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Why Coronavirus Kills Older People But Not Younger People???

by R. Webster Kehr

As a retired medical researcher I have dealt with thousands of cancer patients and some AIDS patients. But Coronavirus is very unique in that the older a person is the higher the chance that they will die from the disease and the younger a person is the less likely they will die from the disease.


In my opinion yonger people have stronger cells and the coronavirus cannot penetrate these cells because the cells are so strong.

On the other hand, older people like me (I am 73 years old as I write this) have weak cells so the coronavirus virus can easily penetrate our weaker cells and ultimately kill us.

Unfortuntely, I do not know of a way to make our (i.e. older people) cells stronger so we must deal with the virus itself. But the virus is inside of our cells so how do we get our virus killing substances inside the cells???

Maybe we can learn from cancer. Cancer is caused by a bacteria, helicobactor pylori, which is inside of the cancer cells!!!

Maybe we can learn from AIDS, which is also a virus and AIDS is something THAT WE KNOW HOW TO CURE BECAUSE OF DOCTORS KAALI AND LYMAN, who I will talk about below!!!

But viruses are much smaller than bacteria so even if we could get things inside of cells there is no guarantee the viruses would be killed!!! So for now, the only thing I can recommend is that we follow the advice of the federal government agencies who deal with health conditions.

I will talk about some things that can be added to the federal protocols later in this article. These things might help signicantly because the FDA people know nothing about natural medicine!!



The U.S. Government Approach

First see these two federal government articles about Coronavirus:

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

And see this site:
Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

And see this article (Coronavirus is a virus):

Top Ten Natural Anti-Viral Agents

How To Deal With Coronavirus (Based On What We Know Now)!!!!!

Step #1, call around and find a medical doctor in your community who is prescribing drugs for coronavirus.

Step #2, GO TO THAT DOCTOR AND GET A PRESCRIPTION FOR HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE, CHLOROQUINE, and the other drug the CDC recommends: azithromycin

See: (excess doses can cause DEATH so work closely with an M.D.!!!!)

Step #3, if you cannot find that drug, but you can find the drug Chloroquine use that drug until you can obtain HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE.

Step #4, take the drug in the doses and method your doctor and pharmacist recommend!!!

Step #6, AFTER you start taking the drug, and with your doctor's approval, start calling the nearest health food stores and ask if they have some colloidal silver in stock!!! Buy several bottles of colloidal silver and take it in the maximum doses which are on the label.

That should solve the problem!!! Let me know what you learn so I can pass it on (my email address is at the very bottom of this home page).

Regardless of what is said in this article, when the United States government (i.e. has officially endorsed one or more prescription drugs to deal with Coronavirus, USE THE DRUGS RECOMMENDED / ENDORSED BY THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT AS SOON AS THEY BECOME AVAILABLE!!!!

Prescription drugs can be MASS PRODUCED all over the world and they will work faster and better than anything in natural medicine because they will be designed to deal with a WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC!!!

Furthermore, natural treatments for AIDS (which is a virus very similar to coronavirus) involve equipment that cannot be mass produced!!! So even if the Sota Instruments equipment for AIDS (at: were modified for Coronavirus (which would be quite easy to do) these devices cannot be mass produced!!!

But drugs can be mass produced!!!

I will tell you right now what the most effective treatments for coronavirus are which can be mass produced around the world.

First, this treatment includes two items which I think (but I am not sure) can used together as a treatment for coronavirus!!!

1) hydroxychloroquine - This may be the best of all and has worked by itself!!!,
2) Chloroquine

Second, if and only if the above two drugs are not available, this item is mentioned by itself as a treatment for coronavirus (as far as I know, on 5/5/2020, this may at some point be the drug of choice):

All three of these drugs, as just mentioned, can be mass produced and are endorsed by President Trump and his CDC team!!!

This website is about natural treatments for viruses (and there are other such websites):
Top Ten Natural Anti-Viral Agents


Tips To Avoid Getting Exposed To Corovavirus, Directly Or Indirectly (For Older People)

For older people, who are at high risk of dying if they get the Coronavirus virus, they need to understand this section.

The key is to come into physical contact with as few adults as possible (directly and indirectly)!!!

For example, going to church could expose you to many adults. That is why many churches have shut down during this virus.

A person who works with a large number of different people at work could get exposed to the virus and pass on this exposure to someone in their home who is retired!!!

In other words, there is no problem with being exposed to the same people day after day and week after week. It is the people that you do not come into contact with under normal situations (directly or indirectly via other members of your family) that could be the main threat of exposure!!!

For example, I am very fortunate for a retired person because everyone in my daughter's house (where I live) are not exposed directly or indirectly to a lot of adults. My daughter teachs math courses in a high school so she comes into contact with the same adults week after week!!! No problem there.

My son-in-law is an architect and he is exposed to the same people day after day. And even when he travels to work on a contruction project there are very few people at the construction site. Plus in this situation he likely sees the same people day-after day.

Note that virtually all athletic events have been cancelled due to the many people every fan could be exposed to anywhere in the stadium.


Treating AIDS And Other Health Issues

Some years ago two medical doctor researchers, Kaali and Lyman, developed a cure for AIDS!!! They got their article published in a medical journal, but when someone realized that the medical journal article had a cure for AIDS in it - orthodox medicine went ballistic!!! Orthodox medicine doesn't want to cure any highly profitable disease!!!!! Orthodox medicine literally had every copy of that journal destroyed!!!

However, sometime after that these two researchers did publish their article in a lesser known journal and orthodox medicine never realized this.

Two natural medicine cancer researchers (I was one of them) knew that a treatment for AIDS was developed by Bob Beck using the information from the original Kaali/Lyman article!!! So we knew that Kaali and Lyman had gotten their article published but in a different journal!!!

