The Kingdoms After Death

In the Mormon church (i.e. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) the Godhead consists of three separate Gods: Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. These are the three separate Gods in the Godhead.

Most religions believe in a Heaven (for those who are good and/or righteous) and a Hell (for those who fall short of being admitted into Heaven).

For judgment the Mormon religion has more categories than just Heaven and Hell. Everyone who has ever lived on this planet, or who will live on this planet, will fit into one of these five categories after Judgment Day (i.e. after the Second Coming of Christ):

1) The Celestial Kingdom

The Celestial Kingdom is where God dwells. This wonderful place is for those who die before the age of 8 and for the righteous. At the Second Coming of Christ (i.e. Judgment Day) this planet earth will be massively changed and will be a much better planet to live on. Those who qualify for the Celestial Kingdom will be resurrected at the Second Coming of Christ and they will remain on this planet earth forever. However, the Celestial Kingdom is subdivided into categories.

For some religions this category is for those who are "born again," but this event is not recognized in the Mormon church. Mormons must keep the commandments as best they can and "endure to the end." Well, there is a lot more to Mormonism than that (such as "eternal marriage") but this is not an article on Mormonism.

2) The Terrestrial Kingdom

The Terrestrial Kingdom, a very wonderful place for very good, honorable and noble people who do not meet the standards of the Celestial Kingdom. At the Second Coming these people will also be resurrected and they will also live on this planet with the Celestial people forever.

3) Those Going To The Telestial Kingdom

The Telestial Kingdom is for those who do not meet the standards of the Terrestrial Kingdom, much less the Celestial Kingdom. Murderers almost always fit into this category, but there are many, many others who fit into this category. The people in this category are not resurrected at the Second Coming of Christ and they will be kicked off of this planet Earth (at the Second Coming) and will burn in hell for 1,000 years (during the millennium) on another planet before they are resurrected!!

What few people know is that a person can be a Celestial person at the time they die, but between the time they die and the Second Coming of Christ (during this time they will be in the spirit world which I talk about a lot in this article) they can fall-away (for one reason or another) and lose their Celestial status and may even drop down to the Telestial Kingdom!!

I should note that the Telestial people are resurrected at the end of the Millennium!!! These same people will go to the Telestial Kingdom forever after the Millennium!!!

However, not everyone during the Millennium will suffer equally. For example, a person who commits adultery every day for several years will suffer significantly, but they will not suffer as much as a Hitler or a Stalin. So there are many degrees of suffering in this kingdom during the Millennium.

The bad thing about the Telestial Kingdom (these people are not are resurrected until after the Millennium) is not the Telestial planet itself, it will be good planet. The punishment is the type of people they will live with forever (e.g. Hiter, Stalin, Mao Zedong, murderers, unforgiven adulterers, etc. etc.)!!! THERE WILL BE NO GOOD PEOPLE ON THAT PLANET TO TALK TO AND ASSOCIATE WITH!!!! That is their eternal punishment, to live with no one except for wicked and evil people because there will be no good people on that planet to associate with!!!

Repentance and forgiveness are also major factors relative to the individual suffering during this 1,000 years. If a person repents sincerely and completely changes their ways, before the Millennium (i.e. before the Second Coming), they have a good chance of being forgiven, depending on what they have done. But remember that God cannot be deceived and He knows a person's true level of sincerity and their honest commitment to not sin again relative to a prior category of sin.

A Little About The Spirit World

Let me make a note about the spirit world, where everyone will go when they die, awaiting the Second Coming. No one knows when the Second Coming will be, but many things have to happen before the Second Coming so it will likely not happen for another 100 years (based on prophesies which have not been fully fulfilled yet). But that is just my opinion based on what must happen before the Second Coming.

The spirit world is on this planet. What a person does in the physical world or the spirit world both count where a person will end up after the Second Coming!!! In other words, what determines when a person is resurrected is based on their behavior both in mortality and the spirit world!!

Suppose a person lives the Celestial Kingdom law during mortality, but only lives the Telestial law while in the spirit world because the person commits adultry in the spirit world while waiting for their spouse to die. Which kingdom will they go to?? They will not be resurrected at the Second Coming and they will go to the Millennium planet for 1,000 years and after the Millennium they will go to the Telestial Kingdom planet. Whether these are the same planet I do not know, but the same people go from the Millennium planet to the Telestial planet.

