The Theory Of Evolution And Dinosaurs (Really Big Dinosaurs!!!)

This is a link to an amazing article about an amazing dinosaur!!!

Article: The Lizard Earthquake God is the Tallest Dinosaur You Probably Didn't Know About


Dinosaurs Are The Death Of The Theory Of Evolution!!

As you look at the dinosaurs which are now extinct, the claims of the theory of evolution get exponentially worse!!!

For example, the Sauroposeidon dinosaur was 13 meters tall (not 13 feet, 13 meters!!).

It is called "lizard earthquake god" after the Greek god Poseidon

Google: "lizard earthquake god"

It is a genus of sauropod dinosaur known from several incomplete specimens including a bone bed and fossilized trackways that have been found in the U.S. states of Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Texas.
Genus: Sauroposeidon; Wedel, Cifelli & San...
Species: S. proteles

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Sauroposeidon - Wikipedia (NOT A LINK: Copy and paste the next line into a new browser) - wiki - Sauroposeidon

Here is my point, can you comprehend how many different types of cells they had to have and each type of cell (which had to be a valid cell type for that animal) must be in the exact cell location as each baby grows from a baby to an adult!!!

And because it was created as a new species, there had to be both a male and female who just "just happened" in the same latitude and longitude and time frame!!!

How absurd can the theory of evolution get!!!

The logistics of creating a giant dinosaur from an egg to an adult to old age was not done by imaginary evolution, accidents or a team of high school biology students or a team of PhDs in Cell Biology!!!

I can imagine God looking at the blueprints of that type of dinosaur (before it was created) and saying something like this: "are you kidding me"!!! Well, I hope God has a sense of humor.

Whoever designed that dinosaur must have been drunk!!!


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