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If you saw a semi-tractor driving down the highway you would know that that semi was created in a gigantifc factory created by human beings, and that the factory and the semi were not created by monkeys!!!

Guess what, every cell in your body is hundreds, if not thousands, of times more sophisticated than any semi!!! Humans can create a semi, but humans cannot create a living cell!!!

While the theory of evolution debate appears to be about science, such as where did DNA, cells, cell divisions, galaxies, Quasars, etc. come from!!! THAT IS NOT WHY THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION EXISTS!!! The theory of evolution exists to convince people that there is no God. For example: are all humans descended from Adam and Eve (whose cells, bodies and "life" were created by God) or did all humans "evolve" from a lesser primate, such as bonobos or chimpanzees or monkeys???

It is critical to understand that the leaders of the theory of evolution movement, such as Richard Dawkins, have a goal:
1) Eliminate the belief of a person that two of the three members of the Godhead even exist (i.e. Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost) and
2) Eliminate the belief of a person that Jesus Christ was a God, such as the atheists/evolutionists claiming that Christ did not perform any miracles and that He was not resurrected!!!

But many atheists and evolutionists go beyond these things; they mock anyone who claims that Jesus Christ performed any miracles.

In short, there is absolutely zero difference between the theory of evolution and atheism!!! They both have exactly the same goal, to claim that Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost do not exist, that Adam and Eve never existed and that Christ (who no one can claim did not exist) did not perform any miracles.

After spending more than 50 years in the LDS church (i.e. The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints or "Mormons"), and getting blown up in Viet Nam, I can tell you that all three Gods in the Godhead are very much alive and well!!! And as I will demonstrate many times on this website: WOW ARE THEY SMART!!!

Let us dig deeper into the very specific target of the theory of evolution!!!!

Here is a profound quote about the real target of the theory of evolution by the late Brigham Young University (BYU) scholar Robert J. Matthews (who died in 2009) in his, "Origin of Man: The Doctrinal Framework" (the next paragraph has a blue link to his entire article):

  • "The erosive effects of this theory [i.e. the theory of evolution] are subtle, and it may not appear harmful to many at first. However, because of evolution's inherent opposition to the mission of the Messiah, it may possibly be that in connection with this subject, more than with any other, everyone must eventually and individually answer Pilate's question, 'What shall I do then with Jesus which is called Christ'?" (Matthew 27:22.):
    Article: An Article About The Theory Of Evolution By The Late Robert J. Matthews - BYU Professor

Read that paragraph two or three times!!!

Did you notice the phrase: "more than with any other"!!! In other words, satan's perfect doctrine is the theory of evolution!!! While the theory of evolution automatically denounces that Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost exist, THE REAL TARGET of the theory of evolution is the divinity of the Savior Jesus Christ!!! This battle goes back to the Grand Council (which occurred before Adam and Eve were put on this planet and YOU WERE THERE but of course you do not remember that meeting) which I talk about from time to time.

Professor Matthews' statement hits at the very core of the evolution debate and it is razor sharp in accuracy. Professor Matthews made it very, very clear that the theory of evolution was DESIGNED to try and destroy a belief that Jesus Christ was and still is and always will be a member of the Godhead and that He is the one and only Savior of the world!!!

Professor Matthews was absolutely correct, the theory of evolution is a tool to convince people that there are no Gods and thus no Godhead!!! And you thought the theory of evolution debate was about science!!! Not A Chance!!!

The atheists and evolutionists cannot claim that Christ did not exist, because of the Bible and many other ancient documents other than the Bible which talk about Him. They can only claim that Christ did not perform any miracles. The tactic to claim that Christ did not perform any miracles (because they cannot claim that He did not exist) is exactly what the Book of Mormon predicted would happen in the last days!!! More on this in a moment.

While science is the evolution debate field the goal of the theory of evolution is to convince people that the three members of the Godhead do not exist or in the case of Christ (who no one can deny existed because of the Bible and many other ancient documents such as by Josephus and Pliny The Younger) that He did not perform any miracles!!!

When schools teach the theory of evolution they are teaching really, really, really, really horrible "science", which is the primary purpose of this website to expose, and they are teaching the religion of atheism in their classes!!!
Article: God Versus Evolution - God Wins Going Away!!!

It is very important to read the articles I link to because they go into more detail than I can put on this home page!!!


More About The Scriptures And The Theory Of Evolution

  • Note: Links to the website generally have the key versus highlighted or there is a line beside the key versus or comments.

The Bible is not the only book which was written by ancient prophets of God. The Book of Mormon is a book like the Bible, in that it was written by ancient prophets, but in the case of the Book of Mormon most of the prophets who wrote the Book of Mormon lived in the Americas!!! The last prophet buried the gold plates they wrote on in 421 A.D..

The gold plates the Book of Mormon was written on were translated by the prophet Joseph Smith and were first published in 1830, which was 29 years before Darwin's first book on evolution was published in 1859!!! Well, not all of the gold plates were translated. The Book of Mormon, as I mention from time to time, predicted the coming forth of the theory of evolution in multiple places, though the word "evolution" did not exist in 1830 or anciently.

Note: even if you don't believe that the Book of Mormon quotes were written many hundreds of years ago, no one can deny that the Book of Mormon was not written before or in 1830 because the Book of Mormon was first published in 1830!!!

In the Book of Mormon the prophet Nephi (the Nephi who wrote 3 Nephi and lived in the fourth century A.D.), knew even back then that some atheists and evolutionists today would claim (for profit) that Christ, who the atheists and evolutionists cannot deny existed because of many ancient records, in addition to the Bible, did not perform any miracles!!! Here are the versus (pay close attention to verse 7):

  • 4 And when ye shall see these sayings coming forth among you, then ye need not any longer spurn at the doings of the Lord, for the sword of his justice is in his right hand; and behold, at that day, if ye shall spurn at his doings he will cause that it shall soon overtake you.
    5 Wo unto him that spurneth at the doings of the Lord; yea, wo unto him that shall deny the Christ and his works!
    6 Yea, wo unto him that shall deny the revelations of the Lord, and that shall say the Lord no longer worketh by revelation, or by prophecy, or by gifts, or by tongues, or by healings, or by the power of the Holy Ghost!
    7 Yea, and wo unto him that shall say at that day, to get gain, that there can be no miracle wrought by Jesus Christ; for he that doeth this shall become like unto the son of perdition, for whom there was no mercy, according to the word of Christ!
    3 Nephi 29:4-7 (Book of Mormon)

I emphasize the phrase to get gain so that many people (such as high shool Biology teachers) will not worry about fitting into the category of "like unto the Son of Perdition"!!! These are people who get paid to write books, get paid to give lectures or get paid to participate in debates. In my opinion, only several hundred people who are alive today even need to worry about fitting into that category. You can also see these versus online:
Book of Mormon - 3 Nephi 29:4-7

We don't know anything about the "like unto the son of perdition" punishment, but take my advice: a person should not set as a goal to become: like unto the son of perdition!!! The key tactic of these people is to mock anyone who believes in Heavenly Father and the divinity of Christ FOR PROFIT!!!

If you want even more evidence that Christ was a real person, see this article which goes into much more detail about evidences that Christ was a real person (this article will also be mentioned below):
Article: An Observation About The Sophistication Of 3 Nephi 29:7

The theory of evolution is not a passive doctrine, many of the atheists and evolutionists are very proactive in trying to get people to believe there are no Gods!!!

The primary purpose of this website is to provide massive scientific evidence that the three members of the Godhead are very much alive and well, and WOW!!! are they smart!!!! You will see evidence of God's intelligence (i.e. meaning all three of the members of the Godhead, but especially Heavenly Father) over and over and over again on this website!!!

Part of the history of the relationship between Christ (i.e. Jehovah) and Lucifer (i.e. satan) began even before Adam and Eve were put on this earth and is described in my article on the Grand Council which I will link to below. You were there, and you voted for Christ (or you would not have a physical body - ever), but you do not remember this meeting because it would interfere with your free agency to remember the pre-birth spirit world!!!l

It is important that I mention that there are living prophets today who lead the members of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints. In fact, I have a different website on this topic which I link to from time to time.


