Cells - Created By God Or By Accidents???

As you read this article remember that the theory of evolution is nothing but "mindless accidents" as we have already talked about several times.

To begin the scientific issues of the evolution debate, suppose you and a friend were on a hike deep in the forest. You were proud to have traveled so far away from civilization!! Suddenly, as you came over a hill you saw, what looked like to you, a brand-new Buick automobile with its engine running!!

Would you think that this Buick was created by an accidental explosion in the forest?? Of course not!! Would you think that a team of monkeys in the forest or at the zoo had created this Buick?? Of course not!! Would you think that this Buick was created by a team of fifth grade children in your local grade school who had snuck out of class one day?? Of course not!!

Would you think that the giant assembly line where this Buick was assembled was created by a gigantic explosion?? Of course not!!!

You would think that this Buick was created by human beings in a giant manufacturing plant in Michigan and/or in other states or countries!!!

Guess what: Every cell in your body is far, far, far more sophisticated than any automobile or any automobile plant ever made by human beings!!!

Let me repeat that:

Guess what: Every cell in your body is far, far, far more sophisticated than any automobile or any automobile plant ever made by human beings!!!

Human beings are not even remotely capable of creating anything as sophisticated as a cell, much less a living cell!!!

Before going on I need to define the phrase: "irreducibly complex system." An "irreducibly complex system on the cellular level" is, by definition, a sequence of complex chemical reactions in a cell, such that if any one of the chemical reactions was not there, or failed, the end result of that chemical reaction will fail and the entire cell may be at risk!!!

Here is a quote from a book called "Evolution: A Theory In Crisis" by creationist (i.e. anti-evolutionist) Michael Denton:

  • "Darwin's Theory of Evolution is a theory in crisis in light of the tremendous advances we've made in molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics over the past fifty years. We now know that there are in fact tens of thousands of irreducibly complex systems on the cellular level. Specified complexity pervades the microscopic biological world. Although the tiniest bacterial cells are incredibly small, weighing less than 10-12 grams, each is in effect a veritable micro-miniaturized factory containing thousands of exquisitely designed pieces of intricate molecular machinery, made up altogether of one hundred thousand million atoms, far more complicated than any machinery built by man and absolutely without parallel in the non-living world."
    Michael Denton, "Evolution: A Theory in Crisis," 1986, p. 250.

He is essentially saying that accidents could not have created any living cell!!! I should add that there are many millions of different kinds of cells which have existed, or currently exist, on this planet!!!

And he was talking about what is going on inside of every cell in your body!!! Yes, every cell in your body is far, far more sophisticated than any automobile ever made!!! Needless to say: humans cannot create a single living cell!!!!

Even if a cell was the size of a beachball, all of the scientists on this planet could not create a living cell!!!

Guess what, most of the cells in your body can divide into two cells, each with the above sophistication!!! Try dividing a new automobile into two new automobiles by one team of strong men pulling on the front bumper and another team of strong men pulling on the back bumper!!! Even if they were successful at pulling the car apart they would not end up with two cars, they would end up with two worthless halves of a single car!!

But when cells divide, two perfectly healthy cells are the result!!!!

As another example of the sophistication of cells, the number of brain cells, and the skull that protects the brain, both grow in size until adulthood. Be glad that the size of our skull and the size of our brain do not quit growing until we reach adulthood!! And be glad they quit growing then!!!

Well, I suspect that most of our intelligence comes from our spirit. If our intelligence came from our DNA then there would be no need for Judgment Day because we would not have any free agency.

Let's talk more about cell divisions starting with a fertilized egg. Now we are going to talk about some serious mathematics!!!

How Many Unique Types Of Cells Did It Take To Create Ten Million Animal Species (Nine Million Of Which Are Extinct)???

Humans are far more complex than you think!!! Humans have between 200 and 326 different types of cells (depending on the source, I will use the 326 number when I talk about humans) which must be in just the right place in our bodies as the fetus is morphing from a single fertilized ovum!!! How would you like your bone cells to end up in the pupils of your eyes??? You would be blind!!!

Now consider that there have been 10,000,000 animal species on this planet, nine million of which are extinct, and one million of which are living.

Multiply 10,000,000 animal species times an average of 200 unique types of cells for the construction of each species. That is 2,000,000,000 (2 billion) unique types of cells just for all animal species!!!

Scientists do not fully understand a single one of these 2,000,000,000 different types of cells!! How would a team of cell biologists like to be locked in a building until they could design and construct that many unique types of cells???

At what point do we throw the theory of evolution into a trash can?? Well, wait until I start talking about permutations of nucleotides on DNA!!! Then you can throw the theory of evolution away!!! Well, permutations are not technically the main reason evolution cannot be true. A paradox actually wins out over permutations.

This website will focus on the scientific issues in this debate but I will tell you how the story ends now: the theory of evolution cannot be true primarily because of the discovery of DNA in 1953 plus the ongoing discoveries about the sophistication of cells and many other issues (e.g. the physical constants)!!!

Those who claim that evolution is true must deal with both the mathematical issues and the physical issues of how the DNA and cells of one species can be changed (i.e. via brainless evolution) into vastly superior DNA and cell types, so that a new and improved species can be created (defining a "species" as an animal with a specific DNA sequence/structure and a unique set of cell types) by evolution!!! As you will see, the theory of evolution is not a credible theory after the discovery of DNA and the sophistication of cells!!!