After the millennium is over, these people will be resurrected and they will live on the Telestial Planet/Kingdom forever. So make a mental note of the fact that a person can live a Celestial or Terrestrial life in mortality and then completely fall apart (spiritually) in the spirit world and end up on the Telestial Kingdom instead of the Celestial Kingdom!!!

My point is that the spirit world is a testing ground just like mortality and a person can lose their place in the Celestial Kingdom FOREVER solely because of their behavior in the spirit world!!!

Can a person move from the Telestial Kingdom (while in mortality), but while they are in the spirit world repent and qualify for the Terrestial Kingdom or even the Celestial Kingdom because of their good behavior while in the spirit world?? I do not know. I know they can go down, but I do not know if they can go up, and if so, how many steps can they go up??

After the resurrection (and after the Millennium) the Telestial Kingdom is actually a pretty good place to live on except for the type of people they will be living with - Telestial people (e.g. Hitler). There are no righteous or honorable people on the planet of the Telestial Kingdom!!!

However, I should emphasize that the people who burn in hell during the Millenium are exactly the same people who will end up in the Telestial Kingdom!!! So as far as I know a person cannot go up the chain of kingdoms during the Millennium. Remember, the Millennium is a punishment and probably many people will "repent" because of the punishment!! Everyone who is suffering during the Millennium will try to repent and get the hell off that planet!!!

The long term eternal punishment of those going to the Telestial Kingdom is not what they suffer, because the suffering will only last for 1,000 years (compared to eternity this is the blink of an eye), the long term punishment is knowing what they could have attained if they had been more righteous about keeping the commandments that God has given to His prophets!!!

The punishment during the Millennium will not just be physical, it dwill be about the people they are living with compared to the people they are not living with (i.e. their righteous relatives and friends).

I have no clue how much people from the Celestial/Terrestrial planet will be able to visit their loved-ones who are suffering during the Millennium or after they are on the Telestial planet forever.

Like Unto The Son Of Perdition

This is the next category of Judgment Day.

Likely very few people, perhaps a few hundred, and most of the people (if not all) in this category will not be members of the Mormon church. It is almost never mentioned in the church as it is not really for church members. It is primarily for atheists and evolutionists who preach atheism and evolution and just as important they mock the miracles of Christ and/or the miracles of His followers for profit!!! I only know of one place in the scriptures where this punishment is mentioned: 3 Nephi 29:5-7 in the Book of Mormon.

See the one and only reference to this punishment in the Book of Mormon:
Book of Mormon - 3 Nephi 29:5-7

Sons of Perdition

This is the granddaddy of all punishements!!!

The category of Son of Perdition, as far as I know, was first discussed in the King Follett Discourse of the prophet Joseph Smith. The prophet stated that only members of the Mormon church, who have a strong testimony of the church (via the Holy Ghost), and then turn on the church and persecute the church, might fit into this category; so it is rarely mentioned in the church. This is an ETERNAL punishment!!!!

Sometimes people say that becoming a Son of Perdition is so difficult that you can count them on one hand!! THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!!!!!

Near the end of the prophet Joseph Smith's life, during the King Follett Discourse, the prophet said that there had already been "many" sons of perdition (I link to the King Follett Discourse below). There would no doubt be many more Sons of Perdition when he and one of his brothers were murdered by a mob. The members of the mob that killed both Joseph and his brother Hyrum will likely all or most become Son's of Perdition for shedding the innocent blood of two great prophets!!!

I do not live in Utah so I do not have a good feel for how many men today might fit into this category, but based on the very limited amount of information I get from Utah I suspect there will be many who are now living who will end up with this fate.

I should also note that Joseph Smith taught that "A man cannot cannot commit the unpardonable sin after the dissolution of the body" (TPJS 357).
Article on BYU Website: Unpardonable Sin

Here is the original King Follett Discourse:
Speech of Joseph Smith: King Follett Discourse

Obviously, when any Mormon scholar thinks about the concept of "Son Of Perdition" they will immediately head straight for the King Follett Discourse. However, the concept of "Son Of Perdition" was actually mentioned in the Book of Mormon (published in 1830), but without using the phrase "Son Of Perdition." This is Alma 39:5-6 (highlighting is added), when the great prophet Alma the Younger was chastising talking to his wayward son Corianton.
Book of Mormon - Alma 39:5-6

Verse 5 starts out by talking about adultery (i.e. "these things"), then it talks about murder (i.e. "shedding of innocent blood"), then Alma the Younger gives the criteria for becoming a Son Of Perdition: "denying the Holy Ghost."

