Key Issues In The Evolution Debate: Part 2 of 3: The Hidden Agenda of Evolutionists

So why do evolutionists, even after the discovery of DNA, claim that a series of accidents (i.e. evolution) created the DNA of the mother and father of all species with a male and female??

The reason is that the leading evolutionists have a hidden agenda.

Author and attorney Phillip E. Johnson explains the hidden agenda of the evolutionists:

  • "Science [i.e. the scientific establishment] is committed to philosophical naturalism [i.e. atheism] and therefore science must assume that no Creator, and no purposeful intelligence, is behind our existence ... All that science can address is the question of: 'granted that we are here as a result of purposeless material mechanisms, what's the most plausible purposeless material mechanism that we can imagine?'"
    Phillip E. Johnson, professor, author, attorney; quoted on UCTV

Read that quote two or three times, it is an amazing statement.

In other words, many in the scientific establishment are atheists, thus they do not believe that God exists, so they set as their goal to get converts to atheism. To do this they find: "the most plausible" scientific theory they can invent to get converts to atheism!"

Of course, "the most plausible" scientific theory they can invent is the "theory of evolution."

With the goal in mind to get converts to atheism, the leading atheists use their talents of "spin" and deception to try to get converts to atheism.

But the theory of evolution is not scientifically viable.

The Evolution Debate

While there are more than 250 books which are favorable to the theory of evolution there are also more than 250 books which are strongly critical of the theory of evolution!!

Those who are critical of the theory of evolution are called "creation scientists" because they believe the scientific data favors a "Creator" of the Universe, namely God.

For example, where did the massive amount of energy needed for the Big Bang come from? And why was this energy clustered in one location? And what was it that "exploded" and where did that object come from? The accidental "Big Bang" theory is nonsense and is in total violation of the First Law of Thermodynamics which states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

While an "accidental Big Bang" is nonsense, a Big Bang designed and excuted by God is a certainty. So it is not the Big Bang that is on trial, only whether it was an accident (which is aburd - what exploded?) or whether God (or someone He designated) "lit the fuse" figuratively speaking.

Only in the fantasyland of the theory of evolution could a single object (or no object at all) accidentally explode to create millions and millions of galaxies and then billions of years later accidentally create the earth and human DNA, the most sophisticated object on earth.

There are even questions about this earth. Why didn't the heat of the Big Bang evaporate all water on this planet?? In other words, why isn't the earth like the moon??

But God does not need to use deceptions and lies to get followers. Just look at the night sky!! The stars and galaxies and galaxy clusters and superclusters were not created by accident (i.e. by an accidental Big Bang), as atheists want you to believe, they were created by God.

I will talk more about the Big Bang later.

Yet every time there is a new discovery about the sophistication of DNA, human cells, anatomy, astronomy, etc. the evolutionists, most of whom are atheists, come up with some new spin so they can claim that what was discovered came to exist by accident so they can assign the discovery to the theory of evolution!!

In fact, it doesn't matter how absurd the theory of evolution is because the theory of evolution is such a good recruiting tool for atheism. Because atheists dominate the scientific establishment, the theory of evolution is not going away any time soon!! If you want to get published in a leading biology journal you better be an atheist and your article better support the theory of evolution.

The theory of evolution is primarily supported by scientists who are atheists who are looking to get converts to atheism. But because of the complexity of DNA and cells, the atheists must use deception to get converts. Unraveling their deceptions is what much of this website (and its two free eBooks) is about.

Genes and Evolution

Here is another problem evolutionists have in defending the theory of evolution. There are about 20,000 genes on human DNA. Each must be "expressed" (i.e. turned on) or "not expressed" (i.e. turned off). The information to turn a gene on or off, for each cell, must come from the DNA of that cell.

But every cell has the same DNA!! So why do different cells have different combinations of genes turned on or off??

Multiply 20,000 genes (which are expressed differently in different types of cells), by 30 billion cells in a newborn baby and the resulting number is far larger than the 3.2 billion nucleotides on DNA. The number is 600 trillion genes!!

This means that for each nucleotide on the DNA strand, there are 187,500 genes (600 trillion genes divided by 3.2 billion nucleotides) which need to be expressed or not expressed!!

In other words, 600 trillion genes, in the cells of the newborn baby, need to know whether to be activated/expressed or not. But there are only 3.2 billion nucleotides on DNA to tell them whether to be expressed or not expressed and each cell has exactly the same DNA!!

Remember, a human being starts out as one cell (the fertilized egg) which has a single DNA strand with 3.2 billion nucleotides on it and then this cell starts dividing. Every cell in a human being has exactly the same DNA.

No new information can be added during the morphing of the embryo process because nothing from outside the new baby is integrated into the baby other than milk and food.

So how can each nucleotide on DNA, which has one of four states (A, C, G or T) control the expression of 187,500 genes?? And remember, the DNA also needs the information to control the morphing of the embryo!!

There is simply not enough information on DNA to control all of the activities that are going on inside and outside (e.g. the morphing of the embryo) the cells as the baby is being created!!

