Introduction To Natural Medicine

If you watch a lot of television you will be indoctrinated into thinking that only medical doctors can treat health conditions.

While this is true if you break your leg, for cancer and many other health conditions natural medicine is frequently vastly superior to orthodox medicine. This is true for cancer, AIDS and a host of other health conditions.

This article has subsections for several different health conditions. Just look down the headers to find out the health conditions talked about in this article.

Natural Medicine - Cancer

Here is the truth about cancer: cancer was being cured by herbalists (in the U.S.) and homeopaths (in Europe) for more than 100 years before DNA was discovered in 1953!!! In the vast, vast, vast majority of cancer patients in America their cancer is caused by a bacteria - Helicobacter Pylori, which was first found inside of cancer cells in 1890 (not a typo). If you kill the bacteria which are inside of a cancer cell, which is easy to do with natural medicine, the cancer cell will revert into a normal cell!!! But other natural cancer treatments safely and gently kill cancer cells and others build the immune system so the immune system can help deal with the cancer.

You probably don't know anything about natural cancer treatments because everything you know about cancer comes from the super-rich owners of Big Media and Big Pharma who are only interested in your money!!! The five-year cure rate of "orthodox medicine" (e.g. chemotherapy, radiation and surgery) is a very, very, very pathetic 2.1%!!!

My six articles on cancer (on this website) are linked to directly or indirectly in the very bottom section of the home page. The first article tells you how to contact the experts in natural medicine who work 1-on-1 with cancer patients (I used to be one of the experts) SO READ THE FIRST ARTICLE ON CANCER which is linked to at the very bottom of this home page!!! You will learn things about the politics of cancer that you never dreamed existed!!! Yet the scriptures predicted this corruption before the birth of Christ (i.e. in the Old Testament)!!! Also in the bottom section is my email address. This section has a yellow background.

So here is a link to the home page, just go to the very bottom to see the link to my first article on cancer (there are also links to several other articles on cancer on this website):
Home Page: At Very Bottom Are Links To Articles About Cancer

Natural Medicine - Alzheimers

My article on Alzheimers and Dementia is on a different website, but it is an incredible article on Alzheimers (Watch the YouTube video several times!!!):
Introduction To The Treatment For Alzheimer's Disease

The key to note with Alzheimer's is that the patient cannot improve because the symptoms are caused by dead brain cells. All that can be done is to try and stop the progression of the disease.

Another article on Alzheimer's and Dementia is on the website:
Alzheimer's and Dementia / What Causes Alzheimer's?

Natural Medicine - Dementia

Dementia (not to be confused with Alzheimer's) does not represent dead brain cells, it only represents poor diet. This article is on both Alzheimer's and dementia and is in four parts.:
Alzheimer's and Dementia / What Causes Alzheimer's?

To keep my brain sharp I personally take - every day:
apple juice
unsweetened purple grape juce (which also helps to prevent cancer, but to prevent cancer also take two Protandim pills a day)
Perrier or some other brand of mineral water

Natural Medicine - Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is caused by about two pounds of microbes in the bloodstream!!! No kidding!!! These two pounds of microbes cause poor blood flow throughout the body!!! Erectile Dysfunction is simply a symptom of these two pounds of microbes in the bloodstream.

If the husband has two pounds of microbes in his bloodstream, likely the wife also has two pounds of microbes in her bloodstream which is putting stress on her heart also.

The solution is to kill these two pounds of microbes so normal blood flow can be restored. The perfect solution is the Bob Beck Protocol, which was originally designed as a cure for AIDS/HIV. This article on the website provides a lot of ideas about killing microbes in the bloodstream. And it links to the 5 pages of articles on the key Bob Beck Protocol:
Bob Beck Protocol ( website)

See also this article on that website:
Introduction to electromedicine in alternative medicine (

See also this article:
Rife Frequency Generator Protocols (

I would contact them and ask them what they recommend for E.D.

Alzheimer's Disease

Here is an article on Alzheimer's. I should note that true Alzheimers cannot be cured. At best the progression can be stopped. WATCH THE YOUTUBE VIDEO!!!!!
Introduction To The Treatment For Alzheimer's Disease

See also this article for other possible causes of the symptoms of dementia, (but true Alzheimer's is only caused by a bacteria or virus):
Alzheimer's and Dementia / What Causes Alzheimer's? (in 4 parts)

For Other Heath Conditions

For other health conditions contact the people at the website by using Google. For example: "liver disease"

or to search the Internet for more information about a specific health condition (I will use "liver disease" as an example), copy and past this into Google:
"natural treatments" "liver disease"

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