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If you live in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Wyoming or New Mexico, please do me a favor. Have one of your children (or you) find out the name and authors of the biology textbook which is being used in their middle school and/or high school. Then send me the city and state, and the name of the book(s) along with the names of the authors. The authors names are important because many biology books have the same title, such as "Biology." I need to know what is actually being taught in these states for future reference.

Also, it would be helpful if you could find out whether this book is used statewide or whether each school district gets to pick their own textbook on Biology.

The rest of this section for Latter-Day Saints provides key information for the youth and adults.

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Quote: This Is A Quote By President Russell M. Nelson, LDS Church President

"Anyone who studies the workings of the human body has surely 'seen God moving in his majesty and power.' Because the body is governed by divine law, any healing comes by obedience to the law upon which that blessing is predicated.

Yet some people erroneously think that these marvelous physical attributes happened by chance or resulted from a big bang somewhere. Ask yourself, "Could an explosion in a printing shop produce a dictionary? The likelihood is most remote. But if so, it could never heal its own torn pages or reproduce its own newer editions!'
Article: Thanks Be To God

In this quote he is referring to an accidental Big Bang, not a Big Bang designed and executed by God.

Also in his quote, he is also referring to the ability of DNA to create a human body (via cell divisions) and this human body has the ability to heal many types of wounds!! He is saying human DNA, for example, was designed by God, not by accidents.

President Nelson was not aking a question, he is being critical of the theory of evolution.

Article: The First Book To Describe the Theory of Evolution Was NOT Written By Darwin

Most people think that Darwin wrote the first book to describe the theory of evolution. Actually, the Book of Mormon described the theory of evolution, including natural selection, about 29 years before Darwin's first book on evolution was published. The Book of Mormon predicts and rejects the theory of evolution in three different places!!! In all cases the Book of Mormon is not at all supportive of those who teach the theory of evolution.

In other words, in all three cases the Book of Mormon was very, very critical of those who teach the theory of evolution even before the theory of evolution existed!!
Article: The First Book To Describe the Theory of Evolution Was NOT Written By Darwin

Article: Two Common Errors Of LDS Scholars

If every LDS scholar were asked to name all of the levels of heaven and hell, no doubt every one of them would come up with the same list:
1) Celestial Kingdom,
2) Terrestrial Kingdom,
3) Telestial Kingdom,
4) Son of Perdition.

WRONG!!! There is a "kingdom" which is missing from the above list!!!

And the scholars would also say that the King Follett Discourse was the original source of information about the Son of Perdition category.

WRONG AGAIN!!! The Book of Mormon was the first book to talk about the son of perdition, however, the Book of Mormon did not use the word "perdition."!!!

This article will discuss these two issues:
Article: A Question For LDS Scholars

Article: Is There Life On Other Planets?

Everyone has wondered if there is life on other planets. Of course, the answer is 'yes'.

This article was written specifically to see what the scriptures say about this question:
Article: Is There Life On Other Planets?

Statement: The 1909 Official Statement of the First Presidency of the LDS Church

The 1909 statement of the First Presidency on the theory of evolution remains the official document of the church on the theory of evolution. This statement in 1909 was reprinted in the 2002 Ensign. It remains not only the official doctrine of the church, but the best description of the origin of man outside of the scriptures!! It is highly, highly recommended to the reader to study this document very carefully!!! It is unlike anything else you can read on the subject of evolution!!

