Key Issues In The Evolution Debate: Part 1 of 3: Creationism Versus Evolution - Who Wins??

The claims of the atheists and evolutionists and many others is that the theory of evolution is true. However, the theory of evolution is nothing more than a claim that there is no God and that all things in the Universe, that are not man-made, came to exist by a series of accidents!!

"Evolution" is simply a belief there is no God. A belief cannot create and sequence DNA, so the atheists and evolutionists must claim that accidents created all DNA and all cells, all stars (including our sun), all galaxies, etc.

With the ongoing discoveries about the complexity of DNA and the complexity and the other things that are going on inside of cells, the theory of evolution has become totally absurd!!!

But in spite of the complete absurdity that accidents could create the DNA and cells for roughly one million species on this planet, the leading atheists and evolutionists in the scientific establishment continue to claim that evolution is true!!

How could a PhD in cell biology believe that cells, and the DNA inside of those cells, were all created by nothing but blind, deaf and dumb accidents!!??

Could accidents have created human DNA, for example? Human DNA is so sophisticated that a single cell, with a single DNA strand, namely the fertilized egg inside of a mother-to-be, has the intelligence on the DNA to create an entire baby which has 30 billion cells, 60,000 miles of blood vessels and an incredible brain, liver, pancreas, etc. etc.!!

I should also mention that the algorithms on the DNA have to make sure that the 60,000 miles of blood vessels are fully enclosed before blood starts to circulate or else the baby would bleed to death before it was born!!

Thus, the cells in the new baby need to be created not only in the correct location, but also in the correct order!!

And while the new baby is morphing, 600,000,000,000,000 genes, inside the new cells, need to be told whether to be activated or not.

DNA is so sophisticated that no team of biologists and engineers on this planet could design the 3.2 billion nucleotides on the DNA of the fertilized egg in a human mother in a thousand years!!!

And the theory of evolution is far dumber than human beings because evolution is nothing but a bunch of accidents!! How could a series of accidents do something that all of the scienteists on this planet could not do??

Let us talk about "natural selection" because the atheists claim that natural selection is the engine that drives evolution!! This is nonsense, natural selection can only DESTROY plants and animals AFTER they are created!!

Plants and animals can only be created by unbelievably complex DNA, not by lions eating gazelles (i.e. natural selection).

Accidents don't create anything that is highly sophisticated and human DNA is the most sophisticated object on this planet!!

If it weren't for the atheists who push the theory of evolution, the discovery of DNA would have demolished the theory of evolution overnight in 1953.

But the scientific establishment is loaded with atheists who are too proud to admit that a God could exist who is smarter than they are. They want their students to worship THEM. The theory of evolution continues to be pushed by scientists in order to eliminate their competition (i.e. eliminate a belief in God).

The deceptions and lies of the atheists are so sophisticated and so clever that there is no shame in a person believing in the theory of evolution. Every student is bombarded with massive numbers of sophisticated deceptions.

The First Book To Describe Evolution Was NOT Written By Darwin

The Book of Mormon, which was published in New York in 1830, did not have to wait for Darwin or the discovery of DNA to describe and criticize the theory of evolution. The Book of Mormon was very critical of the theory of evolution 29 years before Darwin wrote his first book about evolution!! And the Book of Mormon was published more than 120 years before DNA was discovered.

And for those who worship the famous athesit/evolutionist Richard Dawkins, the Book of Mormon was published more than 110 years before Dawkins was born!! To see an article about what God thinks about Richard Dawkins, and hundreds of other atheists and evolutionists see this article:
Article: The First Book To Describe Evolution Was Not Written By Darwin

The Book of Mormon is a religious history book, like the Bible, but was written by prophets who lived in the Americas and it covers a period of time from the Tower of Babel to about 400 A.D.

While the Book of Mormon describes the theory of evolution in detail, the person who taught the theory of evolution in the Book of Mormon was the only enemy of Christ's church who was referred to as an "anti-Christ" (Alma 30:6).

The name of the "anti-Christ" was Korihor, who preached in 74 B.C., which was before the birth of Christ.

No doubt part of the reason Korihor was called the "anti-Christ" was because he taught that God did not exist (Alma 30:28, 37-38, 43, 48, see: 52-53) and that Christ would never be born (Alma 30:6, 12-13, 15, 23, 26). He also taught that Adam and Eve never existed (Alma 30:25) and he taught natural selection (Alma 30:17).

All of Korihor's doctrines were, item by item, exactly the opposite of the doctrines taught by the prophets in his day (74 B.C.), such as Ammon and Alma the Younger. All of the other enemies of the church mentioned in the Book of Mormon taught a mixture or truth and error. But everything Korihor taught was the opposite of the truth.

