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Where Did The "First Child" For A New Species Come From??

The Bible teaches that God created all species.

However, evolutionists claim that all species (meaning the DNA for all species) came to exist by a series of random accidents. As part of this is the claim that one species (a new and improved species) can be created (by evolution, meaning random accidents) from an existing species.

This is the entire foundation of the theory of evolution. The theory of evolution does not claim that human DNA came directly from dust and dirt and mud, they claim that human DNA came to exist by modifying the DNA of an already existing species, such as a bonobo or chimpanzee.

So the question must be asked: can new and improved DNA be created from old DNA by accident (i.e. by evolution, meaning without God)??

That is the key question the atheists and evolutionists must answer if they claim that human DNA could have been created from bonobo DNA (or DNA from some other primate)!!! But this exact same issue would come up many thousands of other times whether the new species has both a male and female or not. But for this article, the species we will talk about will have both a male and female.

So let us start with the mother (similar issues would exist for a father) by asking the seemingly simple question: can a new species be created from an existing or old species?

In other words, can you start with the DNA of one species, male and female, and randomly modify the male and female DNA so that when their child is born the child will be of a new and improved species?? Not a chance.

There are two basic problems with this theory. First, is mathematical. For example, could you take the object code of a massively complex computer program and make random changes to the object code of this program (e.g. random additions of bits, random changes to bits and random deletions of bits) and end up with a new and improved computer program with new features!!!

Obviously not. Yet the atheists and evolutionists think that "evolution" is not exposed to these same issues with respect to DNA!! More wishful thinking on the part of the atheists because the sequence of DNA on every species of animal on this planet is fastly more sophisticated than any human-designed computer program.

Plus, for a species with a male and female, the same changes to the male DNA (e.g. the DNA in the two types of sperm cells because the new species must have both a male and female) must be made to the female DNA in the mother's ovum so the DNA can align for the first babies of the new species (which must include a male and female, which is why both types of sperm cells will be needed).

In addition, to create a new species (which has both a male and female) into a new and improved species (which has both a male and female) both the new first male and new first female must be created in the same timeperiod and same latitude and longitude.

But all of this wishful thinking by the atheists and evolutionists is not going to happen!!

The permutation of nucleotides issue would kill such a theory.

But perhaps an even bigger issue is that the DNA of the old species CANNOT BE PHYSICALLY CHANGED to create DNA for a new species!!!

This is because of the physical construction of DNA. If you damage a DNA strand, in an attempt to change the DNA, the resulting DNA cannot be viable!!!

The physical construction of DNA makes it impossible to change a DNA strand. DNA can only be damaged, it can never be changed.

And that is a terminal problem with creating a new species from an old species.

To learn more about the problems with creating new DNA from old DNA see the "seventh" item in this list of 15 reasons the theory of evolution cannot be true:
Article: Fifteen Reasons Evolution Cannot Be True (see the seventh reason)

Yet the entire foundation of the theory of evolution is that DNA can be changed so that a new and improved species can "evolve" from an old species.

It's not gonna happen - EVER!!!

The entire foundation of the theory of evolution (that a "first child" of one species can be randomly created from the DNA of an existing species) is total nonsense, both mathematically and physically.

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