More Scriptures, Some From The Bible, About The Divinity Of Christ And What God Thinks About Some Of The Atheists/Evolutionists

Even during the life of Christ, converting people away from the mission and doctrines of Christ (which is essentially what the theory of evolution was designed to do) was not appreciated by God. Here are quotes from the Bible (Christ was speaking to the people in His day, but what He said applies today just as well!!):

Matthew 10:33: "33 But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven."

That is a warning from a member of the Godhead - Jesus Christ!!! Here is the original source:
Bible - Matthew 10:33

Note that no one that He was talking to could deny that Christ existed because Christ was talking to them!!! So they could only deny His divinity.

Here is another example from Matthew:

Matthew 18:6-7: "6 But whoso shall offend one of these little one's which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

7 Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!

Here is the original source:
Bible - Matthew 18:6-7

The Book of Mormon is just as straightforward as the Bible!!! Well, the Book of Mormon is stronger at describing punishments!! The Book of Mormon talks about a punishment called: "like unto the son of perdition" (3 Nephi 29:4-7). There are very specific criteria for that punishment that I talk about in other places (pay close attention to the phrase "like unto the Son of Perdition"):
Book of Mormon - 3 Nephi 29:4-7

Even though the "like unto the son of perdition" category is likely a subcategory of the Telestial Kingdom, any punishment with the words "son of perdition" as part of the category is not something that someone should set as a goal to achieve!!!

Verse 7 in the Book of Mormon (in 3 Nephi 29) is an amazing verse because the prophet Nephi knew that the people in the last days would have many evidences that Christ existed so he knew that the wicked people in the last days could only criticize the claims of the miracles of Christ!!!

This is an article about why verses 4-7 are amazing in the way they were written (IMPORTANT NOTE: this article has links to other websites which list many ancient documents [other than the Bible] which talk about Christ being a real person):
Article: An Observation About The Sophistication Of 3 Nephi 29:4-7

Well, it gets worse. Here is a reference in the Old Testament for the phrase: "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!":
Bible: Isaiah 5:20

In the Book of Mormon, the Book of Mormon is quoting the chapter in Isaiah that I just mentioned (the Book of Mormon quotes several chapters from Isaiah):
Book Of Mormon: 2 Nephi 15:20

See also: 2 Timothy 5:20:
Bible: 2 Timothy 5:20


More About The Issue: Were Humans Created By God Or Did Humans "Evolve" From Bonobos or Monkeys or Chimpanzees???

Let's start this section with a story:

Suppose you and a friend were on a hike deep in the forest. You were proud to have traveled so far away from civilization!! Suddenly, as you came over a hill you saw, what looked like to you, a brand-new Buick automobile with its engine running!!

Would you think that this Buick was created by an accidental explosion in the forest?? Of course not!! Would you think that a team of monkeys in the forest or at the zoo had created this Buick?? Of course not!! Would you think that this Buick was created by a team of fifth grade children in your local grade school who had snuck out of class one day?? Of course not!!

Would you think that the giant assembly line where this Buick was assembled was created by a gigantic explosion?? Of course not!!!

What you would think is that this Buick was created in a giant manufacturing plant made by humans in Michigan and/or in other states or countries!!!

Guess what: Every cell in your body is far, far, far more sophisticated than any automobile or any automobile plant ever made by human beings!!!

Let me repeat that:

Guess what: Every cell in your body is far, far, far more sophisticated than any automobile or any automobile plant ever made by human beings!!!

Even if cells were the size of a basketball, scientists could not create a single cell, much less a iving cell!!!

Human beings are not even remotely capable of creating anything as sophisticated as a living cell!!!

Before going on I need to define the phrase: "irreducibly complex system." An "irreducibly complex system on the cellular level" is, by definition, a sequence of complex chemical reactions in a cell, such that if any one of the chemical reactions was not there, or failed, the end result of that chemical reaction will fail and the entire cell may be at risk!!!

Here is a quote from a book called "Evolution: A Theory In Crisis" by creationist (i.e. anti-evolutionist) Michael Denton:

  • "Darwin's Theory of Evolution is a theory in crisis in light of the tremendous advances we've made in molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics over the past fifty years. We now know that there are in fact tens of thousands of irreducibly complex systems on the cellular level. Specified complexity pervades the microscopic biological world. Although the tiniest bacterial cells are incredibly small, weighing less than 10-12 grams, each is in effect a veritable micro-miniaturized factory containing thousands of exquisitely designed pieces of intricate molecular machinery, made up altogether of one hundred thousand million atoms, far more complicated than any machinery built by man and absolutely without parallel in the non-living world."
    Michael Denton, "Evolution: A Theory in Crisis," 1986, p. 250.

He is essentially saying that accidents (i.e. evolution) could not have created any living cell!!! I should add that there are many millions of different kinds of cells which have existed, or currently exist, on this planet!!! Well, the number is about two billion highly sophisticated cell types just for animals (most of which are extinct)!!!

Here is another quote:

  • "The interior of an animal cell is like a small city, with factories -- called organelles -- dedicated to manufacturing, energy production, waste processing, and other life functions. A network of intercellular "highways," called microtubules, enables bio-molecular complexes, products, and other cargo to move speedily about the cell to keep this vital machinery humming."

A YouTube video is an excellent source to get a small feel for how complex a human cell is. It is a video of what is going on inside of a single cell. This video is mainly about how a cell deals with inflammation.

As you watch this video note the terminology and keep asking yourself this question: "How could something this complex have formed by accident in a warm pond?" The video is called the "Inner Life of a Cell" and it lasts about 8 minutes:
YouTube Video on the Complexity of Cells

Did you understand all of those terms? Many people get PhDs in "Cell Biology" every year!!

Here is another video on what is going on inside of cells and is called: "Voyage Inside The Cell," but it has more of a focus on DNA and the process of cell division - it lasts about 15 minutes and is worth watching:
YouTube Video on Cell Divisions

As you watch this video remember that a human being starts out as a single cell with a single DNA strand (the fertilized egg).

This incredible 9 1/2 minute video graphically shows the "morphing of the embryo" of a human baby, which is controlled by DNA:
YouTube Video: "From Conception to Birth" (i.e. the "Morphing of the Embryo")

The video mentions that at 4 weeks, 1 million cells a second are being made and at birth a newborn baby has 60,000 miles of blood vessels. This process must be incomprehensible in complexity because if these blood vessels were not fully enclosed before blood started to circulate in the fetus, the fetus would bleed to death!!

The one DNA strand inside the fertilized egg leads to the creation of billions of cells which include: a complete circulatory system, a human brain, the liver, the heart, the stomach, the muscles, the fingers, etc. etc.

As if that weren't incredible enough, the instructions for the morphing of the embryo come from inside the cells, where the DNA is!! Cells divide from the inside-out. And remember each cell has exactly the same DNA, yet each of the 30 billion cells ends up in a unique location in the baby with a specific set of genes activated.

So why have evolutionists and atheists continued to support the theory of evolution long after the discovery of DNA and even after the increasing discoveries about the complexity of cells? The reason is that many evolutionists are atheists and to them the theory of evolution is their religion and their best recruiting tool!!

Need I even mention that cell biologists today would not fully understand a single one of these cells even if they had access to all of them!!!

And Michael Denton was talking about what is going on inside of every cell in your body!!! Yes, every cell in your body is far, far more sophisticated than any automobile ever made!!! Needless to say: humans cannot create a single living cell!!!!

Even if cells were the size of a beachball, all of the scientists on this planet could not create a living cell!!!

Guess what, most of the cells in your body can divide into two cells, each with the above sophistication!!! Try dividing a new automobile into two new automobiles by one team of strong men pulling on the front bumper and another team of strong men pulling on the back bumper!!! Even if they were successful at pulling the car apart they would not end up with two cars, they would end up with two worthless halves of a single car!!

But most cells can divide into two very healthy cells, particularly as a fertilized egg is morphing into a new baby of any animal species!!! Humans are not dumb enough to claim that they could take a computer and cut the computer processor chip in half expecting to have two computer processor chips just as good as the original!!! But that is exactly what cells do!!

As another example of the sophistication of cells, the number of brain cells, and the skull that protects the brain, both grow in size until adulthood. Be glad that the size of our skull and the size of our brain do not quit growing until we reach adulthood!! And be glad they quit growing then!!!

