Would It Be Hell To Be On Some Planets???

My article on the Savior's use of the phrase "outer darkness" talked about things that are far from a Sun (such as the Oort Cloud and rogue planets), which are all very cold and very dark places because they are far from a star or our Sun. While these are cold places, people normally think of hell as being a HOT place, such as the phrase "hotter than hell"!!!

Well, there are plenty of hot places in the Universe, and that is what this article is about, we just don't know who is going to go there (most likely against their will) or why!!!

We don't even have to leave our solar system to find a planet that is deadly with heat and would make a great hell!!! You are probably thinking about Mercury. Well, actually Venus is a lot worse than Mercury even though it is further from the Sun!! The reason Venus is so hot is that it has dense clouds that trap the heat from the Sun!!! So the first place I would avoid is Venus!!!

So Mercury and Venus are both hot spots, but Venus is worse.

Outside of our solar system, among exoplanets (which are stars that have at least one orbiting planet), the first thing an astronomer would think of, when thinking about Dante's Inferno, would be a Hot Jupiter!!!

A Hot Jupiter is a gas giant planet (which is where the word "Jupiter" came from because Jupiter is a gas giant) which is orbiting very, very close to a star!!! Wow would that be hot!!! These planets are much, much closer to the sun they are orbiting than Mercury is to our Sun!!!

Actually our solar system has four gas giants: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

When a Hot Jupiter has one side of the planet always facing the sun that it is orbiting is said to be a "tidal locked" Hot Jupiter!!! However, the phrase "tidal locked" is a generic term because our moon is "tidal locked" to our Earth.

There are actually many, many places in our Universe that are very, very hot places!!! NASA's Chandra space telescope found a location which is 450,000 light-years wide that is shining like a spot light. The cloud's temperatures read 540 million degrees Fahrenheit (300 million Celsius)!
Where Is Situated The Hottest Place In The Universe?

So while Dante, who died in 1321 A. D., thought pergatory is very hot, if he is right for some types of punishments, there are many options for God to choose from!!!


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