Fifteen Reasons Why The Theory Of Evolution Cannot Be True

Where did the Universe come from? Where did the DNA for more than a million different species come from, many of which have both male and female DNA? Where did cells come from?

There are only two options to answer these questions: God or accidents. That is it, there is no other option.

If the answer is "accidents" then these accidents are called the "theory of evolution." The "theory of evolution" should actually be called the "theory of accidents," because that is what it is, if it were true. But evolution is not true!!

The claims of the theory of evolution are so absurd (as this article will point out) the theory has to be riddled with deceptions of various kinds in order to get converts to atheism. These deceptions are designed to distract attention from the overwhelming quality and quantity of reasons the theory of evolution cannot be true. One article on this website mentions more than 400 reasons the theory of evolution cannot be true.

This article only contains fifteen of the best reasons the theory of evolution cannot be true. But first I want to talk about three of the major deceptions of the atheists and evolutionists.

First Deception, as is clearly mentioned on the home page of this website and above, the "theory of evolution" should really be called the "theory of accidents." With the discovery of DNA in 1953, it was discovered WHY a dog is a dog and WHY a cat is a cat and WHY a horse is a horse and WHY a human is a human, etc. The reason is a combination of different DNA and different spirits (See the article The Sixteen Cells Paradox article)!!!

A dog is a dog and a cat is a cat and a horse is a horse because of a combination of the spirit of the animal and the DNA of the animal!!!

The theory of evolution is the claim that "accidents" created the sophistication of the DNA for about ten million animal species, most of which are extinct. Such a claim is total nonsense for many reasons. Much of this article is about these reasons.

Second Deception, is "natural selection." Natural selection is commonly used as "evidence" for the theory of evolution. This is absurd!! Natural selection is an elimination process whereby a weak species is eliminated by a stronger species. Natural selection is true but it has absolutely nothing to do with the creation of a new species, which is the heart and soul of evolution.

Third Deception, has to do with clever definitions. By using clever definitions the atheists can use examples of variety within the same species, (i.e. microevolution), such as different species of dogs, and claim this variety is caused by "evolution." But a bulldog and a Great Dane have exactly the same DNA structure and thus should be part of the same "species"!! But frequently the atheists will claim they are different species (as an example) and that they are examples of evolution.
Article: Clever Definitions

Microevolution should be the term involved when two animals have the same DNA structure and macroevolution should involve two animals with different DNA structures. But this terminology will never be accepted by the atheists. They need to use examples of microevolution so they can pretend that there are examples of the theory of evolution.

In other words, there has NEVER been an example of macroevolution observed and there never will be!!

But accurate definitions will never happen because the only "evidence" the atheists have for evolution involve deceptive definitions.

One of the free eBooks on this website needs seven chapters to sort out the deceptive definitions of the atheists/evolutionists!!

While there are hundreds of reasons the theory of evolution cannot be true which are mentioned on this website, here are fifteen of the best reasons the "theory of accidents" cannot be true. You will see DNA mentioned many times.


Fifteen Key Reasons The Theory Of Evolution Cannot Be True

First, while scientists can create DNA, they would have no clue how to sequence a DNA strand from scratch to bring back to life an extinct animal (e.g. Woolly Mammoth)!!!! So how did "accidents" (i.e. evolution) create and sequence human DNA, horse DNA, cat DNA or even the DNA of an ant and sequence all of these DNA strands??

Also, scientists should try to take a box of dirt, sand and water and using nothing but the dirt, sand and water (to simulate pre-life conditions on this planet) create a human DNA strand from scratch. They should only be allowed to quit this project when they admit that the theory of evolution is nonsense.

Can scientists create life from non-life??? Of course not, and they never will because "life" requires a spirit. By the way, spirits cannot die - ever - because they are made from a different type of matter than the matter we can see.


Second, if accidents (i.e. evolution) created DNA by accident, there would be an equal number of "A" and "C" and "G" and "T" nucleotides. But bar charts of real DNA do not look like there are an equal number of "A" and "C" and "G" and "T" nucleotides!!!

Study all of the bar charts on this page and pay close attention to which bar chart was created by random numbers (e.g. the way evolution works). This page is actually a chapter taken from one of the free eBooks on this website: "Patterns Of Intelligence." Study each of the bar charts and what each bar chart represents. You will see that DNA was NOT CREATED by a series of accidents:
(PDF File - Will Open In Its Own Window - Click The + Sign Multiple Times To Enlarge Print)
Chapter With Bar Charts Which Demonstrate That Accidents Did Not Create DNA


Third, is an extension of the Second reason. Even if scientists could create a DNA strand from scratch, they would have NO CLUE how to put the nucleotides in an ordering (i.e. a permutation or sequence) that could create a human baby.

Just like the ordering of '0's and '1's in a compiled computer program determine what the computer program will do, the ordering of nucleotides (A, C, G and T) on a DNA strand determine what kind of animal will be created, from a single fertilized egg, via millions or billions of cell divisions, by the instructions on that DNA!!

