For The Treatment Or Prevention Of Coronavirus Or Covid-19


In this video, Microbiologist says Vaccines will Decimate World's Population

Note that his is talking about three or more injections, but listen and watch and decide for yourself. Of course, the scumbag Rockefellers are behind these vaccinations!!! They couldn't care less how many people die, all they care about is money!!!

OK, now for dealing with Coronavirus safely using natural substances:

Step 1 - Most Important: High doses of Vitamin D every day while you have any symptoms. In other words, several pills a day. I am pretty sure WalMart has this, but if not you may need to go to a health food store. I know that Sams Club does carry it. You can use Vitamin D3 temporarily if you cannot get Vitamin D. You can also add calcium and phospherous to Vitamin D or D3 if you wish.

Step 2: The supplement Zinc is also available at any health food store, Wal Mart or Sam's Club.

Step 3: The supplement Potassium is required.

Step 4: The supplement Magnesium is required.

Step 5: The supplement Vitamin B12 is required.

Step 6: The supplement Vitamin C is required.
It is almost impossible to overdose on Vitamin C!!!

Step 7: The supplement Vitamin E is required.

Step 8: The supplement Vitamin A is required.

Step 9: ADULT Flonase nasal spray. I would spray my nose twice a day, one or two sprays in each nostril twice a day. This should be available at any grocery store.

Step 10: Copy and paste this into Google:
herbs "kill viruses"

"antiviral herbs"

and especially:
coronavirus "Vitamin D"

Vitamin C will also help.
coronavirus "Vitamin C"