Key Issues In The Evolution Debate: Part 3 of 3: What is Life?

A big issue in the evolution debate is this: "what is life?" For example, if you took a fish and left it out of the water until it died, and then put it back into the water, why doesn't it come back to life? All of the raw elements for life are still in the fish, so why doesn't it come back to life? There is something more to "life" than just cells and oxygen and water.

Furthermore, have the evolutionists and atheists ever proven that life can be created from non-life?? Never, never, never - yet they continue to preach atheism.

For example, have scientists put a large shell over a pond, which had no life, meaning there was no DNA and no cells (this simulates "prebiotic," meaning "existing before life"), and observed "life" form by a series of accidents, including DNA inside of a "first living cell" (in that pond), that was alive and had the ability to divide itself into two cells (which would be required for life to continue)?


Then what is their evidence for evolution? Their only evidence is that they do not believe in God and thus they have no choice except to use their God-given brains to deceive people into believing that everything in the Universe, including human DNA, occurred by chance.

But the theory of evolution should have been thrown in the trash can when DNA was discovered and when the complexity of cells was also discovered. Yet, as scientists learn more and more about DNA and cells, the atheists continue to cling to the theory of evolution as if it were still 1859, when Darwin's first book was published.

The only thing that is "evolving" on this planet is the theory of evolution as evolutionists/atheists constantly need to develop new spin to account for the new discoveries about the sophistication of cells, DNA and the morphing of the embryo.

The theory of evolution is literally an "antique" of science. It should have been abandoned in the 1950s when DNA was discovered. But the atheists and their followers keep it alive.

What I have said above is not even the "tip of the iceberg" of the problems with the theory of evolution.

The Complexity of Cells and YouTube Videos

When the theory of evolution was proposed by Darwin, scientists knew virtually nothing about cells and certainly nothing about DNA (there is DNA inside of every cell except for some red blood cells which circulate in the blood).

But cells are now known to be very complex and they could not have formed by accident any more than a Buick could have formed by an explosion in a forest. As one person put it:

  • "The interior of an animal cell is like a small city, with factories -- called organelles -- dedicated to manufacturing, energy production, waste processing, and other life functions. A network of intercellular "highways," called microtubules, enables bio-molecular complexes, products, and other cargo to move speedily about the cell to keep this vital machinery humming."

A YouTube video is an excellent source to get a small feel for how complex a human cell is. This YouTube video is called: "A Tour of the Cell." It is an OUTSTANDING introduction to what is going on inside of cells, particularly with regards to the organelles. It was created by Bozeman Science:
YouTube Video on the Organelles in the Cells

The next video is an animation of what is going on inside the cells. This video is mainly about how a cell deals with inflammation.

As you watch this video note the terminology and keep asking yourself this question: "How could something this complex have formed by accident in a warm pond?" The video is called the "Inner Life of a Cell" and it lasts about 8 minutes:
YouTube Video on the Complexity of Cells

Did you understand all of those terms?

Many of the terms used in that video are a protein, are made of proteins or are associated with proteins. Proteins are made by the DNA inside the cell. The DNA provides the "patterns" needed to make the proteins via a chain reaction of chemical processes. The patterns are called "genes." They are the patterns to make the proteins inside the cell. The cell literally could not function without the genes on the DNA!!

The video above talked about how a cell reacts to inflammation. If the video had talked about cancer cells, even more things going on inside the cell would have been discussed, such as the Citric Acid Cycle (i.e. Krebs Cycle), the Electron Transport Chain, ATP energy (e.g. adenosine triphosphate), the making of pyruvate from glucose, etc.

To think that any cell (e.g. the "first living cell") could be created by a series of accidents in a "warm pond" is complete nonsense. Scientists who believe this nonsense are stuck in 19th century biology.

So why have evolutionists and atheists continued to support the theory of evolution long after the discovery of DNA and even after the increasing discoveries about the complexity of cells? The reason is that many evolutionists are atheists and to them the theory of evolution is their religion and their best recruiting tool!!

To defend their views, evolutionists/atheists have their spin that the "first living cells" were simple cells. But as already mentioned, there is no evidence that "simple cells" have ever existed or that they exist today. All known cells have incredibly complex DNA and complex internal structures (except for some red blood cells).