Alma 39:5 Know ye not, my son, that these things are an abomination in the sight of the Lord; yea, most abominable above all sins save it be the shedding of innocent blood or denying the Holy Ghost?

Verse 6, which I will quote next, talks about denying the Holy Ghost (i.e. the definition of the Son of Perdition) and then murder (shedding of innocent blood).

Alma 39:6 For behold, if ye deny the Holy Ghost when it once has had place in you, and ye know that ye deny it, behold, this is a sin which is unpardonable; yea, and whosoever murdereth against the light and knowledge of God, it is not easy for him to obtain forgiveness; yea, I say unto you, my son, that it is not easy for him to obtain a forgiveness.

These two versus are almost a chiasmus (which is used to emphasize a set of thoughts), but verse 6 does not talk about the least of the three sins - adultery.

This is such a severe punishment that I personally believe that Heavenly Father is the one and only Judge as to who will suffer the Son of Perdition punishment!!!

Other Comments

See also this outstanding article on the BYU website which goes into far more depth about these three kingdoms, particularly the Son of Perdition:
BYU Article: The Three Most Abominable Sins

Regarding adultery note especially President Kimball's mention of the phrase "reach the point of no return and cannot repent" (In the "Possibilities of Repentance and Forgiveness" section). Obviously this "point of no return" may vary by personal circumstances, but the fact that such a point exists is a sobering thought for those who commit adultery many times, whether with the same partner or with multiple partners, whether in the physical world or the spirit world!!! They may think that they can "always repent later," but this is not true - there is a limit which only God can determine on an individual basis!!!

The Judgment And The Spirit World

When a person dies, they continue to live on this planet as a spirit. In the Brigham Young priesthood and Relief Society manual is a description of the spirit world.
Article on LDS Website: The Spirit World

The only thing I would add to that article is that the spirit world has many evil people in it!!! These people can do some evil things in the spirit world, such as tempt and participate in evil practices, but not every type of evil thing!!

Murder cannot be committed in the spirit world because spirits cannot die. Plus there is no "mass media" in the spirit world (sorry Goebbels). Plus there would be no purpose to jails because people could easily get out of them.

However, adultery can be committed in the spirit world and people can preach false doctrines, as examples of what can be done in the spirit world. I would suspect that adultery in the spirit world is quite common as husbands and wives rarely die at the same time. However, adultery is just as serious of a sin in the spirit world as it is in the physical world (emphatically stated to me by a former temple president of mine)!!

However, adultery is not exactly the same thing in the spirit world as in the physical world because spirits are not built exactly like physical bodies. Perhaps the word "violate the principles of chastity" would be more accurate to describe adultery in the spirit world. But it is still a very, very serious sin!!!

In the Ten Commandments adultery is listed right after murder, which cannot be committed in the spirit world. Alma the Younger mentioned adultery to his wayward son right after he mentioned murder. So adultery and preaching false doctrines may be in contention for the #1 sin in the spirit world on a case-by-case basis!!

Every person who has ever lived on this planet, and has died, and has not been resurrected, is in the spirit world. This includes Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, Genghis Khan and every other scumbag who ever lived on this earth and every righteous person who has not been resurrected. This would include scores of billions of people!!! It was mentioned above that a Son Of Perdition cannot be created while in the spirit world, it must be created before the person dies!!

There are a massive number of people in the spirit world (perhaps 100 billion or so)!! There are also a large number of former missionaries (and other newly qualified people who become missionaries) in the spirit world!! Because of these things there is a massive amount of missionary work going on in the spirit world!!!! Many people who were not missionaries in mortality are missionaries in the spirit world!!

For example, right now Mormon missionaries are not allowed to preach and teach in China, as just one example. It is illegal, I guess President Xi Jinping wants to burn in hell for many, many years, but he is nowhere near as bad as Mao Zedong. But I can assure you there are MANY missionaries in China in the spirit world!!

It is very good that there is a lot of missionary work going on in the spirit world because in the physical world there is very little or no missionary work going on in many countries!!! I mentioned China, but all Muslim countries, that I know of, have little or no missionary work going on. I would suspect that more than half of all of the population on this planet live in a country with zero missionary work going on (this limitation applies to all Christian religions, not just the Latter-Day Saint Christian religion).

But there are pretty much zero restrictions on missionary work in the spirit world as the mass media does not exist and armies would be very, very small, if they exist at all. I doubt that people, good or bad, could be confined (such as in a jail) because of the way that people in the spirit world can move around (basically at the speed of light).