There are many scientists who have a PhD in Cell Biology or are working on obtaining an advanced degree in Cell Biology.

Much will be said on this website about the sophistication of DNA and cells.

The big question this website deals with is this: Were the millions of different highly sophisticated DNA strands and the two billion different kinds of cells (for the roughly ten million species which have existed or currently exist), created by God (as the "creation scientists" and "intelligent design" people say) or were all of the DNA strands and cells created by the mindless accidents of evolution???

Of course there is no evidence of mistakes in the creation of any type of cell or any sequence of nucleotides on any DNA strand. God got it right the first time!!!


Creating A Human Baby Via Cell Divisions From A Single Fertilized Egg/Ovum

So far we have only talked about how many different types of cells there are. Now we will talk about creating a human baby via cell divisions.

A new human baby starts out as a single fertilized egg (a fertilized ovum) and ends up, via cell divisions, with 37.2 trillion cells!!! This new baby has 326 different kinds of cells some of which are transparent or the baby could not see through the hollow pupils of their eyes!!!

The location throughout their body (or your body) of these 326 different types of cells (though some say there are only 200 types of cells) is critical to their (i.e. your) survival!!! So for 37.2 trillion cells the correct type of cell (out of the 326 different types of cells) must end up in exactly the right location at the right time!!!

You probably already did the math, that is 12,127,200,000,000,000 decisions/permutations (more than 12 quadrillion) as to which type of cell ends up in which location of a human baby!!! And this number is not even a single drop of water in the oceans of planets in trillions of Universes like ours as one of the numbers in the permutations of nucleotides article!!!

I call this issue the cell type/cell location issue!!!

By the way, in the asymmetric division model, a stem cell produces one differentiated cell and one stem cell. In the symmetric division model, a stem cell produces two differentiated cells or two stem cells.

Here is my point: human DNA is only 3,200,000,000 nucleotides long. Sorry, human DNA is no where near long enough to control these 12 quadrillion decisions as to which type of cell goes where!!! There are actually mutiple reasons that human DNA cannot control cells divisions.

To give you an idea of how big the small number 3,200,000,000 is, 3,200,000,000 inches equals 50,500 miles!!! The circumference of our planet is only 24,901 miles!!!

A human DNA strand is about seven feet long, yet it fits inside of a single cell.

The issue of controlling cell divisions alone totally destroys the theory of evolution!!! This issue is right up there with the permutations of nucleotides issue and the vast number of different types of cells (TWO BILLION for all extinct and living animal species)) issue!!!

And don't forget that both males and females, of every species, have specialized cells that the other sex does not have!!!

So the list of things that totally destroy the theory of evolution by themself grows. It now has several major issues:
1) Forty million types of DNA strands to create ten million animal species,
2) Two billion types of animal cells to create ten million animal species,
3) Permutations of nucleotides,
4) The Cell Type/Cell Location issue.
5) The Sixteen Cells Paradox (to be discussed below)

Are human bodies the result of accidents?? Not a chance!!! However God did it, He had to do it!!!

Humans are just one of ten million types of animal species which have existed, or currently exit, on this planet and each animal species needs or needed their own unique set of cell types in just the right place at the just right time as the fetus is morphing (male and female)!!!

You are going to have to think very hard about this next paragraph, it deals with a very sophisticated issue and there is no simple way to explain this (you may have to read the next paragraph 3 or 4 times very slowly):

This also means, because humans start out as a single type of cell (the fertilized egg), that, whether evolution is true or not, in many, many cases, during cell divisions, a single type of cell, when it divides, will end up as two different kinds of cells (one of which could be similar to the previously existing type - and the other one is a new type of cell or both cells could be new types of cells)!!!

If this were not true we would only consist of one type of cell (an ovum) and we would not exist!!!

How does that happen??? How can a single, incomprehensible type of cell divide and end up as two new and different kinds of cells or at least one new type of cell (which would be required for a single fertilized egg to become a human being)???

To control where these different types of cells end up in the body is far, far, far beyond human comprehension when considering the sophistication of cells!!!

It should be clear to anyone that there is no way that the 3,200,000,000 nucleotides on human DNA could control the creation of, and location of, 12,127,200,000,000,000 combinations of which cell types go in which cell location!!! Sorry atheists, your spirit is alive and well and God is alive and well!!!

This not only applies to ten million animal species, but to plants and insects, etc. which also need their types of cells!!!

Every type of cell in your body, and every type of cell which has ever existed, is sophisticated beyond human comprehension!!!

Thousands of very, very smart scientists (and I mean really, really, really smart scientists) have a PhD degree in either Cell Biology or Microbiology or Genetics. Every cell in your body is vastly more sophisticated than any automobile or airplane ever made!!! PhDs in Cell Biology and Microbiology and Genetics are still being given out to each new generation of scientists as more and more is learned about the sophistication of the many different kinds of cells!!! In addition, to get a PhD you must make some new discovery about cells.

Any of these types of scientists could write a website dozens of times bigger than this website containing thousands of reasons that Cell Biology and Microbiology, etc. by themselves, are a massive, massive proof that God is alive and well and that He is INCREDIBLY SMART!!! This will become more and more obvious the more you study this website.

The problem is that no one would understand their articles unless they had at least a couple of years of Cell Biology or Microbiology classes!!!

These scientists are incredibly smart, but unfortunataly many of them know they are very smart and they have egos far, far bigger than their brains!!!

While they can easily prove that God lives, unfortunately, many of them are so proud that they mock anyone who believes in God!!! Pride may be the main reason that so many people believe in the theory of evolution!!! Many people cannot tolerate that someone else (i.e. God) could be smarter than they are!!! After all, does God have a PhD in Cell Biology?? Well, God is a billion times smarter than any PhD in Cell Biology because He sequenced the DNA and created the cells, and placed the cells, for every living and extinct animal and plant species!!!

By the way, the cells in the bodies of Adam and Eve had to have this level of sophistication!!!! God did not create Adam and Eve, rather God created the cell types and cell locations for both Adam and Eve!!! That is what created Adam and Eve!!!

Getting back to evolution, sometimes the atheists and evolutionists create drawings or pictures which seem to show an "evolution" from one species to another. But if you look at the DNA and cell types and cell locations of the cells in these animals the theory of evolution falls apart because it is obvious that the DNA and cell types and cell locations of one species could not have "evolved" into new and improved DNA and cell types and cell locations for a new and improved species of animal!!!



I cannot figure out who the monkey is. Probably a democrat.

In fact, those with a PhD in Cell Biology should be the #1 enemies of the totally absurd theory of evolution!!! But they are not!!! Why not??? Pride. Pride will be the downfall of many, many people (Ezra Taft Benson is a deceased president of the Latter-Day Saint [i.e. Mormon] church - I actually met him twice, once while I was working for church security when I spent four hours with him in a hospital room):
General Conference Talk By President Ezra Taft Benson (Beware of Pride)

I don't have a clue as to how many different kinds of cells there are (or have been) for the one million living species of animals, the nine million extinct animal species, plants, insects and who knows what other kinds of living things there are, or have been, on this planet. But it is in the billions range!!!


What If There Was No Incredibly Intelligent God???

Time after time after time I talk about the intelligence of God. My conclusion is this: if God were not incredibly smart no living thing could exist on this planet.

Think about the incredible sophistication of cells, which no team of humans can replicate!!! If God had not created cells, neither Adam nor Eve nor chimpanzees nor horses could have been created!!! Cells had to come before any other living thing came to exist, even if you believe in the theory of evolution!!!!

Don't tell me that humans evolved from bonobos until you can prove that many different kinds of cells could be created and combined to create a human from a bonobo!!!

Let me repeat that:

Don't tell me that humans evolved from bonobos until you can prove that many different kinds of cells could be created and combined to create a human from a bonobo!!!

All of the PhDs in cell biology and microbiology combined could not create a single living cell from scratch. Yet cells had to be created before any plant or any animal could be creaed!!! But neither human beings nor the mindless accidents of the theory of evolution could create a living cell, much less the trillions of living cells just to create small animals (humans have 37.2 trillion cells)!!!

