The Intelligence Of God

As I have worked on this website since about 2004, one thing keeps popping-up over and over again - the intelligence of God, meaning the intelligence of Heavenly Father.

Let me give you an example.

There have been ten million animal species on this planet, one million of which still exist. To create that many species God had to design, sequence and create forty-million DNA strands!!!!

But there is zero evidence on this planet that there have been errors (such as by using "trial and error") in the sequence of nucleotides on a single one of these forty-million DNA strands!!!!

God had to get it right the first time!!!

If any team of computer programmers were given a new assignment, a program unlike any computer program any of them had ever designed and written before, you can rest assured there would be many rewrites!!!

But not so with DNA, and scientist do not understand a single one of these DNA strands!!!

If there were any errors in creating a new species by God, the errors were not in the sequence of nucleotides the "errors" were caused by outside forces that damaged the DNA and/or the cell.

Time after time after time, as I have written the articles and books on this website, whether I am looking at DNA or cells or the physical constants or anything else, I have seen the incomprehensible intelligence of God!!!

Then we get into the many millions of different types of cells which have existed, or currently exist.

Then we need to talk about the location of each of these different types of cells as the single fertilized egg (of each species) morphs into a baby of each species!!!

As is mentioned in the Sixteen Cells Paradox DNA cannot be controlling these cell divisions!!! So all animal species need to have spirits to control these cell divisions. Humans cannot even see a spirit, much less create one!!!

When considering all of these things, and many others (e.g. the creation of atoms [which scientists cannot create], gravity, the Universe, the Big Bang, etc.) the theory of evolution (i.e. the theory of accidents) falls apart!!!

Contrary to the beliefs of atheists and evolutionists, the existence of God, and the intelligence of God, shines forth!!!

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