Myself and at least one other researcher were able to find that journal.

Here is a copy of the Kaali/Lyman article on this website (in the bottom right corner of this page click the + button several times to zoom in on the page):
Biocompatible Electric Current Attenuates HIV Infectivity

That article will tell you how to cure AIDS, but not Coronavirus!!! However, there would be no need to modify the Bob Beck equipment because even if this were done, the modified Bob Beck equipment could not be mass produced and shipped all over the world to deal with a global pandemic!!!!!

Let me explain how any virus works. A virus can be compared to a very, very, very small basketball with hairs sticking out of it!!! But viruses are very, very small and there are not any hairs sticking out of them, what is sticking out are enzymes. It is these enzymes that allow the virus to attach to a cell and reproduce more viruses.

What Kaali and Lyman discovered is that at the correct amplitude and frequency, these enzymes could be broken off from the main section of the virus and thus the virus could not attach to human cells and the virus simply floated around in the body until it died!!!

Here is my point: because the Bob Beck protocol was effective in treating AIDS, the specifications for the Beck protocol (amplitide and frequency) could easily be modied for coronavirus, both are viruses!!!

So should coronavirus researchers be looking into how the Bob Beck equipment can be modified into treating Coronavirus???

Surprisingly, the answer is a GAIGANTIC NO NO NO!!!! But the reason may surprise you.

The reason is not that orthodox medicine is superior to natural medicine, for coronavirus, the reason is that if orthodox medicine can develop a drug that kills coronavirus, orthodox medicine can MASS PRODUCE THIS DRUG IN SEVERAL DIFFERENT COUNTRIES AT THE SAME TIME!!!

Coronavirus is a PANDEMIC!!!! The drug companies can churn out many millions of drugs a day using facilities around the globe!!! But natural medicine researchers can only churn out one one or two Bob Beck Protocol items a day!!!

So while in theory the Bob Beck protocol equipment could be modified into coronavirus equipment, the Bob Beck equipment, even if modified, CANNOT be mass produced!!!!!

On the other hand, if a drug could be found to kill coronavirus, drug companies around the worly could quicly replicate the drug and could be administered to coronavirus patients!!!!


My Alternative Recommendation For Treating Coronavirus If The Above Items Cannot Be Obtained

If and only if you cannot obtain the drugs I mentioned above, my current recommendation for treating Coronavirus is ASAP 22 Plus Silver Solution. Use Google to find a vendor if you need to.

Colloidal silver has been treating AIDS for many years. I don't see why it would not also work for coronavirus because both the AIDS virus and the coronavirus are very similar in structure. Let me know how it works if you use it. My email address is at the bottom of the home page.

I don't now if health food stores carry this product but you can certainly purchase it over the Internet.

Purchase this product as soon as possible BUT KEEP DOING YOUR RESEARCH!!!!

While you are waiting to get the ASAP 22 Plus Silver Solution copy and paste this into Google: AIDS

There are two things you need to know about coronavirus or Covid 19. First, the very old (over 65) are most at risk for dying.

Second, most people who die of coronavirus do not die directly from the coronavirus, they die of pneumonia. Both medical doctors and natural medicine experts can deal with pneumonia, depending on what causes it. For example, many herbs kill bacteria. The silver is for viruses.

See also this article for more ideas:
Article: Natural Health Solutions

And see this article which is also about Covid 19:
Article: More On Covid 19


President Nelson - President of the Mormon/Latter Day Saint (LDS) Church

The President of the LDS church, Russell M. Nelson, issued a statement about COVID-19 and HE DID NOT SAY to use natural treatments to deal with COVID-19, rather he stated: "As a physician and surgeon, I have great admiration for medical professionals, scientists, and all who are working around the clock to curb the spread of COVID-19."

President Nelson also said this regarding coronavirus:

  • "My dear friends, our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ know us, love us, and are watching over us. Of that we can be certain. These unique challenges will pass in due time. I remain optimistic for the future. I know the great and marvelous blessings that God has in store for those who love Him and serve Him. I see evidence of His hand in this holy work in so many ways.

    So, during these uncertain times, be comforted by this promise from the Savior. He said: I the Lord am bound when ye do what I say.
    I promise you that joy is always within the reach of everyone who will hear Him and obey His laws.

    I love you. I pray for you. And I promise that you will receive comfort and peace as you continue to hear Him."

End Quote

Here is the link to his comments:
My Message of Hope and Love for You

President Nelson was talking about a speedy resolution to the problem of coronavirus. Fortunately, President Trump and Vice President Pense are getting the job done!!!

President Nelson, of course, got it right!!! See this video:
President Nelson Invites All Worldwide to Fast for "Physical, Spiritual Healing" in Response to COVID-19!!!!!

Here is a verse about the absolute corruption in medicine, specifically for suppressing cures for cancer. The Savior is speaking in the United States and is quoted in 3 Nephi 16:10:

  • 10 And thus commandeth the Father that I should say unto you: At that day when the Gentiles shall sin against my gospel, and shall reject the fulness of my gospel, and shall be lifted up in the pride of their hearts above all nations, and above all the people of the whole earth, and shall be filled with all manner of lyings, and of deceits, and of mischiefs, and all manner of hypocrisy, and murders, and priestcrafts, and whoredoms, and of secret abominations; and if they shall do all those things, and shall reject the fulness of my gospel, behold, saith the Father, I will bring the fulness of my gospel from among them.

This certainly applies to cancer treatments which are suppressed by Big Pharma (i.e. the Rockefellers).

But fortunately, in the case of the Coronavirus the Rockefellers cannot stop the cure because Presdident Trump and Vice President Pense are going around the scumbag Rockefellers.