Moving on, if there were no God the Universe would be nothing but dust and rocks and there would be no galaxies, no planets and no living thing!!! The entire Universe would be nothing but a gigantic, gigantic gigantic Oort Cloud or Asteroid Belt!!!

Yet the entire foundation of the theory of evolution is the claim that there is no God and that humans "evolved" from some other primate. I will generally use bonobos as our "ancestors" to represent the claims of the atheists and evolutionists. But pick any primate you want.

If humans had "evolved" from bonobos (or any other primate), the atheists and evolutionists must explain how bonobo DNA came to exist without God all the way back to the first living cell)!!! And then they must explain how bonobo cell types and cell location, male and female, "evolved" into human cell types and cell locations without God???

Many new types of cells, and four vastly different new DNA strands, would be needed for that to have happened. All of the very smart human Cell Biologists today could not create a new type of cell from scratch!!!

What evolutionists must prove is that it is physically and mathematically credible to claim that human bonobo DNA, cell types and cell locations could turn into human DNA, cell types and cell locations!!!

As always it gets worse!!! Actually four bonobo DNA strands would have had to simultaneous mutate (via accidents) into four human DNA strands (in the same latitude, longitude and timeframe) via the mindless accidents of evolution if evolution were true!!!

I will talk later about why NEW species need four new DNA strands, but existing species only need three types of DNA strands to continue to exist. Let us talk about existing species.

All existing animal species need three types of DNA strands:
1) In the male, male sperm cells to create a male baby,
2) In the male, female sperm cells to create a female baby,
3) In the female, gender-neutral DNA in each ovum (i.e. egg), which can be fertilized by either type of male sperm cell (i.e. the first male sperm cell or first female sperm cell to reach an ovum will fertilize the ovum and will thus determine the sex of that baby).

So the sperm cell (which gets to an ovum first) determines the sex of the new baby (and then the sperm cell is done), because it is the fertilized ovum that actually becomes the new baby via cell divisions starting with the fertilized ovum.

Yes, you started out as a single fertilized ovum!!! So did the president of the United States, preferably a Republican.

But creating a new species (either by evolution or God) requires four new and improved DNA strands as I talk about from time to time.

Even scientists today could not convert bonobo DNA into human DNA without cheating because millions of changes to bonobo DNA would be needed, to four bonobo DNA strands, (to create the four DNA strands needed to start the human race) and many of the changes would be related to creating the massively superior human brain!!! Scientists could physically create the DNA strands, but they could not sequence the nucleotides without looking at already existing DNA!!! And don't forget the importance of the spirit.

In other words: true evolution (changing the DNA and cell types and cell locations of one species into the DNA and cell types and cell locaitons of another species) is something that humans cannot do!!! And they will never be able to do it because God would need to provide a spirit to work with the DNA!!! Good luck getting God to help the atheists prove there is no God!!! And atheists and evolutionists do not believe in spirits!!! And don't forget the new types of cells which are needed by the new species.


More About God (i.e. Heavenly Father)

The purpose of the evolution doctrine, of course, is to create more atheists and evolutionists who claim there is no God (i.e. who claim there is no Godhead)!!!

As I will mention several times on this website, no one can claim that Jesus Christ did not exist because there are many ancient documents, even other than the Bible, which mention Him. Thus, the atheists and evolutionists can only claim that Christ did not perform any miracles (more on this below).

In the Mormon religion (i.e. officially The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints, founded in 1830), and in some other Christian religions, there are three separate Gods in the Godhead: Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. However, some other Christian religions teach there is one God who has three forms (i.e. Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are three forms of the same God - this is called the Trinity).

In the massive, massive Grand Council meeting (your spirit was there and you were very sentient as a spirit), which occurred before Adam and Eve were put on this earth more than 6,000 years ago, it was Jehovah (i.e. Christ) versus Lucifer (i.e. now known as the devil). But Adam was clearly Christ's top general!!

In fact, it is fairly clear that it was Adam (then called Michael), and perhaps many others, who physically cast Lucifer (i.e. satan) and his followers out of the meeting (and likely off of the planet the meeting was held on).

So one of the gigantic reasons that satan pushes the theory of evolution so hard is precisely so that people will not believe that Adam and Eve ever existed!!!

So the evolution battle today is not much more than a continuation of the Grand Council as the theory of evolution tries to do away with a belief in the divinity of Christ and the importance and existence of Adam and Eve (in addition to claiming that Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost do not exist)!!!
Article: The Grand Council (You Were There!!!)

Here is a sobering thought: "If satan himself were to design his perfect doctrine today to draw people away from a belief in the Godhead, including the divinity of Christ (his arch enemy), it would be the theory of evolution!!!

Professor Matthews, who represented the Latter-Day Saint (i.e. Mormon) religion before his death, was absolutely correct!! The theory of evolution is designed to convert people who believe in the divinity of Christ over to people who believe that we "evolved" from lower primates!!! Because of the theory of evolution, many people no longer believe in Heavenly Father or in the mission of the Messiah or in the Holy Ghost!!!

I can summarize the theory of evolution debate in one sentence: "The theory of evolution exists to convince students and others that bonobos (or some other primate) became humans, meaning evolution exists to convince students that the Godhead does not exist (or in the case of Christ that He was not a God and that He does not exist today because they claim He was not resurrected because they claim He was not a God)!!!"

That is precisely what Professor Matthews was saying!!! Schools that teach the theory of evolution are teaching the religion of atheism and horrible, horrible science!!!

The theory of evolution is nothing more than the scientific arm and official doctrine of atheism!!!! Atheism is the end goal of the theory of evolution.


Is The Theory Of Evolution (i.e. More Correctly: The Theory of Accidents) A Proven Scientific Fact??

A student may ask: isn't the theory of evolution a proven fact of science??? While the atheists/evolutionists may claim the theory of evolution is scientific, in fact it is not a proven scientific fact!!! The entire purpose of this website is to demonstrate, in scores of different ways, that the theory of evolution is very, very, very bad science!!!

For example, if the atheists/evolutionists claim that evolution is true, they must explain how four DNA strands of one or more bonobos, monkeys or apes, etc. (any of these animals would obviously have vastly different DNA than humans) became four human DNA strands by using nothing but the mindless accidents of evolution!!!

I talk in detail about why four new and improved DNA strands are needed to create a new species from an old species from time to time because it is such a key issue.

I will also prove below (e.g. in the Sixteen Cells Paradox article), that DNA is not what controls cell divisions (i.e. the many many, many cell divisions that convert a single fertilized egg into a crying baby)!!! Actually, I mention multiple reasons why DNA cannot be controlling these cell divisions.

The atheists have no clue what controls these cell divisions because DNA is nowhere near long enough to control these cell divisions as I will talk about in much more detail later. In fact, the length of DNA is not even close to being the main reason that DNA cannot control cell divisions (a paradox is the main reason).

There are both physical issues (physically changing four bonobo DNA strands into four new human DNA strands) and statistical issues (how can the sequence of nucleotides on four massively complicated and sophisticated bonobo DNA strands accidentally change into the sequence of nucleotides on four vastly superior and massively more sophisticated human DNA strands)???

By the way, the length of DNA has nothing to do with the sophistication of the animal it supposedly creates (if evolution were true). The longest DNA strand on earth is for a fish, which I will talk about below!!!

So what may start out as a simple question quickly becomes the question: "can the DNA and cells types and cell locations of one species 'evolve' into new and vastly improved DNA and cell types and cell locations to create a new and vastly improved species"??

And this project would have to include both intelligence issues (e.g. intelligently resequencing the nucleotides on four DNA strands to create a single new animal species) and physical reasons (physically changing the DNA and cell types and cell locations of an existing species [as created by evolution] into the DNA and cell types and cell locations of a new and improved species).

And there have been ten million animal species on this planet, each of which would have needed four new DNA strands to create each species when it first formed. That is forty million DNA strands just for animals and scientists would not understand a single one of them even if they had access to all of them!!!

I should repeat that a million times: That is forty million DNA strands just for animals and scientists would not understand a single one of them even if they had access to all of them!!!

Yet God has created and sequenced 40,000,000 DNA strands with no known errors - just for animals!!!