Here is a link to this magnificent article:
Statement: "The Origin of Man" (Official 1909 First Presidency Statement)

Here is a 14 page article with my comments about the 1909 and 1910 statements of the First Presidency. My comments focus of the relationship between the statements of the First Presidency and what scientists knew between 1909 and 1953:
Article: Understanding the Context of the 1909 and 1910 Statements of the First Presidency

Booklet: True To the Faith (First Presidency)

In addition to the 1909 article, an official booklet issued by the First Presidency in 2004: True to the Faith - A Gospel Reference, while not specifically about evolution, describes church doctrines which are the very antithesis of the doctrines of the theory of evolution (e.g. See topics: Atonement of Jesus Christ; Creation; Fall; God the Father; etc.). This booklet is available on
Booklet: True to the Faith (Official 2004 First Presidency Booklet)

Talk: The Nature of God!! (Talks by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland)

What kind of being is God?? To those who fear they may have sinned beyond the range of the atonement, there is a magnificent message in this general conference talk about the true nature of God!!
Conference Talk: He Hath Filled the Hungry with Good Things

In this conference talk Elder Holland gives us a feel for the love of God towards us.
Conference Talk: The Grandeur of God

Elder Holland has also been very critical of the atheists and evolutionists, such as Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett and the late Christopher Hitchens, who are some of the best known atheists an evolutionists.

This is a talk he gave at BYU which mentions these four men by name:
Speech At BYU: Bound By Loving Ties

Talk: The Prophetic Future of the LDS Church (Talk by President Spencer W. Kimball)

Do you want to know the future of the LDS church? A general conference talk by President Spencer W. Kimball provides a clear vision of what the future of the LDS church will be.
Article: The Prophetic Future of the LDS Church

Talk: The False Gods We Worship (Article by President Spencer W. Kimball)

This classic article by President Spencer W. Kimball explains about the false gods some members of the church (and to some degree all of us) worship. Its lesson applies directly to the youth of the church!!
Article: The False Gods We Worship

Talk: Beware of the Evil Behind the Smiling Eyes (Talk by Elder Neil L. Anderson)

Many attempts to lead the youth of the church astray are made by those who appear to be harmless or even friendly. This talk by Elder Neil L. Anderson, of the Quorum of the Twelve, is a warning to the youth of the church about those with "smiling eyes" who are not who they claim to be.
Article: Beware of the Evil Behind the Smiling Eyes

Quotes: The Power of God and the Future of the Church

These three articles contain quotes from the scriptures and from the living prophets and apostles about the power of God, the future of the LDS church and the final triumph of good over evil.
Quotes: The Power of God and the Future of the Church - Scriptures
Quotes: The Power of God and the Future of the Church - Prophets
Quotes: Various Quotes From LDS Sources

Article: The Role and Importance of the LDS Church President

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is led by a "living prophet." This article is designed to clarify the role and importance of the President of the LDS church. It is mostly quotes of several prominent church leaders about the role and importance of the LDS church President.
Quotes: The Role and Importance of the LDS Church President

Quotes: About Church Membership

These are quotes about membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The quotes come from the prophets and apostles.
Quotes About Church Membership

Website: Quotes of LDS Prophets and Apostles

This website has quotes from all of the Presidents of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and many of the Apostles of the church. There are many very powerful quotes on this website.
Quotes of LDS Prophets and Apostles

Other LDS and Non-LDS Websites Critical of Evolution

This is a web page that links to other websites which discuss LDS doctrine versus the theory of evolution:
Links to Other Websites

Here is an old version of the "Patterns of Intelligence" book:
Patterns of Intelligence (Old HTML Version)

To Learn More About the LDS Church

To learn more about the LDS church, here is their official website to introduce people to the LDS church:
To Learn About the LDS Church
The Official Church Website

Statement Regarding Church Policy And The Articles On This Website

Even though the LDS Church officially rejects the theory of evolution (see the 1909 Statement, linked to above, and the Book of Mormon, Alma chapter 30, among many other documents), no book or article which is involved in scientific debates or which discusses the scientific issues of the theory of evolution, even if it strongly supports official church doctrine, is endorsed by the LDS church unless it is part of an official church publication.

The gospel deals with eternal and unchanging truths but all of the fields of science constantly change as new discoveries are made. Thus, the church does not establish any scientific claim as being absolute.

As a result, the books and articles written by R. Webster Kehr, on this website, even though I take strong measures to be 100% compliant with official church publications, represent the opinions of the author and are too scientific to be published or endorsed by the LDS church.

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