A Focus On Human DNA

Because the atheists have so many problems to deal with in explaining where human DNA came from they say that it took "billions of years" (their favorite phrase!!) to accidentally create a DNA strand and then accidentally sequence that DNA strand (so a baby animal survives). They apparently don't know anything about mathematics!!!

There are 43,200,000,000 different ways to sequence a male or female human DNA strand (which has 3,200,000,000 nucleotides). And the vast, vast, vast (insert the word "vast" 2 billion more times) percent of those permutations would not create a living anything. If evolution were true, our entire Universe (and many, many trillions of other Universes) would be full of dead, mutated, partially created animals and evolution would not have created a single viable living animal, much less a human being!!!

The problems with the theory of evolution apply to any species which has both a male and female DNA strand, though their DNA might not be as long as human DNA. But remember, even if the DNA strands were created by accident, the male DNA strand (actually 2 of them) would have to have a viable permutation of nucleotides and so would the female's.

By the way, human DNA is nowhere near the longest DNA strand. Some DNA is more than 40 times longer than human DNA!! But human DNA is the most sophisticated DNA because human DNA is able to create the human brain.

Remember, there are several million "species" of plants, animals and insects which have or currently exist on this planet, each with unique and highly sophisticated DNA. And many of these species have both a male and female (e.g. Bonobos) which have three DNA strands, like humans, which need to align in a very precise way!! No team of humans on this planet understand the DNA of an ant, much less human DNA.

In fact, if you added every type of DNA strand on this earth (e.g. male human DNA, male mouse DNA, male horse DNA, ..., female human DNA, female mouse DNA, female horse DNA, ...), the length of this DNA strand would be about one quadrillion (1015) nucleotides long!!

So if one DNA strand (for each species, male and female where applicable) were laid end-to-end, there would be 41,000,000,000,000,000 different ways to sequence all of the different types of DNA strands on this planet. Obviously only a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of these would yield every type of animal, plant and insect on this planet.

How big is this number?? The number of ATOMS in our Universe is probably less than 4500!!

As if that weren't enough, every DNA strand in our body is about seven feet long and each is made of 3.2 billion nucleotides. How can a seven foot long DNA strand fit inside of a cell that is so small it cannot be seen with the naked eye???

And since this website is about the theory of evolution, and the theory of evolution is nothing but "accidents," how could accidents create a DNA strand that sophisticated and a sophisticated cell for it to reside inside of??

A "permutation" is a unique way of ordering a set of objects. The number of permutations of human DNA (i.e. the number of unique ways to order the nucleotides that make up human DNA) is astronomical!! There are about 43,200,000,000 different ways to sequence the nucleotides on human DNA, and the probability that any of these permutations could create a viable human baby is almost zero.

Even if, for every atom in our Universe, there were a billion billion randomly generated permutations of nucleotides (via the accidents of evolution), the probability that there would be even a single viable human being (or any other animal) is essentially zero!!

But creating the human race, or any other animal species, would require three DNA strands. More on this in a moment.

The evolutionists claim that human DNA descended from the DNA of a long sequence of animals (i.e. human DNA descended from a long sequence of the DNA of our ancestor species such as bonobo).

If this were true, then DNA can be changed and even improved in nature by evolution (i.e. by a series of accidents).

Can the DNA of one animal be changed into the DNA of another animal??? Let us, for the sake of example, consider that male and female human DNA "evolved" from the male and female DNA of bonobos (or any other primate you want to think of).

There are two issues with this question. First, can the DNA of one animal be physically changed and improved to create the DNA for an improved species? Here is an entire article on the issue of whether the DNA of one species can be physically changed into the DNA of another species:
Article: Changing The Length Of A DNA Strand And Changing The Interior Of A DNA Strand Are Both Impossible

The second issue is more complex. Can you take a viable permutation of nucleotides for a bonobo and randomly mutate this DNA and end up with a viable permutation of nucleotides for a human being? Humans would have to make many millions of careful changes to bonobo DNA (or any other primate) to create human DNA!!

Accidents could never do this either physically or considering only the sequences of nucleotides!!

And these same random accidents must happen to three DNA strands in the same latitude, longitude and timeframe!!! More on this in a moment.

In fact, if there were a trillion randomly created DNA strands the length of human DNA, for every atom in a billion billion Universes, it is unlikely there would be a single viable human DNA strand, much less three of them on the same planet and same timeframe!!! And that is just to create human DNA by nothing but accidents.

Let us briefly remind ourselves about why three DNA strands are needed for each animal species:
1) one for the male (father) to create a male baby (via male sperm cells),
2) one for the male (father) to create a female baby (via female sperm cells),
3) one gender-neutral DNA strand for the female (mother).

