The Multiverse

The term "multiverse" (meaning an infinite number of Big Bangs) has an interesting history because one side of the evolution debate believes that the infinite number of Big Bangs (i.e. the "multiverse") has created an infinite number of Universes and the other side believes that the infinite number of Big Bangs (i.e. the "multiverse") has only created one Universe that survived (obviously our Universe) because our Universe was the only Universe to have the correct set of physical constants in order to have a stable Universe.

The foundation of the problem is that our Universe has an incredibly accurate set of "physical constants"!!! The problem is that a random Big Bang is not likely to create a viable Universe because even if only one of the key physical constants was not unbelievably accurate our Universe would not exist, nor would we.

Originally (and probably currently as well) the term "multiverse" was used as an insult to the creation scientists because orthodox scientists assumed our Universe was the only Universe (though our telescopes cannot see far enough to even guess whether this is true or not) that ACCIDENTALLY had the correct set of physical constants. If you are an atheist, this is perfectly good logic!!

But the creation scientists are perfectly happy believing there may have been billions or even an infinite number of Big Bangs!! But because these people believe in God, they would assume that an infinite number of Big Bangs would create an infinite number of Universes, all with the correct set of physical constants because God designed the Universes before they existed!! Where does space end???

But a random and accidental Big Bang is very, very, very unlikely to create a single viable Universe because the physical constants (e.g. the gravitational constant) have to be unbelievably accurate!!!

So if there is no God, then there is probably only one Universe (I agree with the logic of the atheists/evolutionists on this one), but if there is a God there are probably an infinite number of Universes!!

In summary, the assumption of the atheists is that there had to have been an infinite number of Big Bangs (i.e. what they called the "Multiverse") in order to get one Universe which had the correct set of physical constants!!! Our Universe was the only one that survived because our Universe just happened to have the right set of physical constants for a stable Universe, whereas none of the other Universes (i.e. none of the other Big Bangs) survived because they did not have the correct combination of physical constants to create a Universe that could survive.

The atheists/evolutionsts have no problem with believing in an infinite number of Big Bangs, they have a problem with believing in an infinite number of correct sets of physical constants (i.e. an infinite number of stable Unverses) because they are so important and the physical constants of a viable Universe have to be unbelievably accurate!! That is precisely why they believe there have been an infinite number of Big Bangs, but yet there is only one Universe!!

So both sides of the evolution debate agree that there may have been a Multiverse (an infinite number of Big Bangs) but the atheists and evolutionists believe the Multiverse created only one viable Universe (our Universe which accidentally had the correct set of physical constants) but the theists believe that the infinite number of Big Bangs have created an infinite number of Universes, all initiated by God!!!

The amazing thing about the Universe is that every time scientists put a bigger and better telescope into space they discover more galaxies!!! Imagine a telescope in space with a mirror which has a diameter of 10,000 miles!!!! I would love to see pictures from that telescope!!! That telescope would likely see other Universes!!

Long before the discovery of other galaxies a well-known man in the early days of the Mormon church developed an amazing poem/song on this very subject!!! When you click the link, page down one or two pages until you see the words to this poem/song:
Article: Where Did God And The Universe Come From? [Mormon Church Sources]

I suspect that some, if not all, of the physical constants are controlled by aether, but scientists refuse to even talk about aether because Nichola Tesla could use aether to create free energy. The money-powers don't like free energy!!!

Tesla was blacklisted by orthodox physicists because much of their money, and all of their prestige, is based on non-Tesla physics (i.e. Einstein physics).

Well, some physicists have simply called aether by a different name (e.g. Higgs Boson). Higgs won a Nobel Prize but only because he used a different name for aether. If he had used the word "aether" instead of "Higgs Boson" no physics journal would have read his paper, much less published it, and he would not have won a Nobel Prize!!!

When I worked at Sprint (the fiber-optics telecommunications giant), many years ago, I led an experiment that we did to determine if aether existed. We proved that aether existed!! I wrote an article on our experiment that detected aether, but five physics journals refused to even read the article that I wrote on our experiment because we used the term "aether" plus we used the even more forbidden word: "Tesla", who could create free energy.

Nichola Tesla is literally the "father" of the modern day world. The electrical grid was his invention. Many parts of cars were his inventions. You cannot believe how many critical things that he discovered or developed have helped our modern world, but yet Tesla has not been given any credit for these discoveries!!!

What a world we live on. The super-rich suppress information about free energy and who knows what else.

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