The intelligence chart looks like this:
1) God (i.e. Heavenly Father) and the other members of the Godhead,
2) Humans,
3) Accidents,
4) The imaginary Superman, Batman and the imaginary theory of evolution.

Could the brainless accidents of evolution have created and sequenced 40,000,000 DNA strands with no known errors??? Let's dig deeper into why I point this out.

One of the GIGANTIC problems for the atheists/evolutionists is this: where are the failures of evolution???

There may be some mutations to animal DNA, but there is no evidence of a pattern of failures in sequences of nucleotides that evolution would have created. For example, for every success of evolution, in sequencing four new and improved DNA strands to create a new species, there would have been countless quadrillions of defective DNA strands which did not have a viable enough sequence of nucleotides to create a new species.

And many of these defective DNA strands would create animals which were deformed and could not survive to maturity!!! Where are all of the deformed animals whose DNA was not quite good enough to create a viable new species????

In other words, this planet went from zero DNA strands needed to create animals to 40,000,000 highly sophisticated DNA strands to create 10,000,000 animal species (including humans) without any known errors!!!!! This did not happen by mindless accidents!!!

And where are the trillions and trillions of defective cells (i.e. the wrong type of cell or wrong location of a good cell or a defective cell)???

My comments on permutations of nucleotides (i.e. sequences of nucleotides) is a major part of the foundation of why the theory of evolution cannot be true!!! You will learn a lot about permutations on this website.

Lets slow down and talk about human beings.


States And The Teaching Of Evolution (Utah Politicians and School Boards Are Total Idiots If This Chart Is Correct)

Before going on I think you might want to see a map on a very pro-evolution website!!! Pay close attention if you live in Utah. This map shows where the school districts are which teach creation science!!!!!! The more green dots the better (if you believe in God) (look at the text of the names of the different states)!!!

If this map is accurate, all public schools in Utah teach Darwinism, atheism and evolution because there are no green dots in Utah!!!! Only private schools teach creation science in Utah. And in public schools creation science is only taught to disabled children in Utah!!!

What is the difference between a monkey in Utah and a politican in Utah?? I don't have a clue!!!

I guess a lot of politicians in Utah are really, really, really stupid!!! If any of them wants to debate me, I will be happy to come out to Utah if the audience is large enough (I live near Kansas City but I will pay my own way there and back).

I don't know at what level these decisions are made, but considering that God is very much alive and well, there is a massive amount of really bad science and many really stupid people in Utah!!! But the stupidity is more likely at the district level than the classroom level. The Utah map clearly implies the main decisions are made at the district level or state level, not the local level. So there may very well be some really sharp people in some of the Utah schools.


Favor #1 - For Everyone!!!

If you have read this far, pat yourself of the back - you are a rare person!!!! Now go and tell others via voice, emails, social media and links on your website!!! Search engines are a piece of junk because they don't know the good websites from the bad websites. They don't even know the creation science websites from the atheist/evolutionist websites.

So it is up to people like you to spread the word!!!! By the way, I can tell by hit patterns when someone spreads the news about this website to scores of their friends!!! But that doesn't happen very often.


Favor #2 - For Those Who Live In Utah (The Parents Are Going To Have To Get This Done)!!!

If you live in Utah and you are a high school student or a parent of a high school student, I would greatly appreciate it if you would email me this information:
1) the name of the high school and the city it is in,
2) the title of the Biology textbook(s) which is used in that high school!!!
3) Please include the name(s) of the author(s) because many high school biology textbooks have the same title: Biology!!!

So the author's names are critical!!!

I will take this section down when I have enough information to see a pattern and I will publish the results on this home page right here.

My email address is at the bottom of this page.

Thanks in advance!!!

I feel sorry for students who live in California, Oregon and Washington states. These heathen states are the definition of "atheist heaven." I honesly don't know what is wrong with these states aside from rank stupidity.


Five Articles (And One Follow-Up Article) About The Truth About Cancer

I am a retired cancer researcher who worked with about 13,000 cancer patients. Did you know that the Mormon pioneers, in 1847, were curing cancer with the herb Cayenne Pepper which is now known to kill cancer cells??? Did you know that a natural medicine expert named Royal Rife in the 1930s had a 100% survial rate for his patients!!! Rife was not fixing DNA because DNA was not discovered until 1953!!! Rife was actually killing bacteria which were inside the cancer cells.

Bacteria were found inside of cancer cells in 1890 by pathologist William Russell (1852-1940).

Did you know that the 5-year "survival rate" of cancer patients in America (who use chemotherapy, radiation and surgery) is a very, very pathetic 2.1%!!! That is the protocol of the Rockefeller family. Do the math, 97.9% of their patients are tortured to death in less than 5 years while the Rockefellers rake in the money!!! That is pathetic!!!

Did you notice something. Cancer is NOT caused by DNA damage!!! All of this corruption was predicted in the Bible (Daniel chapter 7) and the Book of Mormon (first published in 1830)!!!

My five articles on cancer go into great detail about these any many other issues. I include linking to someone who supports cancer patients who use natural cancer treatments. I am very, very familiar with the treatments they use because I was using those treatments long before they were!!

So, you can be tortured to death by the Rockefellers or you can go to health food stores (some items must be ordered online). But work with the experts I mention.

Article #1: The Main Cancer Article

Article #2: The Truth About Cancer, Cancer Is NOT Caused By DNA Damage!!!

Article #3: Old Testament: Daniel Chapter 7 - Cancer And The Fourth Beast And Ten Horns.

Article #4: Secret Abominations And The Latter-Day Saint Church (i.e. the "Mormon" Church)

Article #5: The Suppression Of Truth About Cancer!!!

So what is going to happen when Daniel's prophesy is completely fulfilled??? There won't be any more mass murderers!!! That is what this article is about:
Going Beyond The Daniel Prophesy In The Old Testament



We have already mentioned cells many times!!! A special discussion about cells clearly deserves its own article!!! So here it is:
Article: Cells - Created By God Or By Accidents???


For Those Who Don't Believe In God - Ancient Scriptures Predicted The Coming Forth Of The Theory Of Evolution (i.e. The Claim There Is No God)!!

While the word "evolution" cannot be found in the scriptures (the word did not exist in ancient times), the scriptures certainly predicted the theory of evolution was coming!!!

Was God surprised when Darwin's theory of evolution (Darwin's first evolution book came out in 1859) started to convince people that there was no God?? Of course not!!! God is never surprised by anything. Both the Bible and the Book of Mormon (the Book of Mormon is also an ancient book written by ancient prophets, but it was written by a different group of prophets than the Bible) prepared the children of God for the coming of the theory of evolution.

The last prophet in Book of Mormon times (Moroni) completed the Book of Mormon in 421 A.D.. But we don't know when he died or was translated. Most of the Book of Mormon was written in the Americas. It was first translated and published (by the modern prophet Joseph Smith) in 1830, which was 29 years before Darwin's first evolution book came out in 1859.

So the Book of Mormon was not reacting to the theory of evolution because it was published 29 years before Darwin's first evolution book was published!!!

Because the Book of Mormon was written by prophets it makes it very clear that God created Adam and Eve. For example, see 2 Nephi 2:17-27:
2 Nephi 2:17-27

In the Book of Mormon there is a story where satan, before the birth of Christ, appears to a man named Korihor and satan himself taught Korihor that Christ would never exist. Korihor then started teaching the doctrines of satan to others. These events happened about 55 B.C..

The great Book of Mormon prophet Alma the Younger was not amused by Korihor's teachings that Christ would never be born. As a response to Korihor's demand for a "sign" that God lived, the prophet Alma the Younger (via the priesthood) commanded Korihor to be struck dumb (Alma 30: 46-60)!!! That was God's sign to Korihor, so God did show Korihor a sign!!! But it was not the type of sign that Korihor wanted!!!
Book of Mormon: Alma 30:46-60 (especially verse 60)

That should give you an idea of what God (via one of His prophets) thinks about the theory of evolution (i.e. the claim there is no God, such as the future birth of Christ in this case). And it should also tell you that satan does not support his own followers and in the end he drags them down to hell (if they do not repent in time)!!! Here is an article on that event:
Article: The Book of Mormon and Evolution - Alma 30: Alma The Younger Versus Korihor

The theory of evolution today is satan's perfect doctrine because it was designed to do away with a belief in the Godhead by claiming that God (i.e. Heavenly Father) and the Holy Ghost do not exist.

