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From the First Child to Superclusters

Let us ask the evolutionists a seemingly simple question: who was the mother of the "first child" born on this planet?? Let us call her Susan.

Who was Susan's mother? Susan could not have had a mother because Susan's first child was the "first child" born on this planet.

So where did Susan come from?

The Bible easily explains where the "first child" came from. God put Adam and Eve on this planet, with their DNA, so that the "first child" could be born as a child of Eve!!

So if God created Adam and Eve, where did God come from? I talk about that issue in a different article: "Where Did God Come From?"

Because a cockroach cannot comprehend any intelligence higher than the intelligence of a cockroach, a cockroach probably thinks it is the "highest intelligence" in the Universe.

Likewise, no human can comprehend that any intelligence could exist which is higher than their own intelligence, thus many people claim that there is no intelligence higher than their intelligence. But there is and we call him God!!

The leading atheists and evolutionists are too proud to admit that someone (i.e. God) could exist who is smarter than they are.

The theory of evolution does not exist because of science, it exists because of pride.

Some students don't like to hear any criticism of evolution because they want to be popular, but human DNA is a solid proof that God exists!! There is no other logical explanation for where human DNA, for a male and female, came from.

In 1859, when Darwin published his first book on evolution, scientists knew nothing about cells, and they certainly knew nothing about the DNA that was inside of the cells. So they thought that life was simple and they believed that the theory of evolution was logical. In 1859, the theory of evolution was perfectly logical.

But the discovery of cells and the DNA inside of those cells changed everything. If no team of scientists on this earth can even remotely understand the algorithms on human DNA, much less design them, how could a series of pure accidents (i.e. evolution) have created human DNA!!!

That is the question the atheists and evolutionists must answer. THEY CANNOT ANSWER THAT QUESTION!!

Do the hundreds of leading atheists and evolutionists realize that DNA has been discovered?? Who is going to tell them??

Human DNA is literally the most sophisticated computer program on earth by a giant margin!!

But the theory of evolution is nothing more than using a random number generator (i.e. evolution) to create the 3.2 billion nucleotides, in base 4, on human DNA!!! How could the world's two most sophisticated computer programs (male and female human DNA) have been "written" by a random number generator???

Yet that is exactly what the atheists and evolutionists want everyone to believe!!

How would an atheist like to sit in jail until they could create, using nothing but random number generators, the DNA of a male and female butterfly? But I will be generous - they are allowed to design the DNA of the male and female butterfly, but they must design it from scratch. Either way, they will be in jail a very long time!!

From the incomprehensible sophistication of DNA, to the amazing complexity of cells, to the earth we live on, to the ends of the Milky Way Galaxy, to the furthest galaxy cluster and supercluster (by the way, the supercluster we live in is called the Laniakea Supercluster), and considering the Big Bang and the "constants" in physics (e.g. the gravity constant and the speed of light in the cosmic vacuum constant); the credibility of the theory of evolution has dropped to ZERO!!!

God had to exist before our Universe could exist or the superclusters could exist or Adam and Eve could exist.

No accident could have created this Universe. While we cannot comprehend the "first cause" of all things, we must be honest enough to admit that a series of accidents did not create the Universe and everything in it.

To claim that human DNA and everything from human DNA to the furthest supercluster were created purely by accident is absurd.

So who wins, the prophets or the atheists/evolutionists? Clearly the prophets win!!

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