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Everything You Know About Cancer IS A LIE!!!!!!!!!!

I am a retired cancer researcher who worked with about 13,000 cancer patients before I retired. Everything you know about cancer has come directly or indireclty from the Rockefeller family and is a lie!!! This corruption was predicted in both the Bible and the Book of Mormon!!!

Here is my main article on cancer which links to all of the articles about cancer on this website:
Article: The Main Cancer Article Which Links To The Other Seven Articles About Natural Cancer Treatments



The cure for AIDS was developed by two medical doctors: Kaali and Lyman. They discovered how to break off the enzymes on the AIDS virus, making the AIDS virus unable to reproduce. Their article was published in a major medicine journal. However, before the journals were sent out, someone realized that there was a cure for AIDS in the journal.

CURING DISEASES IS FORBIDDEN IN ORTHODOX MEDICINE!!!! All they want to do is cell highly profitable patented drugs!!!!!! Every copy of the journal was destroyed!!!!

However, Kaali and Lyman did get it published in a much smaller journal so the treatment was taken over my natural medicine experts:
Article: Treating AIDS



Here is an amazing website about pandemincs that you must see:
Article: Outbreak: 10 Of The Worst Pandemics In History

Here is an even better one but it does not have death counts:
Article: World Health Organization Disease Outbreaks By Year



If the treatment I will mention in the next section does not cure your coronavirus (it should), then regardless of what is said in this article, when the United States government has officially endorsed prescription drugs to deal with Coronavirus, USE THE DRUGS RECOMMENDED / ENDORSED BY THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT AS SOON AS THEY BECOME AVAILABLE!!!!
U.S. Government Website: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Prescription drugs can be MASS PRODUCED all over the world and they will work faster and better than anything in natural medicine because they will be designed to deal with a WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC!!!


My Article About Coronovirus (Try This First)

Here is a link to my article on Coronavirus
Article: Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Erectile Dysfunction

I have a large article on erectile dysfuntion, so before you read this section please read that article first:
Article: Erectile Dysfunction

You will likely buy the things you need at a health food strore or in some cases (e.g. walnuts, pecans and almonds) from a grocery store!!!

For example, walnuts make arginine which makes nitric acid which is critical for what we are doing!!!

Now let's look at the subject at hand: erectile dysfunction.

Things not to eat in high volumes (these can cause constipation in high doses):
1) Potatoes
2) Bananas

These categories are important, meaning a diet rich in these things help:
1) fruits
2) vegetables
3) whole grains
4) fish (e.g. iodine in ocean fish available at McDonalds)
5) shrimp
6) tuna
7) lima beans

Here is a fairly typical list of things that deal with erectile dysfunctions:
1) Almonds
2) Walnuts
3) Hazelnuts
4) Pecans
5) Pistacios
6) Citrus fruits
7) Grapes (OK, red wine if you wish)
8) Strawberries (high in flavonoids) or any kind of berry
9) Blueberries
10) Vegetables
11) Dark chocolate
12) Oysters

Exercise (walking in my case)

This is important to use on Google:
Google (copy and paste this string): "erectile dysfunction" natural

Potatoes and bananas can cause constipation as I said above.

Here is a link to an article:
6 Ways Your Diet Is Destroying Your Sex Life

In that article, Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt, M.D., a urologist at Orlando Health, says that just like any workout, an A+ bedroom session requires strength, stamina, and endurance. In other words, any eating habit that is bad for your gym workout is also bad for your sex life.

In fact, when your heart is in trouble, say your arteries are clogged, it can actually stall blood flow to your penis, paving the way for erectile dysfunction (ED). Of course if that is the case get your heart fixed.

Eating a diet high in unhealthy fats and added sugars can exacerbate the issue. It is commonly known that obese men have lower levels of testosterone, explains Dr. Brahmbhatt, the hormone that fuels your sex drive. That doesn't mean all heavier guys have low T, but you are at a higher risk when the number on your scale starts to spike.

The remedy? Eat a diet full of various nutrient-dense whole foods (these foods that help your penis perform are a good start) and get at least 150 minutes of exercise per week, says Dr. Brahmbhatt. Anything that helps decrease the amount of fat in your body will help your testosterone levels naturally go up, he says. The more your body can tolerate physical activity and exercise, the more likely you will be able to go longer and stronger in the bedroom.

Here are some supplements:
Panax ginseng
ginkgo baloba
Mondia whitei

Strawberries have flavonoids
Cocoa have flavonoids
Red Wine (purple grape juice if you don't drink wine)
Strawberries PLUS dark chocolate together!!! both have flavonoids
Nuts - walnuts, pistachios

Use Google for more ideas, such as by putting something like this into Google:
natural treatments for erectile dysfunction

herbs and spices for erectile dysfunction


Information About Alzheimers

This article links to an INCREDIBLE YouTube video about Alzheimers made by the genius Dr. Daniel Amen!!!! Alzheimer's is not what you think it is!!!! Unfortunately Alzheimer's cannot be cured because the damage is dead brain cells which cannot be restored. Watch that video!!!!!

Virtually all medical researchers think that Alzheimers is caused by a virus, perhaps the herpes virus. This would imply the Bob Beck protocol (which is treatment for the AIDS virus). But remember dead brain cells cannot be recovered. At best the deterioration can be stopped.

Here is my article about Alzheimer's:
Article: The Truth About Alzheimers


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