A Summary List: LDS Versus Evolution


LDS Doctrine Evolution Doctrine
God lives Show me a sign that He has power (v15, v43, v45-v51)
While spirits cannot be created, our spirits were assigned to our Heavenly Father Humans are animals and have no spirits (v18)
Human intelligence comes from our spirits Our intelligence comes from evolution (v18)
We lived as spirits before we were born We evolved from a "First Living Cell"
God created our Universe with a plan The Universe was created by an accidental "Big Bang"
We are descended from Adam and Eve We are descended from the "First Living Cell"
Adam is next to Christ in priesthool authority Adam never existed, we evolved from some primate
Noah was a great prophet & dispensation head The flood of Noah never happened
God designed and sequenced the DNA of all living things Random and accidental mutations on DNA led to new species
Christ is our Savior Christ existed (*), but was not a Savior
Christ was resurrected in glory Christ had no spirit and was not resurrected
The atonement was the greatest event in history Men fare according to their genius and don't need an atonement
There will be a Judgment Day Without a spirit there will be no Judgment Day
We need to keep the commandments The commandments are silly traditions - live it up!!!
God blesses and supports the righteous We survive based on "survival of the fittest"
There is a purpose to life We are animals - life is only about survival of the fittest
The Holy Ghost teaches and leads us There are no spirits
Satan is trying to deceive and destroy us There are no spirits such as satan
After death we will live in the spirit world If there are no spirits there is no spirit world
All men and women will be resurrected If no spirit we cease to exist at death so we will not be resurrected
Ancient and modern prophets speak with God There is no God so there are no prophets
Prophesies have and will come true Prophecies are nothing but wild guesses
The scriptures were written by prophets The scriptures are fairy tales
Angels appear to righteous men and women There are no spirits or angels
We believe in forgiveness of sins People who believe this have deranged minds
Religious ordinances are critical Ordinances are foolish traditions
Inspiration and revelation build testimony Show me a sign and I will believe
Church leaders receive revelation to lead the church Church leaders try to control the members
Church leaders do what is best for us Church leaders usurp power and authority
Church Leaders teach us the truth Church leaders keep people in ignorance


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