The Savior And His Use Of The Phrase: "Outer Darkness"

When the scriptures were originally written, during the time of Christ, "scientists" in the days of Christ only knew four things about the Universe:
1) Our Sun,
2) Our Earth,
3) Our Moon
4) The Stars

Yet in three places in the book of Matthew the Savior uses the term "Outer Darkness" which would not apply to any of these four celestial bodies!!!

First, Matthew 8:12:
Bible - Matthew 8:12

Second, Matthew 22:13:
Bible - Matthew 22:13

Third< Matthew 25:30:
Bible - Matthew 25:30

When the Savior used the term "outer darkness" the people in His day would have had no clue what He was talking about!!!

In the Book of Mormon the prophet Alma the Younger was "chewing out" his wayward, youngest son Corianton when he described the fate of the sons of perdition, but he does not use the term "perdition" perhaps because he knew that his son was already familiar with the term:
Book Of Mormon - Alma 40:13

How Today's Scientists Might Interpret The Phrase "Outer Darkness"

Now let's talk about what scienitsts today know which may explain what the Savior was talking about!!

I recently saw an amazing television show which talked a lot about the Kuiper belt. It was probably the discovery of this belt that got Pluto demoted to a dwarf planet. Google: Kuiper Belt

Here is a beginners guide to the Kuiper Belt!!!
Web Page: 10 Things To Know About The Kuiper Belt

The Oort Cloud extends even beyond the Kuiper Belt!!! Google: Oort Cloud

See this image to see the proportions of the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud:
Oort Cloud Facts

But I should also add that there are some planetoids whose orbit is elliptical and some orbits actually extend well into the Kuiper Belt and in some cases even into the Oort Cloud!! There is all kinds of weird things going on that far away from our Sun. I guess all of this creates full-empoyment for astronomers!!!

Here is my point. In the church the phrase "Outer Darkness" is used to describe the Sons of Perdition!!!

When these scriptures were originally written, in the time of Christ or before, "scientists" in Israel only knew about the Sun, our earth, our moon and the stars. The term "Outer Darkness" would have meant nothing to them because they probably did not suspect that stars were really suns which were a long, long distance away.

But to us today, the term "outer darkness" could mean several different things.

For example, standing on a rock or ice chunk at the far end of the Oort Cloud would fit this punishment perfectly!!! If a person were "living" on an object at the outside edge of the Oort Cloud (or Kuiper Belt), our Sun would look to them like a really bright star or a single match that is lit 1,000 miles away!!! Yes, it would be THAT DARK OUT THERE and people would be gnashing their teeth both because of the cold and their isolation!!!

In other words, the term "outer darkness" means something today because someone at the end of either the Kuiper Belt or the Oort Cloud would look at our Sun as not much more than a dot in the sky!!! They would have thought they were in outer darkness!!!! Well, they would be!!!!

In addition, it would be really, really, really cold out there because it is so far from the Sun!!!

In addition to what I have already said, another option for "Outer Darkness" is Planet 9 or Planet X!!! Scientists are pretty sure this planet exists, somewhere in the Kuiper Belt, but they can't find it. They think it is a gas giant like Jupiter based on its gravitational power. See:
Hypothetical Planet X (NASA)

In any case, we don't really know how God uses the term "outer darkness!!!"

My point is that while in Bible times the phrase "Outer Darkness" would have meant nothing to them, today it is easy to comprehend someone as being in "Outer Darkess"!!!

Now I am not saying that the "Outer Darkess" the Bible was referring to is at the far side of the Kuiper Belt or the Oort Cloud, all I am saying is that the phrase "Outer Darkness" would have been impossible to understand in the days of Christ, but today that phrase is easy to understand!!! There are many options we know about which could be described as being in outer darkness!!!

But we don't really know where the "Outer Darkness" the Bible refers to is located; all we know is that we know of a couple of options where "Outer Darkness" might be located!!!

Now let's change subjects and talk about Mercury, the planet closest to our Sun. Mercury is something else that the people in Bible times could not have conceived as existing.

The punishment for the Son of Perdition is also described, in other places, as being like burning in hell forever. This sounds like someone who is forced to live on Mercury which is the planet closest to the Sun. Mercury would be really, really hot!!!

In fact, Mercury orbits the Sun three times every two years. But that is so slow it wouldn't help someone living on Mercury very much!!! But the back side of Mercury (away from the Sun at any given time) is very, very, very cold

Heavenly Father has countless options for those in outer darkness or for those who will be in outer darkness or those who will burn in Hell or those who will freeze in hell, such as the side of Mercury on the back side of the Sun!!!

One general auhority, Theodore M.Burton, said this in 1981:

  • "I would like to speak about God’s realm of light in contrast to the dark realm of Satan. Those who follow Satan will be cast into outer darkness, “where there is weeping, and wailing, and gnashing of teeth.” (D&C 133:73.) How terrible to live in such a place of darkness and cold. It is entirely different from what we usually think of as “burning in hell.” That burning is the lasting regret one feels who has chosen the darkness of Satan in preference to the light of Christ."
    Light And Truth

So I don't really know where wicked people go, but there are plenty of places far, far, far away from the Sun that fit the "Outer Darkess" criteria and Mercury, which is close to the Sun, easily fits the "burning in hell" criteria for physical burning in hell!!!

My point is that whether someone "burns in hell" or is cast into "Outer Darkness," modern astronomy has given members of the church real places which meet either of these criteria!!!

But we do not know where God will put those in these two categories, all we know is that such places exist in the real world.

Just wait until the James Webb Space Telescope gets launched - WOW!!! It is set for March 30, 2021 - 2 years away. Well, it keeps getting delayed as you might expect. Here is the first of three very good YouTube videos of this new telescope:
YouTube: Seeing Beyond - The James Webb Space Telescope (Final Cut)

Here is another one:
YouTube: Why is the James Webb Space Telescope taking so long?

And a YouTube video by Northrup Grumman (I used to work for Northrup Grumman, but I was in their military section):
YouTube: James Webb Space Telescope Launch and Deployment

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