DNA is literally the most sophisticated computer program on this planet, but any computer programmer would tell you that you cannot create a new and improved computer program by randomly changing the object code (i.e. compiled code) of an existing computer program!! Nor could you create a new and improved computer program by randomly changing the existing source code of a computer program!!

This same concept applies to DNA because you cannot randomly change the nucleotides on a DNA strand inside of a fertilized human egg and expect a Superman baby!! This is because DNA is many, many, many times more sophisticated than any computer program written by human beings.

Well, the spirit of the baby animal also helps control cell divisions.


Fourth, the DNA must not only contain the compiled computer programs, it must also contain the ABILITY TO EXECUTE that computer code!! While scientists may understand how the cell uses the genes on the DNA, for example, scientists have zero clue on this planet how the cells implement their "morphing of the embryo" algorithms!!! That requires the spirit of the animal.

For example, the ordering of the 3.2 billion nucleotides (A, C, G, or T) on human DNA is so sophisticated that a single cell, with a single DNA strand, namely the fertilized egg inside of a mother-to-be, has the intelligence on the DNA to create an entire baby, via 30 billion cell divisions, who has 30 billion cells and 60,000 miles of blood vessels, etc.

The blood vessels of this tiny baby would wrap around the earth, at the equator, twice, with 10,000 miles of blood vessels left over!!

The baby will also have a beating heart, a liver, an incredible brain, etc. And all of this sophistication came from the instructions embedded on a single DNA strand inside the fertilized egg in the mother, followed by 30 billion cell divisions!!

The evolutionists claim that a series of mindless accidents (i.e. evolution) can create the computer algorithms on human male DNA (in his sperm cells) and human female DNA (in her egg/ovum). And they also claim that this series of accidents can randomly put these nucleotides in an ordering such that via 30 billion cell divisions a human baby will be born with 30 billion cells and 60,000 miles of blood vessels.

What have the evolutionists been smoking?? Try writing two massive, massive computer programs and then try to align their object code to create a new computer program that is a mixture of the original two computer programs!! It would never work!!

Scientists have only decoded 2% of human DNA. They will never decode all of the DNA until they realize that most of DNA is a dabase used by the spirit of the animal (including humans) so the baby will have features of both parents??!!

As I say several times on this website, the spirit of the baby is what primarly controls cell divisions. The DNA is used to give the baby features of both parents.


Fifth, where are the failures of evolution? There are 1090 atoms in this Universe (roughly 4500 atoms), but there are 43,200,000,000 different ways that just a human DNA strand can be sequenced (i.e. ordered or permutation of nucleotides) but the vast, vast, vast majority of these permutations would NOT create a viable human baby.

Remember, that is just for human DNA!!! There is unique DNA for every species of plants and animals which have existed, or currently exist, on this planet.

Also note that the order of nucleotides on the DNA of the first human couple according to the Bible, Adam and Eve, had to be able to create at least one male baby and one female baby (so the human species could perpetuate - and this applies to all species which have both a male and female) God had to create:
1) male sperm cells (in the male) with DNA for Adam,
2) female sperm cells (in the male) with DNA for Eve,
3) an egg/ovum (with gender-neutral DNA inside for the male sperm cell to fertilize) to make Adam,
4) an egg/ovum (with gender-neutral DNA inside for the female sperm cell to fertilize) to make Eve,

So four highly sophisticated DNA stands had to be created, in the same timeframe and same latitude and latitude, in order for human life, and all other animal species, to begin and perpetuate!!


Sixth, the cell type / cell location issue. When cells are dividing, TIMING and SEQUENCE of cell divisions must be built into the "morphing of the embryo" algorithms on DNA. The algorithms on DNA must be sophisticated computer programs that control how a single fertilized egg becomes a new human baby with about 30 billion complex cells each of which must end up in just the right place at just the right time (i.e. they are created in the right sequence) and have the correct genes activated!!

Actually, as I talk about in other articles, the spirit of the new baby controls most of the cell divisions. The DNA is used to give the new baby features of both parents.


Seventh, are two major reasons you cannot create a new species from an old species, which is called "speciation."

The first reason is that once DNA is constructed inside of a cell, it cannot be changed, it can only be damaged!! In other words, there is nothing inside of a cell that can modify a DNA stand to create a new and improved species.

This means that evolution cannot create a new species, with new DNA, from the DNA of an old species!!! But this is the very heart and soul of the theory of evolution!!!

What this means is that the DNA for EVERY SPECIES on this planet had to be created INDEPENDENTLY FROM SCRATCH!! Only God can create a new DNA strand and sequence the nucleotides!! Well, scientists can create DNA, but they do not know how to sequence it.

Anthropologists love to claim that humans descended from apes or some other primate because humans have some common feature with these primates. These claims are total nonsense precisely because DNA cannot be changed because of the way it sits inside of cells.

The second reason you cannot create a new species from an old species is because all DNA is like a massive computer program. Thus, in order to convert an existing species into a new species, it would be like taking the object code of an existing computer program and RANDOMLY MODIFYING THIS OBJECT CODE and expect to end up with the object code of a new and improved computer program, which has new features.

