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If you want a quick summary of seven scientific reasons the theory of evolution cannot be true, see chapter 35 of this book (chapter 35 is linked to below).


  Prophets or Evolution - An LDS Perspective
Chapter # Chapter Name
Title Title Page and Copyright
Chapter 1 An Overview of LDS Doctrine Compared to Evolution
Chapter 2 Book of Mormon and Evolution
Chapter 3 The Creation - Official Church Views
Chapter 4 About God the Father - Part 1 of 2
Chapter 5 About God the Father - Part 2 of 2
Chapter 6 The Children of God
Chapter 7 About Christ
Chapter 8 Living Prophets
Chapter 9 Why is There Suffering? - Part 1 of 2
Chapter 10 Why is There Suffering? - Part 2 of 2
Chapter 11 Adam and Eve or George and Mary?
Chapter 12 Science and Evolution
Chapter 13 Why the Theory of Evolution Exists
Chapter 14 Understanding Big and Little Numbers
Chapter 15 The Probability Of Evolution
Chapter 16 Copy Genes and Evolution Genes
Chapter 17 Ramifications of the Computer Simulations
Chapter 18 Patterns Of Intelligence
Chapter 19 Genetic Entropy and Genetic Debris
Chapter 20 Genetic Chaos
Chapter 21 The Claims of Evolution
Chapter 22 Debate Tactics
Reason #1 Genetic Entropy
Reason #2 Genetic Chaos
Reason #3 Genetic Debris
Reason #4 Consecutive Impossible Probabilities
Reason #5 The Multi-Generation Issues
Reason #6 The Male / Female Issues
Reason #7 Paterns of Intelligence
Other #1 The First Living Cell
Other #2 The Morphing of the Embryo Algorithms
Other #3 Fossil Evidence
Other #4 The Failure of Evidence
Other #5 Genetic Leftovers
Other #6 Hormones
Other #7 The Perfection of Human DNA
Appendix Appendix - Recommended Books and Videos