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Article For Latter-Day Saint Scholars (And Anyone Else!!!)

Countless youth of all churches have lost their testimony of God and the Savior due to the teaching of the theory of evolution is middle school, high school and college, particularly in science or biology classes.

But then that is the entire purpose and goal of teaching the theory of evolution!!!

As I mentioned on the page, here is a very critical quote by the late Latter-Day Saint (i.e. Mormon) scholar Robert J. Matthews (who died in 2009) in his, "Origin of Man: The Doctrinal Famework":

  • "The erosive effects of this theory [i.e. the theory of evolution] are subtle, and it may not appear harmful to many at first. However, because of evolution's inherent opposition to the mission of the Messiah, it may possibly be that in connection with this subject, more than with any other, everyone must eventually and individually answer Pilate's question, 'What shall I do then with Jesus which is called Christ'?" (Matthew 27:22.)
    Section: Summary and Conclusion (last paragraph)

You might want to read that quote two or three times because it is razor sharp in accuracy. Dr. Matthews makes it very, very clear that the theory of evolution debate is ultimately a battle about the existence of the Godhead!!!

Dr. Matthews was absolutely correct!! The theory of evolution is designed to convert people who believe in God over to people who believe that we "evolved" from lower primates!!! Because of the theory of evolution, many people no longer believe in Heavenly Father or the mission of the Messiah or in the Holy Ghost!!!

Lucifer/Satan And The Theory of Evolution

One of the most important events in the history of mankind was the Grand Council. YOU WERE THERE!!! Please read this article first if you have not already read it:
The Grand Council

With that article in mind, I need to make a comment about the theory of evolution. The theory of evolution is a mirror-image of the gospel of Jesus Christ!!! The theory of evolution is satan's perfect doctrine!!!

For example, the theory of evolution replaces Adam and Eve with the theory of evolution (Lucifer/satan hated Adam because of the Grand Council).
LDS Doctrines Versus Evolution Doctrines, Some Of Which Are In Alma 30 In the Book of Mormon

To eliminate people from believing in Adam and Eve, the theory of evolution claims that we humans "evolved" from some other primate, such as bonobo!!! Anyone who believes in the theory of evolution cannot believe that Adam and Eve were real people.

The Book of Mormon (i.e. a product of God) knew all of this was coming.

A YouTube Video Of Quotes Of LDS Leaders About Evolution

Here is an outstanding 23 minute YouTube video put together by Vincent Newmeyer which shows clips of many different top leaders in the Mormon Church regarding the theory of evolution.

I should note that when then Elder Nelson (now President Nelson) made his statement he was not an expert on the evolution debate, so his comment about the Big Bang is not correct, the Big Bang did happen (this was proven by the disovery of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation). But the Big Bang does not challenge church doctrine because only God could have built the object that exploded and only God could have exploded this object (my website talks about this elsewhere).

President Nelson was a heart surgeon before being called to be an apostle so he almost certainly did not know about the discovery of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR), which is what proved the Big Bang really happened and this discovery resulted in two well-deserved Nobel Prizes. Heart surgeons don't sit around talking about physics and the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation so I am sure that President Nelson knew nothing about the CMBR at the time he made his comment!!!
YouTube: Evolution and Creation - LDS Prophets and Apostles Doctrinal Proclamations and Statements

The evangelicals have done an amazing amount of research on the damage the theory of evolution has done to their youth and they have learned that the theory of evolution starts affecting their youth STARTING IN MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!

Please watch these two 20 minute videos before going on:
Already Gone - Part 1
YouTube: Already Gone - Part 1 (It may go to Part 2 automatically):

If it doesn't go to Part 2, here is that URL:
YouTube: Already Gone - Part 2

A Question For LDS Scholars

Before going any further, let's have some fun by starting with a simple one-question quiz (do not cheat by looking beyond this section before taking the quiz).

Click this link for the question:
A One-Question Quiz For LDS Scholars

The next section will provide the answer.

The Typical Answer

Every scholar in the church would give the same answer:
1) Celestial Kingdom,
2) Terrestrial Kingdom,
3) Telestial Kingdom,
4) Son of Perdition

But that is not correct!!!!!

This is the correct answer:
1) Celestial Kingdom,
2) Terrestrial Kingdom,
3) Telestial Kingdom,
4) "Like Unto the Son Of Perdition" (the one most people will miss)
5) Son of Perdition

Well, actually the "Like Unto the Son of Perdition" may be a subdivision of the Telestial Kingdom. But let me talk about it anyway.

Here are the original versus from which this phrase comes from:
Book Of Mormon: 3 Nephi 29:5-7 (especially verse 7)

Note that there are two very specific criteria for fitting into this cateogry AND BOTH OF THEM MUST BE MET (verse 7):
1) to get gain,
2) to claim that "there can be no miracle wrought by Jesus Christ"

I should note that no one can honestly claim that Jesus Christ was not a real person!! There are ample documents, other than the Bible, which were written shortly after the life of Christ, which mention that Christ was a real person. So that should never be an issue.

