Note #!: For severe cases or cases that do not respond to this protocol, go to a medical doctor because they can prescribe the drugs recommended by the federal CDC (Center For Disease Control And Prevention).

For The Treatment Or Prevention Of Coronavirus Or Covid-19

Step 1 - Most Important: High doses of Vitamin D every day while you have any symptoms. In other words, several pills a day. I am pretty sure WalMart has this, but if not you may need to go to a health food store. I know that Sams Club does carry it. You can use Vitamin D3 temporarily if you cannot get Vitamin D. You can also add calcium and phospherous to Vitamin D or D3 if you wish.

Step 2: The supplement Zinc is also available at any health food store, Wal Mart or Sam's Club.

Step 3: The supplement Potassium is required.

Step 4: The supplement Magnesium is required.

Step 5: The supplement Vitamin B12 is required.

Step 6: The supplement Vitamin C is required.
It is almost impossible to overdose on Vitamin C!!!

Step 7: The supplement Vitamin E is required.

Step 8: The supplement Vitamin A is required.

Step 9: ADULT Flonase nasal spray. I would spray my nose twice a day, one or two sprays in each nostril twice a day. This should be available at any grocery store.

Step 10: Copy and paste this into Google:
herbs "kill viruses"

"antiviral herbs"

and especially:
coronavirus "Vitamin D"

Vitamin C will also help.
coronavirus "Vitamin C"