Does "Natural Selection" Have Anything To Do With The Theory of Evolution?

Evolutionists claim that "natural selection" is a key part of the theory of evolution!! Natural selection is considered the "engine that drives evolution." It is the hero of Darwinism.

However, natural selection has nothing to do with creating anything. No new species of plant or animal has ever been CREATED by natural selection!!

Natural selection can only DESTROY plants and animals AFTER they are created!!

Plants and animals can only be created by unbelievably complex new DNA, not by lions eating gazelles (i.e. natural selection)!!!!

In other words, each new species MUST BE CREATED by NEW DNA!! But creating new DNA has absolutely nothing to do with natural selection!!! Natural selection is only an elimination process and is never a creation process!!

The atheists want you to think that the evolution debate is about how plants and animals are destroyed; but that is nonsense - the evolution debate is about where the DNA of plants and animals came from!!

For example, suppose God created the DNA for 1,000 species of animals. Now let us suppose that one of the species ate all of the members of one of the other species. The "other species" is now extinct because of natural selection.

There are now 999 species of animals.

How does that tell us where the DNA for the original 1,000 species came from?? It doesn't, it only tells us where one species went - it went into extinction.

Natural selection only tells us which species are made extinct and perhaps how they became extinct (e.g. weather, other species, etc.).

But "natural section" does not tell us HOW ANY species came to exist!!

When Darwin was on the Galapagos Islands, he saw a lot of unknown species. But nothing he saw told him where these species came from. These species came from DNA.

Nothing Darwin ever did or ever saw told him anything about what is necessary for a species to exist. Darwin barely knew what a cell was and he certainly had no clue what DNA was!!

The key question evolutionists must answer is this: where does new DNA come from to create a new species? With the discovery of DNA, the burden is on the evolutionists to: prove that new DNA (for a new species) can be created from scratch or that new DNA can come from the DNA of an existing species by a purely undirected series of accidents.

And if the "old species" (which may continue to exist) had both a male and female, then the "new species" must also have a male and female and their offspring must have new and improved "morphing of the embryo algorithms" for both the baby male and baby female.

Today, the evolutionists have not proven one iota of the things they need to prove to support the theory of evolution!!!

What the atheists and evolutionists have proven is their ability to deceive people by claiming that natural selection (which is a true scientific doctrine) can create new and impoved DNA for a new species (which is impossible)!!

The deceptions and lies of the atheists are so sophisticated and so clever, there is no shame in a person believing in the theory of evolution. Every student is bombarded with massive numbers of highly sophisticated deceptions.

And I am equally sure that many professors and teachers have also been deceived by the clever deceptions of the major evolutionists. In fact, they were likely trained to believe in evolution.

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