The atheists and evolutionists cannot claim that Jesus Christ did not exist because there are many ancient documents, even other than the Bible, which mention Him as I will dig into below.

So the atheists and evolutionists can only claim that Christ did not perform any miracles, such as the healing of the sick, the raising of the dead and His own resurrection. The Book of Mormon predicted this precise behavior in the book of 3 Nephi 29:4-7 (in the Book of Mormon) as I talk about from time to time!!!


Spirits Were Not Created And They Cannot Die - EVER!!!

Yes, humans have spirits. When we die our spirit stays on this planet (well, we actually can go to another planet if we wish). Here is an article on the LDS website (using quotes by Brigham Young) about the spirit world:
The Spirit World

My wife has been in the spirit world since May of 2016, and for four years I was an ordinance worker in the Kansas City Temple, so I could add a lot of things to that article!!! So could Brigham Young because he has been in the spirit world for many decades as a major church leader.

Here is another quote by a president of the LDS church - President John Taylor:

  • For we, as Latter-day Saints, do not consider that our existence ends with time, as we generally term it, but that it reaches into eternity. And that while we are here in a state of probation to fulfill the various duties [placed] upon us, as Saints of the living God; while we come into the world and exist in it for a time and then leave it, we have hopes and aspirations beyond the grave, and anticipate that, as ages and cycles shall pass along and generation succeeds generation, if we are true to our trust and live our religion, keeping the commandments of God and fulfilling the various covenants [we have accepted] ..., that we shall associate with the just in the eternities to come! Therefore we are living, and hoping, and expecting, and planning, and contriving and operating, for the accomplishment of this object. We do not look upon the affairs of this life as those alone in which humanity is interested.
    President John Taylor, January 2nd, 1881: "The Eternities Before the Saints"

While spirits live forever, eventually everyone will be resurrected and we will have physical bodies forever!!! However, on Judgment Day (i.e. the Second Coming of Christ), all people will be judged and will untimately spend eternity on one of two different planets (this planet and the planet the wicked go after the Millennium).

The atheists and evolutionists don't believe in spirits (do they get anything right???). Fortunately for them, they have a spirit so they will live forever in spite of their beliefs (or lack thereof).

In fact, spirits cannot be created or die. See this article (see the third and fourth paragraphs) from the BYU website (this link may not work, I have reported the problem to BYU):
Article On BYU Website: Before 8 August 1839 (1)

In short, the spirit controls the cell divisions and the size of the DNA will be largely (if not entirely) dependent on the size of the database, meaning the size of the individual database elements (e.g. "fields") on the DNA strand!!

The largest DNA strand on this planet, and it is much, much larger than human DNA, is for a fish, protopterus aethiopicus, which has 133 billion nucleotide pairs on its DNA!!! Why a fish has such a gigantic database I do not know. Maybe this type of fish has an unusually high number of different types of cells - I don't know.



Let me briefly talk about "life." Scientists have tried to create life from non-life. They will NEVER be successful unless God cooperates and provides a spirit. I do not know if each bacteria has its own spirit or whether there is some general spirit for single-celled living things.

I talk more about "What Is Life?" in a section later on.

Humans, and all other species, exist because of God!!! Yes, science has confirmed that the Biblical account of Adam and Eve IS TRUE!!! Your genealogy chart has Noah and his wife (some Bible scholars think her name was Naamah) on it and Adam and his wife Eve on it!!!

In other words, Adam and Eve are on mine and your genealogy chart, not some bonobo couple!!!

Try saying that in some college biology class!!! I would do it, but then I am an ex-Marine and Viet Nam veteran so everyone would be polite to an old man who went to war and got blown up while on patrol.

Yes, we should appreciate our veterans!! They are why we are free!!!

As an ex-Marine, Viet Nam veteran, I love this amazing YouTube video about the "fallen" in war. This is an incredible, incredible, incredible six minute YouTube video showing military cemeteries around the world (as they say: war is hell) - WATCH THE ADVERTISEMENT!!!!!:
YouTube: "Hymn to the Fallen" by John Williams!!!

Here is another video (4 minutes) about man's inhumanity to man (read the words of the YouTube video). The singer is amazing:
YouTube: Ruthie Henshall - I Dreamed A Dream (Les Misérables 10th Anniversary Concert)

There are other YouTube videos linked to in the very bottom section of this home page.


The Theory of Evolution Battle In The Schools

Someone should take a survey of students in any school district in any state and ask two simple questions:
1) How many times have you heard the word "Adam" being favorably used in your science/biology classes??? and
2) How many times have you heard the word "Darwin" being favorably used in your science/biology classes???

I would love to see the results!!! Remember, it was probably Adam (back then named "Michael") who cast Lucifer (now called "satan") out of the Grand Council!!! So they knew each other very well!!! I suspect that Lucifer's favorite "theory" is the theory of evolution for that very reason - it does away with a belief in Adam and Eve!!!

Unfortunately, the imaginary, atheistic "theory of evolution" is taught in many schools, from middle school to college. I guess that no one in these schools has heard about the discovery of DNA yet!!! Yes, schools are teaching religion (meaning the religion of atheism/evolution). Well, at least the biology textbooks that they use typically support the theory of evolution.

Regarding the preaching of the theory of evolution, as the Book of Mormon says: they are "puffed up because of their learning, and their wisdom, and their riches." Here is the reference (the Book of Mormon prophet Jacob is speaking):
2 Nephi 2:41-43

The main exceptions of teaching atheism/evolution in schools, of course, are schools funded and operated by religious groups which typically do not teach the theory of evolution.

In fact, many, many young people today go to church on the weekends and they are told there is a God, but during the week in public schools they may be taught that the theory of evolution is true and there is no God. Darwin is worshipped in many schools.

Because of the teaching of the theory of evolution (i.e. the religion of atheism) in schools, many, many young people of all religions (starting in middle school in many cases) have lost their faith in God and have quit going to church, or if they are taken to church by their parents, they will go to church but they will not believe anything they hear!!!

That is the very goal and purpose of the theory of evolution - to convince people that there is no God.

"Creation science" or "creationism" or "intelligent design" are scientific claims that God lives. Teaching "creation science" is not the same thing as endorsing a specific religion. "Creation science" is purely scientific and generic (i.e. it does not favor any religion) in proving that there is a God without endorsing any specific religious denomination. There are people in all religions who teach and/or endorse creation science.


This is a "creation science" website except that I do have some comments and optional articles for Latter-Day Saints (Mormons).

Getting back to public schools, because creation science does not endorse any specific religion there should be nothing wrong with teaching intelligent design in schools because it is rock solid science and it does not endorse any specific religious denomination!!!

Those who argue that the theory of evolution should be taught in schools may claim that all scientists are evolutionists. However, the theory of evolution is NOT universally accepted by all scientists!! Such a claim is absurd!!!

While there are hundreds of books which have been written to push the theory of evolution; there are almost certainly hundreds of books which have been written against the theory of evolution!! Four of these books are free and are on this website.

Plus, in the scientific community, among those who have not written books, there are many scientists who are very much against the theory of evolution!!!

Those who believe that the scientific evidence strongly supports a belief in God are called "creation scientists" or "intelligent design" supporters. The well-known and respected creation scientist Kent Hovind describes the atheists this way: "The atheists can't find God for the same reason a thief can't find a policeman."

That quote hits the nail on the head!!! Pride is the underlying, undergirding, driving force of the theory of evolution, it is certainly not science!!!! Many people want to be considered to be the smartest being in the Universe. They want to be considered sophisticated!!! And more importantly they want to be popular!!!

The atheists/evolutionists don't want to find God because of pride!!! If there was only one reason the super-atheists exist, it is pride!!!

Pride is a massive, massive problem in some colleges!!! Many college students and professionals have massive, massive, massive problems with pride which is precisely why they do not believe in God!!! It is not "cool" to believe in God in many schools because a God would be smarter than they are!!!

California, Oregon and Washington are probably the worst states for mocking anyone who claims there is a God!!! President Trump, when fighting for his first term in office, didn't even waste his time going to these three heathen states because they are so "liberal."

