Robert Webster Kehr - An Uncle Whom I am Named After!!!

I have an uncle who has a plaque at Leavenworth National Cemetery in Leavenworth County, Kansas, USA

He was a civilian engineer who worked for the military in building the Alaskan Highway (and perhaps another highway) which was part of the war effort to move troops during World War 2.

He was killed in a plane crash when he was going home. I assume he was headed home for Christmas because it was winter time and I assume the airplane wings froze up and thus the airplane did not make it over a mountain.

No bodies were recovered from the plane because of the ice and snow at the mountain top. Bears ate the bodies before rescuers could make it to the plane.

Copy and paste this URL into another browser and then look at the photograph:

He has a nephew who was named after him: Robert Webster Kehr (me). I am a retired cancer researcher of natural medicine who currently lives with one of my daughters, Margene Furnell, and her family, in Lees Summit, Missouri. Her husband is Jason Furnell and they have four children, but only two of them still live at home.

Webster (me) and my late-wife Marit (who was born in Norway and who died in 2016) have seven children. I was one of three people who founded the Independent Cancer Research Foundation and their website: I worked with about 13,000 cancer patients before I retired to spend full-time working on this anti-evolution (i.e. "creation science") website: