Does "Natural Selection" Have Anything To Do With The Theory of Evolution?

In this article a "unique species" is defined to be a "unique DNA strand." Thus a bull dog and a chihuahua are the same "species." This is true thoughout this website.

"Natural Selection" is also called: "Survival Of The Fittest."

What it means is that one species may be stronger than another species and the strong species may kill-off or eliminate the weak species. Or the strong species may survive under the same conditions that the weak species is eliminated (i.e. goes extinct).

Even weather or climate change or any number of other factors may eliminate a species and cause it to go extinct while other species may survive under the same conditions.

In many cases, however, no one really knows the truth about why a species went extinct.

For example, let us think about the extinct Woolley Mammoth. Scientists were not there when it went extinct so they can only guess how it went extinct. They might think that it was a loss of food supply, or the weather or something else, but they don't know for sure because they weren't there.

Natural selection does not mean a species goes extinct. It just means that the stronger species may eat or kill the weaker species, but not necessarily all the way to extinction.

The Nonsense Begins

Evolutionists may claim that "natural selection" is a key part of the theory of evolution!! Natural selection is considered the "engine that drives evolution." It is the hero of Darwinism.

However, natural selection has nothing to do with creating anything. No new species of plant or animal has ever been CREATED by natural selection!!

Natural selection can only DESTROY plants and animals AFTER they are created!!

Plants and animals can only be created by unbelievably complex new DNA, not by lions eating gazelles (i.e. natural selection)!!!!

In other words, each new species MUST BE CREATED by NEW DNA!! But creating new DNA has absolutely nothing to do with natural selection!!! Natural selection is only an elimination process and is never a creation process!!

The atheists want you to think that the evolution debate is about how plants and animals are destroyed; but that is nonsense - the evolution debate is about where the DNA of plants and animals came from!!

For example, suppose God created the DNA for 1,000 species of animals. Now let us suppose that one of the species ate all of the members of one of the other species. The "other species" is now extinct because of natural selection!!!

There are now 999 species of animals because of natural selection. Natural selection is a one-way street, it does not create new species it only eliminates existing species. As this website explains many times, new species (i.e. new DNA structures) cannot be created by humans or by accidents (i.e. evolution).

"Evolution" (the imaginary creation of new species) and "Natural Selection" (the potential elimination of existing species) have nothing to do with each other!!

"Natural Selection" is a valid concept, but it does not create anything, it only ELIMINATES species.

Natural Selection, BY DEFINITION does not create new DNA for new species.

Natural selection only tells us which species are made extinct and perhaps how they became extinct (e.g. weather, other species eating them or killing them, etc.).

But "natural section" does not tell us HOW ANY species came to exist!!

When Darwin was on the Galapagos Islands, he saw a lot of unknown species. But nothing he saw told him where these species came from. These species came from DNA.

Nothing Darwin did told him anything about DNA!!! He did not have the equipment to discovery it. But Darwin did understand "natural selection."

So Darwin logically thought that "natural selection" had something to do with the creation of new species. He coined the term "evolution by natural selection."

But after the discovery of DNA in 1953, the concept of "evolution by natural selection" IS TOTAL NONSENSE!!!

So I do not blame Darwin for the mix-up because he knew nothing about DNA and he knew very, very little about cells.

But today there is no excuse for using the phrase "evolution by natural selection."

The phrase implies that by killing an animal you have created new DNA. But you have not!!! All you have done (if the species goes extinct) is eliminate the DNA of a weak species.

Perhaps the overall strength of animals has increased by eliminating a weak species, but this has nothing to do with creating new DNA.

Creating a new species (i.e. true evolution) is impossible because of the discovery of DNA as is discussed many times on this website.

So all that can happen on this earth is that more and more species will become extinct because of humans or nature (e.g. weather).


God has already put all the species He wanted to put on this planet.

It is our job to take care of the plants and animals because there will never be any new ones.

In summary, I don't blame Darwin for his mistakes, he knew nothing about DNA.

But today there is NO EXCUSE for someone to confuse "evolution" (the creation of new species) with "natural selection" (the elimation of an already existing species).

Remember: "new species" is evolution (if evolution were true, but it is not).

Remember: "extinct species" is natural selection (which is true, but it is only an elimination process).

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