And even if there was enough information via compression algorithms, the algorithms on DNA would have to be so sophisticated and incomprehensible that they could not have come to exist by a series of accidents!!

Why don't most biology textbooks talk about these and many other problems with the theory of evolution? Because they want to pretend the theory of evolution is true!!

All religions believe in life after death, meaning all religions believe that humans have a spirit which will continue to exist after death. It is quite possible that our spirit has a great deal to do with what we look like as adults. For example, our spirits no doubt look somewhat like our physical body!!

In fact, what our physical body looks like is a combination of three things:
1) What our spirit looks like
2) The DNA of our father
3) The DNA of our mother.

When we die and go into the "spirit world" (which is on the surface of this planet as taught by the Mormon church) we will only look like our spirits. In other words, in the spirit world we will not look like we do in mortality!!! While spirits are on the same planet we are on, we cannot see spirits and we cannot hear spirits. But spirits can hear and see us. See the Brigham Young priesthood/Relief Society manual for an article called: The Spirit World for more information:
Brigham Young Priesthood/Relief Society Manual: Chapter 38: The Spirit World

The Complexity of Cells

There is human DNA inside of every cell (except some red blood cells), but human DNA is not the only highly sophisticated object inside the cells. There are many other complex objects, some of which were created by the genes on the DNA.

I own a book on Cell Biology called Essential Cell Biology, Third Edition, by Alberts, Bray, Hopkin, Johnson, Lewis, Raff, Roberts and Walter. It is a large book with 731 pages!! A section header on page 410 reads: Transmitter-gated Channels in Target Cells Convert Chemical Signals Into Electrical Signals." This is not something you read in the comic section of the newspaper.

I also own a book called The World of the Cell by Becker, Kleinsmith and Hardin. This is a large book with 845 pages in the Fourth Edition. For example, on page 763 there is a section header with the title: Microtubules Are Regulated by Microtubule-Associated Proteins (MAPs).

I also own a book called The Dictionary of Cell and Molecular Biology by J.M. Lackie. It is 725 pages and the print is small.

Not all of the terms in these three books are related to human cell biology, but many of them are. How could anyone read these books and think that the cells in any species, including human beings, "evolved" from a series of accidents which started in a "warm pond" millions of years ago!!

Another major evidence for a creation is human anatomy. You may think that human anatomy is simple. It is not. Dr. David Menton has an 8 DVD set which details the amazing complexity and sophistication of the human body. He talks about why bones are hollow, why we have ligaments, fibrocartilage, tendons, the sophistication of the human eye, and so on.

So why would anyone believe the theory of evolution after the ongoing discoveries about the sophistication of DNA and the complexity of cells and the sophistication of human anatomy?

The reason is that the leading evolutionists are atheists and they write most of the textbooks. The textbooks never talk about the severe problems with the theory of evolution and instead the books contain a wide-range of clever deceptions!! These people are too proud to admit that a God could exist who is massively smarter than they are?? Yet they cannot create and sequence the DNA of an ant without cheating!!

"Evolution" is nothing but the clever deceptions of leading atheists who claim that there is no God and that the entire Universe, and the DNA of all species, came to exist by nothing but a series of accidents!! How can someone even claim that a "series of accidents" (i.e. evolution) created the Universe and the most sophisticated object on earth - human DNA - plus the unique DNA of about a million other species, many of which have a male and female?

Even a bacteria is more complex than a Buick. For example, some types of bacteria can divide into two bacteria in less than twenty minutes. But a Buick can never divide into two Buicks.

So why would anyone believe that a Buick was created by human intelligence, but the far, far more sophisticated cells in a human being, including the "morphing of the embryo algorithms" on the DNA of a human being, were made by a long sequence of pure accidents??

As more and more is understood about:
1) The incomprehensible morphing of the embryo algorithms on DNA, which no human can comprehend,
2) The complexity of cells and what goes on inside of cells,
3) The incredible mechanisms which cause a single cell to divide into two cells,
4) The sophistication of the genes on DNA and their ability to create critical proteins for the cells,
5) The mechanisms to convert the patterns on the genes into proteins the cell can use,
6) The origin and function of the organelles inside the cells,
7) The obvious lack of enough information on DNA to control the activation and deactivation of genes,
8) How male DNA and female DNA interact to create a baby who has features of both the mother and father,
9) How multiple children, of the same parents, and of the same sex, can look very different than each other,
10) Human anatomy, which is designed and created by the DNA,
11) Human intelligence and our ability to reason, think and remember,
etc., the theory of evolution has become total and complete nonsense!!

In addition, DNA is self-correcting. There are enzymes that constantly go up and down the DNA in the cell, looking for mistakes and these enzymes fix these mistakes as they find them, if they can!!

Randomness never creates anything that is highly sophisticated and functional so how could the world's two most sophisticated and functional objects (male and female human DNA) have been created by randomness??!!