Any computer programmer would laugh at such a suggestion, yet that same computer programmer may claim that new DNA (which is far more sophisticated than any computer program) can be randomly modified to create new and improved DNA for a new and improved species.


Eighth, Lack Of Evidence Of Failures

To create the ten million animal species which have existed on this planet (nine million animal species are extinct but they had to be created before they went extinct) required 40,000,000 DNA strands and roughly two billion unique types of cells!!!!

Yet there is no evidence of failures in DNA sequences or cell types!! Sorry, such a claim is absurd. Computer simulations could prove this.


Ninth, ponder this next paragraph very carefully:

If you added the length of DNA for one of every species of plants and animals on this planet, male and female where applicable, the total number of nucleotides would almost certainly add up to more than 1 quadrillion nucleotides. Yet there is zero evidence of failures in the design of the DNA for any plant or animal. Furthermore, mutations are very, very rare. Furthermore, animals which have serious mutations generally die or at least cannot have offspring.

As if that were not enough, the number of permutations of this 1 quadrillion long DNA strand, and the unbelievably rare number of viable permutations, add even more absurdity to the theory of evolution. The number is 4 raised to the power of 1 quadrillion!!

The comments in the prior two paragraphs contain the MOST IMPORTANT reasons the theory of evolution cannot be true!!!!

DNA was also designed by God to allow a great deal of variety within the same species (e.g. within the same DNA structure, such as a Boxer dog and a Chihuahua dog). The world would be a very boring place if there was only one kind of dog and only one kind of horse, etc.

The vast number of species on this planet, each with unique DNA by definition, and many with both a male and female, is easily the number one reason the theory of evolution cannot be true!! And if evolution were true, the entire Universe would be filled with dead animals whose DNA was not perfect enough!!


Tenth, all of the scientists in the world could not create a cell for DNA to reside inside!! Hundreds of scientists have PhD degrees in Cell Biology, Microbiology or Genetics, yet all of them combined could not create a living cell from scratch!!! So why would anyone claim that cells were created by accident?

As one example, if the cell needs a specific enzyme then the cell will use a pattern on the DNA called a "gene," to create the enzyme. But scientists would not have a clue where each gene begins except that the DNA provides ways to find where genes begin (e.g. "promoters"). But even that is not the full answer because DNA is coiled up so tightly and every cell has a DNA strand that is seven feet long. This coiling of DNA makes finding a gene that much harder. The sophistication of DNA is simply beyond human comprehension.


Eleventh, consider that when the fertilized egg in the mother divides, the new baby consists of only two cells. When these two cells divide there are four cells. The four cells become eight cells and the eight cells become sixteen cells. Let us ponder these sixteen cells.

These sixteen cells should be identical to the fertilized egg, but they are not identical!! If they were identical to the fertilized egg the baby would have 16 heads, 16 hearts, 32 arms, 32 legs, etc. But that is not what happens. Each of the 16 cells leads to a different set of cells which integrate with each other!!

How is it possible that these sixteen cells create sixteen different sets of cells in the baby and these sixteen sets of cells merge together perfectly!! See this article:
The 16 Cell Paradox - Absolute Proof That Humans Have A Spirit


Twelfth, the atheists and evolutionists claim that a "first living cell" formed by a series of accidents in a "warm pond" billions of years ago. Before there was any life on this earth our planet would have consisted of nothing but water (and even water would not exist if there had been a Big Bang - the heat from the Big Bang would have evaporated any water), sand and rocks.

How could a living cell form from nothing but water, sand and rocks?? And how could life be created from non-life? Scientists have never created life from non-life, and they have tried.


Thirteenth, is the fact that life on this planet almost certainly could not exist, certainly human life, were it not for the phytoplankton in the oceans. It is phytoplankton that provides between 50% and 90% of the oxygen on this planet.

See this web page for more information on phytoplankton:
Phytoplankton Article


Fourteenth, is dirt. If the Big Bang had happened there would have been no dirt (i.e. no soil) on this planet because the heat from the Big Bang would have evaporated any water on this planet. This planet would have been made of giant rocks. But no dirt. So where did water (which would have evaporated from the heat of the Big Bang) and dirt come from? Plants could not exist without water and dirt first existing. So the dirt could not have come from plants breaking apart rocks.

In other words, plants cannot exist without dirt and dirt cannot exist without plants. It is a paradox.


Fifteenth, is the creation of a new species FROM SCRATCH!! Suppose that an artist draws a picture of a new species which has never existed on this planet and one which has both a male and female.

All of the scientists on this planet could not create two NEW DNA STRANDS, one for a male and one for a female for this new species, FROM SCRATCH!!

The DNA strands would have to include the "morphing of the embryo" algorithms," the timing issues, etc. etc. It is insane to think that humans could do this, yet God has done it for many, many species which have both a male and female.


There Are Many Other Issues we could talk about which would include the orbit of the earth around the sun (the earth must be the right distance from sun), the oceans, the clouds, trace minerals, the rotation of the earth, the importance of the moon, the physical constants, etc. Some of these are discussed on this website.