In fact, cells could not exist without DNA to create critical proteins which are needed inside the cells and DNA needs cells for protection. Neither can exist without the other. So which came first, DNA (which needs the cell for protection) or the cell (which needs the genes on the DNA to provide the templates to make proteins for the cells)??

All real evidence points to a design and creation of all cells and DNA. In other words, all real evidence points to the claim that God designed both cells and DNA.

In fact, as scientific discoveries have developed relative to our understanding of cells and DNA, several well-known atheists who supported the theory of evolution have switched over to believing in God. But most atheists have instead developed new tools of deception to continue to get converts to atheism. These tools of deception generally revolve around deceptive definitions.

These deceptive definitions are so sophisticated, so deceptive and so clever that it takes seven chapters (chapters 10-16) in my free Patterns of Intelligence book to unravel them!!

Three of the key terms, which involve deceptive definitions, are: "species," "microevolution" and "macroevolution."

Whenever you see any "evidence" for the theory of evolution, it is based on very bad science and/or highly deceptive definitions.

The Morphing of the Baby After Conception

Here is a video about the morphing of a baby. As you watch this video remember that a human being starts out as a single cell with a single DNA strand (the fertilized egg).

This incredible 9 1/2 minute video graphically shows the "morphing of the embryo" of a human baby, which is controlled primarily by the spirit of the baby and somewhat by the DNA of the baby:
YouTube Video: "From Conception to Birth" (i.e. the "Morphing of the Embryo")

The video mentions that at 4 weeks, 1 million cells a second are being made and at birth a newborn baby has 60,000 miles of blood vessels. This process must be incomprehensible in complexity because if these blood vessels were not fully enclosed, as already mentioned, before blood started to circulate in the fetus, the fetus would bleed to death!!

How could accidents/evolution ever create that level of sophistication?? If a new species was not able to enclose the blood vessels before the blood started to circulate, every baby of that species would die and the species would immediately die off.

The one DNA strand inside the fertilized egg helps lead to the creation of billions of cells which include: a complete circulatory system, a human brain, the liver, the heart, the stomach, the muscles, the fingers, etc. etc.

As if that weren't incredible enough, the instructions for the morphing of the embryo (which is aided by the DNA of the baby) come from inside the cells, where the DNA is!! Cells divide from the inside-out. And remember each cell has exactly the same DNA, yet each of the 30 billion cells ends up in a unique location in the baby with a specific set of genes activated.

This website contains two free eBooks and several articles which have no hesitation in stating that new discoveries about DNA, cell biology, anatomy, astronomy and other scientific disciplines overwhelmingly prove the theory of evolution cannot be true!!!

The War In Heaven Comes to Earth

The Bible, in Genesis 1, teaches that Adam, the first man on this Earth, was created by God after God had already created the earth, after God had created plants (to create oxygen) and after God created animal life (see Genesis 1:24-27).

Using modern terminology, we would say that God designed human DNA for both Adam and Eve and He also designed the DNA for all other species.

But all human beings existed as spirits before our spirits were put into a physical body. Our spirit included intelligence and was put into our "physical body" sometime between conception and birth.

In fact, long before we were born on this earth, our spirit bodies lived somewhere else in the "spirit world" or "pre-existent world" or "pre-existence." In the pre-existence we were sentient and even had to make very important decisions. But we did not have a physical body yet. We had to earn that right.

In the pre-existent world, the "spirit world," before we were placed on this earth, Michael (i.e. later called Adam) was the Savior's top General in the "war of words" that determined who would be born on this earth with a physical body. See this quote from the Bible:

  • 7 And there was war in heaven: Michael [i.e. Adam] and his angels fought against the dragon [i.e. satan who is frequently called Lucifer]; and the dragon fought and his angels,
    8 And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.
    9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.
    Revelations 12:7-9

The phrase "cast out" means that Lucifer and his followers were sent to earth, never to receive a physical body.

But note that Michael (i.e. Adam) and Lucifer (i.e. satan) knew each other in the pre-existent world!!!

Because Adam (i.e. Michael) cast Lucifer out of heaven, it makes perfect sense that Lucifer would hate Adam and would invent a collection of doctrines to claim that Adam never existed!! These doctrines (i.e. that humans descended from a single cell in a warm pond instead of from Adam and Eve) are at the core of the theory of evolution today!!

