The Cell Type/Cell Location Issue As A Human Baby Is Morphing From A Single Fertilized Egg

A new human baby starts out as a single fertilized egg (a fertilized ovum) and ends up, via cell divisions, with about 37.2 trillion cells!!! This new human baby has 326 different kinds of cells some of which are transparent cells or the baby could not see through the black holes in their eyes!!! Google: "black hole in an eye"

You probably already did the math, that is 12,127,200,000,000,000 decisions (more than 12 quadrillion decisions) as to which type of cell ends up in which location of a human baby!!!

The location throughout their body of these 326 different types of cells is critical to their survival!!! So for 37.2 trillion cells the correct type of cell (out of the 326 different types of human cells) must end up in exactly the right location at the right time!!!

Do the math, the number of unique combinations of cell types in cell locations (that a human baby could be) is: 32637,200,000,000,000!!!

This is not looking at the creation of the baby from the perspecitve of types of nucleotides on DNA (which is 4 = A, C, G, T), but rather it is looking at it from the perspective of types of cells (which is 326 types of cells for humans) being put in the correct cell location!!!

This issue applies to all animal species but the numbers are different for each animal species. Rememeber, there are TWO BILLION types of cells needed to create all living and extinct animal species!!! The numbers are different for each animal species, this article only deals with humans.

Mathematics is certainly not a "team player" for the atheists and evolutionists!!!

But let us talk about the problems created by cell divisions!!

If there was only one type of cell in a human baby, each cell division would make two copies of the original type of cell.

But there are 326 different kinds of cells in humans!!! This means that during cell divisions the following possibilities almost certainly exist many, many times:
1) One type of cell would divide into two cells of the same type of cell as the cell which is dividing.
2) One type of cell would divide into one similar type of cell and one new and different kind of cell.
3) One type of cell would divide into two cells and each is a different type of cell than the cell which is dividing.

HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN!!! For example, how does one type of cell divide into two different kinds of cells????? And how does it known which two new types of cell should be created?????

And these types of decisions must be made 12,127,200,000,000,000 times as the cells divide!!!

The creation of a human baby via cell divisions is literally billions of times more sophisticated than the creation of a Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber!!!

Humans are just one of ten million types of animal species which have existed, or currently exit, on this planet and each animal species needs or needed their own unique set of cell types and cell locations (male and female)!!!

Are human bodies the result of accidents?? Not a chance!!! However God did it, He had to do it!!!

DNA and cell types and cell locations are not the Utopia recruiting tool that the atheists and evolutionists wish they were!!!


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