The reason everything Korihor taught was the opposite of the doctrines of Christ was that Korihor was also the only enemy of the church who was taught his doctrines by a personal appearance of the devil (Alma 30:42, 53)!!

This may explain why Korihor was also the only enemy of the church who was commanded to be struck dumb by a prophet of God, Alma the Younger (Alma 30:49-50).

The great prophet Alma the Younger described Korihor's doctrines as being designed so that "[the devil] may destroy the children of God" (Alma 30:42). This was Alma the Younger's description of the goal of what we now call: the theory of evolution!!

The Book of Mormon was predicting the coming forth of the false and anti-Christ doctrines of the theory of evolution and is a warning to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (i.e. LDS church or Mormon church), and to all others, about these false doctrines!!

The Book of Mormon is accepted as official doctrine of the Mormon church (i.e. the LDS church), and thus the official position of the Mormon church on the theory of evolution is a rejection of the theory of evolution!!

The scriptures of the LDS church also officially teach that God created the heavens and the earth and that God also created Adam and Eve as the world's first humans.

Nothing has changed since the days or Korihor!! The atheists and evolutionists today are following in the footsteps of Korihor.

And like the days of the great prophet Alma the Youger, God has put living prophets on the earth today!! Not only is the Book of Mormon critical of the theory of evolution, even modern-day apostles and prophets have been critical of the theory of evolution.

Elder Russell M. Nelson, of the Quorum of the Twelve, described the absurdity of the theory of evolution with a question: "Could an explosion in a printing shop produce a dictionary ... [that could] heal its own torn pages or reproduce its own newer editions?"
"Thanks Be to God," Ensign, April, 2012

Elder Nelson is basically asking: "How could a gigantic, accidental explosion [i.e. the Big Bang], and a massive number of mindless accidents [i.e. evolution], have created the DNA strands [i.e. dictionaries] of many thousands of complex species of plants and animals (and many species have the ability to heal some of their own wounds); where each species came to exist by random, accidental mutations to DNA?"

Elder Nelson was not asking a question, he was making a statement: "evolution could not have happened."

Elder Nelson (now President Nelson because he is the President of the Quorum of the Twelve) was probably not critical of the Big Bang itself, only the claim of an accidental Big Bang. Certainly, God could have masterminded a Big Bang, which scientists generally agree was a real event.

President Nelson is correct, randomness has never created anything highly complex; but human cells, and the DNA inside of those cells, is far, far beyond incomprehensible complexity and sophistication.

Elder Nelson (a medical doctor by training) is not the only critic of the theory of evolution. There are many other scientists today who strongly oppose the theory of evolution on scientific grounds.

What Did Darwin Know?

In defense of Darwin, when Darwin developed the theory of evolution, scientists knew absolutely nothing about DNA (they did not even know DNA existed) and they knew absolutely nothing about the complexity of what is going on inside of cells.

Because early scientists knew nothing about DNA and what is going on inside of cells, they thought that life was simple and that life could have been created by a series of accidents, which they called "evolution."

In 1859, when Darwin published his first book, there was no reason not to believe the theory of evolution because DNA had not been discovered and thus the difference between microevolution (variety within a species, such as the difference between a Great Dane and a Chihuahua) and macroevolution (a different DNA structure, such as the difference between the DNA of a monkey and the DNA of a human) could not be properly defined.

In other words, Darwin's theory of evolution could not be scientifically disproven until 1953!!!

Every example of "evolution" that Darwin observed was an example of microevolution, which is not true evolution, it is only variety within a single species. Not once did Darwin observe macroevolution. Nor has anyone else on this planet ever observed an example of macroevolution.

But in Darwin's day, because DNA had not been discovered, he did not know the difference.

In fact, today the three terms: species, microevolution and macroevolution are three of the main terms which evolutionists cleverly and intentionally obfuscate in order to get phony "evidence" for the theory of evolution!!

Evolutionists love to use examples from microevolution (which has nothing to do with true evolution, it is simply variety within the same species) to claim they have found examples of "macroevolution," meaning true evolution.

For example, in the book by atheist Richard Dawkins, The Greatest Show on Earth - The Evidence For Evolution, he does not even mention the words microevolution or macroevolution, yet he uses example after example of microevolution (which has nothing to do with true evolution) and then he claims he has proven that "evolution" (i.e. macroevolution) is true.

The entire book is a lie!!

But there is a reason for this deception. The only way that atheists can get "evidence" for the theory of evolution, and thus converts, is to use deceptive definitions. It takes seven chapters in one of the free eBooks on this website to properly define the key terms in biology which are relevant to the theory of evolution.

The truth is that the Universe and human DNA were designed by God, the very person who the atheists don't want people to believe in. I will talk about where God came from below.

More On Complexity

When you see an automobile driving down the road do you think that this automobile was created by an explosion in a junkyard?? Of course not. Automobiles are designed and built by engineers and technicians who have many years of training.

