A Very Advanced (But Very Important) Topic - Counting Intermediate Species

This is a very advanced topic, so don't worry if you have problems understanding its signficance the first time you read this article.

Let us think about two things.

First, think about all of the animal species which have lived on this planet. We have consistantly said that there have been, or currently are, ten million animal species on this planet, nine million of which are extinct (but we know they existed).

Where did these ten million animal species come from???

If you believe in God, then God created all of their cells and all of their DNA because God created all animals.

But if you believe in the theory of evolution, then life began with a "first living cell" and every animal had to ultimately "evolve" from the "first living cell" via many intermediate species!! In other words, every species we know about "evolved" from the First Living Cell and many intermediate species whether we know about the intermediate species or not if evolution were true!!!

For example, the Woolly Mammoth obviously did not evolve directly from the first living cell!!! If evolution were true, there would be many, many intermediate species between the first living cell and the Woolly Mammoth that we know nothing about.

Here are just a few of the gigantic reptiles which have existed on this planet:
1) Argentinosaurus,
2) Giganotosaurus,
3) Titanosaurus,
4) Sauroposeidon

If the theory of evoution were true, each of these types of dinosaurs would have "evolved," via thousands of intermediate species from the "first living cell"!!!!!

So from the first living cell to each of the ten million animal species that we know about, if evolution is true, we need to find evidence of the intermediate species between the first living cell and the above four dinosaurs and any other large dinosaur or other large mammal.

To be more specific: if ten million animal species "evolved" from the "first living cell" (40,000,000 DNA strands would have been required to create ten million species), and assuming it took between 20 to 2,000 intermediate species from the first living cell to each of these 10,000,000 species (this number does not include the first living cell or the species itself because the species itself has already been counted), then there would have been many millions of intermediate species that we don't know anything about because they never existed!!!

But these numbers imply that there is no God and that "evolution" created all of these species.

But there is no evidence that there were any of the millions of intermediate species which would have been needed between the first living cell and all of the dinosaurs and other animal species!!!

All we see are the bones of fully developed reptiles and mammals!!! We don't see any of the necessary millions of intermediate species between the first living cell and these massive, massive dinosaurs!!!!

That is because God creasted all of these species so there was no need for any intermediate species!!! God didn't need any intermediate species when He created these species!!!


Let's Talk About The First Living Cell, Intermediate Species and Humans

The atheists and evolutionists are looking for the species that humans "evolved" from, such as bonobos. But if the theory of evolution were true humans would have "evolved" from the First Living Cell just like all other species!!!!!

It would take a lot of imagination and creating thinking to trace humans back to the first living cell!!!! One bonobo is not going to fit such a claim. There would have been thousands of intermediate species between humans and the first living cell!!!

One reason is that humans (e.g. our brains) are vastly more intelligent than any other animal so humans would have needed many intermediate species from the first living cell!!! The first living cell was pretty stupid!!!

However, the reason for so many intermediate species is not because of our size (like Giganotosaurus) but because of our intelligence!!!

There aren't any animals which are slighly less intelligent than humans!!! Bonobos, for example, are massively, massively dumber than humans!!!

There is no path from the really dumb first living cell all the way to human intelligence!!!

For example, it would have taken fifty of so intermediate species just between bonobo intelligence and human intelligence!!!

But there is zero evidence that any intermediate species exist (thinking only about intelligence) between bonobos and humans!!!!

In fact, there is zero evidence that any species ever existed which was "slightly" less intelligence than humans. Every animal species that has ever existed, or currently exists, is massively, massively dumber than humans!!!!!

Sorry, God lives.


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