For Schools: The Theory of Evolution Should Be Considered a Religion!!!!!

The atheists and evolutionists want the theory of evolution taught in schools. But these same people do not want "God" mentioned in school because they consider that mentioning "God" is teaching religion in school.

America was established by men who strongly believed in God and who wanted their government to protect religious freedoms!! However, they also did not want any specific religion to be favored by the government (i.e. government schools).

This is why the constitution was designed to protect religious freedoms but not to support any specific religious denomination!!! From God's perspective, that was the main reason why God raised up righteous men to create America and its constitution!!! Even new religions, formed after 1776, would be protected by the Constitution.

A "religion" is defined to be a specific set of beliefs related to God.

The key question is this: should "atheism" and the "theory of evolution" be considered a "religion?" The theory of evolution is the poster-child "anti-religion." It is an enemy of religion!!!

The theory of evolution is the religion of atheism, meaning the religion that there is no God!! In other words, the theory of evolution is a religion or to be more specific: it is an "anti-religion".

Should the enemy of God and the enemy of religion be considered to be a religion?? This is not a question the founding fathers ever dreamed would exist!!

The theory of evolution did not exist in 1789, the year the constitution became effective!! The theory of evolution did not exist until 1859.

The founders of the constitution obviously did not anticipate an "anti-religion" (i.e. anti-God) would be created in England and would spread to America.

So what should the courts do with this new anti-religion today??

What the courts have generally done is the dumbest possible thing: they have not considered "atheism" or the "theory of evolution" to be a religion!!! As such, atheism (i.e. the theory of evolution), which should be considered to be a specific religious denomination, is allowed to be taught in public schools!!

Because of the extreme stupidity of the Supreme Court, the atheists and evolutionists can recruit members in school, but the Baptists and Catholics cannot!!

The intention of the founding fathers was that no specific religion (i.e. Catholic or Baptist) should be FAVORED in schools and in the government!! As new religions formed, such as the Mormon religion (i.e. the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) in 1830, and many others, there would be no need to change the constitution because they were clearly religions!!

Everyone knows that a belief in God is part of religion. HERE IS THE KEY: A BELIEF THERE IS NO GOD (ATHEISM / EVOLUTION) SHOULD ALSO BE CONSIDERED A RELIGION!!!!

The Supreme Court should consider the theory of evolution to be a religion and as such the theory of evolution (i.e. the religion of atheists) should not be taught in schools!!!


Just see this article (among many others on this website) to see the evidence that there must be a God:
Article: Unlimited Reasons Evolution Cannot Be True

Each religion has its own beliefs about the nature of God. Atheism and evolution is a specific religion which claims there is no God. So what idiot judge would give special preference to the very enemy of religion in schools!!

It was not the intent of the founding fathers to convert all citizens in America to be atheists!!! To allow an anti-religion to have higher privileges in schools than the legitimate religions is nonsense!!!!!

But that is exactly what the courts have done today!! The anti-religion is allowed to be taught in public schools, but legitimate religions are not allowed to be taught in public schools.

These people should MEMORIZE this article, and especially when it talks about 3 Nephi 29:5-7 in the Book of Mormon WHERE IT TALKS ABOUT THE CONCEPT OF "LIKE UNTO THE SON OF PERDITION"::
Article: The First Book To Describe The Theory Of Evolution Was NOT Written By Charles Darwin

As mentioned in the First Book article, the cateogry of "Like Unto The Son Of Perdition" may be a subcategory of the Telestial Kingdom.

Many ancient religions taught their followers to worship idols. Well, the modern religion of atheism gets people to worship something just as stupid as idols - they worship accidents - which are called evolution!!

Paganism/evolution is the only religion approved by the Supreme Court to be taught in public schools!!


How can someone be so stupid that they say the theory of evolution is not a religion??

The evolution debate is simple: the Universe and all DNA, etc. were either created by God or by accidents. It is God or accidents.

The "Supreme Being" in the theory of evolution is accidents. Remember from the home page of this website that the term "evolution" is no more scientific than the term "Superman" or "Batman."

All true scientific evidence, such as the discovery of DNA, is a proof that God lives. A belief in God is hundreds of times more scientific than a belief in atheism (i.e. accidents/evolution)!!!

In other words, there are hundreds of SCIENTIFIC reasons the theory of evolution is nonsense. Atheism and evolution are not science, they are religions. Any honest and intelligent scientists would conclude that DNA and cells could not have been created by atheism (i.e. by accidents).

"Accidents" and "Evolution" mean the same thing. Could "accidents" and "evolution" have designed, built and sequenced the DNA for about ten million animal species, all of which have three DNA strands which must align with each other (that is 30 million DNA strands)!!

For example, the atheists/evolutionists claim that the "superhuman controlling power" of the Universe is accidents!!

