Comparing DNA to Computer Programs - Why Evolution Is False

As is stated many times on this website, the "theory of evolution" should really be called the "theory of accidents" because evolution is nothing but accidents. Evolution has no intelligence, no goals, no direction, etc.

Could "accidents" (i.e. evolution) write a highly complex computer program (either the source code or object code)? Obviously NOT!! That is precisely why we have computer programmers!! Nor could accidents create the operating system of any computer.

Ponder this carefully: every one of the millions of complex, or even moderately complex, computer programs on this planet were based on this sequence of events (this ignores all the things needed to write the operating system, the computer language, the compiler, etc.):
1) a need for a computer program was identified,
2) a plan was conceived to solve the need,
3) an outline for the solution was designed,
4) a computer program was written (i.e. source code) by a computer programmer,
5) a computer program called a "compiler" was used to compile the source code into object code,
6) the output of the compiled computer program was used by human beings.

NONE OF THESE STEPS were written by random number generators to simulate the way that evolution must work!!! Every functional computer program on this planet was written by intelligent human beings who studied computer languages and computer programming!!

Yet every DNA strand on this planet is vastly more sophisticated than any human-written computer program on this planet!! No doubt a similar process as above was used by God to create the DNA for all of the species on this planet. For example, some species are used as food for larger and more sophisticated species.

Because computers are a heck-of-a-lot faster (billions of times) than anything in biology, if randomness could create intelligence, computers would be the best place to test the theory of evolution.

Yet millions of sophisticated computer programs have been written by trained computer programmers and ZERO functional computer programs have written by very, very fast random number generators!!

But in spite of the facts, the leading atheists claim that the one million most sophisticated computer programs on this planet (i.e. the DNA for the roughly one million species of animals on this planet) were all "written" exclusively by pure accidents, called "evolution."

Furthermore, many of these species have both a male and female, whose DNA must align in a very precise way!! This would be like trying to create and align the object code of two new massively sophisticated computer programs which were written purely by using random number generators!!

Of course, the atheists and evolutionists claim that the three most complex and sophisticated computer programs on this planet, male human DNA (which actually includes two DNA strands, one for each type of sperm cell) and female human DNA, were "written" by a long series of accidents called "evolution."

There is something very wrong with this picture!! If evolution were true, why don't corporations write computer programs with random number generators to simulate evolution?? They could generate millions of such programs every day at very low cost because they would not have to pay the salaries of expensive computer programmers!!

Corporations are always looking for ways to save money.

But corporations do not use random number generators to write their computer programs. EVERY complex computer program on this earth was written by a human being. In fact, even very simple computer programs have been written by human beings!!

Yet the leading evolutionists teach that EVERY ONE of the roughly one millions species on this planet have DNA (of every plant and animal) which was "written" purely by a long series of accidents!!!

To make matters worse for evolution, if evolution were true, the DNA of the first male and first female humans had to be created during the same timeframe (within 50 years of each other so they could mate before dying), and in the same location on this earth (so they could find each other and mate).

Plus their DNA must align in such a way that the male DNA and female DNA mix together to have offspring who have features of both parents!!!

And this is true for every species with a male and female. Try doing that with two computer programs!!

Write two complex computer programs which are about the same length but have several different functions. Then create a third computer program which is created by this algorithm: for each bit on the new program randomly pick a bit, from the same slot, from either the first program or second program using a random number generator to determine if the bit comes from the first program or the second program.

See if you end up with a new computer program (a "baby" computer program) that has most of the features of both original computer programs. It would never work in a million years!! The new program will not even run. Yet Mother Nature can combine the DNA of the male and the DNA of the female and end up with a healthy baby who has features of both parents!!

In addition, if a couple has seven children, excepting twins, every one of them will look different and have different personalities. But even identical twins have different personalities.

Yet the DNA of the father and mother do not change one iota between the day they were born until the day they die.

So let us summarize what must happen for the first male human to be born on this earth:
1) The DNA of the father of the first male human had to exist (by context the father of the first human could not have been a human being),
2) The DNA of the mother of the first male human had to exist (who was the father of the mother we are talking about, it could not have been a human being),
3) The mother and father had to find each other and mate,
4) Their DNA must align, such as the "morphing of the embryo" algorithms, so the fertilized egg could morph into a human male baby via roughly 30 billion cell divisions.

These things are true for the first male of all animal species.

This is absurd when thinking about a series of accidents, yet it makes perfect sense when thinking that God created both Adam and Eve!!

Of course atheists would try to explain these things by saying that we descended from monkeys or some other primate and all evolution had to do was modify the DNA of the monkeys or other primate. But this is also impossible as is explained in other articles on this website. See this article:
Article: Changing The Length Of A DNA Strand

Could you take a massive computer program, capable of controlling the traffic for millions of cars in a highly populated city and then randomly mutate the object code of this computer program and end up with a computer program which can also handle airplane traffic? No programmer would even attempt such a nonsensical idea in spite of the high speed of computers.

Yet the atheists claim that a male primate's DNA (e.g. bonobo) randomly mutated into human male DNA and a female primate's DNA randomly mutated into human female DNA at roughly the same time (e.g. within 50 years) and roughly the same latitude and longitude so the new species (i.e. humans) could mate and the fertilized egg had new "morphing of the embryo" algorithms on its DNA, etc. etc.

Similar claims by the atheists must be made for the DNA of many, many other species which have both a male and female!!

Plus, as is mentioned in the article linked to above: it is impossible to physically modify a DNA strand because of the way it is designed, you can only damage DNA!!

In summary: how could a series of mindless accidents (i.e. evolution) do something that no team of humans can comprehend, much less replicate??

Computer programs give us glimpse into the absurdity of the theory of evolution!!

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