But no matter how much evidence is brought against the theory of evolution, most atheists will never admit they are wrong. And many others are deceived by the clever deceptions of the hard-core atheists, who are proud to admit they are atheists.

But the truth is that several leading evolutionists have switched over to becoming creation scientists after learning more about the evidence for God.

Could a Simple Cell Exist?

Evolutionists understand the problems with creating a human cell from scratch, so they claim that the "first living cell" was a simple cell and that numerous increasingly complex cells "evolved" between the "first living cell" and human cells.

First of all, there are no "simple cells." Even the simplest cell on this earth has DNA (except for some red blood cells, however, there is no way these red blood cells can divide!!) and inside each cell is also an incredible, miniature factory.

"Simple cells" cannot have been created by evolution because all cells must:
1) Have an enclosed membrane so fluid cannot leak out,
2) Yet the membrane must have "pores" so food can get in,
3) And cells must be able to excrete waste products through other pores,
4) All cells must have DNA to have the patterns to create proteins (while even a simple cell must have DNA to create proteins, it would not need "morphing of the embryo" algorithms),
5) All cells must have mechanisms to convert the DNA patterns into proteins the cell can use,
6) All cells must be able to have access to "food" (Note: the "first living cell" could not have lived on organic material because, by definition, it was the first organic material, thus it would have had to eat and process inorganic matter and create energy from inorganic materials - but how could inorganic materials be converted into proteins by the very first, very primitive cell?),
7) All cells, including the "first living cell," must be able to reproduce, meaning divide into two cells so the species can continue to survive,
8) All cells must be able to create energy (e.g. ATP molecules), which requires a massive number of complex chemical chain reactions

All of these things, and many others, would have to happen at the same time in the same warm pond, and it must happen very quickly because all these things must happen inside the one-and-only "first living cell"!! What nonsense!!

Furthermore, evolutionists claim that life on this earth started with a single cell and gradually over time more and more complex species "evolved" until human DNA existed. This means that multiple cells must eventually be able to work together to accomplish major tasks, such as "seeing" for advanced species.

As cells got more complex, and as multiple cells started making more complex species, the DNA would constantly need to get longer and more complex. There would have to be hundreds of "intermediate species" before human DNA could exist.

It is beyond the scope of this article to talk about this issue (see the Home Page), but it is impossible for a DNA strand to be made longer (to create DNA for a new and improved species) because there is nothing inside of a cell that can extend the length of the "rails" on a DNA strand.

However, it would be massively more difficult to create human DNA by a sequence of intermediate species than to create it from scratch!! Creating each intermediate species makes evolution even more absurd because each intermediate species would have to have its own unique, sophisticated DNA!!!

For example, could you take a simple computer program (the binary code) that adds two numbers together and randomly add, delete and modify the "bits" of the binary code so that the program also does multiplication and division? And then randomly modify it again to do square roots? Never!!

Likewise, you cannot randomly add nucleotides to the DNA of a chimpanzee and end up with human DNA. The structure of the DNA of a chimpanzee is massively different than the structure of the DNA of a human (especially the morphing of the embryo algorithms which are incomprehensible computer programs). So how could humans be descended from chimpanzees or any other primate species??

The leading evolutionists must be very clever and deceptive to get converts. And they are!!

Evolution After The "First Living Cell"

Evolutionists claim that the DNA of the first human male and the DNA of the first human female "evolved" independently over millions of years, from the same "first living cell," by a series of accidents called "evolution"!!!

How did the DNA of the first human father and the DNA of the first human mother "evolve" together? How was their DNA synchronized, species after slightly improved species, as the DNA of the males and females evolved independently for millions of years??

For example, if the male DNA evolved slightly faster than the female DNA evolved, within hundreds of thousands of years their DNA would not align and they would not have been able to have any children that survived because their DNA was not compatible!!

Male DNA and female DNA had to be designed by the same person at the same time - God. Evolution could never have designed two massively sophisticated computer programs (DNA) that could be integrated together to create a third computer program (a baby).

Yet the atheists claim that evolution created male and female DNA for many species that have both a male and female. They must claim the male and female DNA "evolved" over the same time period (so they could mate as they slowly evolved over many generations) and they had to live in the same geographical area (also required so they could mate).

But the truth is that it does not matter what is discovered in cell biology, DNA analysis, etc. because no matter what is discovered, the theory of evolution will be given credit for it by the atheists!!

The evolution debate is not about science, it is about God. If you assume God does not exist, or if you believe God does not exist, you will likely believe in the theory of evolution no matter how absurd it is.

The theory of evolution is the story-telling of the atheists to get converts.

Many people who believe in God have been tricked into believing in evolution. In fact, that is the precise purpose of the theory of evolution and why it is taught in most schools, but not all schools. In some schools, "creation science" or "intelligent design" is taught and in other schools there are disclaimers about evolution.

Biology is no longer about science, it is about creative thinking as to how every discovery can be attributed to the theory of evolution in order to get more converts to atheism.

But as the two free eBooks and articles on this website demonstrate, the theory of evolution is nothing but the clever deceptions of the atheists.

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