Let us expand greatly on what we have just talked about and talk about humans!!! In this case, your calculator is no where close to having enough digits to deal with big enough numbers I will talk about!!! So get out your pencil and a big sheet of paper.

Creating A Human Via Cell Divisions

So far we have only talked about how many different types of cells there are. Now we will talk about creating a human baby via cell divisions.

A new human baby starts out as a single fertilized egg (a fertilized ovum) and ends up, via cell divisions, with 37.2 trillion cells!!! This new baby has roughly 326 different kinds of cells some of which are transparent or the baby could not see!!!

The location throughout their body (or your body) of these 326 different types of cells is critical to their (i.e. your) survival!!! So for 37.2 trillion cells the correct type of cell (out of the 326 different types of cells) must end up in exactly the right location at the right time!!!

You probably already did the math, that is 12,127,200,000,000,000 decisions/permutations (more than 12 quadrillion) as to which type of cell ends up in which location of a human baby!!! And this number is not even a single drop of water in the oceans of planets in trillions of Universes like ours as one of the numbers in the permutations of nucleotides article!!!

Here is my point: human DNA is only 3,200,000,000 nucleotides long. Sorry, human DNA is no where near long enough to control these 12 quadrillion cell divisions!!! There are actually mutiple reasons that human DNA cannot control cells divisions.

To give you an idea of how big the number 3,200,000,000 is, 3,200,000,000 inches equals 50,500 miles!!! The circumference of our planet is only 24,901 miles!!!

A human DNA strand, which (if the atheists are correct) controls all cell divisions, is about seven feet long, yet it fits inside of a single cell!!!

Getting back to cell types, every one of the ten million animal species which have lived on this planet also needed many different types of cells to be placed in the just the right location at the right time as the baby morphs from a single fertilized egg to a baby!!!

The Massive Number Of Different Types Of Cells!!!

Both males and females, of every species, have specialized cells that the other sex does not have!!!

Humans are just one of ten million types of species which have existed, or currently exit, on this planet and each animal species needs or needed their own unique set of cell types in just the right place at the just right time as the fetus is morphing (male and female)!!!

You are going to have to think very hard about this next paragraph, it deals with a very sophisticated issue and there is no simple way to explain this (you may have to read the next paragraph 3 or 4 times very slowly):

This also means, because humans start out as a single type of cell (the fertilized egg), that, whether evolution is true or not, in many, many cases, during cell divisions, a single type of cell, when it divides, will end up as two different kinds of cells (one of which could be similar to the previously existing type - and the other one is a new type of cell or both cells could be new types of cells)!!!

If this were not true we would only consist of one type of cell and we would not exist!!!

How does that happen??? How can a single, incomprehensible type of cell divide and end up as two new and different kinds of cells or at least one new type of cell (which would be required for a single fertilized egg to become a human being)???

To control where these different types of cells end up in the body is far, far, far beyond human comprehension when considering the sophistication of cells!!!

It should be clear that there is no way that the 3,200,000,000 nucleotides on human DNA could control the creation of, and location of, 12,127,200,000,000,000 combinations of cell types in which cell location!!! Sorry atheists, your spirit is alive and well and God is alive and well!!!

This not only applies to ten million animal species, but to plants and insects, etc. which also need their types of cells!!!

Every type of cell in your body, and every type of cell which has ever existed, is sophisticated beyond human comprehension!!!

Thousands of very, very smart scientists (and I mean really, really, really smart scientists) have a PhD degree in either Cell Biology or Microbiology or Genetics. Every cell in your body is vastly more sophisticated than any automobile or airplane ever made!!! PhDs in Cell Biology and Microbiology and Genetics are still being given out to each new generation of scientists as more and more is learned about the sophistication of the many different kinds of cells!!! To get a PhD you must make some new discovery about cells.

Any of these types of scientists could write a website dozens of times bigger than this website containing thousands of reasons that Cell Biology and Microbiology, etc. by themselves, are a massive, massive proof that God is alive and well and that He is INCREDIBLY SMART!!! This will become more and more obvious the more you study this website.

The problem is that no one would understand their articles unless they had at least a couple of years of Cell Biology or Microbiology classes!!!

These scientists are incredibly smart, but unfortunataly many of them know they are very smart and they have egos far, far bigger than their brains!!!

While they can prove that God lives, unfortunately, many of them are so proud that they mock anyone who believes in God!!! Pride may be the main reason that so many people believe in the theory of evolution!!! Many people cannot tolerate that someone else (i.e. God) could be smarter than they are!!! After all, does God have a PhD in Cell Biology?? Well, God is a billion times smarter than any PhD in Cell Biology because He sequenced the DNA and created the cells, and placed the cells, for every living and extinct animal and plant species!!!

Getting back to evolution, sometimes you see drawings or pictures which seem to show an "evolution" of species from one species to another. But if you look at the DNA and cell types and cell locations of the cells in these animals the theory of evolution falls apart because it is obvious that the DNA and cell types and the locations of cell types of one species could not have "evolved" into new and improved DNA and cell types and locations of cell types for a new and improved species of animal!!!

In fact, those with a PhD in Cell Biology should be the #1 enemies of the totally absurd theory of evolution!!! But they are not!!! Why not??? Pride. Pride will be the downfall of many, many people:
General Conference Talk By President Ezra Taft Benson (Beware of Pride)

I don't have a clue as to how many different kinds of cells there are (or have been) for the one million living species of animals, the nine million extinct animal species, plants, insects and who knows what other kinds of living things there are, or have been, on this planet.

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