Here is a quote from another website regarding one court case:

  • In 1987, in Edwards v. Aguillard, the U.S. Supreme Court held unconstitutional Louisiana's "Creationism Act". This statute prohibited the teaching of evolution in public schools, except when it was accompanied by instruction in "creation science". The Court found that, by advancing the religious belief that a supernatural being created humankind, which is embraced by the term creation science, the act impermissibly endorses religion. In addition, the Court found that the provision of a comprehensive science education is undermined when it is forbidden to teach evolution except when creation science is also taught. (Edwards v. Aguillard (1987) 482 U.S. 578)

I guess that the Supreme Court does not know that DNA was discovered in 1953 and that DNA is a PROOF that God lives. The members of the Supreme Court will know that God lives on Judgment Day!!! Many of the Supreme Court judges, who have been on the Supreme Court since it was founded, will burn in hell for a very, very long time!! That will give them a lot of time to think about God!!!

True science, meaning creation science, is not allowed to be taught in most schools because it is considered part of "religion" because it scientifically proves that God must exist.

Atheism is far more of a religion (i.e. a "belief") than a belief in God because all scientific evidence supports a belief in God!!!

Just look at some of the top evolutionists: Woody Allen, Stephen Hawking, Richard Dawkins, the late Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Peter Singer, etc. EVERY ONE OF THEM IS AN ATHEIST WHO RIDICULES A BELIEF IN GOD AND EVERY ONE OF THEM ENDORSES THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION TO GET CONVERTS TO ATHEISM!!!!

Schools are allowed to read the writings of the atheists, but not the writings of the creation scientists!!

The theory of evolution is nothing more than a path and portal to atheism!!

Copy and Paste this into Google: "world's top atheists"

Every one of the top atheists is also an evolutionist!! There is no difference between atheism (which is a religion) and evolution (which is really bad science).

There is an old saying: "If it walks like a duck, waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it is a duck"!!! Today, we would say: "If its DNA contains the instructions to create a duck from a single fertilized egg, then it's father and mother are ducks and it is a duck!!

Yet in almost all states and school districts atheism is taught as science because a belief in God is not considered as science. How can any judge be that stupid?? How is it possible that anyone can be that stupid?? BOTH ARE RELIGIONS, but scientific evidence supports a belief in God. A belief in God is vastly more scientific than a belief in accidents!!!!!

Are judges and the people on school boards really that stupid?? If someone wants science taught in classrooms, then they need to teach the truth!! Science classes are supposed to be about quest for truth!! And the truth is that with the discovery of DNA in 1953, the theory of evolution became scientific nonsense!! The scientific evidence is that God lives!!

So the morons on the Supreme Court (not all of the Supreme Court justices are morons, some of them are quite smart but they have bad logic) have made it illegal to teach scientific truth in the schools!!!

If school administrators and judges want truth taught in the school classrooms, God will be discussed and the theory of evolution will be ignored.

Not only did God create all things, and not only does God live, but it is this same God who will determine where everyone will spend eternity!!!! God loves His children and He certainly does not appreciate people who lead His children astray into the false doctrines and the absurd science of atheism and evolution.

What is the difference between Richard Dawkins and a Supreme Court judge who FORCES young people to be indoctrinated in atheism and evolution!!!! God will decide if there is any difference, not the Supreme Court!!!! Both Richard Dawkins and the Supreme Court justices get paid very well to ridicule a belief in God and a belief in the miracles of Christ.

Our founding fathers certainly believed in God and they are the ones who wrote the Constitution!!!

The supporters of atheism should note of the fate of Korihor (who was taught his doctrines by a personal appearance of satan) and the fate of those who will become "like unto the son of perdition" as discussed in the above article. I guess some Supreme Court justices don't want to be left out of the action in hell.

The testimonies that people have in God are precious to God. Even Supreme Court judges will some day stand before God and give an accounting as to how they voted on issues related to religion and schools, among other issues. I suspect George Washington will light the match which allows some of them to burn in hell.

While I would agree that judges and schools should not favor a specific religion, they should support truth in science and at least talk about a generic God. The founders of the constitution specifically did not want the government to support a specific religion!! See Article [I] of the constitution!!! Atheism is a specific anti-religion by the way!!

America was founded, in 1776, by God, specifically to protect religious freedoms without favoring any specific religion!!

However, in 1776, it never occurred to the founding fathers that someone would dumb enought to be an atheist. And this was long, long before the discovery of DNA, which proved there was a God. The Constitution was written BEFORE Darwin's two books were written and the Constitution was written BEFORE the discovery of DNA in 1953!!! So the founding fathers knew nothing about Darwin or DNA. But they did know about God.

The Founding Fathers got it right, it is the modern judges who have it wrong.

The atheists and evolutionists have created a loophole in the Constitution (thanks to stupid Supreme Court justices) to claim that atheism is not a religion and should be taught in schools.

I should remind the atheists and evolutionists that they are forgetting one little thing: Judgment Day - which is the portal into hell and eternity!!!

GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED ON JUDGMENT DAY!!!!! Not even by Supreme Court judges or state court judges or anyone else!!!

On Judgment Day the self-annointed "judges" and "administrators," who have been having a field-day pushing atheism and evolution down the throats of young people, will get their just reward. What is that reward: just ask Korihor what God thinks about people who are responsible for the teaching of evolution.

Remember, satan in person taught Korihor the theory of evolution!!! The Book of Mormon, from which this account is taken, was published 29 YEARS BEFORE Darwin's first book. God was predicting the theory of evolution was coming and was making it clear what He thinks of satan's doctrines.

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