cell (the fertilized egg) and we would not exist!!!

I guarantee that all of the PhDs in Cell Biology on this planet could not figure out how this happens!!!

How can a single type of cell divide and end up as two new and different kinds of cells, or at least one new type of cell, which would be required many, many times, for a single fertilized egg to become a human baby???

And how does this cell, which is dividing, know which kind of new cell (or cells) that it should become - every cell has DNA with exactly the same sequence of nucleotides)???

To control where these different types of cells end up in the body is far, far, far beyond human comprehension when considering the sophistication of cells!!! I call it the morphing of the embryo!!!

It should be clear to anyone that there is no way that the 3,200,000,000 nucleotides on human DNA could control the creation of, and location of, 12,127,200,000,000,000 combinations of which cell types go in which cell locations!!! Sorry atheists, your spirit is alive and well and God is alive and well!!!

This not only applies uniquely to ten million animal species, but to plants and insects, etc. which also need their types of cells!!!

Every type of cell in your body, and every type of cell which has ever existed, is sophisticated beyond human comprehension!!!

Thousands of very, very smart scientists (and I mean really, really, really smart scientists) have a PhD degree in either Cell Biology or Microbiology or Genetics. Every cell in your body is vastly more sophisticated than any automobile or airplane ever made!!! PhDs in Cell Biology and Microbiology and Genetics are still being given out to each new generation of scientists as more and more is learned about the sophistication of the many different kinds of cells!!!

In addition, to get a PhD you must make some new discovery about cells. Given how much scientists don't understand about cells, PhDs in Cell Biology will still be given out long after my children are gone!!!

Any of these types of scientists could write a website dozens of times bigger than this website containing thousands of reasons that Cell Biology and Microbiology, etc. by themselves, are a massive, massive proof that God is alive and well and that He is INCREDIBLY SMART!!! This will become more and more obvious the more you study this website.

The problem is that no one would understand their articles unless they had at least a couple of years of Cell Biology or Microbiology classes!!!

These scientists are incredibly smart, but unfortunatally many of them know they are very smart and they have egos far, far bigger than their brains!!!

While they can easily prove that God lives, unfortunately many of them are so proud that they mock anyone who believes in God!!! Pride may be the main reason that so many people believe in the theory of evolution!!! Many people cannot tolerate that someone else (i.e. God) could be smarter than they are!!! After all, does God have a PhD in Cell Biology??

Well, God is billions of times smarter than any PhD in Cell Biology because He sequenced the DNA and created the cells, and placed the cells, for every living and extinct animal and plant species!!!

In fact, those with a PhD in Cell Biology should be the #1 enemies of the totally absurd theory of evolution!!! But they are not!!! Why not??? Pride. Pride will be the downfall of many, many people!!!

Here is a link to a speech given by a former president of the LDS/Mormon church (the only way to be a "former president of the LDS church" is to die, because the calling of an apostle is for life):
General Conference Talk By President Ezra Taft Benson (Beware of Pride)