Just like satan taught Korihor that there was no God, he also implied that Adam never existed (e.g. Alma 30:25).

Likewise, the theory of evolution today claims there is no God and it also claims that Adam and Eve never existed.

Also see this article:
Article: The Grand Council

But in addition to the Bible: the Book of Mormon (e.g. 1 Nephi 5:11, 2 Nephi 2: 19-25, etc.), the Doctrine and Covenants (e.g. Section 27:5-14, etc.), and the Pearl of Great Price (e.g. Moses 1:32-35, Moses 3:7-25, etc.) all testify that Adam was the first man and was created by God.

Adam was also a great prophet, second only to Christ in Priesthood authority (e.g. Teachings of Joseph Smith [Chapter 8], see also Mormon Doctrine by Bruce R. McConkie, Bookcraft, 1966, p. 16 and see: "The Man Adam" by Robert L. Millet, Ensign, January, 1994).

While Michael is still the General of Christ's forces, Lucifer has become the father of all lies. It was Lucifer who taught Korihor that Christ would never be born and he taught him the theory of evolution.

The theory of evolution today cannot claim that Christ never existed because He is a well-known historical figure, but evolutionists today claim that Christ was not the Son of God because they claim there is no God.

In summary, the Bible and LDS doctrine make it very clear that Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, Adam and Eve, and Noah and Noah's wife are real beings!!

Yet, the theory of evolution today denies that all seven of these people ever existed (technically atheists today must admit that Christ existed, but they claim He was not divine as just mentioned)!!

As with Korihor's day, the theory of evolution today is a mirror image of the truth. The "war in heaven" is raging today!!

Of course, the doctrines of the theory of evolution are only the tip of the iceberg of the false doctrines that members of the church need to be prepared for. That is precisely why God has given His church a living prophet who has the same keys which were held by Peter, James and John. Today that prophet is Thomas S. Monson, who presides over the Mormon/LDS church.

Note: Noah is also called Gabriel and he is next in line to Adam in priesthood authority per the book: Teachings of Joseph Smith, Chapter 8

Where Did God Come From?

So if many Christian churches, including the Mormon/LDS church, claim that God created all species, it is perfectly fair to ask: Where did God come from?

The prophet Brigham Young, the second President of the LDS church and a contemporary of Darwin (they were born about 8 years apart), must have been asked about the origin of man with this type of question: "if Darwin was wrong, and if God created humans, then where did God come from?"

This was his answer:

  • "Many have tried to penetrate to the First Cause of all things [i.e. the origin of God]; but it would be as easy for an ant to number the grains of sand on the earth. It is not for man, with his limited intelligence, to grasp eternity in his comprehension ... It would be as easy for a gnat to trace the history of man back to his origin as for man to fathom the First Cause of all things, lift the veil of eternity, and reveal the mysteries that have been sought after by philosophers from the beginning."
    Brigham Young, second president of the LDS church (October 9, 1859)
    Journal of Discourses, Volume 7, Page 284

President Young was making it very clear that we mortals cannot even begin to comprehend eternity and the origin of God. Could an amoeba comprehend the religious doctrines in the Bible or design the blueprints for a new skyscraper?? Try to teach an amoeba high school algebra to the point it can pass a test!!

Just like an amoeba could not comprehend the religious doctrines in the Bible, or design a new skyscraper, we humans do not yet have the intelligence to comprehend the origin of God or even to comprehend how God thinks!! We will never have this intelligence while we are in mortality.

Brigham Young said this about God:

  • He is the Supreme Controller of the universe. At his rebuke the sea is dried up, and the rivers become a wilderness. He measures the waters in the hollow of his hand, and meteth out heaven with a span, and comprehendeth the dust of the earth in a measure, and weigheth the mountains in scales, and the hills in a balance; the nations to him are as a drop in a bucket, and he taketh up the isles as a very little thing; the hairs of our heads are numbered by him, and not a sparrow falleth to the ground without our Father; and he knoweth every thought and intent of the hearts of all living, for he is everywhere present by the power of his Spirit -- his minister, the Holy Ghost.