But whereever they live, atheists/evolutionists are "puffed up" (i.e. super arrogant)!!!

To make things worse, the students in many schools who believe in God may be mocked as being "unsophisticated."

It is pride which drives people like Richard Dawkins into being a prime candidate for the "like unto the son of perdition" category. Such people cannot accept that some ancient carpenter (i.e. Christ) could be better than they are!!! They forget that He was the first person to be resurrected on this planet!! After the resurrection of Christ, many ancient people were resurrected!!! Could they have resurrect themselves after their dead body had laid in the tomb for up to 3,900 years???

There is certainly no "resurrection" in the theory of evolution!!!

The very fuel that drives the theory of evolution and atheism is pride!!!!

But the key point is that the theory of evolution is nothing but atheism in disguise. So any school which teaches evolution is teaching the religion of atheism in their school!!! Now only that, they are teaching REALLY, REALLY, REALLY BAD SCIENCE!!!

Later on this home page I will have a section called: Measuring The Damage Caused By The Theory of Evolution which talks about creationist Ken Ham's research on the damage done by the theory of evolution to the young people of his evangelical faith (I am a Latter-Day Saint). He demonstrates that the destruction of a testimony in God begins in middle school in many cases!!!



Modern Prophets and Apostles (Meaning Living Prophets and Apostles)!!!

The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (a.k.a. the "Mormon" church because of our belief that the Book of Mormon was written by ancient Christian prophets, one of whom was named Mormon) claims to have a living prophet (the president of the church) and usually 14 living apostles (two of whom are in the First Presidency with the prophet). All 15 of these men are sustained by the members of the church as "prophets, seers and revelators".

Here is a web page on a different website of mine which is generally up-to-date (focus on the bottom section of the page for those with birth dates - these fifteen apostles are very much alive):
List: Quorum of Twelve Apostles In The Last Dispensation

The bottom person with the bottom green background and with a birth date is the President of the church (i.e. Russel M. Nelson).

The three men whose names have a dark yellow background (Oaks, Ballard and Eyring) are in the current First Presidency of the church or they are the President of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles or they are the Acting President Of The Quorum of the Twelve (Ballard).

While dead prophets have given us the scriptures, which is very, very important, living prophets are even more important because they can deal with contemporary issues facing the members of the church.

For example, to no one's surprise, even living prophets and apostles have been critical of the theory of evolution. In a moment I will link to a talk given by a living apostle, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, who is on the list I just mentioned, from a speech given at Brigham Young University.

But before you watch that speech I need to talk about the word "secularism" or you will not understand much of what he talks about.

Let me quote one of the definitions of "secularism": "The indifference to, or rejection or exclusion of, religion and religious considerations. As a philosophy, secularism seeks to interpret life on principles taken solely from the material world, without recourse to religion."
Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Secularism does not mock religion (that would be humanism), but it is atheism on steroids!!!

Elder Holland's talk is against secularism!!! Elder Holland wants governments to be more and more connected to religion. Not any specific religion because missionaries of all religions should be welcome in every country (this is called "freedom of religion", which the LDS church strongly supports)!!!

Elder Holland's talk mentions many great people over the centuries who have, in some cases, given their lives to spread a belief in God and/or in a belief in freedom of religion. In his speech he talks a lot about many great people!!!

But in this talk he also mentioned by name four of the best-known atheists/evolutionists!! But he did not say anything good about them!!!

Here is a quote from Elder Holland's speech and a link to the speech. (Note: if you click on the blue link below the quote, and if you then click the triangle/arrow link on that page (on the BYU website) - you can both watch and read his amazing speech at the same time. I should mention there are some graphic statues in this video which might be too intense for high school students - his talk was given at BYU.

  • "But of course, not everyone agrees that religion does or should play such an essential role in civilized society. Recently the gloves have come off in the intellectual street fighting being waged under the banner of the “New Atheists.” Figures like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, and the late Christopher Hitchens are some of the stars in what is, for me, a dim firmament. These men are as free to express their beliefs—or, in their case, ­disbeliefs—as any other, but we feel about them what one Oxford don said about a colleague: “On the surface, he’s profound, but deep down, he’s [pretty] superficial.”
    Speech: Bound By Loving Ties

Everyone should watch this video at least 2 or 3 times!!! The reason is that this website is focused on atheism and evolution versus creation science and intelligent design, whereas Elder Holland's talk is at the very different level of religion versus secularism!!! That is a topic that everyone needs to clearly understand!!

In his talk he mentioned by name four of the most well-known atheists/evolutionists, which are in the above quote (e.g. Richard Dawkins). I should mention that the Book of Mormon was published in 1830, more than 110 years before Richard Dawkins was born!!! And the Book of Mormon was published 29 years before Charles Darwin's first book on evolution was published!!! Yes, God didn't like the theory of evolution long before Charles Darwin and Richard Dawkins came along!!!

The original prophets who wrote the Book of Mormon finished writing the Book of Mormon in 421 A.D.!!! So even before 421 A.D. God knew that people like Richard Dawkins would exist in the last-days.

All four of the men mentioned by Elder Holland easily fit the criteria for becoming "like unto the Son of Perdition." However, this is such a horrific punishment that only God can make the final determination!!! For example, some of the scores of people who currently fit into this category may repent and be forgiven. Others may not cross the line. God is the only judge.

If I had to summarize the main point in Elder Holland's talk in one paragraph, this is what I would say: "Religion has been the driving force for good throughout the centuries and the proper role of government is to preserve and protect freedom of religion for all religions!!! In some instances, a religion needs to be protected from another religion which has political power (or from non-religious groups)!!! Governments should not take sides in such a dispute but should make sure that no religion is harmed in any way by those in the other religion (or non-religious group)."

Getting back to Dawkins and others, the "evolution debate" is not an entertaining side-show, it deals with very serious issues in the eyes of God which Christ Himself implied!!!

In Darwin's defense (now I am back to Darwin), while scientists in his day knew about cells, they knew nothing about what is going on inside of cells and certainly nothing about DNA (which was not discovered until 1953 by Watson and Crick). Two of the most-deserved Nobel prizes in history were given for the discovery of DNA. Francis Crick and James Watson won the Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1962.

Here is another wonderful talk by Elder Holland, this time about faith and it was given in General Conference. Read/listen to the entire speech but pay close attention to the phrase: "That must be terribly frustrating to Him, but He deals with it." (click the triangle in the photograph):
Speech: “Lord, I Believe”

Before going on, and for future reference if you are interested, here is a web page with Darwin's entire Origin of Species. I include this link so that his first book can be searched for key words if you wish to do that:
Book: The Origin of Species By Means Of Natural Selection

Well, here is a document written by the First Presidency of the LDS church called: Gospel Classics: The Origin Of Man
Gospel Classics: The Origin of Man

Here is a quote from that document: "It is held by some that Adam was not the first man upon this earth and that the original human being was a development from lower orders of the animal creation. These, however, are the theories of men. The word of the Lord declared that Adam was “the first man of all men” (Moses 1:34), and we are therefore in duty bound to regard him as the primal parent of our race. It was shown to the brother of Jared that all men were created in the beginning after the image of God; whether we take this to mean the spirit or the body, or both, it commits us to the same conclusion: Man began life as a human being, in the likeness of our Heavenly Father."

So if Heavenly Father came down and appeared to us, we would see him as a man.

So what is the character of God??? Is God a dictator??? An early apostle of the church, George Q. Cannon taught:

  • “No matter how serious the trial, how deep the distress, how great the affliction, [God] will never desert us. He never has, and He never will. He cannot do it. It is not His character [to do so]. … He will [always] stand by us. We may pass through the fiery furnace; we may pass through deep waters; but we shall not be consumed nor overwhelmed. We shall emerge from all these trials and difficulties the better and purer for them.”

    Those who will receive the Lord Jesus Christ as the source of their salvation will always lie down in green pastures, no matter how barren and bleak the winter has been. And the waters of their refreshment will always be still waters, no matter how turbulent the storms of life. In walking His path of righteousness, our souls will be forever restored; and though that path may for us, as it did for Him, lead through the very valley of the shadow of death, yet we will fear no evil.

