Prophets or Evolution - An LDS Perspective


Chapter 12


Science and Evolution



"There is no salvation in a system of religion that rejects the doctrine of the Fall or that assumes man is the end product of evolution and so was not subject to a fall."

Bruce R. McConkie, “The Caravan Moves On,” Ensign, Nov 1984, 82



Introduction to the Scientific Aspects of Evolution


Most Christian churches have yielded to the theory of evolution, meaning they have taught their members that they can be "good Christians" and "good evolutionists" at the same time.


The LDS Church has not taken such a position.  Quite the opposite; the LDS church has always forcefully rejected any part of the theory of evolution and has taught "the creation" as its sole doctrine.


The LDS church took a firm stand against the doctrine of evolution in 1830, when the Book of Mormon was first published.  This was about three decades before the theory of evolution was first proposed by Darwin.  The church has never supported in any way the teachings of Korihor or Darwin.


For example, in 2004 the First Presidency issued a small booklet called: True to the Faith, which represented official church doctrine.  In this book are the following comments:


"Under the direction of Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ created the heavens and the earth (see Mosiah 3:8; Moses 2:1). From scripture revealed through the Prophet Joseph Smith, we know that in the work of the Creation, the Lord organized elements that had already existed (see Abraham 3:24). He did not create the world “out of nothing,” as some people believe.


The scriptures also teach that Adam was “the first man of all men” (Moses 1:34). God created Adam and Eve in His own image and in the image of His Only Begotten (see Moses 2:26–27).


The Creation is an integral part of Heavenly Father’s plan of salvation. It gives each of us the opportunity to come to the earth, where we receive a physical body and exercise our agency. In the premortal Council of the Gods, the following declaration was made: “We will go down, for there is space there, and we will take of these materials, and we will make an earth whereon these may dwell; and we will prove them herewith, to see if they will do all things whatsoever the Lord their God shall command them” (Abraham 3:24–25).


You are a spirit child of God, and your body is created in His image.

“Creation,” True to the Faith, (2004), 44–45


There is no equivocation or compromise in this statement.  Any member of the church who believes in a hybrid of evolution and LDS doctrine is in danger of weakening their faith.


Note in the above quote the reference to the fact that every human has a spirit and furthermore that every human existed as a spirit prior to being born on this planet.  Such a theory cannot be mixed with the doctrines of the theory of evolution.


Most Latter-Day Saints who regularly attend church do not believe in any part of the theory of evolution.  They know the claims of the scientific establishment, and they know the claims of the Book of Mormon, the living prophets, etc. and they believe the prophets of old and the living prophets of today.


Why would someone believe the living prophets instead of the scientific establishment?


The reason is that there have been conflicts before between prophets and the scientific establishment of their day; and in every case, in a matter of time, the prophets were proven to be right!!


The trend is obvious.  When there is a conflict between the living prophets and the scientific community of their day, the living prophets have eventually been proven to be correct.


How long will the members of the church have to wait until the scientific establishment abandons the theory of evolution and admits it is a complete scientific failure?


Members of the church don't have to wait at all for the failure of the theory of evolution.  The theory of evolution has already been proven to be a complete and utter failure.  Many books have been written to this end.  The theory of evolution is scientific nonsense and many people are well aware of that fact.


The problem is that the scientific establishment refuses to admit a truth which has been obvious since 1953 when DNA was first described.  In other words, from a scientific standpoint the theory of evolution is a dead theory.


For example, in 1966, back when very little was known about human DNA, mathematicians at the Wistar symposium, in Philadelphia, demonstrated the theory of evolution was mathematically impossible.


Several world famous evolutionists were at that symposium and they understood the mathematical problems with the theory of evolution.  Yet, when every one of the evolutionists went home, they continued to write books and articles that the theory of evolution was a proven fact of science.  They totally ignored the scientific evidence (see the book: Darwin's Enigma).


But many, many books have been written which demonstrate very forcefully various errors in the theory of evolution.


Few people know that there are many books which exist which are very, very critical of the theory of evolution.  This is because the scientific establishment does not talk about them or even mention them.  In order to have the scientific establishment endorse your book, your book has to say very positive things about the theory of evolution.


So why does the scientific establishment still cling to the scientifically untenable theory of evolution?  That is the real question.  In other words, the real question is not a scientific question; but rather it is a political question or a moral question or a religious question, depending on which perspective you are talking about.


The scientific chapters of this book, which are the focus of the rest of this book, were designed specifically to demonstrate the absurdity of the theory of evolution from a scientific and mathematical standpoint.


This book is able to go far beyond the mathematics of the Wistar symposium because much more is now known about DNA; plus computers are much faster today.


The foundational difference between LDS doctrine and evolution doctrine is that God created Adam and Eve and all of the animals which live today.


As mentioned in a previous chapter, the LDS church does not challenge any scientific dating of the earth because Christ took existing materials to create the Earth!!


Did these "existing materials" include the fossils of dinosaurs and millions of other species, which became extinct prior to Christ getting possession of the "materials" He and his followers used to create this earth?


This is an unknown issue, but here are some things to consider.


Suppose you were an architect and officials from the city of Chicago came to you and told you to design a very large city park, of 1,000 acres, in Chicago.


Hopefully, you would ask the officials what kind of people would visit and use the park.  For example, would it be used primarily by senior citizens or grade school children?  You would need to know exactly which groups of people the park was going to be used by.


Likewise, God knew exactly what kind of people would inhabit this earth because they were all alive (or soon would be) in the preexistence.  He knew what their strengths and weaknesses would be.


As a key part of the design of this earth, God wanted His children to have the choice between good and evil.  This earth was designed by an Architect to fulfill the purposes and goals of this earth specifically for the people who would inhabit it.


For example, that is why the tobacco plant was put on this earth.  It was not put here by evolution or by accident.


The LDS church has not stated how many years ago Christ took possession of the "materials" He and His followers used to create this earth.  It could have been billions of years ago or it could have been millions of years ago or it could have been thousands of years ago.


We have not been told when He took possession of the "existing materials," though there is an implication it was thousands of years ago.  But whether this is a correct interpretation or not, we certainly have not been told how old the "existing materials" were which were given to Christ.  They could have been billions of years old.


But what we do know is that this earth was designed for its inhabitants.


Scientists claim that this earth is over 5 billion years old.  Scientists also claim that life began on this earth roughly 3.5 billion years ago.


However old the earth really is, whether it is more or less than 5 billion years old, at some point the Savior took over and completed the preparations for Adam and Eve and their posterity to take over the earth.


Where the Church and the theory of evolution are irreconcilable is that the church unequivocally claims that Adam and Eve were created by the hand of God.  That is where the irreconcilable differences between the church and the theory of evolution begin.


Beginning with Adam and Eve the differences between the theory of evolution move in totally different directions.  Differences include the existence of spirits, the reality of the preexistence, a Judgment Day, a spirit world after this life, and on and on.


While the scientific evidences of the age of the earth are not part of any debate between the church and the theory of evolution, the scientific evidences regarding life are massive.  Scientifically, there is overwhelmingly support that the theory of evolution could not possibly have created the huge variety of life on this earth during the estimated time of the existence of complex life on this earth.


It is an issue of time.  When mathematical models are applied to the DNA of known species and the estimated DNA of extinct species, there is no possible way all of this DNA could have formed in 660 million years or 5 billion years or even in 5 trillion years!!


The point is that members of the LDS church do not need to wait for science to disprove the theory of evolution.  All they have to wait for is the scientific community and scientific establishment to admit the theory of evolution is a total fraud.


That may take until the next Ice Age.