Prophets or Evolution - An LDS Perspective




Recommended Books and Videos






The LDS church does not endorse any science book, meaning the church does not even endorse science books which are opposed to the theory of evolution.



A Required Movie


It is required to watch this movie: Expelled - No Intelligence Allowed, by Ben Stein.  This movie generally gets poor reviews by movie critics because most movie critics are evolutionists or they have no clue what science is all about.  Evolutionists don't like this movie!!


But it is an absolutely superb, superb movie!!!  Ben Stein interviews evolutionists and creation scientists and asks the key question: "Why doesn't the scientific establishment want to consider God."  He also asks why college professors got fired for supporting creation science (which is what the title of the movie is based on).



The Top Two Books


There have been many books written in defense of creation science.  However, two of these books are head-and-shoulders above the rest from a technical viewpoint.  These should be considered required reading for any true student of creation science:


#1) Genetic Entropy & The Mystery of the Genome

          by. Dr. J. D. Sanford (Elim Publishing)


While an understanding of the genome is still in its infancy, this world-famous plant biologist, who is not afraid to be on the side of creation science, sets the record straight about how quickly DNA is deteriorating across the board.  Because the entire premise of the theory of evolution is to pretend that DNA can dramatically improve via random mutations; this book totally annihilates this proposition using real data from a large number of real geneticists.


Another valuable aspect of this book is in the way it explains why such a high percentage of human DNA is required for life and why the genes need so many other nucleotides in order for proteins to be formed and implemented.


#2) The Edge of Evolution - The Search for the Limits of Darwinism

          by Michael J. Behe (Free Press)


Dr. Behe is famous for being the father of "intelligent design," but his new book goes far beyond intelligent design.  He discusses point mutations in single-celled microbes and in complex animals.  He proves that evolution could never have advanced beyond single-celled microbes.  He also discusses the bacterial flagellum, and other complex designs, from a more advanced viewpoint than his Darwin's Black Box book.


The title of the book refers to the random generation of binding sites on proteins and he mathematically proves that it was impossible for complex structures inside of cells to have "evolved" by random mutations because of the polypeptide folding issue, and more importantly, the "binding site" issues.



Other Excellent Creation Science Books


1) Evolution: A Theory in Crisis

          by Dr. Michael Denton


This well-known creationist covers everything from the fossil record and morphology to advanced genetic information.


2) Darwin's Black Box - The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution

          by Michael J. Behe


This is the classic book on intelligent design.  While the scientific establishment discounts intelligent design, it is not because they have an answer to intelligent design; it is because they do not have an answer to intelligent design.  Behe's newer book, mentioned above, takes intelligent design a step further.


3) Of Pandas and People - The Central Question of Biological Origins

          by Percival Davis and Dean H. Kenyon


Dr. Kenyon was the co-author of Biochemical Predestination (by Dean H. Kenyon and Gary Steinman).  Biological Predestination was the classic college textbook on chemical evolution (i.e. the formation of the "first living cell") for about twenty years.  The problem was that about five years after co-authoring the biochemical book he switched from being an evolutionist to a creationist.


Of Pandas and People is an excellent summary of why creation science is superior to evolution.  However, there is one very disappointing aspect of this book: he does not vigorously pursue the issue of amino acid bindings, which is the primary reason he switched to creation science in the first place.


This book has been the center of controversy because it was originally written talking about "creation science", but references to this term were changed to being references of "intelligent design" after the Supreme Court made the term "creation science" illegal to use in schools.  This terminology conversion was insignificant from a technical viewpoint, but it gave the evolution establishment a way to divert people's attention away from the excellent content of the book.


4) Darwin on Trial

          by Phillip E. Johnson


If you like logic, this is the book for you.  Mr. Johnson, an attorney, is frequently at the lead of the creation science side of the evolution debate.  His books are full of piercing logic.


5) Icons of Evolution - Science or Myth?

          by Jonathan Wells


This is an excellent book on exposing the myths of the arguments of evolution.  He goes through the main "icons" (i.e. main arguments) of the theory of evolution one by one and dissects each one with the facts.  This is a highly recommended book.


6) Evolution Exposed - Your Evolution Answer Book for the Classroom

          by Roger Patterson


This book examines the most popular biology textbooks used in the public schools and exposes error after error in their claims.  Most parents have little clue what their children are exposed to in the public classrooms.  Highly recommended for people helping youth understand the evolution debate!!


7) Darwin's Enigma, Revised Edition

          by Luther D. Sunderland (late)


This is an older book on the evolution debate, but its discussion on the fossil record, and particularly the politics of the fossil record, is excellent.  It also includes mention of the Wistar seminar on the mathematics of evolution, which seminar was very, very disturbing to those who supported evolution.  However, as might be expected, the way to deal with disturbing facts is to ignore them, and this seminar is never mentioned by the media-controlled evolution establishment.


There are many, many other excellent books on creation science.





1) Unlocking the Mystery of Life (DVD)

          Illustra Media (


This movie recounts a seminar involving several of the premier creation scientists (e.g. Denton, Behe, Johnson, etc.).  While it was not written to be technically convincing, it is an excellent broad overview of the power of the arguments of creation science and has some excellent graphics on protein synthesis.


2) Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution I (DVD)

          with Dr. Jobe Martin

          Exploration Films (


This DVD might be termed "super intelligent design."   This excellent movie details the complexity of many different species which are so unique they could not have developed these characteristics piecemeal by random mutations.  In other words, these animals are so unique they don't have ancestors.


3) The Privileged Planet (DVD)

          Illustra Media (


This excellent movie is about the vast number of conditions which must all simultaneously occur in order for a planet to support complex life.  It is kind of like "intelligent design," but instead of being at the level of animals, it is at the level of the solar system, and the galaxy.  This is a highly recommended movie for those interested in why life exists at all on this planet.  We are part of a very, very rare set of conditions, which could only have been very carefully designed by a Creator.  One of the co-authors lost his job at a university because of his involvement in the book on which this DVD was based.