Fifteen Gigantic Reasons Why The Theory Of Evolution Cannot Be True

This is a list of fifteen of the GIGANTIC reasons the theory of evolution is true!!!

1) Atoms. Scientists cannot create a single atom!!! Yet the Universe is full of atoms!!! Roughly 1080 atoms!!! I am not aware that scientists have ever even tried to create an atom!!! Well, what materials would they make it from??? It is safe to say that scientists will never make an atom from the aether. In fact, God had to create atoms as part of the Big Bang and/or after the Big Bang!!! Wow!!!

2) The Big Bang. This is all about raw power!!! No one has a clue how the object that exploded, which contained all of the atoms in the Universe, could be compressed so much (perhaps down to the size of a basketball or beachball)!!! And then how was this incredibly dense object "exploded??"

3) Surprisingly, my first cell-related reason that the theory of evolution cannot be true has absolutely nothing to do with permutations of nucleotides or putting the correct type of cell in the correct location at the right time!!! The #3 reason that God is alive and well is the Sixteen Cells Paradox!!

What this paradox proves is that it is impossible that DNA can control cell divisions!!! "Impossible" is worse than any probability. The article then proves that spirits must exist (the atheists and evolutionists don't like that)!! Without spirits (and the atheists and evolutionists will never believe in spirits until they die) there would be no living animal on this planet because DNA, by itself, cannot control cell divisions!!!! This is the The Sixteen Cells Paradox!!!!
Article: The Sixteen Cells Paradox!!

4) Scientists have never, never, never created life from non-life!!! This is called "biogenesis." The first life would have been a "first living cell." But there is no evidence that life can be created from non-life, and especially if the first living thing was a living cell!!! Even today scientists cannot create a living cell from scratch (i.e. from raw materials).
Article: Is The "First Living Cell" Theory Credible? No!!!

5) The phrases "sequence of nucleotides" and "permutation of nucleotides" mean the same thing. Obtaining a viable permutation of nucleotides on DNA, that could create a human baby (or even be a database for the spirit), is statistically almost impossible. Considering all animal species it would be far more likely to pick a single atom which is hidden among many, many quadrillions of Universes for all living things to exist via random permutations of nucleotides (assuming DNA controls cell divisions). This is NOT an exaggeration!! Permutation issues (considering all animal species) are the #5 reason the theory of evolution cannot be true!!!
Article: Permutations Of Nucleotides On DNA - The Ultimate Death Of The Theory of Evolution

6) Counting Intermediate Species!!! While evolution cannot even remotely explain where the ten million animal species that they know about came from, if evolution were true every animal species, extinct and existing, would have had to "evolve," via many intermediate species, starting with the First Living Cell!!!

If evolution were true, there must have been many intermediate species between the First Living Cell and each of these ten million animal species!!! This makes the problems with the theory of evolution far worse (e.g. permutations issues are tame by comparison) because each of the intermediate species needed their own DNA and cells which, by definition, no one has ever found!!!

In fact, these species never existed because God created all of the 10,000,000 animal species on this planet. But if someone claimed that God does not exist, the Counting Intermediate Species article would be one of the many terminal deaths of the theory of evolution!!!

I sometimes think of this issue as: counting imaginary species!!!
Article: Counting Intermediate Species

7) There are about two billion types of cells among the 10 million animal species which have existed or currently exist. All of the scientists on this planet cannot create or fully understand a single one of these types of cells even though many very smart scientists have PhD degrees in The Cell Biology. This article is about cell divisions.
Article: The Sophistication of Cell Divisions

8) Starting with the fertilized egg, getting the right type of cell in the right location in the body, as every animal species morphs from a single fertilized egg, would be statistically impossible if evolution were true. This is called the "The Cell Type And Cell Location Issue":
Article: The Cell Type And Cell Location Issue

9) The fact that there is absolutely nothing inside of any cell which can change the sequence of nucleotides on any DNA strand is a major problem for evolution. Many "cuts" and "joins" and new DNA segments (which have a key sequence), inside of cells would be needed if evolution were true. This is one of the key deaths of the theory of evolution:
Article: Changing The Length Of A DNA Strand By Evolution/Accidents Is Impossible

10) Creating DNA from scratch (e.g. for the "first living cell") is impossible for many reasons (however, humans can do this, but they do not know how to sequence the nucleotides),

11) Changing the set of cell types from one animal species to another animal species (during "evolution") is a deadly problem for the theory of evolution!! For example, if someone said that humans "evolved" from bonobos it is almost certain that there is not a single type of cell on this planet that is on both humans and bonobos!!! So how did humans "evolve" from bonobos???

12) The Physical Constants!!! No one knows where these physical constants came from (some probably came from aether), but it is the amazing accuracy of some of these constants that blows people away. The Gravitational Constant quickly comes to mind.

13) Creating life from non-life is impossible and has never been done (though it has been attempted). This is roughly the same thing as the "First Living Cell" issue.

14) Creating the mechanisms in the cell, which use the DNA as patterns to create proteins, is impossible to happen by accident. For example, how does this mechanism know WHERE on the DNA a specific protein code is located and how does it FIND THAT SECTION?? If scientists know the answers to these two questions, and I suspect they do, how can they claim that these mechanisms came to exist by accident?? WHERE ARE THE KEY SECTIONS OF DNA issue is a topic by itself),

15) The Two-Male DNA Alignment problem, FOR ALL ANIMAL SPECIES, is another massive, massive reason evolution cannot be true.
Article: The Two-Male DNA Alighnment Issue


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