And three DNA strands would be needed for the roughly one million animal species on this planet. That is three million DNA strands that are far too sophisticated for humans to understand!!! If we counted all animal species which have ever existed, the number would be thirty million DNA strands.

However, if a new species were created from an old species, it would take four DNA strands:
1) one for the male (father) to create a male baby (via male sperm cells),
2) one for the male (father) to create a female baby (via female sperm cells),
3) one gender-neutral DNA strand for the mother's ovum to be fertilized by the father's male DNA,
4) one gender-neutral DNA strand for the mother's ovum to be fertilized by the father's female DNA.

This would create a male and female baby for the new species (i.e.humans).

Human DNA

What is unique about the creation of human DNA is that humans are BY FAR the most intelligent animal on this planet. So not only must the random mutations to bonobo DNA (or some other primate) yield a superior physical body but it must also create a massively, massively more sophisticated brain!!! And all of these massive changes to bonobo DNA must be done to four different bonobo DNA strands which must align with each other after the random mutations!!!

I would suspect that a much higher percent of human DNA is used to create the cells in our brain (via cell divisions) than the percent of bonobo DNA which is used to create their brain!!!

But there is another problem the theory of evolution must deal with - the massively more sophisticated morphing of the embryo algorithms on human DNA, particularly to create the human brain via cell divisions!! This section of DNA is more like a computer program than data.

And all of this had to be done by nothing but accidents. If evolution were true, there would be more dead and deformed animals (whose DNA was not quite good enough to create a new, viable animal), than there are atoms in this Universe!!!

However, the claim of evolution is that the DNA for a million species of animals, male and female, plus plants, insects, etc. have been created and sequenced by nothing but accidents and in many cases these accidents created new and improved DNA from old, but still functional DNA. This claim is absurd!!

Because the vast, vast, vast percent of all permutations of any randomly generated DNA strand would fail to create a viable animal, any attempt to create new DNA from old DNA (i.e. we are essentially trying to randomly create a new computer program from an old computer program by making random changes to the object code of the old, less sophisticated computer program) would fail to create a living entity, much less a new and improved species.

But scientists do not see any evidence, even on this planet, of partially complete animals whose DNA was in-between the DNA of two species. There would likely need to be many millions or billons of transitional species!! Where are their dead bodies (i.e. of animals which are between a bonobo and humans)???

But all animals would have to "evolve" in this fashion. If evolution were true, there would always (including today) be transitional species as "evolution" is making a new and improved species from an old species!! Sorry, they don't exist. And all of these intermediate species would have to survive long enough to have their DNA randomly mutated (male and female) AND then reproduce!! Nope.

The truth is that if evolution were true, the nucleotides on human DNA would be RANDOMLY SEQUENCED (i.e. randomly ordered) and the vast, vast, vast, vast MAJORITY OF PERMUTATIONS OF HUMAN DNA (given the length of human DNA) WOULD NOT LEAD TO THE INSTRUCTIONS NECESSARY TO CREATE THE FIRST HUMAN BABY!! In other words, neither you nor I would even exist if evolution were true.

What sets human DNA apart from the DNA of any other animal is that human DNA creates an "animal" (i.e. humans are in the animal kingdom) which has a VASTLY, VASTLY, VASTLY superior brain than any other species!!!

We are not just slightly smarter than any other species, we are MASSIVELY smarter than any other species!!!

The mere fact you can read this article is a proof that the theory of evolution is mathematical nonsense!! Try teaching a bonobo to read and write!! Try to teach a bonobo how to read music or write a new piano concerto!!

Think of all the different things needed to put a human together. The sex of the human, the eye color, the hair color and density, how "hairy" a man's chest is, how thick is the hair on their head, how aligned are their teeth (how strong they are and how well-proportioned they are), how long their fingers are, their talents, etc.

While all of these may be unique to humans, it is the human brain that really sets us apart. It is quite possible that most of our intelligence comes from our spirit, but I won't get into that now.

Let's talk about talents.

A very good friend of mine is a concert pianist. You can put sheet music in front of him, that he had never seen before, and he could play it as well as if he had memorized it and had played it for years!!

If you put that same sheet music in front of me there is no absolutely zero connection in my brain between the dots that I see on the sheet music and my fingers!!

It is hard to image, but a bonobo would be far worse than I am at reading sheet music!!!

Let's look at DNA another way. Could you take the source code or object code of a very, very sophisticated computer program and randomly mutate the source code or object code of this computer program and expect to end up with a new and improved computer program that had new features?? No, every attempt would create useless source code or object code!!