Yet human DNA and human cells are many thousands of times more sophisticated and complex than any automobile!! After studying DNA since 1953, scientists still only understand about 3% of human DNA!! They are totally clueless about what the other 97% is used for!! But that 97% is obviously vital for any human being!!

I call the algorithms on DNA, which allow a single cell to morph into a human baby, the "morphing of the embryo" algorithms on DNA. No human can even begin to comprehend these algorithms. It would be like an ant trying to comprehend calculus.

Here is another example of the complexity of DNA. The DNA of the male and the DNA of the female align with each other mix together to end up with a baby which has some features of both the father and mother. Could this have happened by accident (for many, many species which have both a male and female??

Try doing that with two computer programs!! Write two complex computer programs which are about the same length but do many things differently. Then create a third computer program which is created by this algorithm: for each bit on the new program randomly pick a bit, from the same slot, from either the first program or second program using a random number generator to determine if the bit comes from the first program or the second program.

See if you end up with a new computer program that has features of both original computer programs. It would never work in a million years!! The new program will not even run. Yet Mother Nature can combine the DNA of the male and the DNA of the female and end up with a healthy baby with features of both parents.

But there are actually THREE DNA STRANDS used to create the human race. The male has two DNA strands, one of which will create a male baby (this DNA strand is in the male sperm cells) and one of which will create a female baby (this DNA strand is in the female sperm cells). The DNA in the ovum of a mother is gender-neutral.

But every DNA strand in the father and mother is unique (with rare exceptions) which is why every child of the same parents (except identical twins) looks different.

Yet the DNA of the mother and father do not change one iota between the day they were born until the day they die.

How would you like to sit in jail until scientists are able to design human DNA for both a male and female that could create a baby with all of the above features and many more features??

How would you like to sit in jail until evolution (i.e. a series of billions of pure accidents) could create human DNA for both a male and female that could create a baby with all of the above features and many more features??

Evolutionists must think that totally random accidents (evolution) are far more effective at "designing" DNA than human beings because certainly no team of humans could ever design human DNA from scratch!!!

But if humans could not design and create human DNA in a thousand years, how did millions of years of totally random accidents (i.e. evolution) create human DNA??

When There Are 16 Cells and the Unbelievable Sophistication of DNA!! (The Sixteen Cells Mystery)

What is in this section is mind-numbing in complexity so study it carefully!! This is probably the single most powerful argument against the theory of evolution.

How can DNA, which is inside of each cell, control the morphing of the embryo? For example, after a fertilized egg divides 4 times there are 16 cells in a new human being.

Each of these 16 cells must have the information needed to create 1/16th of the cells in the new baby!! In other words, there is something very, very different about each of these 16 cells otherwise they would all create the same part of the body!!!!

For example, humans would have 32 legs and 32 arms (etc.) if these 16 cells were identical (two legs and two arms, etc., for each of the 16 cells)!!

But these 16 cells lead to 16 mutually exclusive sets of cells in the baby and yet these 16 cells were all created from the same fertilized egg!! More than several hours before these 16 cells existed there was only one fertilized egg!! What in the world happens during the first few hours after conception??

So what is the difference between these 16 cells so that each cell knows which 1/16th of the body to create? No one has the slightest clue because each of these 16 cells has exactly the same DNA, yet each will create 16 mutually exclusive sets of cells!!

It gets much worse for evolutionists. Each 1/16th of the baby (from these first 16 cells) must integrate with contiguous 1/16th sections of the fetus as the fetus morphs. This must be done at the cellular level!!

To understand this concept, suppose 16 different divisions in General Motors, located in different states, created 1/16th of a new Buick. Could totally random processes, or even 16 monkeys, bolt and weld together these 16 different sets of parts to create a new Buick?? Of course not. Only humans could bolt and weld them together.

Let us expand on this:

1) When there is one cell, the fertilized egg, it must contain the information to create an entire human being,
2) When there are two cells, each cell must have the information to create half of the cells in the body, and these two halves must be integrated,
3) When there are four cells, each cell must have the information to create 1/4th of the cells in the body, and these four groups of cells must integrate with each other,
4) When there are eight cells, each cell must have the information to create 1/8th of the cells in the body, and these eight groups of cells much integrate with each other,
5) When there are sixteen cells, this was discussed above,
and so on.

It should be obvious that a series of mindless accidents (i.e. evolution) could not have created the incomprehensible complexity of human DNA!!

Here are more questions: Which genes are activated in each cell when the fetus has 16 cells? Which genes are activated in each cell when there are 1,024 cells in the fetus? Which genes are activated in each cell when there are 1,048,576 cells in the fetus? And so on. No one has a clue because every cell has exactly the same DNA!!

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