    The rod of His priesthood and the staff of His Spirit will always comfort us. And when we hunger and thirst in the effort, He will prepare a veritable feast before us, a table spread even in the presence of our enemies - contemporary enemies - which might include fear or family worries, sickness or personal sorrow of a hundred different kinds."

Wow, Heavenly Father is a nice person!!! Why would anyone be surprised at that??? Read that amazing quote two or three times!!! And I can assure you that the Savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are both nice people. Remember, it was Heavenly Father who chose Jesus Christ from among billions of His spirit children!!! He chose Jesus Christ partly because Christ was very similar to Himself!!!

Here is another quote by President Cannon:

  • "We have the Bible, the Book of Mormon and the Book of Doctrine and Covenants; but all these books, without the living oracles and a constant stream of revelation from the Lord, would not lead any people into the Celestial Kingdom of God. This may seem a strange declaration to make, but strange as it may sound, it is nevertheless true.

    Of course, these records are all of infinite value. They cannot be too highly prized, nor can they be too closely studied. But in and of themselves, with all the light that they give, they are insufficient to guide the children of men and to lead them into the presence of God.

    To be thus led requires a living Priesthood and constant revelation from God to the people according to the circumstances in which they may be placed."
    President George Q. Cannon; Gospel Truth, sel. Jerreld L. Newquist, 2 vols. (1974), 1:323


Humanism And Secular Humanism

Actually Elder Holland's talk was very diplomatic compared to what he could have talked about. "Secular Humanism" or just "Humanism," which Elder Holland did not talk about, is even worse than "secularism." Well, "secularism" has several different meanings.

Here is Wikipedia's take on secular humanism: "Secular humanism, or simply humanism, is a philosophy or life stance that embraces human reason, ethics, and philosophical naturalism while specifically rejecting religious dogma, supernaturalism, pseudoscience, and superstition as the basis of morality and decision making."

Note that secular humanism is more pro-active at attacking the existence of God than the theory of evolution or even secularism.

Essentially, this philosophy replaces God with man!!! So it not only rejects any God, it replaces God with humans and makes humans the supreme beings in the Universe!!!

Slowly ponder this next paragraph to see if humans could replace God as Humanism implies:

A major problem with this philosophy is that all of the scientists on this planet combined cannot sequence the DNA for any animal species (without cheating)!!! Nor could they create a cell from scratch, must less create a living cell from scratch!!!

That is hardly the qualifications for replacing God with humans!!! It is all in their imaginations!!! If secular humanism were true there would not be any living thing on this planet; not even humans and certainly not humanists!!!

Could humans have created our own DNA before we existed (assuming that we do not have spirits as the atheists/evolutionists believe)???!!!!! Of course not!!! Secular humanism is nothing but a GIGANTIC PARADOX!!!

In short:
Secularism rejects the existence of God and religion and lives in a purely material world.
Secular Humanism or just Humanism proactively mocks anyone who believes in God and replaces God with human intelligence.

President Dallin Oaks, now in the First Presidency of the church, gave a talk in General Conference where he talked about "secular humanism" called: "Stand As A Witness of God" in the Ensign, March, 2015.

Sometimes you need to have an account with the LDS church to read old speechs so I cannot guarantee you will be able to see his talk unless you have an LDS account, but give it a try (Section: Secular Humanism).
Talk By Then Elder Dallin H. Oaks (now President Dallin H. Oaks): Stand As Witnesses Of God

In case you cannot get to his article, I have a copy of it online:
Dallin Oaks Talk: Stand As A Witness Of God

I actually met President Oaks more than 50 years ago when he was in what we call a: Stake Presidency in the Chicago area. He went out of his way to talk to a very new member of the LDS church!! He is the one of the nicest people I have ever met!!!

In fact, two of the nicest people I have ever met in person were President Oaks and President Monson (a deceased president of the LDS church). Both of these men could not be any nicer!!! I am sure other apostles are very nice, but I haven't met them. I used to work for "church security" so I have actually met four of the apostles over the years. The two men I just mentioned were clearly the nicest of that very small group.


Yet Another Alternative To Religion: Philosophical Naturalism

I want to emphasize a concept. Secularism and philosophical naturalism are close cousins. Author and attorney Phillip E. Johnson (a very good man who I do not think is LDS) explains the hidden agenda of the evolutionists:

  • "Science [i.e. the scientific establishment] is committed to philosophical naturalism [i.e. a form of secularism] and therefore science must assume that no Creator, and no purposeful intelligence, is behind our existence ... All that science can address is the question of: 'granted that we are here as a result of purposeless material mechanisms, what's the most plausible purposeless material mechanism that we can imagine?'"
    Phillip E. Johnson, professor, author, attorney; quoted on UCTV

Read that quote two or three times, it is an amazing statement!!! The two words "most plausible" are amazing. The atheists and evolutionists have an agenda, they assume that the theory of evolution is true and they then start collecting the tools they need to achieve their goals of getting converts!!!

Here is my article on this website about the "Hidden Agenda" of those who push the theory of evolution:
Article: The Hidden Agenda Of The Atheists And Evolutionists


A Summary List Of The False Doctrines Of The Theory Of Evolution

The theory of evolution is not just an abberation of true religion, it is essentially a mirror-image of true religion!!! It was carefully designed to be a mirror-image of the truth!!!

Here is a key point to remember, the theory of evolution is satan's perfect doctrine because evolution does away with a belief in:
1) Heavenly Father (the top God in the Godhead),
2) Jesus Christ (next in the Godhead) - the atheists/evolutists may deny His divinity, but they cannot deny that He existed, and they do not believe He exists now (as a resurrected being) because that would require a miracle,
3) The Holy Ghost (in the Godhead),
4) Adam and Eve (the evolutionists claim we "evolved" from bonobos or some other primate),
5) Noah and his wife (perhaps named Naamah),
6) Prophets, ancient and modern (these people clearly existed and they currently exist and they will continue to exist; but "evolution" denies they receive revelation because atheists do not believe in God or the Godhead [which includes the Holy Ghost, usually the source of revelation].

The atheists and evolutionists also do not believe that all living things have a spirit, so they do not believe in:
1) Satan (i.e. Lucifer) - yes, satan even lies about his own existence!!!
2) The spirits of the followers of Lucifer who "voted" for Lucifer in the Grand Council,
3) Those still in the pre-existant world - they are spirits who voted for Christ in the Grand Council but they are yet to be born with physical bodies,
4) Those who have died and not been resurrected are in the "spirit world" (evolution does not believe in spirits, meaning life after death),
5) Those who have been resurrected (evolution cannot deny they existed, but evolution rejects life after death and any prior or future resurrection).

The atheists can't get anything right!!! Atheism and evolution are very, very myopic and their followers only believe in what they can see and some obvious things.

The theory of evolution is a mirror-image of the doctrines of The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints (and to a large degree every other Christian church). Here is an article on that subject (this article has a chart which compares, side-by-side, the doctrines of the LDS church - and some of the doctrines of many other churches - versus the doctrines of the theory of evolution):
Article: LDS Doctrines Versus Evolution Doctrines, Some Of Which Are In Alma 30 In The Book Of Mormon

Another article which digs into these issues is the First Book article which identifies three different places in the Book of Mormon where the theory of evolution is predicted; but the word "evolution" could not be used in the Book of Mormon because the word did not exist in ancient times. Nor did the word exist when the Book of Mormon was first published in 1830 in America as far as I know (Darwin's first [evolution] book came out in 1859 in England):
Article: The First Book To Describe The Theory Of Evolution Was Not Written By Charles Darwin

Changing the subject, Elder Holland also gave one the great talks, in 1997, specifically for those who feel unworthy of the blessings of God. This is an amazing talk for anyone as we all have our "bad days"!!! (In this case click the arrow inside his picture to read and hear his talk at the same time)
General Conference Talk: He Hath Filled The Hungry With Good Things

For those who think their faith is weak compared to their trials (that is pretty much all of us), here is another talk by Elder Holland (again click the arrow inside his picture to read and hear his talk at the same time)
General Conference Talk: Lord, I Believe

In this MUST WATCH conference talk Elder Holland gives us a feel for the nature and love of God towards us (of course click the arrow).
Conference Talk: The Grandeur of God