And that is a major point of converting bonobo DNA into human DNA by accidents: Human DNA is vastly more sophisticated than any primate DNA yet there is no evidence of any failures of evolution in creating the human brain (i.e. humans) from any other primate.

Mathematically this means evolution has never happened because if evolution had happened for every atom in the Universe there would be many corpses which contained defective DNA which could not properly control a new set of cell divisions to create a new species.

Yet the overwhelming mathematical absurdity of the theory of evolution, precipitated by the discovery of DNA, did not change the minds about God for very many atheists (yes, some did switch over for a variety of reasons).

So why does the theory of evolution even exist after the discovery of DNA?? Because the atheists are still selling books and looking for converts.

Intelligence Related Issues With Evolution

Let's talk about the required alignment of male DNA and female DNA for a new species which has a male and female. The alignment of male DNA and female DNA, for each species with a male and female, MUST BE PERFECT THE FIRST TIME!!! Alignment is not something that can "evolve" because if the alignment isn't perfect THE FIRST TIME the species will immediately go extinct because there can be no offspring to perpetuate the species unless the male/female DNA alignment is perfect!!

Similarly, you cannot take a computer program THAT IS VERY SIMPLE and RANDOMLY change either the source code or the object code and expect the new computer program to be massively more sophisticated (e.g. use more sophisticated logic)!!!

The leap in intelligence from the DNA of any primate, to human DNA, is simply impossible for evolution due to the massively more sophisticated algorithms needed to create the human brain!!!

What Is Needed For The First Humans To Exist (From a bonobo or other primate)

Let's think about a few of the many things that would have been REQUIRED for the first two humans to exist to the point that a male and female human can mate and have offspring (this must happen via evolution - bonobos will be used in this example):
1) DNA for plants or animals so the bonobos and new humans have something to eat (this actually had to happen before the bonobos existed),
2) DNA in the male sperm cell(s) of the male bonobo (i.e. the dad) had to be randomly modified - required to create male human babies,
3) DNA in the female sperm cell(s) of the male bonobo (i.e. the dad) had to be randomly modified - required to create female human babies,
4) DNA in the female egg/ovum (i.e. the female bonobo) had to be changed DNA from an inferior species for a male sperm cell to get there first,
5) DNA in the female egg/ovum (i.e. the female bonobo) had to be changed DNA from an inferior species for a female sperm cell to get there first,
6) All of this must happen in the same latitude and longitude and timeframe so the first male and female humans can find each other and mate.

And DNA must have a "home" (a place to live in and be protected) called a "cell." Thousands of scientists have PhD degrees in Cell Biology so cells are not simple.

There must also be hormones so the males and females are attracted to each other. No male human has ever been sexually attracted to a female bonono. Hormones are very complex molecules.

Plus our planet must have already had the right combination of chemicals in the ground and air. Plus the first human couple would need to have at least one male and one female baby to perpetuate the species. Plus many other things would have been needed for the human species to exist on this planet.

And all of these things had to happen relative to every animal species because each animal has both a male and female!!!!!

God had to create these things. Intelligence is a top-down process, not a bottom up series of accidents.

As if that weren't bad enough, there are more than one million species of animals on this planet, thus there are more than four million complex animal DNA strands (four DNA strands are needed to create a new animal species) and every one of them is far more sophisticated than any computer program ever written by humans!!

And human DNA is the most sophisticated of all DNA strands, though it is not the longest DNA strand. The longest DNA strand title goes to a fish: protopterus aethiopicus which has 133 billion base pairs (human DNA is 3.2 billion base pairs).

Before the discovery of DNA, no one knew why a dog was a dog and why a cat was a cat and why a horse was a horse, etc. Now we know, a dog is a dog because the DNA in the fertilized egg of a female dog has the instructions to make a dog via millions or billions of cell divisions!!

For each species which has a male and female, not just humans, their DNA (of the male and female) must align in a very precise way in order for them to have offspring.

All of the scientists in the world could not design, sequence and build the DNA of any insect, plant or animal on this planet. Yet the atheists say that all DNA was built and sequenced by random mistakes (i.e. by evolution)!!

In short, the evolution debate is NOT "God versus evolution," rather the evolution debate is God versus accidents!! Remember, evolution is NOT a force in nature, rather it is a concept!! Accidents are the "force" that the atheists/evolutionists must claim created the Universe and everything in the Universe (everything which was not created by man).

(Note: I should note that many religions teach that all animals, including humans, have a "spirit." It is quite possible that this spirit aids the DNA in the creation of a baby from a single fertilized egg. Atheists, however, would reject that spirits exist because that would imply that God existed.)

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