Louis Agassiz - A Contemporary of Darwin Who Denounced The Theory Of Evolution

Charles Darwin and Louis Agassiz were contemporaries and were mirror images of each other. While Charles Darwin had admiration for Louis Agassiz, the reverse was not true.

Charles Darwin, in a meeting with the poet Henry W. Longfellow, said: “What set of men you have in Cambridge! Why, there is Agassiz – he counts for three.”

Darwin should know – for it was the great work done by Agassiz in entomology that Darwin used in his formulation of his Origin of Species!!

However, while Darwin respected Agassiz, Agassiz did not respect the claims of Darwin!!!

Agassiz could see the intelligence of God in nature even long, long before the discovery of DNA!!!

Louis Agassiz, after his death, was one of the great people who appeared to Elder Wilford Woodruff in the St. George Temple (Utah). Wilford Woodruff would later become President of the LDS church/Mormon Church in 1889. At the time Wilford Woodruff was one of the apostles of the LDS church and was the President of the St. George temple.

Louis Agassiz was one of many noble spirts who appeared to Wilford Woodruff and demanded that their temple work be done. In fact, they were very upset their temple work had not already been done!!

President Wilford Woodruff, in 1877 and again in 1898, talked about this experience. In 1898, President Woodruff said of the founders collectively, and of Washington specifically:

  • "I am going to bear my testimony to this assembly, if I never do it again in my life, that those men who laid the foundation of this American government . . . were the best spirits the God of heaven could find on the face of the earth. These were choice spirits, not wicked men. General Washington and all of the men that labored for the purpose were inspired of the Lord . . . . Everyone of those men that signed the Declaration of Independence with General Washington called upon me as an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ in the temple at St. George two consecutive nights and demanded at my hands that I should go forth and attend to the ordinances of the House of God for them. . . .

    Brother McAllister baptized me for all of those men, and then I told those brethren that it was their duty to go into the temple and labor until they had got endowments for all of them. They did it. Would these spirits have called on me, as an elder in Israel, to perform this work if they had not been noble spirits before God. They would not. [Conference Report, April 1898, pp. 89, 90]

Ezra Taft Benson said: "The temple work for the fifty-six signers of the Declaration of Independence and other founding fathers has been done. All these appeared to Wilford Woodruff when he was president of the St. George Temple. President George Washington was ordained a high priest at that time. You will also be interested to know that, according to Wilford Woodruff’s journal, John Wesley, Benjamin Franklin, and Christopher Columbus were also ordained high priests—by proxy, of course—at that time."

Louis Agassiz, and others, were not mentioned by Ezra Taft Benson, but he was one of the others who appeared in the temple!!

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