Here is a very important note:

A person, fully qualified for the Celestial Kingdom at the time they die, can lose that qualification while in the spirit world because of adultery or preaching false doctrines, etc. Just like mortality, the spirit world is a test in and of itself!! A person can drop all the way from the Celestial Kingdom to the Telestial Kingdom while in the spirit world!!!

The Second Coming (i.e. Judgment Day)

Given all of the things that must happen before the Second Coming (particularly the prophesy that the gospel will be preached in all the world - except perhaps in Israel) the Second Coming will not likely happen until at least 2100 A.D. or even later than that, however, no one knows the exact date of even the exact decade or even the exact century!! All I know is that a ton of things have to be done before the Second Coming and the church is not even half way there (as of 2018) in terms of preaching the gospel to every nation.

What happens at the time of the Second Coming of Christ (i.e. the beginning of the Millennium) is somewhat complex, but I will do the best I can to describe it.

Those going to the Celestial Kingdom, the righteous (and those who die before the age of eight) will be resurrected at the Second Coming and they will live on this planet (which itself will be massively changed into a glorious planet).

Those going to the Terrestrial Kingdom, the honorable of the earth, will also be resurrected at the Second Coming and they will also live on this planet with the Celestial people. Wow, this planet is where you want to be!!!

The Telestial Kingdom, the wicked (e.g. murderers, thieves, adulterers who are not forgiven, etc.) are not resurrected at the Second Coming!! They will be taken to a different planet and will suffer for their personal, unforgiven sins during the 1,000 years of the Millennium. They will be resurrected AFTER THE MILLENNIUM and they will live forever in the Telestial Kingdom with the same people they were with in the Millennium. The Telestial planet will be quite a nice place physically, the problem is the people you will be with and an even bigger problem will be the people you will NOT be with - the righteous!!!

Final Comments

In summary, the LDS church has at least 5 different levels for people to fit into after Judgment Day (and I assume these apply to those who convert to the church while in the spirit world except for sons of perdition, who must qualify to be a son of perdition before they die):
1) Celestial Kingdom (which has subcategories, but it is for the righteous)
2) Terrestrial Kingdom (for honorable people)
3) Telestial Kingdom (for people who are wicked in mortality or they are wicked in the spirit world and have not been forgiven)
4) Like Unto The Son of Perdition (probably for non-LDS such as Richard Dawkins),
5) Son of Perdition (strictly for Latter-Day Saints who have a strong testimony from the Holy Ghost and then they turn on the church and persecute and ridicule the church) - this is an eternal punishment (e.g. as a possible example, they may be on Mercury [surface temperature about 800 degrees] forever)!!!!!

The fourth item, "like unto the son of perdition" is a very interesting category as I have never heard it mentioned in the LDS church. It seems more for the non-member atheists and evolutionists. I should note the Book of Mormon was published more than 110 years before Richard Dawkins was even born!!! And the original authors of the Book of Mormon stopped writing the Book of Mormon about 421 A.D.!!!

Can a person who fits into the Telestial Kingdom in mortality repent in the spirit world end up in the Terrestrial or Celestial Kingdom?? That seems to me to be the whole point of missionary work in the spirit world!!

On the other hand it seems clear, based on what goes on in the spirit world, that someone who fits into the Celestial Kingdom in mortality can do bad things in the spirit world (e.g. commit adultery in the spirit world or start preaching false doctrines) and drop down one or two notches while in the spirit world!!

Take the spirit world very seriously - it is not a vacation!!!!!!

Issues For Latter-Day Saints

One issue solely for Latter-Day Saints is this question: "What happens when a couple, who have been sealed in the temple, do not qualify for the same kingdom after the Second Coming of Christ, particularly when one person goes to the Celestial Kingdom and the other person goes to the Telestial Kingdom?? After the Second Coming they would never again be on the same planet!!

For example, if the woman was righteous in mortality but was very wicked in the spirit world, why would a husband wait 1,000 years for his wife to get done with the punishments of the Millennium, when they will forever be on different planets after the Second Coming, including the time when she is on another planet during the Millennium and after she is resurrected!!??

Well, if I were the husband (of course the husband could be the one that committs adultery in the spirit world) I would start looking for a new wife either in the physical world before I die or in the spirit world. Each case will be different.

My point is very direct: the spirit world is a world of temptation and missionary world!!!

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