    He is the Father of all, is above all, through all, and in you all [see Ephesians 4:6]; he knoweth all things pertaining to this earth, and he knows all things pertaining to millions of earths like this.
    Brigham Young: 1998-1999 Priesthood/R.S. Manual - page 30
    Journal of Discourses, Volume 11, Page 41

Perhaps the day will come (long after we are resurrected) when we can comprehend the origin of God. The scriptures tell us very clearly that we are literally the children of God and that we are joint heirs with Christ (see: Romans 8:16-18).

Elder Russell M. Nelson said: "Who are we? We are children of God. Our potential is unlimited. Our inheritance is sacred."
"We Are Children of God," Ensign, October, 1998

But just because we cannot comprehend eternity now, because we are literally the Children of God, we have far greater potential that we can currently comprehend.

The day will come when all will be resurrected, both the just and the unjust. We cannot conceive, at this time, the things we will be able to comprehend a million years after we are resurrected.

God is a loving God, not a tyrant. He wants us to succeed!! It is important to understand that God has a bright future in store for those who will keep his commandments or if needed, will change their ways. President George Q. Cannon said this about those who may need to change their ways:

  • “No matter how serious the trial, how deep the distress, how great the affliction, [God] will never desert us. He never has, and He never will. He cannot do it. It is [against] His character [to do so]. He is an unchangeable being. … He will stand by us. We may pass through the fiery furnace; we may pass through deep waters; but we shall not be consumed nor overwhelmed. We shall emerge from all these trials and difficulties the better and the purer for them, if we only trust in our God and keep His commandments.”
    "Freedom of the Saints," in Collected Discourses, comp. by Brian H. Stuy, 5 vols. [1987-92], 2:185

And that is the difference between the theory of evolution and the true doctrine of God. Satan would have us believe that God does not exist (or that if He does exist He is a tyrant who wants us to fail) and that at death we cease to exist.

But God would have us understand that we are His children and that He loves us. He is quick to forgive and we can become more like Him as we progress throughout the eternities!!!

President John Taylor, the third President of the LDS church, said:

  • For we, as Latter-day Saints, do not consider that our existence ends with time, as we generally term it, but that it reaches into eternity. And that while we are here in a state of probation to fulfill the various duties [placed] upon us, as Saints of the living God; while we come into the world and exist in it for a time and then leave it, we have hopes and aspirations beyond the grave, and anticipate that, as ages and cycles shall pass along and generation succeeds generation, if we are true to our trust and live our religion, keeping the commandments of God and fulfilling the various covenants [we have accepted] ..., that we shall associate with the just in the eternities to come! Therefore we are living, and hoping, and expecting, and planning, and contriving and operating, for the accomplishment of this object. We do not look upon the affairs of this life as those alone in which humanity is interested.
    President John Taylor, January 2nd, 1881: "The Eternities Before the Saints"

It is impossible to find any two doctrines that are as opposite as the doctrines of evolution and the doctrines of the living prophets. The two sets of beliefs are antithetical (i.e. directly opposed or mutually incompatible).

The doctrines of God are pure light and inspiring. They motivate us to move forward in our progression to become more like Him. The doctrines of evolution are dark and depressing because they cast humans as nothing but animals which have no purpose and cease to exist at death.

False doctrines, such as the theory of evolution, are one reason why God provides the members of the LDS church with a living prophet and true scriptures!!

Here is a key question: "Mormonism and Evolution - Who Wins??" The evidence is overwhelming that God wins. We are not the children of a series of accidents, we are the children of God. He expects that we will live up to our glorious heritage. As President Cannon said: God will never desert us.

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Church Policy

Even though the LDS Church officially rejects the theory of evolution (see the 1909 Statement, linked to above, and the Book of Mormon, Alma chapter 30, among many other documents), no book or article which is involved in scientific debates or which discusses the scientific issues of the theory of evolution, even if it strongly supports official church doctrine, is endorsed by the LDS church unless it is part of an official church publication.

The gospel deals with eternal and unchanging truths but all of the fields of science constantly change as new discoveries are made. Thus, the church does not establish any scientific claim as being absolute.

As a result, the books and articles written by R. Webster Kehr represent the opinions of the author and are too scientific to be published or endorsed by the LDS church.

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