So who fits into the "Like Unto the Son of Perdition" category?? Before giving my opinion to this question I want to emphasize that some of these punishments are so severe that only Heavenly Father himself can make the final determination as to who will fit into these categories, especially the bottom two categories listed above!!!

But I want to speculate on four of the candidates even though Heavenly Father may justifiably overrule me on any of my opinions or they may repent in time to be forgiven!! The reason I want to speculate is to give the reader a model of the type of people who I think will fit into the fourth category.

Let me start by quoting a section of a speech given by Elder Jeffery Holland (one of the apostles of the LDS church) at BYU titled: "Bound By Loving Ties:"

  • "We are so fortunate—and grateful—that modern technology gives us unprecedented personal freedom, access to virtually unlimited knowledge, and communication capability beyond anything ever known in this world’s history, but neither technology nor its ­worthy parent science can give us much moral guidance as to how to use that freedom, where to benefit from that knowledge, or what the best purpose of our communication should be. It has been principally the world’s great faiths—religion, those ligatures to the Divine we have been speaking of—that do that, that speak to the collective good of society, that offer us a code of conduct and moral compass for living, that help us exult in profound human love, and that strengthen us against profound human loss.

    If we lose consideration of these deeper elements of our mortal ­existence—divine elements, if you will—we lose much, some would say most, of that which has value in life. The legendary German sociologist Max Weber once described such a loss of religious principle in society as being stuck in an “iron cage” of disbelief. And that was in 1904! Noting even in his day the shift toward a more luxurious but less value-laden society, a society that was giving away its priceless spiritual and religious roots, Weber said in 1918 that “not summer’s bloom lies ahead of us, but rather a polar night of icy darkness."

    But of course not everyone agrees that religion does or should play such an essential role in civilized society. Recently the gloves have come off in the intellectual street fighting being waged under the banner of the “New Atheists.” Figures like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, and the late Christopher Hitchens are some of the stars in what is, for me, a dim firmament. These men are as free to express their beliefs—or, in their case, ­disbeliefs—as any other, but we feel about them what one Oxford don said about a colleague: “On the surface, he’s profound, but deep down, he’s [pretty] superficial.”
    © by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved.
    Speech At BYU: "Bound By Loving Ties" (Elder Jeffrey R. Holland)

The four highlighted names mentioned in the prior paragraph easily fit into the category of "like unto the son of perdition," but as I said, only Heavenly Father can make the final determination!!! Some people may repent in time to avoid the punishment.

I should note, as one example, that the Book of Mormon was published in 1830, whch was more than 110 years before Richard Dawkins, the poster child and an obvious candidate for this punishment, was even born in 1941!!! But again I mention that only Heavenly Father knows for sure who the candidates are!!!

It is very, very clear that some people will fit into this category or the Book of Mormon would not mention this category!!!

If you watched or read his entire speech at BYU, you will note that Elder Holland mentioned the word "secularism" many times. In fact, his entire speech was really about secularism!!! Secularism is closely connected to both atheism and evolution as it also attacks religion!!! Secularists may also be at risk for the above punishments.

Let me quote one of the definitions of "secularism": The indifference to, or rejection or exclusion of, religion and religious considerations. As a philosophy, secularism seeks to interpret life on principles taken solely from the material world, without recourse to religion."
Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Secularism is atheism with a bad attitude!!!

Now in my personal opinion, college teachers and high school teachers are very unlikely to fit into the "like unto the son of perdition" category because they are not specifically paid to spread the message of atheism and more importantly because it is not likely they would be allowed to mock religion, such as the miracles of Christ, in their classrooms. But again, only Heavenly Father knows for sure who will fit into this category.

See also this article and search for all references to the phrase "like unto the son of perdition":
Article: The First Book To Describe The Theory of Evolution Was NOT Written By Charles Darwin

Let me emphasize how much Lucifer/satan hates Adam (read the references if you haven't already read them):
Article: Why The Theory Of Evolution Attacks Adam and Eve

The major purpose of the theory of evolution is to claim that Adam and Eve never existed and to be a mirror-image of the doctrines of Christ and His church on earth today: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!!!

Sons Of Perdition

Regarding the punishment of the "Son of Perdition" (the worst punishment in the above list), any Latter-Day Saint scholar will be familiar with Joseph Smith's King Follett Discourse which talks a lot about the Son of Perdition. I have a copy of this incredible speech on this website:
Speech By Joseph Smith: King Follett Discourse - April 7, 1844

However, the King Follett Discourse was not the first place this punishment was mentioned in the Latter-Days. A less-known resource for this punishment is the Book of Mormon, when Alma the Younger was repremanding his wayword son Corianton. But Alma the Younger did not specifically mention the phrase "Son of Perdition" but he clearly was talking about it in Alma 39:5-6:
Scriptures: Alma 39:5-6

See also this article which goes into far more detail about the five categories after Judgment Day:
The Kingdoms After Death

High W. Nibley

It is impossible to talk about LDS scholars without having something written by the late Hugh W. Nibley. Here is his article on the The Expanding Gospel (don't forget to hit the "+" sign several times):
The Expanding Gospel

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